Corporate Governance

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Discuss the different kinds of directors and explain their responsibilities and liabilities. What role does the board of directors’ play in ensuring good corporate governance? Define corporate social responsibility with examples of such activities. (5) Discuss the advantages of competition. Why is it necessary to regulate it? (5) What are the benefits of competition to stakeholders? (5) Discuss the role of corporate governance in banks. Why is good corporate governance imperative and how is it ensured? Using stakeholder and the shareholder approach of corporate governance critically analyze the corporate governance structure for banks and the role of the manager. Discuss the corporate governance practices the banks should adopt. Discuss the scope of CSR. Discuss the costs and benefits of Environmental regulation. What role should the government and media play in regulation? Over the recent years media has played a critical role in influencing the corporate governance practices. Discuss the role of media in detail. Credibility of media is a major issue. Discuss how the media can influence stakeholders. Do you think that the media focuses more on catering consumer demand instead of giving due importance to issues. Discuss with examples. Discuss the effects of advertising. What are the constraints to competition in developing countries? How can the government promote competition in the product market and the capital market? Are monopolies always inefficient for the economy? What are the effects of monopoly on corporate governance? What is a good competition policy? What is the role of government in a economy? Briefly discuss. Discuss why government intervention is needed in a developing economy? What is the different between public and corporate governance? Is the role of government in ensuring good corporate governance similar around the world? What were some of the global issues in corporate governance that were resolved recently? What are the similarities in corporate governance practices in developing nations? How do the corporate governance practices in developing nations differ from the developed nations? Are corporate governance practices in the developed nations similar? If not what are the differences? What is asymmetric information? Discuss what steps should the firm take to reduce it?    This is not an exhaustive list. Please also go over all the assignment questions given to you during the semester. Please do all your readings.

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