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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 14, 2013 CONTACT: Sean Abajian, Campaign Manager (213) 261-8651, announce@robertdskeelsforschoolboard.

org WHEN: Friday, February 15, 2013, WHERE: Sidewalk, Korean-American WHAT: Press Conference Regarding WHO: Robert D. Skeels, Candidate 11:30 AM Education Foundation, 680 Wilshire Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90005 School Board Election for LAUSD School Board

PRESS CONFERENCE REGARDING KOREAN VOTER OUTREACH FOR SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS *** Robert D. Skeels to remind Korean voters who closed all of their LAUSD adult schools *** LOS ANGELESOn Friday morning Robert D. Skeels, candidate for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) School Board, and Yoon Jung Lee, Evans Community Adult School student leader, along with members of the Korean American community will hold a press conference in front of the KoreanAmerican Education Foundation. The press conference's main topic is how the incumbent school board member closed all of the LAUSD adult schools in Koreatown, robbing the Korean American community of one of its most treasured local resources. The location is at the site of one of the shuttered schools. The press conference will be held in English and Korean. The press conference has been called in response to news that the incumbent's campaign has begun advertising in Koreatown and has started making phone calls to the Korean community on the heels of receiving support in the form of an one million dollar donation from an out-of-state donor. LAUSD Board of Education Candidate Robert D. Skeels issued the following statement: "Korean Americans have begun getting phone calls telling them to support the incumbent. We want to remind the Korean community that just last Spring Mnica Garca callously shut down all three of the adult education schools in Koreatown, depriving an immigrant community of much needed English, citizenship, and other important classes. This has had a drastic effect on the residents of Koreatown, and has especially harmed senior citizens. Our campaign believes Koreatown deserves better, and encourages everyone to vote for Robert D. Skeels for school board. He is number 187 on the election ballot." The Robert D. Skeels for School Board campaign has vowed to reopen at least one adult school in Koreatown, and advocates for both Dual Language Immersion programs and Korean American studies in K-12 schools. Robert has also promised that he will hire a Korean American to his LAUSD staff to finally provide the Korean community with representation in the district. Candidate website is ### Public education activist, researcher, and writer Robert D. Skeels has lived, worked, and organized in District 2 for over 18 years. He and his wife, Yoon Jung Lee, fought to save LAUSD Adult Schools. Robert's LAUSD campaign has broad community support with numerous volunteers and he is the only District 2 candidate endorsed by both United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) and Associated Administrators of Los Angeles (AALA). He is also endorsed by several national education experts, including former US Assistant Secretary of Education, Dr. Diane Ravitch. Campaign supporters include local immigrant rights organizations, classroom teachers, and community/parent leaders.

Paid for by Robert D Skeels for LAUSD District 2 Trustee Committee 2013, PO Box 2105, Pasadena, CA 91102 FPPC ID 134410. Additional information is available at

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Paid for by Robert D Skeels for LAUSD District 2 Trustee Committee 2013, PO Box 2105, Pasadena, CA 91102 FPPC ID 134410. Additional information is available at