Misty mountains, terraced landscapes, pebbled streams and green everywhere your eyes could see, it is Ooty, the most popular hill station in South India. The whole town is a visual treat with well manicured garden, colonial building and British churches. Innumerous trekking trails in the city are sure to lead you to an absolutely new spot untouched by human influence. This is what Ooty is all about, great be it weather or the views of the Nilgiris. Stay in the hotels or the luxury independent bungalow, Ooty is the place to be if you want to soothe your minds and soul. Just come here and succumb to the best that the nature proffers.

When To Go
Ooty is a destination that can be visited all through the year. Summers are quite pleasant, winters are cool, and monsoons are beautiful. However, the best time for visiting Ooty is from October to June. Winters(November to January)are very pleasant and cool with minimum touching 5°C. November is peak tourist season and winters months are good for indulging in all types of tourist activities. Summers (March to May) have an average temperature in the range 15°C to 20°C. This time is ideal for sightseeing and other tourist activities. Monsoons ( June to September ) offers good rainfall, especially the months of July and August, interrupting outdoor activities but scenic lovers can enjoy the green fresh look and the more picturesque side of the place in monsoon season. Ooty is very attractive in all seasons, Winters can be chilly with ice forming. Flower shows during February - March attract many tourists. Ooty celebrates New Year, especially in hotels, with great enthusiasm and cultural shows. The place can be visited all through the year keeping off the heavy rainy days in monsoon.

The history of the Nilgiri Mountain, where Ooty is located, goes back to many centuries. Not much information is available on the reason behind the name ‘Blue Mountain’. While some blame the smoky mist present in the area, while some are of the opinion that the blue Karunji flower, is the reason behind it. No historical data confirms Ooty to have been under the rule of any kingdom or dynasty. The closest relevance can be associated with Tipu Sltan who built a cave like structure in order to expand his kingdom. What today stands as the Old Ooty has some historical connections with the Toda tribes. It is believed that the Todas handed over that part of Ooty to Mr. John Sullivan, the ten governor of Coimbatore, in order to develope the town. The British predominantly stayed in Ooty and owned almost all the land. The town served as the summer capital of the Madras Presidency and the colonial days. During those times, the wounded soldiers of the British army were also sent here to recover after the war.

Travel within city
Ooty is a hill station located in the Nilgiris. The best way to reach Ooty is by road. The nearest airport is at Coimbatore which is located around 100 km from the hill station. There are taxi services available from Coimbatore airport. However it might be advisable to pre arrange taxis from the hotel as they are safer. They charge around Rs 1300 for the trip. Ooty railway station has only one train connectivity and tourist can take a jeep or a taxi from the station to the hotel. They are relatively cheap and cost around Rs 200 to the city center.

Rented Bicycle
Cycles, private cars and jeeps are the best way to get around the hill station. Hiring bicycles from the lake is a good way to see the town. Most of the main places are located nearby and can be accessed using cycles. They usually charge around Rs 20 per hour.

Jeeps are also available extensively throughout the place. They can be hired for day trips to the surrounding area and


