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"Now joblessness isn't just for philosophy majors." - Kent Brockman

M ore than 1300 registered,
about 800 yet unplaced. These
post-graduate courses as their
placement percentage just about
this sounds obvious but people are
not doing this. Also, social
That will give them and the
industry some time to tide over
statistics hardly leave any scope managed double figures in the entrepreneurs are looking for people the grim situation and they will
for painting a rosy picture. first phase, which saw a total of as they hardly get IITians. This h a ve u t i l i z e d t h e i r t i m e
Recession has hit the world more than 90 companies visit the might be your chance to learn while effectively.
economy hard and all IIT campus. working at a social start-up.
campuses bear a gloomy
testimony to it. The major sectors It wasn't much different at -Abhinav Ankur, Ex- For those who have been
of employers of previous years - other IITs too, with a similar PlaceComm. member placed unsatisfactorily, I would say,
finance and FMCG companies - excruciatingly slow thank your stars that you have a job,
either didn't turn up (see box) or start and about half of cling on to whatever you have for
recruited a very select few. the registered students now, keep applying if you want to
S i m u l t a n e o u s l y, s o m e unplaced at IIT Delhi but think twice before you switch.
companies decided to play safe and Madras till date. This slump doesn't look like its
and opted for interns instead of The influx of getting over tomorrow, so it is
full-time hires. If at all, the day companies has been important right now to be in a job
has been saved by PSUs which much less in the 2nd that is safe.
seem to be recruiting en masse phase but Tanuj Dora,
and with their revised packages, placement committee
they are being coveted by -Nitin Basant,
member, opined that
students like never before. Fair Issac, Class of 2007
December was one of
the worst months for
economy in general, For those who want to turn
Biggies that didn’t turn up hence the situation entrepreneurs, this is a good time
Deutsche Bank, Barclays should improve as to develop your plan, however,
they continue to there is a dearth of investors in
Capital, HUL, Google,
contact more and more any new plan right now. Also if
Proctor & Gamble, Shell, Rio
companies. He also you are looking at the industry to
Tinto and of course, Lehman
stated that the number be your clients, this is going to
Brothers. (Barclays Capital take a long time to happen, so use
of students placed in 1st phase in Looking out for a career in
and HUL did take interns). this time to develop your
Kharagpur was the highest sectors which are least affected
among all IITs. by recession such as IPL might be product/idea and be ready to
The precedent was set by the another option. strike when the going gets better.
famed day 0 or 1 (suit yourself) Panicked final year students During these tough times,
companies – ITC and have been left trying to find a way I do not see any particular especially when high paying jobs
Schlumberger (recruitment out of the maze of CAT, app-ing reason why people should shy away aren't readily available as we would
down from 12 and 38 last year and entrepreneurship dreams from the IP sector.We have little want, it's high time for the IITians to
respectively to 2 each), resulting with an albatross of competition currently and the real do some soul searching and seek out
in the lowest number of offers unemployment/dissatisfied hurdle is to convince people that we the entrepreneur inside. After all,
made on the first day in recent employment hanging around can do well. IITs were created with the vision to
history, down to 19 from over 100 their necks. These drastic times create job-givers and not job seekers.
last year. The trend continued for call for drastic change in -Virendra Singh Shekhawat, Although, even from a startup
the next couple of days as three perceptions. Abandoning the iRunway perspective, things aren't rosy as a
multinational firms which came moolah madness, a good work couple of years back, but these testing
for the CSE final years took a experience should be preferred
But the best bet is to remain times will separate the men from the
combined aggregate of 1 student. o ve r a f a t p a y p a c k a g e .
attached to academics, and to boys, good ideas from mediocre ones;
First time recruiters like JP According to Abhinav Ankur, ex-
pursue further studies. However, which is good for the industry. For
Morgan and Renault Nissan placement committee member,
having said that, the no. of the not-so-entrepreneurial, joining
sped the process as the people should use the next
scholarships available in the other start-ups would be a good
undergrad placements couple of years for profile
universities worldwide is at an option, as they offer good amount of
recovered thereafter. building by giving certification
all time low (being funded responsibilities and learning
examinations, by doing opportunities; something which will
mostly by the industry) and the
After the end of the December internships in the time period be useful when the slowdown is over
applications at an all time high,
phase of placements, half the before jobs, or by going for in a couple of years.
so those unplaced should keep
percentage of undergrads was alternative career paths such as
trying, exercise all options
placed and the average salary CFA, actuaries etc. so that when
including applying to the -Joydeep Nath,
was approximated to be around 6 market gets better, whenever
companies that are not visiting Intinno Technologies Pvt.
lpa (which stood at 7.85 lpa for might that be, they are the first
the campus. According to Nitin Limited
first 10 days). While the average ones to get jobs.
Basant, Class of 2007, IIT
pay package at our campus
Kharagpur, they should start (Also see Sramana Mitra and
seems to be still unaffected, the There are companies which looking for opportunities like Dominique Trempoint talk on
reason for this is purely do not recruit at campuses. So, taking up Ph.D. even in Indian entrepreneurship on Page 2.)
mathematical - the denominator network with your hall seniors. universities or projects with
doesn't include those unplaced. Internet alone isn't a good enough professors in IISc, ISI or TIFR.
The scenario was much worse in source. Get their contacts. I know
T U E S D A Y , J A N U A R Y 20 T H 2009

