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People always ask me, “How do I learn from reading your field
reports?” The question usually comes from guys who think that writing
Field reports is a form of bragging or people who think it’s pointless.
The answer the question is a simple one. The best seduction material
you can read is material that speaks on actual experiences instead of
“theory”. Let me explain, what good is a theory if you haven’t tested it?
This is why I think Field reports are great, a lot of guys go out and test
those theories. However don’t get it twisted, reading can help you out a
ton, but nothing gives you more insight then going out on the field,
sometimes you may have a “Sticking Point” (an obstacle which you find
hard to get past) reading someone else’s experience, who might have
had the same sticking point or has a better perception of social
interaction can help you, like it help me. These field reports are all true;
the only thing that has been edited is the spelling and maybe some
grammar. Also (some)the names to protect the guilty and the innocent.
Special Shout out to JourneyofSuperman for creative consultations☺
11/07/08, 10:16 Am

This is the book of Solo

A rare book indeed, to come across this book is to see greatness at its grandest. From a mediocre gamer
Solo rose to be one of the best.

Ok, OK

Let me cut the crap.

This is my FR's Journal, I usually don't do these but I figured I've been writing tons of FR's for the other
site, I might as well do it here(especially since a lot of guys here are older and have more game)

My objectives?

Work on my weakness

Getting the girl I want (not the girl who wants me i.e. a girl I'm attracted too not just for looks or
personality but overall, looks is a factor though)

Building a connection--Building rapport/escalation a lot better, very self-explanatory

More challenges or stuff I wanna work on will be entered throughout the course of my Journey. This
isn't just about women but about life. King Solomon was the greatest King who ever lived, not only did
he have women (700 wives, 300 concubines) but wisdom and knowledge that no man ever had before
or nor ever will (maybe with the exception of one man with a beard who rode on a donkey )

mmh, let’s get it in

11/07/08, 12:11Pm
An account of 11/06/08

I don't even know where to begin yo. Last night a buddy and I went out. I rarely go out with him. Not
because I don't want too, but he tends to go to bars I don't care for (a bit more hood, nothing wrong
with that). I decided to ride out with him, why not? I mean it’s been forever since I've been in the city on
a Thursday, plus I was in phase two when it came to "Operation Yield". What's Operation Yield? It's my
mission to get my whistle wet (I'm in a 2.5 month dry run). How did I come up with "Operation Yield"?
Easy when you yield, it's to caution, especially when it's slippery and wet, hence the name (my
coworker thought of this).

"Hi I'm Marcus"

So last night we go out. This one chick is just putting on a show for my buddy when we get to the patio
area of the bar. However he has a good buzz going so he is out of it. The girl a couple minutes later
waves him over. He starts chatting with her and introduces himself as "Marcus" his name isn't Marcus. I
chat up the friends, for a couple minutes, not trying to holla, just see what’s what (it’s still very early in
the night). I ask my buddy why he gave the chick a false name. He replied back saying that, girls don't
need to know his real name because they could be crazy.

Becoming Chauncey
As the night goes on, my buddy gets more intoxicated (I pace myself) and we start talking to more
chicks. I took a persona myself "Hi my name is Chauncey". I sometimes use that alias, because it's my
nickname. I was feeling good; the music was somewhat decent for ones. Hip-Hop not that top40 crap
they play everywhere else.

One thing about me is, I'm notorious for opening up sets, and I’ve opened up 20 different sets in one
night easily. I'm not shy when it comes to approaching or opening, it’s easy for me actually (and one of
my strengths) my confidence has gone up a lot since 2006 (more on that later). There was a blonde and
a brunette. The Brunette was a bit thicker but still had a cute face. We just talking, come to find out they
are ordering wings. I started going back and forth. I tried something new; I would talk to the blonde,
then shift my body over to the brunette, have her answer the question for the blond. That way I had
both of them involved in the convo. It worked great because downstairs isn't noisy at this venue. Marcus
came into the set started talking. I could tell the brunette, wasn't into it she was texting (pet peeve) the
blonde was very engaging. I ejected from the set. Now you wondering, I left my wing stranded, not at
all. Marcus can handle his own, even though he was blitzed (drunk as a mother). I came back 5 minutes
later, Marcus was still in the set, I came back in and started chatting the blonde one up. As I, proceeded
to munch on their wings (yumm). At one point towards the end of the convo I pulled out my phone, and
the blonde was looking at my dog. I told her to put her number in, she is like "I've heard that one before,
it doesn’t work on me, I use to be a bartender blah blah" REJECTED, now you think I would cower
hell no. No big deal keep it moving is my motto.

Cougars and Married chicks

Throughout the night I would dance with chicks that were, married. WTF, I think these chicks are maybe
looking for something on the side, but I ain’t trying to find out. There was this Cougar, who I opened, she
was all over me, hand in my pocket and all that, just giving me crazy IOI's. I would turn my body slightly
180, and was just acting cocky as f**K. I didn't care Chauncey is in full effect. I did # close her later that
night, and I would put her down than build her up (u know make her feel good, mess with her emotions
push n pull).

Marcus gets it in
At The end of the night I find Marcus talking to a Mexican chick, she wasn't Mexican actually native of
American. I go upstairs a bit more, I wanna head out early, there lot of cats, and I can hear cats getting
irate upstairs (who knows why). I go back 15 minutes later Marcus is still in set (this guy can plow for
days when he is drunk). I crash into the set, see were Marcus is at. He is blitzed out of his mind; The
chick is digging him though. I told her (not asked but told her) for her to give her number to Marcus. She
is like the club ain’t close yet. So we stick around and Marcus telling her you should come with me blah
blah. The chick is like "Yeah, I’m down" so here am trying to number close for Marcus. But she is actually
trying to go home with him ("Niceness"). Funny part is she asked us if he drove*, then I started ranting
about how we go to school, got jobs, our own places lol(totally lame, but hey she didn't care she already
made up her mind that she wanted to smash Marcus) The club ends the girl disappears for a bit, we
think she might have ditched us, she comes back we all pile in my car. I'm texting the cougar, come to
find out she is home. I tell her I'm coming over; she says she doesn’t want a ONS. I told her it’s not a ONS
and we both grown. She is all for it. But first I gotta drive Marcus and the native chick to his spot. Marcus
is just blitzed but he is sobering up on the ride home. I find out the cougar lives 40 minutes from Marcus.
I was tired and I had to abandon my mission. My wing got laid, so I'm happy for him

"Operation Yield" shall continue another time (with pics hopefully).........

*drove--I know you don't use "wealth" or materialism to gas a chick. I broke the rule my bad
11/07/08, 12:17Pm

Originally Posted by Daven Tenorio


what is your normal approach when you meet a girl?

How does the convo go?

What type of things do you think will help you build a connection with not just women but

just looking' for details

What up DT

My normal approach?

I don't know man; I just approach if I see an opening. For instance when I opened up that
Cougar, She was standing close by and I opened her up. I don't know what I said. I talk to so
many chicks, it’s hard to keep the openers in line, But I switch it up. I try to approach women,
where I'm in a situation to win. Eye contact helps a lot, I always approach if I get more then 2
seconds of EC.

How does the Convo go?

Last night the convo's went actually very well. When I was talking to the blonde I was able to
create sexual tension. Something that I have been lacking, since I've been on this fun spree. I
think also the atmosphere I was at, direct game works a whole lot better. Also seeing Marcus
talk, it re-affirms to me that it’s not always what you say but how you say it. The guy was blitzed
but was staying in sets for 5-30 minutes at a time, building rapport (something I need to do more
of). Something that is a weakness of mine, sometimes my convo sound like an interview where I
just go of logistics ("Where u from", "What do you do") you know crap like that. I see other guys
who tell crazy stories and they get laid. They got life experience and their stories are very fun.
Something I wanna master.

In terms of building connections with people?

I think just doing what I'm doing conversing and having fun. I don't have problems building
connections per se. but building a sexual connection were a girl looks at me more then just "the
fun guy". The guy she wants to “boink” that’s my issue right now. Everyone knows me as the
fun/crazy guy but not the guy she wants to take home and boink. Last night my game was a bit
more direct more cocky but it was fun because I didn't give a shit.

11-08-2008, 09:26 AM
So I accomplished Operation Yield Yesterday (yesssssssssss)

I went to the local bar, and the Cougar from the night before was hollering at me to come over(via cell
phone she was at another bar in another part of town), I also had my X-neighbor who I use to smash
begging me to come over. Shorty literally send me like 20 text messages saying "Please come over..."
hell, even offering to pay my gas to drive 40 minutes to lay the pipe . The bar I was at was local; it's a
bowling alley/bar. Honestly a lot of the girls were wack. But it’s local and close. Usually when I'm at the
bar/club I'm sarging/fishing like my life depended on it, but I just laid back and chilled, and the hottest
girls would shut down any dude left and right.