Atop the hill. Taxi Cabs and taxis are available from the bus stands and they are a good option for travelling to some of the surrounding villages and plantations. Laid in the year 1847. It is situated about 2 Kms. Located at a height of 2.00 pm & 2.mustseeindia. the most important attraction here is the 20 million old fossil trees. The cave has various historical legends associated with it. The best time to visit this garden is during the month of May. Known for its boat races. The site of the lake is wonderful and one would definitely love being at that place. on which monkeys cannot climb. Maintained by the Tamil Nadu’s Horticulture Department. Children . Timings: 8. Udhagamandalam has items of tribal objects. Located on the Eastern side of the town. Attractions Doddabetta Peak mustsee Doddabetta Peak marks the highest point in Ooty. one can enjoy bird’s eye view of the nearby surrounding. Visiting time is from 8:00am to 6:30pm. well manicured gardens and extensive varieties of flora. Second Saturdays and National Holidays) Charges: Entry Free www. children’s park and toy train. The chirping birds and ducks and other swimming creatures add beauty to the place and the sun set and sun rise is also spectacular here.30 pm daily Charges: Adult . fresh and fine. Mysore Road. Tiger Hill mustsee The beautiful Tiger Hill can be reached by undertaking a 3 km strenuous trek.com . The main draw towards the Lake happens in the month of May.Jeeps are also available extensively throughout the place.00 pm (Closed on Fridays. Usually shrouded by heavy mist. They cost around Rs 750 for a day trip. which is 6 kms from the main town. Timings: 10. Timings: 8 am to 6 pm Charges: Entry fee (boat house): Rs 5. The entrance fee to the point is Rs 2 and tourists are advised to carry warm clothes as the temperature on the hill dips to freezing mark. mini gardens and a bus stand. the hill offers a closed cave as its main attraction. Rs 100 (Video) Boating cost: Rs 60 (2 seater pedal boat/30 mins).Rs 20. pony rides.00 am to 1. when the boat race and boat pageantry festivals are held. the lake today comprises of a race course. Rs 95 (3 seater row boat/30 mins). It is a part of the silent valley and is beside the Red hill nature resort which is a best picnic place of the region.00 am to 6. Rs 10 (Camera).Rs 10 Camera . Emerald Lake popular Emerald lake is a wonderful lake in the upper plateau region of the Nilgiri hills. when the Annual ‘Summer Festivals’ is in full swing.Rs 30 Video . districts ecological deatails and representative sculptural arts and crafts of Tamil Nadu. Tourists are advised to enjoy boating in the Ooty Lake. on a clear day tourists can enjoy bird’s eve view of Mysore plateau and Coimbatore. Founded by John Suillivan in the year 1823. an Italian Garden and the only tree in India. it is ideally located just 10 kms from the city and proffers some of the most exotic views of the area. from Udhagamandalam in the main Mysore road.Rs 100 Ooty Lake mustsee Sprawling in an irregular ‘L’ shape is the magnificent Ooty Lake. Rs 250 (15 seater motorboat/20 mins). The entrance fee for the Botanical Garden in Ooty is Rs 10 for adults and Rs 5 for children. It has various collections of contemporary paintings and sculptures all over from India. it boasts of rare species of trees. There is tea plantation in the suburbs and one can enjoy different flavors of tea.00 am to 5. Ooty Botanical Gardens mustsee The Botanical Garden in Ooty is the prime attraction in the city. They can be hired for day trips to the surrounding area and are relatively cheap.623metres. Government Museum & Art Gallery popular The Government Museum. They cost around Rs 500 per day. Located atop the Doddabetta Hill peak is the observatory that has two telescopes offering unparalleled views of the region. the Lake is a perfect picnic spot in Ooty. One would hold one's breathe by looking at the wonderful sites of the nature and fun is to the fullest.

Timings: 8. Video – Rs 75 Pykara Lake and Pykara Falls popular Located on the Ooty Mysore Road is the Pykara Lake and waterfall.mustseeindia. also said to be the heart of Ooty.30 pm except Tuesdays Charges: Below 5 years . Main Bazaar popular Main Bazaar. Offering a wide range of varieties of roses. School Children (Age 5 to 12 years) from Government and aided Schools . Maintained by the Horticulture Department of Tamil Nadu. popular among film makers as well. handmade chocolates. An important place among Christians. Located amidst the green shrubs and trees. Mukerti National Park and Lake popular In the Southern Part of the Nilgiri mountain lays the Mukurti National Park.30 am to 5 pm (Lake) Charges: Rs 175 per head (approx) www. Lying close to the national park is the Mukerti National park. trekking is an enjoyable option. so missing the camera is an offence. the church is one of the oldest colonial structures and is Tudor in appearance. Highlighting the Mukurthi National Park as its main attraction. wherein tourists can enjoy boating. where the travelers can enjoy the best of nature. The Toda silver jewelry sold here are a must buy. Also known as Sandynallah. is a paradise for shopaholics. known for its shikara kind boats. Pykara.Free. just increases the beauty of the place. tourists can enjoy sighting some of the best specimens of the avian population. the sanctuary was established in the year 1982 and since then has been the abode of various endangered species of animals. The largest river in the region. While one can drive through the park. Entrance fee is Rs 15 for adults and Rs 10 for children below 12 years. 40 kms from Ooty is situated on the Southern Eastern corner of Nilgiris Plateau. Another attraction here is the Mukurthi Dam. Proffering natural bliss and a cool ambiance. Camera – Rs 30.com .Rs 20. one can reach it through Kandal. the garden has been in existence since May 20th 1995. Children above 5 years and below 12 years .Rs 10 Adult: Rs 15 Mukurti Peak popular Mukurti Peak. The lake is not very deep and the fountains and waterfalls located in vicinity. Known for its varieties of flora and fauna.Holy Trinity Church popular One of the oldest landmarks of Ooty. there are various other types of boats that too can be used for boating on the lake. Various traditional handicrafts are also worth buying. this garden is located at a height of 2200 to 2400mts above sea level and is said to foster the largest collection of rose (1419 varieties) in any Garden in India. Tourists can also enjoy boating in the Pykara Lake.30 am to 6 pm daily Charges: Entry fee . is the source of water for the waterfall which falls from a height of 55mts and 61mts. Timings: 8.Rs 2. Kamraj Sagar Lake popular The Kamraj Sagar lake Dam in Ooty is an idyllic picnic spot that has an equally scenic way to reach. Besides. being a scenic attraction. bounty times. Timings: 9 am to 5. Ooty Rose Gardens popular The panoramic hill station of Ooty is popular for its fragrant Rose Garden. oils and spices. Marlimun Lake popular Murlimun Lake is a popular Lake in Ooty.Rs 10. the tourists are advised not to miss buying the fresh fruits like plums and carrots. ad idyllic picnic spot. It is also a pictorial delight. it is also a pilgrim spot for the Todas. The stained glass windows and the chaplain of the great Tamil scholar George Uglao Pope are the main attractions here. School Children from Private Schools (Age 5 to 12 years) . the dam also has provision for fishing. Various mythological legends associated with the lake also make it an interesting place to visit. situated at the foot hills of the peak. Selling almost everything under the sky. Holy Trinity Church was converted to a full time church in the year 1858. Besides. the Kamraj Sagar Lake is a perfect tourist spot in ooty. In vicinity to the lake is the Wenlock Downs. Tourists are advised to carry an umbrella as occasional rains appear. An important attraction here is the boat house maintained by the TTDC. is the Mukerti Lake.