Entrepreneurship summit 2009
E -Summit 2009 brought
about an anthology of
events opening an assortment of
devising a multiuser chat room
based on J2ME with Bluetooth
as a communication medium.
the new buzz among students.
This fact was clearly evident
with the "Start up Talk" being
Consortium and Vikram of Data
Resolve spoke on their foray in
patent marketing and data theft
entrepreneurial avenues for the Pensez, a Case Study contest, one of the major highlights of prevention respectively. The
students. One such competition was designed to inculcate an Esummit 09. Successful talk concluded with Professor
was Concipio, a B-plan innovative strategy in the entrepreneurs gave valuable Srikanth Patnaik, founder of
competition which served as a students for observing, tips to a house packed audience I.I.M.T, advising on financial
platform for students who look analyzing and assimilating the in V4 on new ventures. While aspects followed by an
beyond the predefined va r i o u s p o t e n t i a l Mr. Udit of Intinno and Mr. interactive session between
conventions by opening brand entrepreneurial opportunities Arindam of Minekey elaborated them and students.
new vistas of opportunity around us. Eclairez, a Social on market demand and product
before them. This competition Entrepreneurship Challenge innovation, Mr. Krishna Mehra Rede', the in-house
which aims at transforming the was an endeavour inspiring of Capillary and Mr. Shwetank parliament
raw ideas that are born in the students to come up with B- of P2Power solutions laid One of the major highlights
institute into full fledged plans designed emphasis on of E-Summit 2009 was the first
business models, leads the to empower making use of ever Parliamentary Debate
winning B-Plan from the stage those at the t h e organised in Kgp, REDE' which
of ideation to that of incubation. bottom of the technological saw an overwhelming
The entry which bagged this economic expertise at IIT participation. A miniature
golden opportunity was Code pyramid and Kgp. Students Parliament came alive within
Green, a revolutionary carbon earn profits for also got a taste the closed lecture rooms of the
capture technology designed to themselves at of profitable institute building through
remove CO2 directly from the same time. n o n almost 27 brain-storming
industrial utility/power plants. Cleangrellite, a conventional preliminary rounds of the three
t e a m o f start ups with on three debate. The
Envision, a product design VGSOM students won top spot the presentation made by discussions' topics ranged from
competition, provided an arena for their end-to-end solution Greenhat Ventures and Nature the collapsing economic
to showcase the next generation provider for all waste disposal Admire. Greenhat Ventures scenario to the various ways of
innovative products, motivating issues. provides important data the business world. NUJS,
the participants to take their regarding suitable career paths Kolkata swept away all major
inventions to the next level. Start up Talk and employers while Nature titles including the best
Prateek Agarwal, a final year With a dismal placement Admire specializes in Adjudicator. Sumeet Mohanty
student of the department of scenario this season, marketing adventure sports. from IIT KGP was adjudged the
CSE, won the challenge for entrepreneurship seems to be Rajat Sethi of Exergy best speaker in the grand finale.