I decided to go to the Cougar. A gentlemen never tells but oh my gosh the girl is A PROFFESIONAL!! (sp)
when it came to polishing the chrome of the Buick, naw mean? lol

Anyway I'm suppose to go out with my boy K-dizzle, he is a member of the community, trying to work on
his AA. I'm just gonna, lay back and be on his ass(to open these sets up).

11-09-2008, 02:43 PM
Lost In the City with a GPS on Deck


I went Out Last night with a couple buddies. We all knew each other from work, but we aren’t
all in the same department. Two guys are military (J-Set and Mo) the other guy his name RJ. We
all meet up at this local place called “The Red Dragon” (well I actually picked RJ up). They have
this drink called the “Wondrous Punch” which is a mixed of Bacardi, Bacardi 151, rum, tequila
some juice, Gerdine and some other crap. The shit is potent, two of those and you are on your ass
for the night. We just shoot the breeze, there couple of chicks at the spot, but I’m just there to
chill with these guys. I hadn’t seen Mo in over a year so it was cool to finally chill with him

AA Again?

Who go to this place, which is more bar/restaurant than bar/club. Perfect setting for me to work
on cold approaches and escalate (my weakness) I’m standing by the bar; my buddies and I got
coronas. There are a few groups of sets, everywhere. My buddy RJ, who is an AFC-Amog (shy
guy with alpha-male complex). Is like “Dude there is some chicks go talk to them”. It’s a 2set, a
redhead (nice) and a brunette He always puts me on the spot, not to test me, but you know how
buddies ride each other and give each other shit sometimes. I assess the situation, I then

Solo: “Hey ladies, my buddy didn’t think I had the heart to say hi so I just wanted to introduce
myself, how you doing tonight?” (I know, I know old ass opener but whatever credit Will Smith)
I then stick out my hand, and they both introduce themselves to me (I don’t remember their
names). We make some fluff/logistics talk, you know where you from, what other places you
going to later tonight, blah, blah. I then decided to play the Neil Strauss 5 question game (go
look it up on Youtube if you don’t know what it is). I play the game with the redhead, she loses. I
then play the 1 to 10 game. I tell the brunette to tell the redhead friend what number she picks.
She picks 7! I finally got it (my first time ever after 10 tries lol). The girls are amazed then asked
me, if I was psychic, I just give them a smile and say it’s all in the mind. My buddy RJ than
crashes the set; he starts talking . I look at the ladies body language, and I can tell they’re not
feeling it. Hell there was like a 10 second moment of silence. Not very long but the HBredhead
was like “So how about those Timberwolves?” Come to find out she was a B-ball fan, and after
some more questions possibly even a groupie. I make some more fluff talk but, it’s too late I lost
control of the frame, not my frame but the frame with the two chicks. I eject, my buddies come
back 5 minutes later saying the girls were “Haters”. I was thinking “Naw your game ain’t tight
enough motherfucka” Lol.

I see two chicks walk by, I turn my body slight to a 90 degree angle so that I’m not facing them.
I say “What you drinking on?” of course it’s too late they can’t hear me, but I know they know
I’m talking . They just blow right by me, REJECTED! My buddy saw this; he pats me on the
back and says “No big deal”. There are two chicks across next to the set I opened up earlier. I
just look at them talking, my buddy wants me to approach and I’m about to, I tell Mo to just
stand there and look at us talk (I had a plan). Mo follows me and I stop halfway cold . I didn’t
want Mo to come with me, I didn’t know what his frame of mind was, and I was already a bit
nervous enough honestly that I didn’t want Mo to have me crash and burn this set (not blaming
him just saying I had my frame planned out) I’m not mad I just re-adjust my frame; There is a 3
set to left. I open them up with “Alright, so the party is over here?” Come to find out it was a
birthday party. These girls were hot you had a couple 6.5’s and even a 9. It’s just basic fluff talk,
I don’t do any games just talk to them, teasing them about not being on the dance floor, giving
them a little shit. The bar is a bit dead (usual) my buddies and I end up bouncing to another bar
across the street.

Part 2 mother****

There is a long line at the second bar, I see a buddy I know, and we just cut in line . There two
bigger chicks behind us, J-Set and RJ open them up. I just chill with my buddies. We get in, and

it’s packed and loud . There chicks everywhere but its loud as hell. There is a 4set,
I open this chick up (or she opens me who knows). Her name is Julie come to find out, it’s her
“Divorce party” so she is doing it up with her girls. Her friends are hot, but they are drunk (sigh).
We dance/talk nothing really serious. The two big chicks on the side open me up a bit later.
Come to find out their from out of town (wack) I give one chick my number, but she is all over
the club (if you know what I mean). Julie’s friends want to bounce to another bar with my
Cronies and I, across the street (bounce set? ). This is a very good sign. However at this stage
all my Cronies are sloshed and blitzed out of their mind. Mo especially is drunk and kept talking
about going to the bathroom, and RJ is talking to a bunch of guys(drunk). It took us 20 minutes
to regroup (by then the chicks were already gone). I was pissed! Here we had chicks who
wanted us to hang with them and my Cronies are talking to guys and asking me to go to the
bathroom. We regroup and go to the bar; They’re chicks, everywhere and lame AFC-Thugs(you
know those wanna-be gangstas who act tough but never dance with girls unless the girls
approach them)guys standing around. I want to talk to Julie’s friends, but their beyond
inebriated. I get one girls number (the most sober one) but she gave me Julie’s number (WTF?
I didn’t ask for that). I instantly deleted it, it would be fun to hang with Julie and her friends
again but I knew for fact she wouldn’t remember me from Adam who I was.

Solo the Storyteller

My buddies RJ and J-Set found themselves in a two set and were working it . I walked by
them and pretended to just notice them at the bar. They play along, I B.S. and crack a couple
jokes, just basically giving them Social proof the chicks are digging it and laughing. I go to the
dance floor, there is a 4set. I open up one chick, and then she introduces me to her friend who
instantly says “I’m married” I just smile and laugh and say “Whoa, I’m not hitting on you”.
It’s funny but she was the hottest out of her friends. Needless to say I was talking to a girl and
she told me “I don’t know why black guys don’t like me” she was about a 6 nothing wrong
with her, nice body but nothing that made her stand out like “Whoa”. I sidestep the race issue,
we make some fluff talk. I disqualify her, why? Her attitude sucks . I could be pre-judging

her, but I saw flicks of “Bitchyness”. We are all just dancing having fun ; I’m not
in their faces or nothing. We all make a circle. I get in and start dancing then I would pull a girl
in. I felt like the black Adam Lyons (lol). We danced for two songs, after the songs were done I
went back to RJ and J-Set’s set. These guys were putting in major work. J-Set left for a
bit(bathroom break), I played the Neil Strauss 5 question game with his chick to keep her
entertained. I play for the chick’s number, I win but she doesn’t give it. Looking back, I know
it’s disrespectful and you shouldn’t try to pull your buddies chick. However I don’t force the
issue of her not giving it to me (her #), I was just basically playing for fun and incentive. RJ
comes back, I tell this story. About how I was at a club and this girl was calling me Peter, and
that my name isn’t Peter. I then asked the girl in the story to follow me to get a drink and she is
like sure. I bought her water(WATOKA) to sober her up. That was the punch line, me buying the
drunk chick some water. They all laughed, it was one of those stories where you had to be there
to see it. I was very animated and having fun with it . RJ (the best storyteller who I know)
told me how much he liked the story. I’m definitely keeping that in my repertoire, the story never
happened but so what, it got the reaction that I wanted.

Fuck this...

It’s the end of the night; I love this last bar we are at. The chicks are hot and dancing. However
Mo is beyond drunk at this point (so is RJ and J-Set), and I’m babying him giving him
water (dude musta drank 4 glasses in an hour) I was a bit pissed. RJ and J-Set number close after
an hour. J-Set is so happy, grinning from ear to ear about how he met this “Hot teacher”(lol @
him having oneists already). We go and make plans to get some food; Mo is a bit more sober
now, but the dude can’t remember were he parked his car. I was getting super pissed now. I’m a
very patient person, but this is something that you as a person have to be aware off. After 45 cold
ass minuets (it’s 20 degrees out). We found Mo’s car, I told him to call me when he gets home.
This is the point were the night gets worse. We get lost trying to get out of the city; on top of that
RJ wants me to pick up his FWB. I’m pissed as hell now , because my buddies GPS isn’t
working for shit. I can see my gas going down. After an hour and half we finally pick her up. I’m
not in a happy mood at all, My buddies know this because I'm one of the most easygoing guys in
the clique. J-Set and I go grab some food (once we drop RJ and his chick of), at a burger place
that’s open 24 hours. He is talking about 9/11 and this movie “Loose change”. We make it back
to my pad; at abut 5:30 He crashes at my place.