which highlights an entire garden made out of a needle and thread.00 am (Sunday) Charges: Free Thread Garden popular Thread Garden in Ooty is one-of-a-kind man made attraction. this is not the right place to opt for. The thread garden offers handcrafted visual delights to the tourists. Trekking in Ooty.30 pm Charges: Entry fee: Rs 10. Also. Killing of wild life is strictly prohibited in this zone. hills and tunnels. providing the travelers with surreal experiences to remember. The place also has a few luxurious resorts and hotels. An initiative of Mr. into the adjoining hills. certainly adds to the joy and excitement of the tourists who love to enjoy nature in a completely unique and innovative way. There are several treks which differ in distance. One can also trek to Dodabetta.mustseeindia. Several species on the verge of extinction are reared with great care and caution and are provided with an eco friendly environment where they can breed easily and have life going on.00 pm (Monday to Saturday)Services . is endowed with the bounty of nature. the man who discovered Ooty. The climb to the top isn’t much of a challenge.1.00 pm . Camera: 15 & Video: Rs 30 Toy Train popular Toy Train Ride of Ooty. Ooty-Parson’s peak-Porthimund-Mukurthi National Park-Pandiar HillsPykara Falls-Mudumalai National Park-Ooty is a long trek which exposes the trekkers through some of the most beautiful and unexplored parts of the Nilgiris. the church is one of the most upbeat marvels of wooden architecture. is the best way to get one-on-one with nature. The winter season is the best time to explore the natural glory of Ooty through trekking.8. At a mere cost of Rs 24 per person. The flowers. Contact: +91 423 2445145 Timings: 8.5. Ooty also offers short one day treks to the tourists. which are sure to win the heart of any tourist. A must in every sense! Trekking popular Ooty. One of them is through the forested area of Glenmorgan.00 am . are a feast to the eyes. which aids as an initial point for the trekkers. Antony joseph. the train panoramically passes through forests. The peak lies about 10 km from Ooty. who took almost 20 years to fulfill. so if shooting is the passion. the Toy Train takes around 4 hors to reach Ooty.Sanctuary Avalanche popular Sanctuary Avalanche is situated in the Nilgiri hills and is a wild life sanctuary which was constructed with the holy intention to protect the wild life in southern India. Carved completely out of wood. Built in the year 1830.00 am to 11. heights and landscape. The church also houses a cemetery where one can find the graves of John Sullivan. Ooty forms the perfect base for a number of exciting treks. The prime attractions of this church are the stained glass paintings depicting various chapters from Bible. some long and some short. A panoramic laid back ride from Mettupalayam to Ooty. the church is one of the best examples of colonial heritage in India. Tourists are also advised to indulge in shopping for these handcrafted marvels from the shops located inside the garden. wattle and rhododendron trees. Stephen’s Chruch is one of the most holy places in Ooty. trekking has gained admiration with the tourists in the recent years. plains.00 pm & 3. Located at a distance of 17 km from Ooty. reveals one of the most exotic creations of mankind. This train ride reveals some of the most exotic natural views. Elk Hill Elk is a scenic point located atop a hill in Ooty and offers panoramic views of the valley. The picturesque view of Mudumalai Sanctuary is certainly spectacular for adventure tourists. it is rich in eucalyptus. however. St. A favorite sport of the area. www.com . once the summer capital of the British in India. Timings: Visiting Hour . Stephen's Church popular St.10. the second highest peak in the Western Ghats. the leaves and even the droplets of water on them have been created using a thread.30 am to 7. a base camp is built at Parsons Valley. from here one can have a splendid view of the surroundings. The national park is situated about 67 kilometers away from ooty and is a wonderful place for people who love wild animals.