Entrepreneurship essentials
Exclusive interview with Sramana Mitra and Dominique Trempont
The Scholars' Avenue(TSA) Google, you don't actually learn did not. I was paid handsomely; the business models.
met the Forbes author and anything. Working in a startup the venture would pay me half. I DT- India has four huge assets
entrepreneur Sramana Mitra(SM) is far more challenging and will had a perfect career trajectory; in entrepreneurship: top notch
and the one time CFO of NeXt, catapult you onto a steep the venture looked like all risk. high end education, big local
under Steve Jobs and entrepreneur learning curve. Indian All I could see in the venture problems (hence markets) that
Dominique Trempont(DT) at developers put things together was risk, risk, risk. The VC said: need addressing by
STEP just before the third annual so very quickly. What they lack "the biggest risk in life is not to entrepreneurs (healthcare,
edition of the E-Summit was to kick is the ability to gauge the take risk" as this is how you alternative energy, water, rural
off. And thanks to these two, it did product and determining its become a mummy after 10 years development, architecture, on
kick off in splendid style with a jam- market value. Another factor in a large company and cannot line education etc), an enormous
packed Netaji. Below are excerpts which bothers me is the fact that change your ways. This made knowledge of software
from the the interview. To know most of the Indian engineers me think of my father who, all (outsourcing) and one of the top
more about their views on the have made it big in the software his life, stretched himself and creative culture in the world
b u i l d i n g o f e n t re p re n e u r s , sector whereas the fields of placed bets. I then decided to (with France, Italy and the US).
mentorship, social mechanical, civil and other change my views vis a vis risk Its first challenge is that the
enterpreneurship and their varied disciplines have been largely and opportunity. I first look at culture does not favor risk
experiences log on to http://www. neglected. the opportunity then consider taking: "why take a chance on a the risks and figure out how to start up when I come out of IIT
reduce them as much as and can be hired at top salary by
TSA- Don't you think that there is
possible. This recipe works very a big branded company?" The
TSA- Don't you think that the an imminent risk factor in
well for me. second (big) challenge is the lack
current recession will discourage entrepreneurship whereas in a job
entrepreneurship in India? you at least have security? of marketing capability;
TSA- Do you have any suggestions bridging that gap is a key for
to budding entrepreneurs in India? India to evolve from being a
SM- On the contrary, the present DT- 10 years into my career, I
SM-Remember, you never need subcontractor to producing
situation is tailor-made for start- was in a large successful global
to have a complete domain Indian global brands in the
ups. Necessity is the mother of company and was approached
knowledge of the technology world. The third challenge is
invention. It is only when by a venture capitalist who
that you are using. All my lack of process: too much chaos
IITians don't get lucrative job came to pitch me about joining
startups are in Artificial for its own good. If it addresses
offers that they will think out of one of his start ups. At first, I
Intelligence whereas I have these challenges, the sky is the
the box and make a real pushed back and explained to
done my Masters in Computer limit for India.
contribution. It is indeed pitiful him all the things that I would
to watch such excellent brains leave behind. I was father of a 3 Architecture. The key lies in SM- It is wise never to think as
work as low level programmers year old and I saw the risk of learning how to learn. Believe in one time entrepreneurs. Drive a
in software companies. If you risking the livelihood of my yourself. Observe the market project to its logical conclusion,
plan on joining an already family. We had excellent carefully and recognize the reset, take a break and figure out
established company like healthcare coverage: the venture opportunities available to you. what is next. Learn to think as
Identify the markets, scrutinize serial entrepreneurs.
T U E S D A Y , J A N U A R Y 20 T H 2008 NEWS AVENUE 3
Intrusive Technology Act?
government to promote Offences recognized under the
transparency. Copies of the Bill include:
proposed amendment were not ? Sending offensive
available till the bill was passed messages which are deemed to
by the parliament. Any cause 'inconvenience, insult,
restriction on the liberty of a danger, criminal intimidation'
democratic polity should be
enforced only after a well
? Retention or usage of a
deliberated consensus which
requires public awareness. stolen communication device or
information stored in such a
Salient features of device.
the bill ? Cyber terrorism which is
Ø With the advent of e- defined to be an act that
compromises the integrity of the
nation or strikes terror in its
T h e I n d i a n Pa r l i a m e n t
passed an astonishing 8
bills (which become laws
Questions we are asking people.
? Publishing or
once passed) in 17 minutes, The ?If the Parliament passes bills in a state of pandemonium transmitting 'obscene' electronic
Scholars' Avenue analyses one without any debate or even consideration, why does it exist at material.
of the bills passed and wonders all?
where the Indian Parliament is ?Why, in a democratic country, are bills not made public Powers that have been
headed. A bill that directly before they are passed, but are ‘uncovered’ only through the
conferred upon the regulatory
affects us, netizens, is the efforts of activists, even though the government maintains
agencies which can be used to
I n f o r m a t i o n Te c h n o l o g y websites for the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha?
prevent incitement of any
Amendment Bill, 2006. ?Why did the media not highlight the issue of such an
cognizable offence or to
important and controversial bill being passed by the
Parliament without debate, and chose instead to give investigate any offence:
The amendment was
prominence to the flippant remarks of an MP, and the ensuing ? Interception or
hurriedly introduced due to
uproar? monitoring of information sent
importance of certain sections
?Shouldn’t the government create some sort of a public through any computer resource.
dealing with cyber terrorism,
which were proving to be a consensus before making laws that can curb the liberty of the ? Prevention of access of
nemesis for the investigating people? any information through a
agencies. The casual manner in ?Why are we, as citizens, typically uninformed of relevant computer resource.
which the bill was passed and issues such as this, and why do we chose to care only when ? Monitoring and
the lack of public scrutiny or decisions directly harm us? The Government of any country is an collection of data transmitted,
media attention, raises some absolute reflection of its people and we have only ourselves to blame. received or stored in any
serious questions highlighting a computer resource, for the
mockery of the world's largest purpose of maintaining cyber
democracy. The amendment shockingly governance and e-commerce, security or preventing the
gives sweeping powers to the regulations have been put in spread of a computer
Why is it important? government to collect and use place to legitimize electronic contaminant.
What you need to records and contracts with the
any information transmitted or
published electronically, for the help of electronic signatures. The safeguards that are in
purpose of the Investigation of Ø Setting up a Cyber place to regulate these powers
The Information Technology
'ANY' offence. Earlier this was Appellate Tribunal with powers
act regulates all areas of are that they will be carried out
possible only in the cases of equivalent to that of a civil court,
electronic communication and only after recording the reasons
cognizable offences. What is for trying offences booked
information sharing which in writing. The act also mentions
more disturbing is the lack of under the Act.
include e-mails, text messages, that other safeguards may be
effort on the part of the
phone calls, Website content etc. prescribed if required.

History Glossary
The United Nations General Assembly enacted a model law on Act - A statute or law made by a legislative body.
electronic commerce, a legal framework for countries to Amendment - An alteration proposed or put into effect by
formulate their laws governing electronic commerce and legislative or constitutional procedure.
communication in 1997, in order to establish uniformity in the Cognizable offence – An offence under which a suspect can be
globalised IT space. In line with the UN and the rest of the arrested without a warrant. (i.e. – a grievous offence)
world, India passed the Information Technology Act in the year Bill – In the legislative process, a bill is a proposal that is the first
2000 the first step to regulate and bring into the purview of the step in creating a new law. To become a law, a bill must be
law the cyber arena. As the only law to deal with any kind of IT passed by both the Houses of the parliament and then
related activity it was woefully inadequate to deal with critical approved by the President.
issues like cyber-terrorism, phishing, spam and child
Standing committee - Permanent House committees that
consider bills and issues and recommend measures for
consideration by the full House.
Especially after the debacle in 2005 which included Communication device - Cell Phones, Personal Digital
an IIT Kgp student trying to sell obscene videos online, the Assistance (Sic), or combination of both or any other device
demand for an amendment in the IT act grew. In response, the used to communicate, send or transmit any text, video, audio,
Government of India drafted the Information Technology or image.
Amendment bill in 2006, which after initial rejection by the
Computer resource - A computer, communication device,
standing committee report was finally passed with some
computer system, computer network, data, computer database
modifications by the Parliament on December 23, 2008.
or software.
T U E S D A Y , J A N U A R Y 20 T H 2009

