Leadership is the capacity to create a passionate vision, make it a reality sustain it for a long time. The person who wants to be a leader should have some qualities that are needed to influence in the capacity of the people, these qualities are: vision, commitment, communication, integrity, reality and intuition. In the assay we are going to stay developing each one of these. The first quality that a leader has to have is vision, because being a visionary wants to say that has the capacity to think in the impossible for making it happen. Having a vision is having a direction where the follower can go, but the vision works out with commitment that it generates the energy that enables the dream to become a goal and the goal a reality and other thing is that commitment generates responsibility, power and trust. When we talk about the qualities of the leader we cannot forget the communication, because it is one of the most important aspects in every good leader, if there is not a good communication, the essential message doesn’t go to the people that we want to transmit. If a leader wants to transmit his or her message through communication he or she most have integrity, because integrity means a commitment to truth, openness, and transparency, which leads to trust. For leaders live in the reality is important, because the awareness of your present reality is indispensable if you are going to establish a goal and intend to achieve it. And the last one is intuition that is the ability to make right decisions with incomplete data. Intuition is the act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes it is impossible for one human being informed about everything that happens. A good leader must take decisions about the best for his followers, has to know listen and talk with his peoples to transmit your ideas clear. Be leader isn’t simple; it takes many qualities that everybody haven´t, good capacity to take decisions and be a step in front of the other people that belong at this group.

Donaika Méndez…………………2009-0066

A leader knows listen and talk with your peoples to transmit your idea clear and understandable. The leaders always go one step in front of the other people that belong at this group.We can´t think a leader is only a people that have control of indeterminate number of people. . a leader is a subject with a good capacity to take decision. To be a good leader you have to take decision about the better for your people. that needs many quality that everybody haven´t. Be leader isn’t simple. only thinking in the person necessary’s and helps them to go for the best way.

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