which is indeed wonderful. The temple is dedicated to the first Jain Trithankara. Kandal Cross Kandal cross is Roman Catholic church located in Nilgiri and is the best church for the Nilgiri Catholics of the place. Rishabhdeoji. It is a hilly region and one would definitely love to go riding on the motor bike on the roads which have curves and which go steep high in the mountains. The village is wonderful and it goes to sleep early and follows the old traditional approach of life. it was opened for public only in the year 1895. It is considered to be the Holy Shrine of the place. Jain Temple Besides the multitudinous tourist attraction. Ketti Valley Ketti valley is a small village developed in the valley region of the Nilgiri Mountains in Tamil nadu. It's a great pilgrim place where sacred prayers are always offered on Friday evening.com . which cover it from almost all the sides. That is what the belief of the people is and is known for curing the ill. located on the Prithvi Raj Road. There are different tea plantations available in the region and tea plantation was firstly introduced in this particular region in southern India. MacIvor's Bund MacIvor's bund is in the suburbs of Ooty and Dodabetta peak. The temperature fluctuations in the year are not much and it stays in the range of 25 to 21 degree centigrades. The climate is wonderful and it stays to be good enough all year round. This temple is revered most by the Digamber sect of Jains and is gaining immense popularity among the followers of other sects as well. the Murugan temple in Ooty is dedicated to Lord Murugan and the location offers panoramic views of the nearby located regions. Ketti valley is a valley.Horse Riding Horse riding in one of the most popular attraction in Ooty and also are one of the best means to explore the region. blessing the people and wishes coming true. There is a beautiful church in the place and it is just 12 kms from ooty. with the great hope of it coming true. People light the candle in the church and wish something from the bottom of their heart. Horses can be hired along with a guide near the boathouse region of the lake. . there is no dearth of pilgrim attractions in Ooty. The motor car or bike would be the easiest way to reach the place while one is in ooty. It is renowned place for the people of the region and is well known for the wishes of people coming true. Thousands of tourists flock here every year to not only pay homage to the revered but also to explore the museum situated alongside the temple. Though the construction of the temple began in the year 1864. It is also the Calvary of Tamilnadu and is located near Udhagamandalam.mustseeindia. when the famous Thaipudam festival is held with great pomp and show. It is very close to the avalanche hills and is just 7 kms apart from there. It is a plain region just in the center of the mountains. Charges: Rs 50 to 150 for an hour. Muniswarar Temple Murugan Temple Situated atop the Elk hill. www. which stays to be 7000 feet deep inside the mountains near coonoor. The best time to visit the temple is during the months of January and February. One of such popular pilgrim places to visit in Ooty is the Nasiyan Jain temple.

Ramakrishna Mutt Scenic beauty. In the city that is known for its scenic delights. this mutt is the perfect place for some self introspection and enjoying surreal calmness. divine churches. These days it's located in the Guindy Park and the area covers the region of about 156. On your visit to Ooty. and reptiles too are provided a warm and friendly environment with the nature friendly intention of protecting those species of life on earth. www. Several animals like deer. toy train ride and thrilling adventures are not all what Ooty has to offer. A part of National Centre of Radio Astrophysics. birds. the Murugan temple in Ooty is dedicated to Lord Murugan and the location offers panoramic views of the nearby located regions. the church underwent a large renovation after the accident in which the roof of the sanctuary had fallen. Ooty.com . Several other areas like Adyar River Bed and Ikkadu Thangal too belong to Raj Bhavan and these places are used as water pumping station these days.Mary's Church St Theresa’s Church is the oldest Anglican Church in India and is a popular attraction in Ooty. poker and casinos is what is most loved and opted for by most of the people. Raj Bhavan Raj Bhavan is the abode of the governor of Tamil nadu and is located in the City of Madras. One such place is the Ramkrishna Mutt that allows you to indulge in meditation and spiritual learning. The main attraction of the church . Foubert in the year 1897. In the year 1989. Sacred Heart Church is located on the Havelock road in Bandishola.Ootacamund Club Ootacamund club is located on the Nilgiri hills high up in the air. Ooty also boasts of some great mutts that will allow you to experience some soul searching. Radio Telescope The Radio Telescope is located in Muthorai and has been in existence for over 25 years. Initially Raj Bhavan was in Parade Square. Apart from the games. People come there from distant places so as to have great fun and enjoy the weekend with their family members and friends. the Sacred Heart Church holds a charm of its own. the telescope is 530 mts long and 30 m wide and operates on a frequency of 326. It has its footings more than 100 years down the line and is a wonderful place for the people to play and have all great fun playing in the club. It has more than 150 years of history and is a worthy place keeping up the status of the resident. and several public places are also made in the suburbs. A small part of it has been provided to the forestry department.14 acres. when the famous Thaipudam festival is held with great pomp and show. It is highly popular golf club in the world. The church gained the status of diocesan Cathedral only after Ooty was categorized as a separate diocese on 3rd of July 1955. It has its wonderful website too so that people can book their visits online and have a planned visit to the place.was constructed only after the First World War. which was destroyed by the French. The telescope is used to observe interplanetary scintillation and helps in providing a dataset to understand space weather changes and their predictability. This Mutt was founded by Swami Ramakrishnananda. do not miss to experience the tranquility of mind and body that is offered by the Ramkrishna Mutt. St.the bell towers . a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna (who was a follower of Swami Vivekananda).mustseeindia. Holy temples. Sacred Heart Church Sacred Heart Church in Ooty was constructed by reverend Fr.5 MHz. Sri Mariamman Temple Situated atop the Elk hill. It is almost 7000 feet above the sea level. The best time to visit the temple is during the months of January and February. Enveloped by the lush green valleys.