Chip in,
cash out Updates on constructions

I n view of the recently
extended Central Library
A fter a busy semester of
renovation and construction
protection and coating. by June. As RK and RP Halls had
failed the integrity tests, they are
timings, opportunities have work, The Scholars' Avenue Prof. Bhattacharya has also receiving new blocks from the
b e e n m a d e a va i l a b l e f o r caught up with Prof. S K laid to rest speculations over the ground up – this is slated to be
students to work in the library Bhattacharya, HOD of the handling of hall dues and fees completed by August. The two
on a part-time basis. This fresh Department of Civil factoring in the additional new hostels are currently in the
initiative seeks volunteers to Engineering on the progress resources the construction work planning stage, with one's
keep watch at key locations to made so far, and to dispel a few requires. The water and power design already finalised and the
prevent the illicit 'issue' of r u m o u r s a n d supply for the construction sites other in progress. Sites are being
books. misunderstandings that have is provided on a contractual prepared near MMM Hall and
crept up over the beyond Zakir
months. Hussein Hall. The
Volunteers @ CL new Guest House
What’s on paper? is also expected by
There has
been many a Ø New blocks in PAN to be ready by next June April.
question lately Ø Construction of new blocks in RP and RK started
Students would be assigned
over the tests Ø Two new hostel near MMM and Zakir Hussain halls It has indeed
responsibilities in pairs through
performed to Ø The entire process to be completed in 18 months been a bumpy ride
a random slot allocation.
Weekdays have only one two- evaluate the f o r t h e
hour slot from 10 PM to structural construction
midnight, while on the integrity of the older halls; one basis, and will not affect our work, with difficulties in
weekends, duty is branched into recent incident comes to mind fees. Care is now being taken to selecting contractors and price
two seven-hour shifts – 10 AM to wherein a portion of a roof in prevent any scarcity of water – rise of important components
5 PM and 5 PM to midnight. A Patel Hall had given way. again, the water crisis in one such as steel proving to be major
pair allocated a slot on a However, Prof. Bhattacharya b l o c k i n Pa t e l H a l l wa s hurdles, but now the work is
weekday, would work on that assures us that all the tests had apparently due to the relocation finally gaining momentum. The
particular day of the week for been done as per Indian of a water tank as a part of the stipulated time for the entire
the whole month. However, Standards. Moreover, the Patel roof work, rather than an actual process is about 18 months –
batches listed for the weekend incident was the result of some shortage. work has been planned out in a
shift may be tasked only once in irregular drilling work making phase-wise fashion so that
the month. an accidental puncture. All It is hoped that the current portions of the new structures
drilling has been ceased since, round of construction in the w o u l d b e r e a d y f o r
and work has moved on to rain PAN loop will be wrapped up accommodating students in the
The monetary compensation
coming semester.
being offered is Rs. 100 for an
hour of service. 24 students
(from both undergraduate and
May I help you?
postgraduate streams) have IIT KGP received a very special One can approach this 24x7 intruders, fire, snakes, street
already registered under this New Year's gift this year with desk for information about the dogs, emergencies in water and
scheme. The list of students is the inauguration of a "Helpline campus, besides availing other such situations. This desk
refreshed on a monthly basis Desk" facility at the institute gate logistics support in matters like will also serve as a central
and the applications for a leading to the Main Building. blood banks, medical assistance station for different CCTV
particular month must be This integrated unit, built to and transportation. There is cameras to be set up at different
submitted to the deputy serve as a Security Hub, a plenty of manpower here to run locations on campus. This
librarian before the 15th of the Logistics Counter, an the show. Quick Response facility can be reached at three
previous month. Should there Information Desk and an Teams (QRTs) have been numbers: 81002-4. People
be more applicants than the E m e r g e n c y F a c i l i t y. T h e formulated to be kept on present there were quite
manpower required, the Director, Deputy Director, Dean standby and to be dispatched optimistic about the success of
volunteers would be preferred of Student Affairs and other whenever any sort of assistance this endeavour. Here's wishing
based on the parental income dignitaries were present at the is required. The men here are them all the very best!
criterion. inauguration of this facility. equipped to handle accidents,