In closing

I will not drive again (my cronies I mean), I was picking up RJ’s girl not because I felt obligated
but because as a friend that’s what I do. I was not happy how the night played out at the end. I
admit I was a bit crabby that we couldn’t find Mo’s car, I felt like Mo was dragging me down
especially towards the end of the night, when he was drunk. Thinking back on it now though, I
can’t be mad at Mo because he would have done the same for me. Even the best of us have
nights were we stumble and fall.

McAvoy responds to the Field report

11-09-2008, 03:06 PM



Originally Posted by Solo

The guy was blitzed but was staying in sets for 5-30 minutes at a time, building rapport
(something I need to do more of). ...They got life experience and their stories are very fun.
something I wanna master
will help with this


Originally Posted by Solo

In terms of building connections with people?

Everyone knows me as the fun/crazy guy but not the guy she wants to take home and boink.
I didn't realize it till someone on her mentioned it, but story telling is a huge aspect of my game.
I hunt primarily in my social circle and I naturally get women coming to me. I knew it was just
because I was a fun guy to be around but I didn't realize until I seen it mentioned here, that story
telling is what builds my social proof through the roof.

I'm naturally a good story teller and I've lived a very interesting life so I've got no shortage of
stories, it’s just a matter of picking a story that’s relevant to the situation.

Its something that I would definitely recommend working on.


Originally Posted by Solo

I will not drive again (my cronies I mean), I was picking up RJ’s girl not because I felt obligated
but because as a friend that’s what I do. I was not happy how the night played out at the end. I
admit I was a bit crabby that we couldn’t find Mo’s car, I felt like Mo was dragging me down
especially towards the end of the night, when he was drunk. Thinking back on it now though, I
can’t be mad at Mo because he would have done the same for me. Even the best of us have
nights were we stumble and fall.
The two bolded sections tell a huge part of who you are and is a big reason for your success in
life; It’s the right attitude and the right way to look at your relationships with your friends.

p.s. I love the title of your thread, (life and times of a legend)

Again the right mindset for living and having people see you as a fun person to be around.

11-14-2008, 04:25 PM
No numbers? No problem, Rapport is my new motive!!


My buddy Sean and I decided to go to a local Bar/restaurant called “Majors”. Its ladies night on
Thursdays and the place usually is hit or miss, we get there about 22:30pm. We go it’s a sausage
fest. I kid you not 3 dudes to 1 chick. We chilling, doing shots and drinking. Sean’s buddy Zach
comes through later on. Zach is just a cool cat. Zach and I are talking game; He ain’t in the
community or nothing but we are just chopping it up. There is a guy who opened up a two set but
he is only talking to the target, I told Zach that if he was smart he would engage the friend too,
because it’s essential for the pick up and also earns him points with the friend. Zach is impressed
with this basic observation and we both noticed the friend looking bored and pissed. The bar is
pretty lame; We meet a dude who works at the other Majors, about 15-20 minutes from the spot
we are at, he tells us to head over there because its "Popping and 23 year old chicks are there" .
My buddies don’t mind me leaving (I mean it was that lame, it was 11 o’clock and there wasn’t
any music being played, when I left and let me remind ya, it’s ladies night)

"I'm Gay Too"

I get to the place a little before midnight. I open up a 3 set of guys (just to warm up and build
social proof you know). I then noticed two chicks that I sort of know because my old co-worker
introduced us, at another bar last week. I’m just talking to them fluff stuff. I ended up going to
another set a blond and her big friend, open them up real quick it was quick approach. I basically
am having fun; the funny part is I’m not even dancing. I open up this Latina looking girl she is a
bit thicker but she could most definitely still get the pipe. It’s “Girls night out” I’m just talking
and fluffing with them, just b.sing and making them laugh. The thing about my game is, that I
don’t have a “structure” of rules or routines, I say whatever I want, when I want and if I want I
can improvise and use a "routine" or "structure", this is why I think natural game is tons better
then "routine/canned" stuff a PUA has to stick to his rules, I can sway from them and just be
natural and be "human"
The Set of the night has to have been when I opened up a 3 set (HBtall, Big girl aka BG). It was
two chicks and a guy. My opener was basically telling one of the chicks she had nice earrings. I
then asked her where she got them from, because you know I wanted to buy my mom and two

sisters some . The girl instantly shit test me and says “Why would you get them these
earrings?”. Her friend then would come and talk and I mean this chick were shit testing me the

whole time, I love it because they are insinuating that they are lesbians . I fire back “Oh
my gosh you are gay too?”. I talk to the taller one and make her qualify herself; She basically
travels a lot (Now even though I’m great at approaching chicks, I don’t remember their names
for shit. I don’t know why I just suck with names, maybe because 90% of the chicks names are
all alike or maybe because I’m to busy making my next move that I just use that as a bridge).
Anyway at the end of it, I push the “I’m Gay envelope” a bit more right, the chick thinks I’m
fibbing. I then bust out the camera phone and show her pictures of me in my wig (for those
that don’t know I was dressed as a women on Halloween) The girl is like “Oh my gosh are you
really gay?.” She then walks over and asks the bouncer, but while she is asking I eject. I must
have been in that set for well over 5 minutes.

"You can come over and cook for me"

I go back and I open up the blond previously, come to find out she had a boyfriend. I then fluff
with her about getting her friend back. Honestly I didn’t remember her friend was a BG. So I told
her to be a leader, and she is texting her friend, lo and behold her friend is across the room. I
recognized her then slowly ejected before she came over. I see a girl I know her name is
Sammie, she was there with her sister (who is a BG, WTF is this a BG convention?). So I open
up her sister, and she had an accent (Russian?). So I’m just being cocky funny with her, my
whole demeanor is just like asshole but with a nice guy twist i.e. “Hey listen you can come to my
house, and cook for me, while I make desert” Just stupid crap like that. She wants me to be nice
but I can’t lol, I have to be in that frame because I know she is shit testing me as well. Now here
is the funny part, a guy must have noticed me talk to Sammie’s sister because he opens up
Sammie. Mind you Sammie is hot, but she will turn a guy down with the quickness. So then I
guess the guy after 2 minutes of talking the guy was like “switch”. I was like “OK”, dude it was
fun having some random dude wing, he wasn’t trying to Amog or steal the set he was just
winging. I was on my “bullshit” you know having fun, wilding out. I was talking to Sammie
about some shit, and the convo, came to what kind of dude she liked. I then started telling her
you need a guy with lot of $$$, this HB8 was standing there getting a drink just nodding her head
agreeing with all the bullshit I was spewing about Sammie needing a guy with a car. I was
bullshitting of course. I open the HB8 she tells me that She hates guys that are douche bags and
that her soon to be ex-boyfriend is douche bag, besides the blonde this chick is probably the only
one worth putting a bit effort. She buys her drink and then ejects saying she would be back.
I look on the dance floor and there was a chick dancing and I turned to my new “wing” and was
like “Oh my gosh she got a big ass” the girl heard me turns around and smiled. I then cover my
mouth like I said something naughty and say “Whoops I’m sorry didn’t know I was talking that
loud” So she is dancing with her girl and what not, I’m sort of talking to her but not really next
song is a dance along song, I eject. I go back to a previous set open them up. I come back to
those girls later on, and Sammie’s sister is saying stuff but I can't hear her, so I move over to her.
She is basically asking me stuff, she wants me to hit on her I can so tell, but I keep the cocky
funny demeanor up, honestly I think she was jealous that I was talking to other gal’s oh well.

And another one...

There is a girl, she has long hair, and I compliment her on it. Open her up, asks her why she isn’t
smiling crap like that. She said because she isn’t drunk. Anyway I fluff with her for a bit but I
can tell she ain’t feeling it, I mean her frame wasn’t even focus on the bar, she looked like she
had shit on her mind, I called her out on it, and she agreed but the bar isn't the best place to talk
about that especially since we just met, anyway we fluff then go our separate ways. Later on that
night I noticed her on the floor she sees me. I wave her over and just say something like “Hey it
was nice to meeting you, I hope I get to see you again, usually I would ask for your number, but
to show I’m different I won’t” she is like “Thank you I appreciate that” and we hugged. You
probably thinking "WTF" why would you say that? but honestly I know if her frame would have
been different I could have gotten her number.