in the year 1984. Tribal Research Centre is a stone’s throw away from Ooty (10 kms). A huge dam is constructed on the lake. An interesting fact that attracts tourists to the graveyard of St. One can find this pillar on the grave of William Patrick Adam. Thomas Church A tour to Ooty is incomplete without paying a visit to the St. Many attractive sculptures displayed in the museum depict the rich and varied tribal cultures of the various tribes that exist in Tamil Nadu and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Specific tea plantations have been encouraged and have flourished well due to the construction of dam near the upper bhavani lake. who was the governor of Madras and passed away in Ooty in the year 1881. A compelling view of the Ooty Lake can be sighted from the St. Established in the year 1983 at Udhagamandalam. just made tea is so fine that one should taste it once to have that essence of freshness. it is located at a mere distance of 10 kms from the Ooty Bust stand. Venkateshwara Perumal Temple Excursions www. It boasts of being the tallest memorial in Ooty. The audio-video presentation during the tribal festival time forms a unique attraction. Upper Bhavani Lake Upper Bhavani lake is a very wonderful lake and has lots of water in it all year through. Besides visiting the museum.00 pm (Monday to Friday) Charges: Free Union Church The Union Church in Ooty is a place of worship for evangelical believers and the church is located inside a 155 year old heritage building. Besides. one can also enjoy reading books and journal available on the tribal culture.5. The lake is wonderful and has great natural beauty. which helps in providing water to the nearby regions and that has highly aided in the development of agriculture in that particular area.00 am . is dedicated to the studies on the tribal communities of the state. From here a scenic short walk will take you to the Tribal Research Centre. Once if one visits the lake the memory of the lake stays in the mind for a long time. with huge pillar that is crowned by a cross. Forster and directed by David Lean. The main attraction at St. The life size replica of the Todas. Tribal Research Center Tribal Research Center near Ooty. Thomas Church is that the saite served as a location for the shooting of the film A Passage to India. It would surely be a wonderful experience.mustseeindia. The taste of the fresh. they also cater to the welfare of the 6 primitive tribal communities that have been flourishing in those areas since ages. Thomas. at the in-house library.The Tea Factory There are several small tea factories which cater the life of the people and provide livelihood to a wide number of people earning their bread from the meager income they avail by working in tea factory. Tea factories are well equipped and produce tea of different qualities and focus on a large international market. The name of the dam is Upper Bhavani Dam and it has been named after the name of the lake. This institute plays an integral part in planning the development of the tribal. The whole process of manufacturing the tea is well optimized and is highly grounded up with well planned process so as to produce highly edible and good quality tea to be sold in the market place. E.M. Kotas and Paniyas tribes enjoy huge appeal from the tourists. Catch the daily bus (Emerald) to M Palada and get down at the TRC stop. Timings: 10. Thomas Church. The main attraction at the Tribal Research center is the Tribal museum that boasts of rare artifacts and pictures of the ancient tribal groups of Tamil Nadu and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Thomas Church is the memorial of St. Thomas Church.com .