Alumni meet ‘09
A cup of nostalgia for the class of ‘59 and ‘84

T he 6th Annual Alumni
Meet-2009 witnessed our
alumni converging from every
an institute alumni interaction.
The photo session saw the
alumni of the 1959 and 1984
Anand Deshpande sharing their
experiences. The need to have
some training on CV writing
The alumni were then
treated to scintillating
performances by the ETMS,
corner of the world at IIT batches come together. The and good marketing strategy WTMS and TDS. After dinner,
Kharagpur. It was heartening to highly interactive student was stressed. This was followed the alumni were escorted to
see the joy and exultance on alumni interaction had E-cell by a presentation by the T & P their respective halls for a
their faces as well as the love and demonstrating its activities. Its cell. The student participation nostalgic trip back in time.
dedication for their Alma active participation, which led and the formation of the student
matter. IIT alumni have always to IIT Kgp bagging top honours committee for the T & P section
been synonymous with success in the B-plan competition at the were lauded. The T & P cell also
and it was inspiring for the Pan-IIT summit, was lauded by requested the co-operation of
students to see so many success all. The presentation included the alumni in the form of
stories from the earlier batches. details of the innovative mentorship, recommendations
The presence of highly Deferred Placement Program. and financial aid. The event
accomplished entrepreneurs Then our illustrious alumni concluded with the Alumni Cell
added grace to the event. gave valuable tips on informing the alumni of the new
The inaugural function on entrepreneurship with Rajeev measures in place for better WTMS performance at the
the second day was followed by Gupta, MD of Cisco, and Mr. networking among them. Alumni meet
T U E S D A Y , J A N U A R Y 20 T H 2009 NEWS AVENUE 5
44th Inter-IIT meet
Bronze for kGP

T he 44th Inter IIT meet held
at IIT Madras had mixed
emotions in store for the KGP
gold in our kitty, we got 4 silver
and 3 bronze medals in all. The
Hockey team performed
earlier so as to clash with the
Inter IIT meet(11th to 17th Dec.) ,
a much better performance
contingent. In the overall men's exceptionally well to get a could have been achieved.
General Championships, we bronze medal although out of
bagged the third position which the 11 players, 8 were first timers This meet was unique in that
is one better than last year, but in at the Inter IIT. Interestingly, it received participation from
the women's General thirteen IITs for the first time. As
Championships we plummeted the six new IITs (Bhubaneshwar,
to a miserable sixth position as Thanks to impartial and honest Rajasthan, Punjab,
compared to second last time. refereeing as compared to last Gandhinagar, Hyderabad,
IIT Bombay retained the cup time, we pocketed silver in Bihar) have few students, they
with 97.65 points and the Basketball too. In swimming we were represented by a batch of
runner-up IIT Madras trailed far received the bronze medal. In ten students each and competed
behind with 72.2 points. IIT KGP the women's General only amongst themselves in
managed a total of 41.42 points Championship, the only medal some of the athletics events.
for the third position. was a bronze in table tennis.

Athletes in Action The people at IIT Madras
This time the march past Many players were sorely were hospitable and
(which traditionally had a very missed as they couldn't make it cooperative and did everything
poor turnout as far as KGP was Niraj Sangode who was to to the meet due to the possible to make the other IITs
concerned) was given equal participate in both football and placements. IIT Bombay didn't feel at home. Compared to last
weightage as other sports. As a long jump events could not do feel this shortcoming as it ye a r, t h e r e we r e f e we r
result, our turnout was a so due to a last minute change in offered airfare compensation to complaints and everything
staggering 99% and we scored schedule which resulted in a enable its participants to fly in went smoothly. After much
7.42 points in the ten-point clash of timings for these two for their event and return the furore, this event served only to
event. Things began well for us events. Bipul Kumar, the same day. Despite the misery encourage us at IIT KGP to
as we won league matches in General Secretary for Sports and being faced in placements, continue our perseverance in
Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Games decided to go in his stead S h ya m K i s h o r ( A t h l e t i c s bringing home that coveted
Hockey and Badminton though for long jump and in spite of his Captain) and Rajesh shield.No doubt we will prevail
Basketball wasn't as inspiring. lack of practice managed to give (Weightlifting) went for the soon in the future and finally get
Unfortunately, this elation was a gold winning performance. meet and bagged gold and silver to where we should really
short lived as we suffered some This, along with gold in javelin m e d a l s r e s p e c t i ve l y. T h e belong.
unexpected defeats during the throw, resulted in an overall thought on everyone's minds
later part of the meet. silver medal in athletics. In was that if the eventual break in
Badminton and Table Tennis we placement season (20th Dec. to
Though there wasn't a single retained the silver medals. 5th Jan.) was only scheduled

Jagriti Yatra
A train Journey with a difference

H ow often have you had
one of those late night
bhaat sessions that invariably
people, with
what little
an extent that
some of them
have business
problems that came with
ferrying 350 odd people around
a country like India in
ended with all of you cursing they have in practices accordance with an unforgiving
the government, the "system" terms of funds rivalling those schedule. The dedication of the
and proclaiming that the times a n d of the best team and the cooperation of the
are such that your "genius" is volunteers, multi-national
wasted on such a world? How make a very corporations.
To be a part of this
often have you or someone you real and Besides this
sensational event, register
know, given up all those ideals profound change in the lives of there were 6 televised panel
you came into this institute hundreds of India's masses discussions at different o n l i n e a t
with, when someone waved a every day. locations during their journey,
lot of green in your face or gave soon to be telecast on CNBC TV olved/. An elaborate selection
you a chance to visit foreign T h e J a g r i t i Ya t r a wa s 18. The yatris were also process follows.
shores. If the answer to any of basically a 18-day journey complemented by visits to the Ø Once selected, the
those questions saw you across India (starting and places that these role models participant can choose to
nodding your head, then the ending at Mumbai) covering 13 have actually touched with their either pay for himself
Jagriti Yatra is something you stops all over the country. On the entrepreneurial activities. The (Rs.34000 per head) or apply
should know about. train the yatris participate in actual sight of the positive for sponsorship.
Conceptualised by an IIT Delhi discussions, debates, seminars effects that a little bit of Ø This time, there were ten
Graduate way back in 1997, The etc. Role models from all over entrepreneurship applied in the students from IIT KGP on the
Jagriti Yatra, in its present form India, identified by the right direction can have left a
trip, many of whom were
was organised by the Jagriti organisers, gave seminars on the profound impact on many of the
Sewa Sansthan. The purpose work they and their yatris.
was to re-infuse the Indian organisation do. The common
youth of today with passion and thread among these The organisation of the yatra
to inspire them to dream and to organisations is that they all was a feat deserving much yatris in ensuring that the
act by introducing them to the started out as a response to a kudos. The organising team maximum possible could be
real heroes of India, the grass- problem and in the course of headed by Swapnil Kant Dixit achieved by this journey
root level entrepreneurs (social solving that problem, they (alumnus of IIT KGP) admirably without any logistics issues was
as well as economic). These incorporated innovation to such tackled the several logistical really commendable.
T U E S D A Y , J A N U A R Y 20 T H 2009

