Agency Cover Page Agency Name: The Epilepsy Association of Bangladesh Inc. (EAB) Street Address: R.

A Plaza, Road no#12, Sector#7, Uttara, Dhaka. Email: Executive Director: Mr. M.Mobin Chawdhary Proposal Contact: +088023457 Project Name: Community Based Employment, Life Skills Training & Basic Financial Planning with Employment Placement for Continued Success for Persons with Epilepsy and Disabilities. Program Area: Education/Training with Direct Employment Outcome Total Amount Requested: Tk. 218600 Total Project Cost: Tk. 546500

# Of Persons to be served: 110+ # To be employed: 77+

Cost Per Person Employed: Tk.1000 Districts to Benefit Most From This Project: Dhaka, Barisal, Rajshai, Dinaspur and Chuadunga,Gopalgonga. Population Served: Epilepsy (and disability neutral)

Our prevention and education programs have offerings that continually promote awareness of persons with epilepsy and disabilities. This program has been extremely successful to date and is a result of the Employment Coordinator’s disclosure of her epilepsy. was successfully completed in 1997-98. These 48 clients have completed the program and another 24 clients are currently working towards their employment goals via this program. EAB operates a client case management and medical services program (Epilepsy Services Program-ESP) that is open to all residents in concerned districts. (EAB) is an independent not-for Profit Corporation chartered by the Bangladesh in 1986. NISH (National Industries for the Severely Handicapped) and BESPA (Bangladesh Epilepsy Services Provider Association). A dedicated volunteer Board of Directors. 2005. and operating only under this name since its inception.The current program: “Community Based Supportive Employment Skills Training &Placement Program” has been in progress since July 15. EAB is affiliated with. Inc. as well as a Professional Advisory Board that is made up of area physicians and professionals led EAB. funded by and large by the Brack Bank. The “Community Based Work Adjustment & Placement Program”.Is your organization currently involved in any litigation: NO Proposal narrative: Agency History: The Epilepsy Association of Bangladesh. . We had projected in our first proposal that we would successfully have 2833clients employed at program completion. and has effectively resulted in 48 clients with epilepsy and other disabilities successfully and competitively employed (at the time of this proposal).

employers. over 55000 persons with disabilities reside in these 6 districts. treatments and rehabilitation services so that they may take/maintain their place in society as productive citizens. and informing/educating the community (employer education and job creation) of these needs.Mission Statement: “The Epilepsy Association of Bangladesh.” EAB identifies. educators. client advocacy.  Area and Population Served: EAB’s Employment Program serves individuals Bangladesh. EAB provides information and education to persons with epilepsy and their families. the medical community and the general public in order to further their understanding of epilepsy and the needs of persons with epilepsy and to increase the community’s responsiveness to those needs. and plans and implements strategies to meet those needs. meeting the needs of persons with epilepsy (Fostering selfsufficiency. An estimated total population of over 2 million people resides in these districts and according to the Bangladesh Census Bureau’s data for 2009 estimates. The Epilepsy Services Program serves clients in 6 districts area in Bangladesh. Inc. defines and advocates the needs of persons with epilepsy/seizure disorders. along with disability awareness. vocational assistance and job placement). diagnosis. (EAB) is dedicated to improving the quality of life of persons affected by epilepsy/seizure disorders. EAB’s proposal directly addresses our mission by:    improving the quality of life of persons with epilepsy. Our mission is to serve the estimated 5.180 . EAB assists persons with epilepsy/seizure disorders in securing accurate/timely information.

& Resume Writing Interviewing. “Personal Financial Fitness” and Transportation Training are essential to increasing the employment rate for individuals with epilepsy and individual affected with epilepsy/seizure disorders in this area and more specifically. Project Plan & Description: Our qualified Employment Coordinator will carry on the community based work placement/skills training program and add essential training portions to the program. compliment and enhance existing EAB programs. medical care. Follow-up and What Employers Want      . EAB currently has programs addressing epilepsy education.This expanded program would begin July 16. facilitate a minimum of 77 persons with epilepsy to become employed or advancing in their current employment. and social service counseling. We are happy to assist any person or persons affected with disabilities and encourage referrals from other service providers. Job Skills Training. Under this project we will provide the following services to at least 110 clients in the coming year:   Setting a Vocational Goal & Identifying Work Values Personal Financial Needs and Basic Financial Planning/Budgeting Skills Training Epilepsy/Disability and the Essential Duties of the job Epilepsy/Disability Disclosure Transportation to Work and Transportation Training Resources for Identifying Employers. The proposed program extension would work in conjunction. which we have found to be necessary to increase selfsufficiency. 2011 so as not to overlap current funding and allow for the additional training programs that have been requested and delivered on a very limited basis.