It is almost a transcendental experience to witness the raw power that this waterfall contains. Bird watching is another popular activity in Bison Valley. bison. This village is located just to the south of the wellknown Sigur Plateau in the state of Tamil Nadu. bison. Mountain biking and trekking are two popular activities for tourists to experience in this area. It is also possible to experience some of India's exotic wildlife in the area of the falls. the town is well connected by rails and roads. Seeing bear. Sometimes these falls are referred to as the Kalahasti Falls. elephants. elephants. popular for its natural attractions. and that literal translation can help you to envision the beauty that is in store for you. tigers. drongos. shrikes. The Mudumalai forest. Bison Valley popular Bison Valley acquired its name from the Indian bison that roam throughout the area. Also sobriquet as ‘Small Tea Garden’. there are varieties of avian species that one can enjoy sighting. Walking in this region allows you to experience the Western Ghats. morning doves. drongos. shrikes. Mountain biking and trekking are also popular activities to participate in. The Mudumalai forest. and bulbuls can be seen in the area. Such birds as woodpeckers. Leisure walks are popular for tourists to experience here. The falls are surrounded by beautiful greenery. Bear. Honeymooners appreciate the quiet solitude that exists in this small village. the Bandipur forest. morning doves. deer. Located at comfortable distance from Bangalore. shrikes. Cardamom forests surround this area as well. It is an excellent home base for experiencing the impressive ecology that is a part of the amazing country of India. Tigers. and tigers are also a possibility in the region surrounding this small mountain village.com . It is not uncommon to see such birds as bulbuls. It is common to be able to see such birds as woodpeckers. Ghats means stairway which provides you with a mental image of what the beautiful landscape must look like in Bellikkal. Nilgiris means Blue Mountains. the major attraction of Coonoor lies in the various points and tea gardens that embellish the town. and monkeys can all be seen in that region. Coonoor Coonoor. and deer are all possible animals that could be sighted as well. The green patches in the town serve as perfect picnic spot. Kalhatti Falls popular Kalhatti Falls is a magnificent waterfall that plummets 400 feet or 122 meters. tigers. Taking leisurely walks on the numerous pathways that meander around the valley are a popular pastime for tourists. crow pheasants. drongos. bear. and wood peckers. Bellikkal Lake popular Bellikkal Lake is a beautiful water feature that has some great views to offer. and plenty of cardamom trees can be found all in the same general area as Kalhatti Falls. morning doves. Beautiful greenery exists in almost every place that you look. the Bandipur forest. and elephants. Visit the Dolphin’s nose. and crow pheasants.Bellikkal Bellikkal is a small village that is located in the Nilgiris in southern India. Bird watching is another draw for the area. Enjoying an ayurvedic massage is another popular activity when visiting this quiet village. Fishing here may not be a good idea since this lake is a popular watering hole for a variety of wild animals. Impressive views of cardamom forests are possible from this beautiful valley. To add to the natural panorama. A wide variety of birds also like to frequent this lake. located in the clue hues of the Nilgiri hills is a famous hill station. bulbuls. The views from Bellikkal of all three of these locations are impressive. yet it radiates beauty and grace at the same time. and the Moyar River can all be enjoyed from this hill village. Elephants can be frequently seen getting a drink early in the morning or right at dusk here. A wide variety of wildlife inhabits this valley.mustseeindia. Bellikkal is a small enough village that it is still relatively pristine. www. bison. The wildlife includes such animals as bears. Lamb’s Rock and Lady canning Seat for some of the most spectacular revelation of nature. deer.