Enter the cloud RoboCup
I f you have ever watched some
of those old sci-fi films where
people could access info about
storage for offering greater
shares of free online space. A
plethora of Web 2.0 media
or BSD systems on remote
computers and run any software
of them, using your own
R oboCup is coming to India!
By bringing this to India,
IIT Kharagpur has added yet
everything under the sun with a storage services have also portable terminal as an another feather to its cap in the
few tap-taps at a dusty terminal cropped up over the last year, interface. This can be a major field of robotics. IIT Kharagpur
by the corner and spouting such as Dropbox, OmniDrive, cost-cutter as you can share this is the first Institute in South Asia
technobabble about the AllMyData (which uses a peer- software amongst multiple to obtain approval from the
"vastness of the interwebs", you to-peer grid storage technique clients. The remote hardware International RoboCup
must have been impressed with with rather unsatisfactory does the hard work, so all you Federation for this initiative.
the potential of going virtual. results), etc., offering anywhere need is a smartphone and a RoboCup Challenge @ India
There has already been a from 5 to 25 GB of free space. good connection. cherishes the same dream as the
revolution behind the scenes to The big guns like Amazon's S3, International Robocup
this effect over the last few years Nirvanix and Mosso can offer The really exciting Federation:
in the form of Cloud Computing u p wa r d s o f t e r a b y t e s o f breakthroughs are from the
- a rising paradigm that allows scaleable data storage for about world of HD – projects like "By 2050, a team of fully
us to completely virtualize our 15 cents/gigabyte/month. And AMD's recent Fusion Render autonomous humanoid robot soccer
applications and processes. of course, cloud apps like Cloud supercomputer with over players shall win a soccer game,
Gladinet and Windows Live a thousand graphics processors complying with the official FIFA
Cloud computing involves Skydrive offer seamless storage have been specially designed for rules, against the winner of the
the storage of info in datacentres serving High most recent World Cup of Human
on the internet (metaphorically Definition media to Soccer.”
called the "Cloud") and served portables via the
to clients anywhere. Grand - so cloud through The event will include three
what's new, you ask? As recent server-side of the leagues featured in the
trends seem to indicate, rendering. This International Robocup
companies such as Amazon, means you can competition- Small size League
Google and IBM are taking watch full length featuring five robots from each
virtualization of data to the next HD-quality films or side battling it out on a 5m by
level. We have grown to be play some of the 7m arena; Simulation League
rather dependent on webmail, latest, most involving two teams each
web storage, blogs, online photo computationally consisting of eleven software
albums, etc. in our daily lives, intensive games programs, or 'agents'; and
and all of this has a very flexible with an OLPC Conference, where scientific
back-end working to simplify laptop so long as contributions in areas relevant
matters. Today's gamut of Web you have a web to the RoboCup will be
2.0 apps focus on delivering browser. presented. The competition,
software as a service - the only backed by FIFA is scheduled to
software we need on our end is a The only real be held in our very own campus
browser, with which we can issues with cloud from 28th to 30th August.
play games, watch videos, edit computing are RoboCup Challenge @ India is
presentations, documents and security and essentially a research initiative
spreadsheets, sync data and privacy. If you log and is expected to attract
much more. in from public individuals, corporations, and
Research centers like this one in Jülich terminals, you'll universities with an interest in
This can be seen as the next are networked by IBM's Blue Cloud have to exercise any of the various relevant fields
step from grid and utility Initiative to create a powerful cloud. caution against of research.
computing models – clouds can keyloggers, sniffers
be powered by a grid of and the like. Also, Bringing such a
computers sharing resources reputation is key – be wary of groundbreaking initiative to life
between the cloud and your
with little centralization and the who maintains your data, and is never easy, and event
system. Gladinet takes it a step
ability to be billed as a who has access to it. Ensure organizers Prof Jayanta
further by integrating file
"perishable" quantity rather sound authentication and Mukhopadhyaya and Sudeshna
transfer between Google Docs,
than as actual infrastructure. We authorization practices. Sarkar are among those
Picasa Web Albums, Skydrive
can use the computing power of involved in putting this show on
and Amazon S3 like they were
hundreds of systems for This organization of the road. Chief Coordinator
regular folders. It seems we can
operations, and pay for just the information promises to modify Kaustubh Tripathi, 4th year
manipulate large quantities of
storage space or processing the way we use computers and student of the Department of
information from afar without
power that we use instead of systems. Interestingly, while it CSE, names recent KGP
ever having to interact with the
having to buy a whole appears to decentralize our own alumnus Aamir Ahmed, who
systems that store them in the
mainframe for our needs. Now work and promote mobility, it received exposure to RoboCup
first place.
companies like blog sites or may also simultaneously during his internship at ISR, as
webhosts can store your data in converge towards a his inspiration for working on
remote server farms and offer Cloud Computing has
centralization of data, especially this project. Not one to rest on
unlimited storage capacity for immediate relevance to the
if the market witnesses a his laurels, he describes the
little or no charge at all – if mobile market. As developers
monopoly. Already Google setting up of an Indian
Wordpress or Blogger were the world over rush to produce
seems to have such a reign over RoboCup Committee to hold an
managing all your data applications for ultra-portable
web based information. It Indian RoboCup Open as one of
themselves, they'd be hard- handsets, netbooks, etc. it is
remains to be seen how well his and his team’s future goals.
pressed for physical storage clear that stand-alone power is
such companies protect our
space. being sidelined in favour of
privacy and security if the So watch out Indian
accessibility. Virtualization
Circa 2007 there has been a whole world goes virtual. But RoboCup Open, here we come!
solutions like Xen allow you to
push by Microsoft, Google, hey, if it gets Crysis on a
install Windows, Solaris, Linux
Apple, etc. to move to cloud cellphone, it’s okay with us!
T U E S D A Y , J A N U A R Y 20 T H 2009 BHAAT A V E N U E 7