Overall it was a good night; the place has potential for being a good local pick up spot. But some
of the women were eeeh. I met some cool dudes who I exchanged numbers with. Right now I’m
building up my social proof. As of right now I’m on a contingency plan to only take #’s if a girl
offers first. Numbers don’t mean a damn thing to me anymore. One dude that I met that night
was bragging about how he got 6 and told me “You gotta get them before they get drunk” but my
question is did he build rapport with those 6 girls?,
11-20-2008, 03:18 PM
He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkkk

11/19/08 He's baaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkk

Since I work two jobs; It's getting harder and harder for me to go out on the field especially on
weekends so I've been going on weekdays. Last night My buddy Mo and Deshawn came over.
Deshawn is great when it comes to peacocking, has alpha attributes (good looks/car/smile/blah
blah) however depending on the night sometimes he can be a bit AFC-ish when it comes to
approaching. Mo just got back from training from the military, I love this guy, he is very mature,
and looks at life threw all angles (his inner game is "Disgusting" meaning tight). What’s there to
do on a Tuesday? not a damn thing lol. Except for this country club which has birthday specials
on Tuesday, which means tons of chicks right? (eeeh we shall see)

I Amog the Amog (yessssss)

So we go straight to the bar, I instantly use Mo as a pivot and talk to the bartender, telling her he
just got back from "Afghanistan" ROFL, the bartender is like "Thank you for the service to our
country blah blah" this the funny part about rolling with a military dude, all you gotta do is say
some s**t like that, and it's just respect, I told Mo I'm gonna be riding his jock on that one, he
just laughs, (but hell if it means we are getting stronger drinks why not?). Mo and I go upstairs
(It's a two level bar/club) We do shots of Patron, we then walk around a bit. I noticed these two
HB's upstairs. I get nervous, (good, I relish in my nervousness). I see the chicks I scope'em out
for awhile not on some stalker s**t but trying to see what’s what, It's not that I'm scared to
approach but I have to "Frame" myself first, I'm not trying to get "wiped out" knamean? I see
some guy with blond hair start to talk to them. He looks like one of their boyfriends (it’s an
Hbblond, her friend is an Hbbrunette). I walk around to practice (I always am nervous in my first
couple sets, my game is like a teapot I need to heat up first before I go for the gusto knamean?) I
see this chick I see her staring out at the dance floor I'm like "Why aren't you out dancing?" she
says something like "Cause, I'm not, I have a boyfriend" I reply back saying "I'm not hitting on
you dear, I'm just asking you why aren't dancing?" I shake her hand and eject, funny thing was I
would see her later on, on the dance floor but she still wasn't dancing and her boyfriend was
upstairs watching her like a hawk,

I go downstairs and I'm chatting up this waitress Carol, just building rapport. I then go back up
and I noticed the blond guy walking down, the one with the two HB's from earlier. I open him up
and act like I know him and how is new girlfriend is hot. He is like "Kelly? naw man she is just a
friend" BINGO. I got her name he didn't know the brunette but it didn't matter I just needed one
name and I got it which was Kelly. I told Deshawn to follow me. I go up to Kelly and her
brunette friend and I look at Deshawn and say "Hey Deshawn, I would like you to meet Kelly,
Kelly this is Deshawn" now mind you its loud (Aren't all the bars?) Kelly looks confused like a
deer caught in headlights. I do it again. Now The friend is like "How you know Kelly?". I then
said she was here last week, funny part was Kelly was and she was sloshed according to her
friend Danielle, but I didn't know that lucky guess right?. Now Kelly is embarrassed and starts
talking to some other guys. I don't know where Deshawn is, doesn't matter I'm in my frame "It's
game time". I start talking to Danielle and realized that yup she is definitely hotter then Kelly.
We start talking I ask her age and tease her(lol @ me going backwards), we do a bit logistics
where you from, blah blah (still warming up). I then Get in the 5 question game, but I'm nervous
I **** it up (hey I'm still warming up man lol). This beefcake Amog tries to "crash" my set. I
look at him and say "Hey what can I help you with?" but it doesn't matter Danielle is in my
frame, however Kelly keeps trying to get Danielle over there but Danielle is like "No wait, we
are playing a game" BINGO(chick crack) I'm in afterward we play the # game, I lose. Then I try
to escalate to play the "Dong Fu kino sexual comparability test game" Danielle doesn't wanna
play it after I explain it to her* ROFL. It's all good we talk a bit more and finally she leaves
because Kelly keeps bugging her. No problem I feel good now, the nervousness is good, my
frame (flame on) is solid now .

I go downstairs see two chicks talking, I don't remember how I open but I get wiped out
(rejection yessssssssssssssss). I'm fucking Iron man yo, reject me all you want, pound me all you
want but I'm Tony Stark, I will not lose!!! Now mind you I ain't think all that but that's my
frame, I'm iron man Bitches!!!

"Iron Man Vs Cockblocker"

I approached tons of sets (I'm a natural socialists!!). Lot of cute or average chicks had boyfriends
(lame. The ugly once didn't. It was dry out there y'all. There was a lesbo b-day party it was like
ten of them and none, I mean none were hot. Deshawn and I open up this two set on the dance
floor he starts dancing with her, I get it in. I see some other buddies who join us later on. I talk to
another blond. She is cute, if she was a bit lighter. She is all over me saying how hot I am. She is
gone; we start kissing a bit all a sudden her friend came out of nowhere. She is like "Who are
you?" "I'm Solo" she replies "Hi solo I'm Cockblocker" that's how she introduced herself "I'm
Cockblocker" she then protects her friend, I'm not mad I eject.

Amog Amogs me back

I would open up Danielle and Kelly, just to build more rapport here and there. But Amog's/AFC-
guys(Orbiters) they were around them like hyenas. I wasn't mad; I mean they were sadly the
hottest chicks there, and they were loving these guys attention. I played the #'s game with Kelly
but every time I tried more some guy would interject and boom. Danielle was talking to a guy I
said something to him about her being a good girl; the guy basically wiped me out easy .
Hell I can give props to where it’s due.

In closing
I opened up a 2set which actually was like a 4 or 5 set. We took some pictures and its funny,
everyone just started doing poses, I loved it!
Then these AW's started strong-arming my camera, and this one metro guy kept taking pics of
himself but I deleted those asap (sorry but eeeh), ROFL @ that mug, she is actually cute from
regular distance.

Later on the “Chocolate Squad”(Deshawn, Mo and I) and I went to Perkins. Deshawn and Mo
weren’t feeling the vibe. However Mo said that it’s a great place to practice game, because
number 1, it's a bar were we basically can't rely on dance game and what not. I just feel like I'm
due any day now for something epic, I can feel it. I just need to go to the right venue on the
right night. In the mean time a dive like this was just practice for me

11-24-2008, 01:30 PM
I'm the "Social Naturalists", a new type of Seducer!


“The difference between Scottie and I is that, Scottie attacks with the pact knowing they have his
back and I attack by myself”—Michael Jordan On the difference between him and Scottie Pippen


I’m bullshitting on my roommates laptop, while listening to my mentor Leo speak. Leo Is a
community guy from New York, he is like my mentor, actually more of a peer. However I
consider him my mentor. Our games are different however we both have three things in
common. We love women and we love to chat about game and we both agree that being
“Natural” is the best way to go (among some other shit but those are the main points). I honestly
am starting to get bored with the convo. I just finished watching a DVD by Kat Williams called
“It’s Pimpin, Pimpin” The DVD is funny as hell, excellent for getting you into a joking/fun
mood especially for the bars. However it also talks a lot about Inner Game, yes Kat Williams
was speaking Indirectly about Inner game but he calls it yout “Star Player” meaning you are your
star player. I love it you got to check it out. So back to Leo, I ask him “Aren’t you going out
tonight?” and He replies “Yeah I’m thinking about going to Saratoga…” he says in a monotone
voice, no energy, no excitement, nothing. “Dude what the fuck? Where is your energy
man? You gonna approach chicks sounding like that?” I say. He instantly perks up, I guess I was
trying to inspire him but more so myself. He is still blabbing on while I head to my car, I told
him “Listen, stop talking, get ready man, the girls are waiting and you wanna talk more game?
Leave that for the Keyboard jockey’s “Its Game time” with that being said we say goodbye and
on the opposite end of the country we both go on the same mission.

Meeting the two Joe’s

I’m nervous driving to the “Field” . I always am very nervous at first, it’s not “AA” it’s just me
being excited, of the possibilities, you never what can happen on the field. I get to venue and I go
straight to the b-room, to relive myself heh. I go back out and stand in the corner, by the bar. I’m
only there for a minute and my mind is telling me “Open up a set”. I comply; I see these two
dudes, and this huge long beer bong looking thing.

I open the dudes up, about it, we start chatting. Come to find out both of the guys names where
Joe. They asked me about my accent, I give them my spiel, I then ask “Hey, you guys don’t mind
if I sit down do you?” They’re like sure, so I’m sitting down and their hooking me up with beer
now (Social proof! niceness). Next thing you know a phenomena happened. All these chicks
were walking by us, I think we got opened up or we opened up by 10 sets in ten minutes. Let me
see if I can break it down proper lol

This chick just came up to Joe number 2, and started Kinoing the hell out of him. I don’t know if
he knew her prior, she wanted to dance but Joe wanted me to dance with her. I didn’t though, I
don’t remember what happened I think she left


This Milf came by, and started talking or maybe I opened her up (whatever) anyway somehow it
turned out on her talking about her boobs and the two Joe’s took over. We flicked it up. (She left
earlier; best believe I woulda escalated that)


This blond was walking by, I open her, and tell her to kiss me on the check, she happily obliges
then I try to turn kiss her on the lips. She then runs away lol, then this chick who saw the whole
thing was like “Do you do that to all the girls, blah blah” I just ignore her, just a hata like Kat
would say


This black girl was walking by, and Joe number 1 was like “Damn what you think of her?” I was
like “She’s aight”. Joe was like “Damn she is cute” I look at him surprised. “You like black
girls?” he replies back “Fuck yeah, I love any girl as long as they are beautiful”. I turn around
and say to her “Hey how you doing, my name is Tony Starks, listen my friend here Joe thinks
you are cute, why don’t you say hi to him” she obliges, shakes his hand they start talking, I flick
it up


These two chicks both Joe’s open up, come to find out they names was Mckayla, both of them. I
chat to one of the Mckayla’s for a bit. We do the Dong Fu Kino game (a milder version though),
she goes for my neck, she doesn’t suck it, just rubs her nose and is smelling me. “You smell so
good”. Why thank you, the other Mckayla is flicking it up, lol. Then the Mckayla who smells me
is like “You know you can take pictures of my ass all night long with your digital camera…” I
was thinking, “Yes”. 5 minutes later this chick is on some other guy. It fucked with my frame for
a bit but yo that’s part of the game man.