but not limited to: Career Support Center Employment Workbook” – Epilepsy Foundation  The Workbook-Study Guide for Job Seekers” – EFB  Your Spending. referrals from area Physicians and service providers and disabled individuals seeking employment skills training and transportation training. Your Future – A Beginner’s Guide to  Financial Readiness” – National Endowment for Financial Education  Steck-Vaughn GED Software and Workbooks  How to Find and Keep a Job” – Job Search Video Series  Transportation Training on with the Employment Coordinator  Additional materials as needed on a participant basis.  Targeted individuals for this program would include. Your Savings. but not limited to:  Current and future clients of EAB’s existing programs.    .Curriculum for this program in inclusive. This program will also utilize area Human Resource Directors in presentations to participants. successful community peers (employed individuals with epilepsy or other materials as needed on a participant basis. Those who lack previous work experience and the confidence to work due to their disability.

     .  Measurement Activities:  Each participant will have a case manager action plan to assist with medical services and medications in order to decrease seizures and stabilize the client’s epilepsy. Each participant will have an Employment Program Action Plan (EPAP) designed for him or her by the employment coordinator that will be monitored for success. The total number of program participants will be recorded along with pre/post testing for knowledge and skills of each participant. Secondary goals are for participants to complete the program with greater selfesteem. Measurement tools and checklists will be in place to follow participant accomplishments and activities along the path to employment. Participant surveys for to measuring success and additional supportive needs. self-worth. and the skills necessary to maintain permanent employment along with a greater understanding of their disability and how to cope with it independently. Those that have demonstrated previously the inability to retain a job for a reasonable period of time due to their disability. Expected Project Outcomes:  The twelve-month goals of this proposed expanded program are: 110+ total program participants with a projected employment of 77+individuals.

office equipment.780. training space. Budget Page: Item SalariesEmployment Coordinator Total Tk. Through program. county. audit fees and licenses. EAB will provide the office space. and tk. state being sought to continue all programs. Other Sources of Funding: This program will result in at least 77 clients employed and it will be cost effective because the EAB belong with CJF (Central Jakat Fund).100000 BRAC BANK 60000 EAB** 40000 SalariesTk.073.293. insurances. prevention and education costs.EAB programs and we raised over Tk.00 with a total program cost of $78.Amount Requested/Total Project Cost: The BRAC BANK funding request is $34. Plans for Future Funding: Private fundraising.00. Foundation will provide financial assets and funds for the proposed project. The EAB match equals $43.9 lack+ in Foundation funding to continue to support our additional program expenses and assist with additional case management costs. client transportation costs. EAB is successfully completing a current program and we are confident . local telephone access. corporate. EAB will are able to match the funds needed to complete this most important program.80000 Prevention/Educati on 48000 32000 . individual and fundraising efforts.00.10 lack in fundraising in 2005.

12000 Tk. District Governments have agreed to cover the direct material grants.Salaries-Case Management Unemployment Health Insurance Worker's Compensation FICA/Medicare Telephone Educational Supplies Sub-Total Postage Office Supplies Audit Costs Rent Taxes & Licenses Copy/Printing Insurances Client Transportation Medical Services Sub-Total Total ] Tk.1500 Tk.40000 Tk.119500 Tk.20000 Tk. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can work together in the future.15000 Tk.80000 Tk.70000 Tk. . to cover the costs of staff training and counseling.40000 Tk. A letter from each of the District Government heads to this effect is included as Appendix 5.1000 Tk. at half the cost of the total requested.427000 Tk.2000 Tk.2500 Tk.15000 Tk.2500 Tk. We have also requested funding from the CJF Foundation and the DBDL Foundation. Should you feel that this amount is more than you can contribute. 5000 Tk.50000 Tk.546500 30000 24000 12000 48000 9000 1200 24000 256200 6000 9000 7200 42000 1500 600 900 1500 3000 71700 327900 20000 16000 8000 32000 6000 800 16000 170800 4000 6000 4800 28000 1000 400 600 1000 2000 47800 218600 . and the cost of supporting community-based projects respectively. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can work together in the future.10000 Tk. we ask you to consider funding one of the proposed two districts.

The Epilepsy Association of Bangladesh Inc. (EAB) 30 MARCH.2011 .

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