Writers’ Anonymous
Helping you fight writers’ block

Writers' block is a lot like a Step 1: Accepting that you have method acting is, in a a l l p e o p l e . I f yo u d o n ' t
mosquito. It just isn't right. It a problem nutshell, the positioning of remember anything about your
doesn't seem like something a yourself in the shoes of the role school days, you probably
well-meaning God would have Now that you're reading you are playing and behaving as couldn't do it. If you do
created. It's one of those things this, you're already half done if you were he/she/it. The remember your school days, but
that seems to serve no purpose. with this step. Mary Poppins application of method acting to only the bits that involved
One of those things that you says that well begun is half sidestep the need for creativity Physics class, you probably
even a person who wouldn't done. We dont' like the idea of is simple. Imagine that you were couldn’t do it. If you have no
hurt a fly would jump at with a messing with a woman who can your English teacher from creativity to start off with,
vengeance that you wouldn't stuff a standard sized umbrella school. You could wear a you’re probably not much of a
have thought him capable of. It into a small handbag, so we're moustache/frock for effect. Pace method actor anyway.
just doesn't fit into the larger going to take her word for it, and up and down the room a couple
scheme of things. It's like a stray tell you that you're off to a great of times. Make sure you get into To get your creative juices
piece in a jigsaw puzzle - you start. We give you enough credit character. Throw a couple of working again you can do
can't complete the picture. to realize that you've notebooks across the classroom, one/many of the following:
Mankind's quest for the probably already 1.Beat yourself up every time
ultimate answer to Life, the shredded/deleted you can't think of an idea.
Universe, and Everything will enough half baked 2.Listen to The Doors.
not be complete until it finds a drafts. If you haven't,
rational reason for their 3.Scare a stranger on the road,
go fish. If you have, photograph his reaction, and
creation. well, you do realise write about the emotions that
you have writers' block the expression on his/her face
Fret, not, though, for you are right? Those are the evokes in you.
not alone. There are many very symptoms.
4.Set your watch back half a day
people who have or have had
and act as if you travelled to the
the same problem. Moreover, Step 2: Brainstorming past, and that you're giving your
we've got your back. We will again day another shot.
help you understand your
problem and take you step-by- 5.Break something.
We know people 6.Repair something.
step through a procedure for
high up. We have the
solving it. We are a consortium
statistics with us. 81%
of highly successful poets, with Step 4: The last resort
of writers' block cases
a large number of pieces to our
are because of "starting
credit. Does the name Write a self-help column.
trouble", generally due
'anonymous' ring a bell? We call
to the non-existence of
ourselves Writers' Anonymous.
a fixed topic to write
True to our name, we're writers
about. Writers' block P.S.: Bhaat Avenue may not be
and we're anonymous. hunt for the blackboard duster,
results in the temporary loss of a held responsible for any loss of
bodily fluid that enhances write out a couple of remarks in
So, here's what you need to creativity. The name of the fluid diaries. Then think of an essay
resulting from the use of advice
do to kick your problem in the we refer to is irrelevant at this topic for your students. There
from this column. The only
keester and get some writing juncture. What is relevant is the you have it.
animals harmed during testing
done. These steps are tried and fact that there are many ways to were human beings, but we
tested, so you need not worry c i r c u m ve n t t h e n e e d f o r know people in the UN, so ha!
about their authenticity or creativity. Step 3: In case 2 didn't work
validity. We know what we’re We assume that you've
talking about : heard of method acting. For Circumvention doesn't work for

Did you know: Someone has 44 credits this semester
T U E S D A Y , J A N U A R Y 20 T H 2009

Global Alumni Conference
"In the last six decades the IIT system has produced over 170,000 graduates. It is generally estimated that about a third or more of these alumni have
found opportunities in other countries where they are universally acknowledged to be leaders in their fields of endeavour. They have played an
important role in technological break-through around the world and in changing the image of India in the West. The vast majority of IIT alumni
who have remained at home have become leaders in their own right within India. Many of them are brilliant academicians, passionate research
scientists, path-breaking thought-leaders, enterprising industry captains, leading policy makers and society's change agents."