Beer Groupies

These two chicks were hanging with us most of the night. I call’em “Beer groupies” cause they
were only there for the booze mostly. They were cool, one was kinda stuck up she was
“Wannabemodel” the other one lets call her “Giggles” cause she was always giggling or smiling

Shit test everywhere

So I’m talking to “Wannabemodel”, and she is like “If I was model do you think I would be
hot?” or something to that effect. I replied back saying “I don’t know, why don’t you come to my
bedroom and do some poses, maybe you can use my bed as a catwalk” She just roll’s her eyes
and flips out her phone (lame). Giggles wants to know what I said cause she couldn’t hear, I tell
her and she is just giggling. I know it was a shit test question by Wannabemodel so I threw one
right back at her “Listen if there are 100 “You’s” in this club, what would make you stand out?”
she ponders my question for several seconds then replies. “My personality, my legs, and my…” I
then tease her and say “They all have your legs” heh. I like her answer basically you throw her a
shit test question/qualifier. Her saying her personality means that it’s one of her best traits, but
then she may look at her legs as being the best psychical trait about her. Later on I could rub her
legs and say “Hey you have nice legs” now that’s game Playa!!! I go on the dance floor, I see
these chicks (4 set) 3 of them are wack one is cute. I talk to one of the wack one’s just being
direct, doing logistics on the dance floor. I try to do reverse-number close, she ain’t budging, I
try to find out what she is doing later, she ain’t budging. So I’m like whatever I turn around and
some chick (“Frame chick from last week”) is like “Solo it’s you” we hug make small talk she is
with some other guy (lame) I eject

Alpha Female of the group (AFOG)

Here is the deal I use to go out on the field with this natural. He had a chick whose name is
“Candy” that we use to go out with and her friends. Candy’s cousin “Pam” would go with us.
Pam is cute; on her best day she could pass for one of those “girl next door models” however she
isn’t my type (that ain’t mean I ain’t try to holla lol). The first time, I met Pam I ended up giving
her a lap dance, it was a great night. The thing with Pam is, I would always act like a Simp, and
try way to fucking hard to impress her and get with her. She knows this so she would “AFOG”
me all the time, until one day I decided to not give a fuck and stop trying , and then she finally
started respecting a brother. We hug, I ain’t see her in two years, she was there with her new
man. He looked like a better version of Travis Barker the drummer. “We gotta do shots what you
wanna do?” I instantly say “Patron” we do Patron shots, which she pays for (niceness) and B.S.
for a bit. I then go do my rounds again
Later on I see her and open her up again. “You gotta buy me a drink, you owe me” I look at her
sheepishly and play her of (hell I’ve been drinking for free, tonight and I’m trying to keep it that
way, yeah I’m a cheap bastard, we in a recession bitches!) I then give her a phony excuse about
my I.D. She asked to see it, and she does and pockets it, “I’ll give it back when you buy me a
drink” crap I’ve been AFOG’D again . I buy her and her boyfriend shots, we exchanged
numbers and what not to chill, eeeh.

In closing

Joe number 1, ended up with this chick, I think he took her back home

*Missing Picture*

Joe number 2 wanted me to get some chicks to come over to Perkins, and he said he would pay
for the chicks (ROFL). I ended up going to Mcadeeze. It was a great night, social proof worked
like crack.

Things I need to work on

1. Stop chasing numbers, I started to get that “Hunters mentality” again

2. I’m getting bored with weekday “Fishing” the chicks are usually not up to par and the
bars are dead, but working right now is more important than fishing
3. Stick to the venue, I wanna be a regular at this place on Thursday, I wanna see how much
Social Proof I can build, with the waitress/bar tender/Security I figure within 3 months
they should know me.
11-24-2008, 01:58 PM
Solomon The king!!!

11/23/08 Field report

First off, I wanna thank anyone who helped me on this site(even the hataz!!), If it wasn't for this
site, I would never do some of the S**T I'm doing now. My game is improving week by week,
my C**K is getting bigger (metaphorically). I've done shit that I thought I wouldn't ever do
thanks to this site (From dressing as a chick on Halloween and getting #'s to getting blow jobs in
parking lots!!)

I wanna thank you guys!!!

I need your support though, I'm trying to get those HB8's and up!



*Missing video report*

Some Clarification

1. The bar had free drinks till 11:30, We got there at 11:05, I didn't get my drink till 11:24

2. The girl I kissed close was done in 2 minutes, no bull****

3. Intro is a fucking hata lol, every time I pulled a number he would be like "she is ugly.." lol but
naw I ain't mad he cool

4. Zeus chick isn't 18, just to clarify that, she is 22

5. My bad on 65% actually its 56% (5 out of 9) so my bad on that for the nerds

6. Yeah I **** with Dragon Ball Z

Thanks again....
Dong Fu explain the Sexual Compatibility test

11-25-2008, 12:25 PM
Dong Fu

Looks like you’re getting the hang of the sexual "compatibility", not comparability test.
Remember, no matter what they do the first time, you have to tease them a little.

"That was alright, but I know you can do better than that."

You see, this is a neg and encouragement at the same time. If you only said, "That wasn’t that
great" you are only insulting her.

So basically, you want to make her go twice before you even do anything to her, unless she
really put effort into it, then reward her with a compliment about what she did.

When you go, if you are standing, take you time, build the suspense. Walk around her, dragging
your finger around her entire body as you circle, and ponder what to do. You can straighten out
her posture; Change her stance, anything that lets her know you are preparing her for what you
will do. This is so she knows you will know how to position her later, when you nail her.

My favorite one is to stand behind her, draw a line with your finger from her lower back, up to
her neck, very slowly. When your hand gets to the top of her neck, by her hair line, gather up her
hair, pull it to the side, and then give her a really soft kiss on the back of her neck. This is
fucking golden.

Try to take a little further each time you do it. You shouldn’t need any numbers. You should be f
closing her that evening.
11-27-2008, 09:50 AM

The Definition of Social Proof

Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon that occurs
in ambiguous social situations when people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of
behavior. Making the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the
situation, they will deem the behavior of others as appropriate or better informed.

Here weee goooooooo

*Missing Video*

*Pics from the field*

Some Clarification

1. I left my buddies at the other Venue because I needed some air, I was getting bent

2. I actually gave both Sara and C my number, did the text spiel at the end but they ain't do it. (blah!)

In closing

Happy Thanksgiving guys!!

Mcavoy responds to Solo and explains what Social proof means

11/27/08, 10:50am

Originally Posted by Solo


The Definition of Social Proof

Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon

that occurs in ambiguous social situations when people are unable to determine the
appropriate mode of behavior. Making the assumption that surrounding people possess more
knowledge about the situation, they will deem the behavior of others as appropriate or better
I'm glad you mentioned this. I've never really thought about how social proof affects my game.
I've mentioned many times that I've never really cold approached or been into the bar scene but
all my success comes from my social circle.

I've come to realize that women come to me because of the way I act when I'm with my social
circle. When I arrive at a party, everyone greets me cheerfully, kinda like Norm when he walks
into the bar on 'Cheers'. Then I'm constantly having a great time, I'm always telling stories, I'm

not an , don't try attract attention, I just do my own thing.

Women see this and naturally gravitate towards me. To me, before I thought about it, it didn't
seem like I had to hunt, it was like women gave themselves to me.

But I've never really thought about the social proof aspect. When I get somewhere I generally
acknowledge the hosts and other people I know. Generally I'm well connected with the popular /
alpha / outgoing people, so in turn I get mad social proof.

Even an instance where I went to visit my cousin and there were some academic and
philanthropy types that I've never met but because of my cousin and our connection and her
opinion of me, I got immediate respect, it was because of my social proof from my cousin.

p.s. I liked the video FR, but curious, if your not afraid to post your pics, why do you hide your

More importantly though, I like the Clark Kent thing, reminds me of my Captain Awesome thing
that I started a few weeks ago.

