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The skill gaps listed below are in the critical category for two main reasons. 1.

Separation of skilled persons owing to superannuation etc 2. Advancement in technology on going and expected during expansion and modernisation The anticipated skill gaps for meeting the requirement of expansion are marked with an asterix. These skill gaps apply to certain existing areas as well. Requirement of training for each, reheating furnace ,Rolling Mill # 1 AREA General applicable to all fields of working SKILL REQUIREMENT Computer basics and use of packages PLCs programming and maintenance VVVF drives programming and maintenance Human Machine Interface Electro hydraulics Pneumatics Rigging in confined/complex spaces and at heights Flexible shaft alignment manual and with the help of laser optical alignment kit* Process instrumentation and control DASC (Data Acquisition System & Control) Hidden failure finding tasks Operation and maintenance of equipment installed under MES* Advanced condition monitoring:* Laser optical camera Thermographic camera Vibration monitoring and shock pulse measurement CCTV operation and maintenance Wear debris analysis Dynamic and static balancing off line and in-situ Bearing lining (Babbitt) repair and matching Electrical fault finding and troubleshooting Use of special maintenance tools like torque multipliers, flange spreaders etc* Operation of automated (PLC based) heavy vehicles* NUMBERS TO BE TRAINED

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Iron Making Sinter making

Steel Making

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Coke Making Rolling


Rolling technology

Operation and maintenance of latest telecom systems* Stove Operation Automation level 2 in blast furnace (operation & maintenance) Drives PLCs HMI Mould preparation Casting machine setting Electro hydraulics Dynamic balancing of rotating equipment Teeming crane operation and teeming Heating & Regulation (automated & manual) Hot repairs of refractory CNC operation and maintenance Roll preparation Mill setting Management of outsourcing* Logistics management* Job placement and job fitment based on talent and aptitude* Human process skills* Communication skills* Change Management skills* Universal rolling technology Universal rail rolling Universal structural rolling Roll preparation Mill setting with the aid of profile gauge


1-DCS system architecture ,maintenance& trouble shooting concepts Application & software development and programming 2 Foundation field bus system concepts & trouble shooting



Cv analyzer, waste gas analyzer ,oxygen analyzeroperation & maintenance concepts 4 Radiation pyrometer, vibration system operation, maintenance & trouble shooting From equipment and system suppliers for getting basic Technology Transfer related with equipment/systems. 1 PLC 2 HMI system(Level-1) 3 Level -2 Server 4 special Field devices


Hydraulics &Lubrication Refractory Water management Electrical Mechanical NDT Rail welding Saw blade preparation

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