the blue hills. This vantage point allows you to truly appreciate the awesome power that Mother Nature has contained within a waterfall as you look down the 250 feet to the pool of water and its surrounding landscape below. Kotagiri is partially in the shade of the Dodda Betta Range. The rock is a jagged cliff that drops down several hundred feet to the lush jungle below. the Moyar River. It can clearly been seen from the top of Dolphin's Nose if seeing the entire waterfall as one total impression is what you are looking for. is located in the area that surrounds Coonoor.D. There are gigantic ravines found both to the left and right of Dolphin's Nose. Timings: 8 am to 6. are in the park as are many unusual species of plants that have been brought in from a variety of places around the world. it is necessary to trek to this particular valley. This village is set in what looks like the typical tea plantation with its gently sloping hills. Dolphin's Nose mustsee Dolphin's Nose is an enormous rock formation that is entirely unique. but half of the fun and enjoyment come from the actual trekking experience. It is located in the same general area as Coonoor.com .30 pm Charges: Rs 5 Hidden Valley mustsee The Hidden Valley is in the region that surrounds Coonoor. so constant sunlight everywhere is not a possibility. Instead. a dolphin's nose. This one vantage point provides you with exceptional views of the plains. Lamb's Rock popular Lamb's rock is an excellent picnic spot near Coonoor. Kotagiri popular Nilgiris' oldest hill station is Kotagiri.mustseeindia. no wonder this man put forth such a valiant effort to reach the point. In one of the ravine's you can clearly see the awe inspiring Catherine Falls with its continuing stream several thousand meters below. It was named after the man Captain Lamb who tried in earnest to open a path to that particular point. St Catherine Falls. You will not regret for on minute that you choose to take on this excursion. Access to this valley is not readily available. and the mysterious rising mist. Fabulous views abound as you make your way toward the Hidden Valley. Both streams that are contained within these two ravines ultimately feed the Bhavani River which is located a relatively short distance away opposite of the Dolphin's Nose. It takes some effort to climb to the top of this rock outcropping. The well though out park has a beautiful lay out. On the right hand is the Hulical ravine. This vantage point also provides you with an excellent view of the Coimbatore plains. J. but the views are absolutely worth the hard work. Catherine's Falls. lush landscape combined with the breathtaking mountain views make this trek worth all of the physical exertion. By far the most popular attraction in the area is the Kodanad Viewpoint.The best time to visit the Coonoor hill station is during the annual fruit and vegetable festival held in May. The park is situated in a deep ravine on the northern side of Coonoor and covers twelve acres of undulating land. This valley is known for being both impressive and beautiful. In the other ravine. Catherine Falls mustsee Catherine Falls. The green. and Elk Falls are all places that are near Kotagiri that are worth seeing. Sim's Park mustsee Sim's Park is an unusual botanical garden that was developed back in 1874 by Mr. There is an annual fruit and vegetable show that is held in the park that is well attended. With such a view. The protruding rock formation looks exactly like what it is named after. This beautiful waterfall falls from an impressive 250 feet. The valley is fantastic when you get there. Sims and Major Murray. you can spot where the Coonoor stream meets the Kotagiri stream. It is a point on the way to Dolphin's Nose. There are also very unique festivals like tea and tourism festivals that invite tea aficionados from all over the world. It is possible to see the Coonoor stream some 5000 feet below. shrubs and creepers. The Rangaswami Rock and Pillar. also known as St. It is also possible to take a road to the top of the falls. www. Naturally occurring trees.

Lake District popular India’s Lake District is found near Red Hills where the numerous rain-filled reservoirs make for an impressive and incredibly beautiful landscape. The scenic blue lakes are Emerald.000 ft above the plains. 2nt Ooty. The great expanse of lush green forests and the unpolluted atmosphere make this place a unique destination for eco friendly tourism.Droog Fort popular Droog Fort is located in the area surrounding Coonoor. Avalanche. Upper Bhavani. In the midst of the exotic landscape. The tourists can try out some fishing in these lakes. In fact. Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing (0 min) Day Kodaikanal Sightseeing 3: Start: 10:00 AM. The Wellington Golf Course is a popular place to stop and enjoy a civilized round of golf. Arrive at Kodaikanal / Sightseeing (0 min). and monkeys can be seen at the zoo. Getting to this fort does take some physical exertion since trekking must be undertaken to get there. It is believed that the place was christened by the British. One can breathe the fresh air and spend his time in relaxation over the grass lawns for many hours.mustseeindia. Today. Kodaikanal www. you must travel through the Nonsuch Tea Estate. The tourists can try out some fishing in these lakes. Red Hills Red Hills. Itineraries 1nt Bandipur. but the hard work is definitely worth it. This golf course is especially popular with film crews who film in the area. the relaxing motion necessary for golf can counteract the stress that occurs in the filmmaking process. Carp and trout are plenty in these majestic lakes. Porthimund. The scenic blue lakes are Emerald. Red Hills nature resorts. Parson’s Valley Lake and Western catchments numbered 1. Numerous tourists visit this area every year in order to experience the majestic and natural beauty created by the water of the area. With such an impressive location that allowed the fort to command impressive views in all directions. 2nt Kodaikanal Day Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing 2: Start: 10:00 AM. In order to get to this site. a pristine region of Nilgiris ranges and an ecologically fragile area in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Carp and trout are plenty in these majestic lakes.000 ft in a hillock is a popular resort around the majestic place. only a wall remains of this military outpost. Upper Bhavani. there are 8 separate lakes in the area with each being remarkably beautiful in its own right. The major attractions in the Red Hills are the eight serene lakes located in and around the place. Bakasura. Wellington's Golf Course popular Cantonment of Wellington is located in the near vicinity of Coonoor. situated at height of 7. One British Colonel finding resemblance of the place with his native place in Britain and gave the name Red Hills to this place. One can get a rare chance of experiencing the life and style of Toda tribes settled around the Avalanche Lake. Set on the backdrop of magnificent Nilgiri blue hills. 2 and 3. The Govind Ballabh Pant Zoo is also found in the Lake District. Porthimund. 2 and 3. Avalanche. Tranquility and scenic beauty provide any visitor of this place a real unforgettable experience for a lifetime. no wonder it was used as an outpost. No wonder Wellington's Golf Course is a popular place to visit. Red Hills is enriched with open lusting green grasslands and dense woody forests providing exotic views of nature and its beauties. Coonoor Sightseeing (20km) (0 min). During the filming of a movie. is located at a distance of about 28 km from Ooty. elephants. Many exotic animals that are native to the area such as the famous Bengal tiger. Parson’s Valley Lake and Western catchments numbered 1. One can spot many bird fauna over the lakes as well. Red Hills offers splendid panoramic views of miles and miles of Tea plantations surrounding it. The eye feasting natural beauty and the pleasant cool ambiance are the major features of this place. Tradition says that this fort was used by Tippu Sultan as an outpost. the touch of normalcy surrounded with the unusual location makes golfing at Wellington's an attractive possibility for many people. This name links it to the legend of a local demon. One can spot many bird fauna over the lakes as well. Droog Fort is also referred to as Bakasura Malai. This old and worn out fort is located 6. It is in Wellington that the well-respected Defense Services Staff College is located.com .

Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing (0 min) 1nt Bandipur. Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing (0 min) 1nt Mysore. 2nt Ooty. Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing (0 min) 1nt Mysore.3: Start: 10:00 AM. 2nt Ooty. 2nt Ooty by Cab from Coimbatore Day Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing 2: Start: 10:00 AM. 2nt Ooty. 2nt Kodaikanal by Cab from Mysore Day Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing 2: Start: 10:00 AM. Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing (0 min) Day Kodaikanal Sightseeing 3: Start: 10:00 AM. 1nt Bandipur. Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing (0 min) 1nt Mysore. Kodaikanal Sightseeing (0 min) 1nt Mysore. 2nt Ooty by Cab from Bangalore Day Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing 2: Start: 10:00 AM. 2nt Kodaikanal by Cab from Coimbatore Day Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing 2: Start: 10:00 AM. Arrive at Kodaikanal / Sightseeing (0 min). 2nt Ooty by Cab from Madurai Day Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing 2: Start: 10:00 AM. 2nt Ooty. Kodaikanal Sightseeing (0 min) 1nt Bandipur. Arrive at Kodaikanal / Sightseeing (0 min).com . Kodaikanal www. Arrive at Kodaikanal / Sightseeing (0 min). Coonoor Sightseeing (20km) (0 min). Arrive at Kodaikanal / Sightseeing (0 min). Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing (0 min) Day Kodaikanal Sightseeing 3: Start: 10:00 AM. Arrive at Kodaikanal / Sightseeing (0 min).mustseeindia. Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing (0 min) Day Kodaikanal Sightseeing 3: Start: 10:00 AM. Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing (0 min) 1nt Bandipur. 1nt Bandipur. Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing (0 min) Day Kodaikanal Sightseeing 3: Start: 10:00 AM. 2nt Ooty by Cab from Mangalore Day Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing 2: Start: 10:00 AM. Coonoor Sightseeing (20km) (0 min). Kodaikanal Sightseeing (0 min) 1nt Bandipur. 2nt Ooty. Kodaikanal Sightseeing (0 min) 1nt Bandipur. 2nt Kodaikanal by Cab from Mangalore Day Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing 2: Start: 10:00 AM. Coonoor Sightseeing (20km) (0 min). 1nt Bandipur. 2nt Kodaikanal cab from Bangalore Day Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing 2: Start: 10:00 AM. 2nt Ooty by Cab from Mangalore Day Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing 2: Start: 10:00 AM. Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing (0 min) Day Kodaikanal Sightseeing 3: Start: 10:00 AM. Coonoor Sightseeing (20km) (0 min). Kodaikanal Sightseeing (0 min) 1nt Bandipur. Coonoor Sightseeing (20km) (0 min). Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing (0 min) 3nt Ooty by Volvo from Chennai Day Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing 2: Start: 10:00 AM. Arrive at Kodaikanal / Sightseeing (0 min). 2nt Kodaikanal by Cab from Bangalore Day Arrive at Ooty / Sightseeing 2: Start: 10:00 AM. Coonoor Sightseeing (20km) (0 min).

Kodaikanal Sightseeing (0 min) Distances Coimbatore Kochi Kodaikanal Bangalore Madurai Mangalore Chennai 72 km 259 km 260 km 267 km 279 km 396 km 511 km 1h 3h.3: Start: 10:00 AM. 10m 5h 5h. 40m 5h 5h. Arrive at Kodaikanal / Sightseeing (0 min).com . 10m Bellikkal 10 km Coonoor 18 km 20m Red Hills 18 km www. 50m 8h. Coonoor Sightseeing (20km) (0 min).mustseeindia.