I agree that "Social proof works like a mother fucker"

12-01-2008, 11:41 AM

Goal for December and beyond....

Ok guys, so it's a new month, which means I gotta set some new short term goals (as well as long
term) I came up with this list at work the other day I've tweaked some of it

Short term goals

1. Stop giving a F***k--by that I mean stop caring about how many #'s I get or whatever. The
objective, isn't phone numbers but women!!. When I go out just having fun, not
wanting/expecting anything, I act the most natural. I have the most fun, and end up meeting
some cool ass cool. Also by stop giving a F**K is just being indifferent. Some of the great
naturals talk about this a lot, It's an alpha trait, for instance, not caring how the interaction and
not letting it be about #'s or results. The result should be going out on the field having fun and
knowing your self worth. Remember I AM THE PRIZE!!!
2. Continue to work on Escalation-- By that I mean, when I talk to a girl, build better rapport,
by staying in set, try to gauge her interest level a bit more and hopefully that will lead into a Day

3. Spin some more plates--I was gonna say Day2's but right now I'm not spinning any plates. I
got a couple prospects on the roster but half of them are bench players, I'm trying to get a starter
on my rotation.

4. Go to higher quality places-- Weekday "Sarging" sucks, why? Because most women at the
local spots, are mediocre or worse; Which means there is tons more competition for the hot
chicks. I might have to go Downtown a bit on week days, or I'm gonna try taking at least one
weekend off per month to blow of some steam

5. Watch how much I drink--You lose calibration when you drink. I'm not the wittiest guy, but
I need to be as sharp as possible, because these females are throwing shit test left and right lol.

Long Term goals

1. Bone a chick who is an 8 or up-- This is self explanatory, I'm not superficial or anything, but
the highest I've been with is a 7.5. This is one of the reasons I got in the game "To step it up" and
be with women who are beautiful and not mediocre or worse.

2. Lose 30pounds--This is gonna be a bit harder now that I work two jobs, however I believe If I
watch what I eat and work out at least 3 times a week I'll be fine. I wanna get down to 195.

3. Get a new hobby--The more life experience you have the more interesting of a person you
are. I'm gonna look into wine tasting next summer, or some shit.

Anyway thanks for all the support and everyone who has read this or dropped knowledge, It's
time to get it in

See you on the field

12-03-2008, 02:30 AM

I had a date tonight with this chick who I met off the net. I honestly was surprised she didn't
flake, I mean this is all within 24 hours (no bullshit, my net game is crazy haha) Honestly when I
got there, I didn't even recognize her, in her pics she looked average, but in person she was hotter
(which was a pleasant surprise). I was a bit apprehensive at first, but we got some drinks and just
chilled. We just started talking, there was no cliché "Where were u born" or nothing I just started
talking to her like I knew her for years.

Mary: "How old are you?"

Solo: "24, why?"
Mary: "Wow you don't sound like a 24 year old..."
Solo: "How old do I sound?"
Mary: "Older and mature..."

Look, I know a lot of guys see the pictures, and think I'm a wild and crazy dude (to an extend I'm
the wild guy in my social circle, eeh). However I have my deep side to me as well, and I didn't
feel the need to "Game her" or act as "Solo the entertainer" I was just myself, take it or leave it. I
was gauging her body language and I could tell she was trying to see if I was real or not, I was
just honest; I was passionate but not overly excited. Basically our first topic was how people
don't know how to network and false expectations on the net or whatever. I was relaxed my body
language was chill, her body language was a bit rigidity tense . The convo was pretty fluid;
"Mary" was very talkative but not boring, very easy to listen too. I tried to get her to open up a
bit, did a fake palm reading, "kinoed" her a little bit. Honestly guys I don't remember everything
we were there for 2.5 hours.

Bullshit? hahaha
She said she liked music, we were at a open mic, at this restaurant in Minneapolis by the U. She
is starting to move to the rhythm I can tell she is loosing up a little (funny part is she only
finished half her drink). She asked me if I know how to dance, I just laugh and say I know how
to move to the beat with a little two step that about it . Here is part of some convo that stood

Mary: "So what did you expect when you got here?"
Solo: "Honestly I ain't think you was gonna show up"
Mary: "Really?, I thought you weren't when you texted me about that snow, what else?"
Solo: "I mean you are more beautiful in person, *smile*"
Mary: "Aww thanks, you know I thought you were gonna be on some bullshit"
Solo: "What do you mean?"
Mary: "You know how guys are just trying to get laid and I didn't expect this, I didn't expect
Mary was just blown away, my frame is congruent, I've come along way since Amanda (my
oneists early this year, the reason why I went on a fucking seduction rampage in the first
place!!!) I started to mirror her body language a bit, our conversation was fluid, I didn't need to
think of questions, I usually would follow up or the convo, would go wherever we wanted it too
go, I was tracing and re-iterated a lot of stuff she said in my own way, to let her know I was

Solo "Like you said honesty is number one for you, for me is trustworthiness, without trust, there
is no foundation for a relationship you know what I mean?"

Mary just looked at me like "Wow". I told her to sit over by me, because I was "cold: , we
started sort of cuddling in public, she told me earlier that she wanted a man who wasn't afraid of
PDA in public (she is very traditional, "The man is the bread winner of the family and the wife is
the head of the household") I was rubbing her thighs a bit. I told her to close her eyes because
she had something in them, then I went for the kiss close. The first kissed lasted 15 seconds, but
the next ones were more. There is always something that happens when you kiss somebody you
are attracted too. Your mind transcends to a different plane, you get lost, and endorphins are
released and nothing else matters. I stop kissing her she still has her eyes closed expecting more.
Who would have thought? An hour ago, I was questioning if she even liked me lol. I loosend up
a bit, I'm cracking jokes now, she is smiling, she is digging me, and the ambiance is perfect. The
poetry/music is in the background the candle is burning. Somehow our convo turned sexual, it
always does once you have them open, and it’s just nature. She shows me some of her poetry she
has written on her phone, it’s very, very graphic heh. I start whispering in her ear dirty thoughts
about "lets keep these candles burnnnnnnnning, they gonna be on all night, call in late for work"
I'm actually singing the words. She is laughing and digging it, at one point I'm saying something
about 69, she then looks at me and I stop. It's not that we don't want too, but she has to be at
work at 6 am, and honestly I'm not trying to go that route the first date, although she would be
hella fun (her tits where friggin wow!!!)

King Solomon Meets King Ceasar....again

I see Ceasar (a frequent performer in the venue), I say "What up man" he comes over and gives
me daps. My social proof is wherever I go, its part of who I am, I can't shake it. He gives me a
CD and asks me "Why I'm not performing tonight". I told him "I'm with my lady friend
knamean? I might be doing a performance later" He is laughing, I'm laughing she is laughing.
I'm being "Cocky&Funny" but it's not fake, it’s congruent (think Will Smith). We are just
enjoying the ambiance I ask her how she feels. She just shakes her head and says, "I feel really
good". I reply back saying, "Good, I wanna make you feel good all the time" I say this with a
smile. Just before I'm about to leave I go to the bathroom. I smile at my self in the mirror (cocky
bastard) I feel good. I come out and I accidentally bump into this HB.

Solo: "Oh I'm sorry"

HB: *smiling hard* "It's ok"
Solo: *smiling back
HB: "You having fun?"
Solo: "Uh-huh"
We go our separate ways, I could have easily gamed her, but I wasn't there for that, plus she had
a man, and I for once wasn't by myself either. I walk Mary to her car, we kiss some more, I tell
her to text me when she gets home, so I know she made it home safe, here is what she texte'd me

Thank u so very much. I had a wonderful time. I'm home now. I'd really love to see you

I reply back basically saying the same, and that we needed to chill soon again. Her last message
to me was

Good night and thank you u sooo much again. U were so refreshing I can't even tell u. U
still have a smile on my face. Ur amazing

^^not fucking bad for a guy who hasn't gone on a date in over 4 months, even better for a guy
who didn't have sex or anything. I did it because of my personality. My confidence thanks to
God and my body language thanks to you guys and The game. I didn't game her, I don't feel like
I did. I was just being me, and you know what, I had a fucking good time.

Good night

Trapmaster asked me if I ever get “courtesy numbers”

12-03-2008, 04:16 PM

Flake rate


Originally Posted by trapmaster

Do you ever get numbers and can tell when the girl just really isn't interested in you? Basically
giving you no chance from the get go. It happened to me so I didn't call her, until a few months
later (left her a drunk message!).

Of Course Trap


Here is the deal, earlier this year I was just playing it safe, my flake rate was like 25%(by flake
right I meant girls flaking on me with their numbers or date) which is pretty damn good, lately
though with me giving my #'s out and what not, my flake rate went back up to 75%
This is why numbers don't mean shit, You gotta read her body language, is she leaning into you,
and even if she is all over you it doesn't mean shit, is she drunk? if so then you better try closing
that night, drunk chicks are the worse because they flake the most!!!