P r i m e M i n i s t e r D r.
Manmohan Singh could
not have used more appropriate
p o w e r. T h e I I Ts h a v e
contributed handsomely in the
country's efforts to realize this
words in his inaugural address destiny. The IIT community is
to the Global Alumni acknowledged as a community
C on f e r e n ce or g a n i se d b y that has contributed very
PanIIT. The meet, held during significantly to the knowledge
19th-21th December, took place economy and knowledge
in IIT Madras, 2008 being their society, globally and in India.
Golden Jubilee. The theme was The IIT impact study findings
Innovate with what you know, being released today validate
Inspire new Narratives, and this assessment....If we are to
Transform India. The meet was become a knowledge super-
graced by over 200 power, every sector in the
distinguished industry leaders country must be permeated
and panelists including leading with the thirst for imbibing
academicians and policy knowledge, particularly
makers, venture capitalists, Delegates and Alumni at the Pan-IIT meet scientific and technological. We
private equity and financial seek the help of IIT fraternity to
institutions, industrialists, become partners in the process
CEO's, and strategists. It was the world. Dr. Stephen Cohen 'All work and no play' has of transformation of India into a
further attended by some 3000 assured all that the IIT always been unacceptable to knowledge society."The Prime
plus IIT alumni, 2000 plus IIT community is legendary and IITians. The meet was thus Minister's tone brimmed with
students and over 500 leading makes its presence felt even in spiced up by concerts and confidence.
research scholars. America. Another interesting cultural programmes by star
session was a video interaction performers. There even was a
with none other than Orkut Bob McDonald , the Chief
The various sessions golf tournament held at the Operating Officer for Procter &
Buyukkokten, Product Manager Madras Gymkhana Club golf
included several panel Gamble, stressed on the
of Google, in which he spoke to course. Chess reached an
discussions, talks, a debate and importance of innovation
students and campus youth unparalleled height as
even a knowledge capture calling it the key to improving
about social networking in Vishwanathan Anand
session. A couple of noted quality of life for people in every
virtual mode. Nobel Laureate singlehandedly tackled 14
strategic thinkers, Dr. Stephen part of the world. Innovation, he
and leading Economist, Prof. tables at a time!
Cohen and Prof. Kishore remarked, is the primary driver
Amartya Sen, brought the
Mahbubani discussed the of business, financial and
proceedings to a fitting end with
challenges and opportunities D r. M a n m o h a n S i n g h economic growth. Talking of the
a valedictory keynote
ahead of India in the next 15 motivated IITians to contribute role of IITians he explained, "The
addressing how IITs, IITians
years while economist Dr. their knowledge for the welfare fundamental importance of
a n d Pa n I I T c a n i n s p i r e ,
Raghuram Rajan spoke on and development of our own innovation creates a unique
innovate, and transform India
India's possibilities in becoming country. "I believe it is India's demand for leadership. We need
into a global superpower.
one of the Top-3 economies in destiny to become a knowledge strong innovation leaders not just
in our labs or universities, but at
T EAM S CHOLSAVE Open Session improve student amenities were senior levels in business, in
Executive Editors : Anuj Dayal, in full swing which would be legislative and policy roles, and in
Arish Inam, Robin Anil, Sheekha
Reloaded realised to a large extent by not-for-profit and non-
Verma, Sreeja Nag, Suvrat Bafna Kept promises, more often 2011, IIT Kgp's Diamond Jubilee governmental institutions."
than not, go unnoticed as did the year. Students put forth their
Editors: Anup Bishnoi, Deepak second interaction session queries, complaints and The clear outcome of all
Cherian, JS Deepthi, Mithun initiated by Director Damodar suggestions in the following discussions was that IITians are
Madhusudan, Pranesh Acharya on 14th January. At the session which were made note counted upon to make
Chaudhary, Srinath Sinha, last session back in November, of. Deputy Director pointed out significant contribution to
Vinayak Pathak Deputy Director M that every issue raised would be worldwide progress in
Chakraborty, amidst all the looked into, even if they were technology, research and social
Asst. Editors: AVN Murthy,
student-angst and frustration, not intently discussed during welfare. It is also expected of us
Bharat Bhat, Dheeraj Golla, notified that these sessions the session. The next interaction to actively rise up 'to the service
Mayank Kedia, Pallavi would be implemented twice session is scheduled to be held of the nation'. Prime Minister
Jayannavar, Siddharth Prabhu, every semester. Provision of a in April. Dr. Manmohan Singh voiced his
Siddharth Singh, Suyash Bire platform where students can O NLINE N EWS hopes, "I urge the IIT community
Reporters: Abhirajika A, Amiya freely put forth their grievances To read these articles online and to to rise to its true potential by being
and suggestions being the give your feedback on them, aware of the wider national and
Adwitiya,Arvind Sowmyan,
ideology behind this initiative. please visit our website at societal concerns and helping
Ratan J S, Tiyasa Mitra, Vijay,
However, a much scantier turn The catalyze and realize the institutions
Sumeet Mohanty
up this time was well humoured website provides the latest campus and processes that will connect the
Junior Reporters: Achyut Bihani, by Arnav (VP, TSG) as a positive news through our coverage of events
as they happen.
abilities of our rich knowledge
Deepesh Kumar, Indra Saha, sign that students were much community with the energy and
Mahtab Soin, Parth Govil happier than they were back in potential of the larger society.”
Send letters to the editor at:
N o v e m b e r. T h e d i r e c t o r
reassured that measures to