Something I learned from an SS thread which I will apply to reduce flaking is this

Originally Posted by bclarke675

I seem to be able to get women (even those 20 years younger than me) to give me their number,
but when I call, I get a lame brush-off. This happens even when there's been lots of kino and
joking around.

I've also read other posts on this board stating the same problem. I e-mailed Doc Love about it,
and he wanted me to spend $2 a minute for phone coaching. NO WAY!

Here's my proposed solution...a little something I've gleaned from my years of retail sales:

When asking for the number, follow up by saying, "Don't give me your number if you don't intend
to go out with me when I call. I don't want to waste my time if you're not really interested. You
won't hurt my feelings." And then SHUT UP.

Wait for her to make the next statement. Either she gives you the number or she doesn't. This
does two things:

1. If she gives you the number, she's now obligated to accept your date offer when you call. If she
tries to back out, you gently remind her of your conversation. This should greatly reduce the
number of wasted phone calls and roller coaster emotions you experience.

2. If she doesn't give you the number, you've saved yourself the roller coaster experience, as well
as the waste of time calling and possibly passing on other opportunities you may have seen if you
hadn't gotten her number and expected to start a relationship with her.

Sales seminars always stress making the prospect make a firm commitment to an appointment
before wasting your time on making the call. Same thing applies here.

Let me know what you all think of this idea. I'm open to variations and critiques. In the long run,
I'm hoping this can help others here as well as myself.

Happy Hunting!

^^crazy shit is this thread was made 7 years ago, the advice is genius, if executed properly this
can reduce flaking by a lot (hopefully)
12-04-2008, 07:49 AM

Candles and Martin Lawrence and X's

So Mary came and spend the night. We met at Applebee’s for some food. Our Convo was
basically about X's. Hate talking about my x. Mary was in a 9-year relationship (yikesss). The
last 3 years her X was blatantly screwing around on her, but she stuck to it.

Anyway she came to my place to enjoy “my space” (no not the website you dummies, I always
wanted to say that line )

Within 10 minutes we were all over each other, the candles were burning in the background and
Martin Lawrence voice could be heard. We went in the bedroom and mmh, yeah, a grown man
doesn't tell his business, but she was literally begging me to "stick it in" I didn't though.

It's rare for the guy to be in control, however I'm not motivated by sex, if I was then I would have
tried hard the first night, sex is a bonus, there is no rush, lol, plus the more I build up the anty,
the more she will want it......

Ok enough of this mushy shit, next post will be from the field, blah!
12-05-2008, 07:12 AM

FR with Lucas, Social Proof meets Cocky& Funny

First of all I wanna dedicate this FR to Jake the Steed and SexPdx, guys who are SS legends and
became studs in their own right. Those guys who went out on the field should get props not KBJ's
who wrote "bible" crap and never posted any FR's. That’s backwards to me(considering I have
learned more from reading FR's and going out on the field then reading Rhetoric/ and theory


Lucas aka "Lucky Luke"(as I like to call him), I've known Lucas for over 4 years. I didn't know
he was part of the "community" though, until this year(crazy ****), Lucas primarily specializes
and does day game. He also is on SS, but doesn't post ("Post for what? I'm on the field dude" lol)
I wanna apologize for the poor quality of some of the footage. Special shout outs to the flamers
and Haters,

*Missing Videos and Pictures*

Some Clarifications (points)

1. I actually opened up Robin and his crew, come to find out dude is a marine (no B.S. I saw his
military I.D.) and also he is a male stripper ROFL

2. The 7 Dwarfs thing, I don't think I overstayed in that mix 3set, I was just warming up, Lucas
ejected, came back and I was handling things just fine ("what? The red ranger was better then
the black? you must have not seen episode number 3")

3. There was 4 dudes to 1 chick, lot of guys were just standing around not dancing, the dance
floor was where it was at until at the end when the Chodes finally got "liquid courage".

4. Some chick we opened said she had a boyfriend (and a kid) but wanted to do "lunch" she
came back with her friend later on to reopen us, we had to tell them we were gay for them
to leave us

5. Lucas build crazy rapport with the waitress, just cocky&funny as fuck, she was digging it
though. It was so crazy that the guys who originally sat at the table got jealous that the waitress
was coming "over to us so much"

6. The 40 year old Rhianna, ROFLLL she was old, but her body was smoking......

7. Lucas thought I overstayed in that 3set of the 7Dwarfs. It was funny one of the girls, was
trying to give him a high-5 and spilled her drink. Lucas busted her ass for that hahaha
8. I use the gay thing on another fattie to neutralize her, I clowned her on her make up she started
going of ROFL

In closing

It was a fun, I think Lucas and I must have opened up 30 sets total. I personally thought there
were waaaaaaaaaaay to many dudes. Why is it the prettiest chicks always get sloshed the most?
uuuughhhh. It was great "practice" though, I'm trying to get a weekend sarge poppin, I'm starting
to get bored with this weekday shhht.


Mcavoy ask’s Solo why he isn’t closing

12-05-2008, 09:17 AM

Originally Posted by McAvoy

Hi Solo,

I'm curious after seeing the picture of HB blonde kino all over you and licking you, how often
are you closing? I realize its not all about closing but if I'm out 'playing' with women, I like to
get some candy. Otherwise I'll just hang w/ the boys and have fun.

From the pictures, you build amazing rapport and you guys seem to be the life of the party,
women gravitate towards your crew and have fun, but are they there just for some nice vanilla
fun where they don't have to put out?

I realize that we don't need to post all the details of closing as its not as relevant but I get the
impression that your not closing as often as you should. I'm not suggesting you never close
because I know I've read you have, I just don't know if your being a fun whore.

Good question I'm glad you brought this up, see what I use to do (and still at times) is try to close
as quick as possible. However now I gauge the situation. The blonde was most definitely feeling
me, but #1 Every time I had her alone, even for just a minute, her cockblocker buddy would
appear like the ghost of Xmas past #2. She was so sloshed at the end of the night that it actually
was a turn of. Sometimes Mac, you may "Plant the seed" as I do, and try to go back build rapport
later on, just to find the chick already left the venue or she hooked up with another guy (part of
the game, can't be mad at that)

It was very, very frustrating with the blonde (cause of those Androids). My weakness isn't
closing, its rapport, hence that’s what I'm focusing on, right now. Does that mean I shouldn't be
closing? of course not, but for me I only close if it feels "Natural" if I feel like its "forced" I don't
close, I don't know how to explain but its just an intuitive thing. I could probably have gotton 3
digits last night, but then I probably have gotton flaked 3 times as well.
Any suggestions or anything with this is greatly appreciated.....that is why I'm here

It was “Destiny” that we met

3 some with @ Destiny’s (talk about escalation....) 12/07/08


Honestly this shit has still not processed yet, I'm not shocked or nothing but It just hasn't gone
through yet. The experience was surreal. If anyone told me this is what would happen last night
then I woulda been "You crazy" however anything can happen........I told you fucks you was
watching a legend in the making hahahaha (somebody tell me where I can set up shop, I'm about
to start charging these cats......JUST KIDDING)

New opener (you can have it for free)

Solo: Hey do you know what time it is? (Then you purposefully light up your watch to let the
chick know you got a watch
Hb: it's 11:45
Solo: Naw it's time for you to dance....*cocky ass smile*

^^I came up with this one a couple weeks ago, didn't really use it a lot since, but usually its gets
them laughing and you can escalate and dance with them, or converse if they are receptive.

*Missing Pics from the field (Platinum Edition)*

Some points/Clarification

1. PUA Pierre had the whole club on lock, I mean seriously, everyone noticed who he was, he
was just so different then what people are use too especially in that club. He told me "I never
approach them, I haven't approached since 4th grade.." (rofl liar!!)It was crazy basically he does
his thing, waits for a chick to make EC, then approaches or 65% of the time from what I saw,
they approached him, and they liked him. He was a bit wild though(his dancing was
everywhere), but his method worked.

2. I went for dolo in the club, I met with Jess actually (an acquaintance) we chopped it up, she is
heavy into Deshawnn (from a previous FR's)

3. I got two other numbers (besides the 3 some). One number by this light skinned chick who
asked me not to post her pics public (fair enough). It's funny because I basically didn't do shit. I
just number closed this one chick, Then I just took a huge jump into a chair, she saw me and
thought it was funny, and wanted to know what was up, later on I found out she had a

4. A fight actually broke out with the 4 set, that came back to my place, one of the girls wanted
to leave early, got upset so she started fighting Destiny number 2. (They dropped her off
early....thank God)
5. I got a text message shortly after the "menage" from Destiny number one saying her and her
boyfriend got back together and that she was "sorry" ( I feel sorry for dude, if he only knew, I'm

not being sarcastic either )

6. I got bored by 12:30, I don't know why; I just got bored being in the club, I ended up leaving
an hour later. The "Destiny's" didn't come over till 3 and left 6 am

7. I was in a 3 set with a mom who was in her 40's (milf) and her friend’s daughter and daughter.
It was fun I did the whole going “Around the world”opener. Where you have the girls say how
old they are and what they do. I came up with this shit, about a month ago. You know when you
in a new class and you gotta introduce yourself in a circle or whatever, it works great because it
keeps the set involved and no one is left out really.

In Conclusion

I'm the harshest critic when it comes to my game. I'm like Michael Jordan, I over-analyze shit so
much because I feel like, I'm that good where I should have a perfect game all the time. This is
foolish, but I guess that's how it is. Some Seducers/Pua's/naturals/community guys are such
perfectionist, to the point where people were scared because they break the game down to a
"molecule". I'm not that deep, but I believe there is no reason that I can't "game" any chick, if her
frame is receptive. It's not being cocky funny. I was bored left early and next thing you know. I
have two chicks sucking my cock. All in all it was a good night, the fuck you expect me to say?

p.s. If you wanna watch the Video FR on my analysis just pm me, lol.
Some thoughts on some potential plates

12-10-2008, 07:23 AM

Solo's thoughts

Here are some thoughts on some shit

1. College chicks= am I the orbiter or just being impatient?

Ok here is the deal, I got 3 college chicks right now that are free agents/Projects (chicks that are
on the campaign to be on the roster or "Plates”) however here is the deal. All of them are busy as
hell, finals are this week and next, so I respect that but whatever

Shooting Guard= She is a hot blond, who I met online, she could make the roster right away and
make an impact on the team think "OJ mayo"

Small Forward= She thinks she is a star when she is more of a role player, she wants to be the
star but I don't think she is ready yet for that responsibility

Backup Power forward= She is not ready to be a starter yet, she has a bunch of kinks, she could
play some solid minutes but her endurance is questionable

2. The Mary Situation

As most of you know, Mary and I were hitting it off pretty well, a bit to well. Here is the deal;
She was planning on going to Vegas. Last time I talked to her was Friday; she said her phone
would die. I didn't hear from her Saturday or Sunday. This was unusual, since she would text
every day in the morning to let me know she was thinking about me.

I texted her saying, "What’s wrong?" a couple days ago. She send a text saying that something
bad happened over the weekend and she is re-evaluating her life and doesn't think its a good idea
to pursue a relationship (come to find out she was sexually assaulted at a club). I was kinda
surprised but I respect were she is coming from. It's just the timing of it is weird and I know
there was a connection

Batman asks Solo about the 3some

12-11-2008, 06:12 PM

B****es are trife!!!!


Originally Posted by The Batman

Yo man, nice video. I laughed when you said you opened the dude with the mohawk/kitty
bracelets. And I laughed even more when he said that he got the costume idea from The Pickup

Whatever works for him though. And props to you for pulling off a nice threesome. Both girls
looked pretty banging. You plan on spinning either of those?

If you woulda read my FR you woulda known that the girl had a b/f and she didn't tell me till
after "Me and my x just got back together" this was 3 hours after the foray

I explain why I don’t post much in terms of Date reports

12-12-2008, 08:37 PM


I'm a bit wary of posting date reports, why? Because I think there is a reason why it’s a one on
one thing. I'm gonna keep it short and sweet

One of my college gal's (Power Forward) really impressed me last night, she was even cutier
yesterday then I remembered. I hooked my place up, had candle the whole shebang (go big or go

We didn't even get to desert because we were so full of the food we ate, we watched a movie
didn't get to a 1/3rd of it, now I ain't saying that I hit it, but even if I did, I wouldn't tell you!!
12-22-2008, 11:06 PM


The Redemption of Solomon

I know I haven't posted in a bit...


As Solomon and Capo are flying thru space, In the LX-Spaceship , on their way to meet with
Jedi Pierre. Thoughts flash thru Solomon's mind. The fact that he almost succumbed to the Dark.
Side last week and died. Realizing he needs to slow down, Solomon evaluates his motives and
goals not only in the quest for happiness but for life. There is something that Solomon is seeking,
something that the Dark Lord doesn't want him to find, no not revenge, not fulfillment but

Aight guys, to many FR's just talk about the good things, So unlike your favorite fake ass "Guru"
I'll post some failures, it's not that I'm too good that I don't fail (I fail daily, most of you know my
struggles) but its thru my failures that I learn. That's what makes me who I am.

1. There was this chick dancing, I go in Direct (it's loud as heck). I'm vibing with her, smiling. I
"Plant the seed" re-open a bit later, go for the close, I get a shit test("What’s my name") I fail.
However I still get the close, I keep going back for rapport here and there, she is basically having
fun, her reality is to have fun, but I lost her because I didn’t remember her name (Aidey)

2. I'm working on this waitress (she looks like Kim K except smaller Ta Ta's) being
Cocky&funny naturally(or conveying swagger), she is smiling, vibing, I role play with her, she is
into the "modeling" thing. I hook, but she is stalling for the close. (it's ok I'll see her again next

3. I'm talking to this blond, that I "Planted the seed" earlier. She is not feeling me, I move on to
her friend who isn't as hot but still cute, I get the number close however funny part is it's the
same test ("If u can tell me my name u can have my number") wtf? Is this my montage for the

4. I'm dancing with this light skinned hottie and her white friends. The Imperial guard is trying to
cockblock, I pull out the light saber and use the force to strike back (Amoooog ) The guy's
respect my presence, the ladies love my presence, there to many of them, I can't fight them

5. I see these model chicks I went to H.S. with in the V.I.P. I open up their friend. I qualify her,
peep her body language, she ain't feeling it. I later on "tease" her. However her frame is to be
friends (the models)


Does this mean it was a bad night? No not at all, lot of Imperial guard guys there, a ton;
However a Jedi can go into the driest places and find water

Some Exclusives
^^KBJ's enjoy, lotion not needed (lol)

Solo out!!

12-24-2008, 10:00 AM

I think I got a mild case of ONISTS

Here is the deal one of the college chicks, the small forward, I actually hit that a week ago, after I smashed, I bas

I mean I Haven't heard from her in almost a week, I don't wanna seem like I'm chasing her but its like "Wtf?" the

any suggestions on how to proceed?

I mean I talk to her on Thursday last and texted her on Friday but it wasn't nothing major

any ideas?

12-24-2008, 10:36 AM

Three strikes: call her, leave a message. No response? Strike. Call her again, no message. No response? Strike. C

There's no telling what she's up to over X-mas break. Perhaps she's out of cell range, roaming or whatever. Mayb
12/29/09 Day game

Happy New Year


It's been a minute so lets see where do start

First of last week I was 2 for 3, in terms of my dates not flaking out on me, all dates went well.
The date with HBlightskinned was great due to the fact that at one segment we were just talking
in the dark (literally) more on her later........

I'm getting tired of night game so I did some Day game on Monday, and it was interesting. First
off, respect to any guy who does Day game, shit takes balls of steel.

Second, whoever says that women don't have their bitch shields up is full of shit, it's on warp 10

Here are some of my approaches that I remember

90% of these were done at Macy's (HB central y'all)

Solo: hey that's a nice scarf, did you get it at Macy's?

Hb5: mmh, no this guy bought it for me
Solo: oh ok

^^didn't escalate but it didn't matter because around the corner her man came through, I jetted
quicker then Flash

Then another approach went like this, it was going down an escalator so it wasn't going nowhere,
sort off lol

Solo: hey do you know where the bookstore is?

Hblittle(cause she was small): "mmmh" pauses "Hey mom where is the bookstore?"

come to find out her Mother was waiting for her at the bottom of the escalator

I also did one direct approach

Solo: hey I like your shoes

Hb8.5: thanks *smiles* keeps walking

Now what do you do in this situation run after her or what?

It was frustrating as fuck, I'm not gonna lie I was nervous to do half of these approaches. I said
"Hey" to three chicks, just for them to not even acknowledge me. I felt like a new-b all over
again. I heard the "Night game syndrome" when you are good at night game you aren't good at
day game and vice versa, and only a true "Gamer" can master both.

I also had a two set

Solo: hey ladies do you know where the bookstore is?

hb7: mmh its outside
hb7friend7: no its not, its right across blah, blah
Hb7: Oh my gosh don't listen to me
Solo: Why not? You just trying to help me *smile*

We at a cross point, they go one way I go to the bookstore, once again I didn't know how to
escalate, I felt soooooooooo frigging slow, I wasn't thinking on my feet at all.

My last set was even uglier it was a two set

Solo: hey ladies do you know where vision world is?

hb6.5: mmh no
*at this point I'm shaking, and say thanks and walk off*

Anyway, it's a new year, and If I'm gonna do more gaming I wanna do day gaming because
chicks flake less and their not drunk (so they will remember). Pierre actually was supposed to
help me because he works at the mall. However he couldn't get a lunch because his store was
busy as hell. I also talked to some other guys, so I will be doing day game with them. I honestly
believe if Pierre was there my confidence would have been higher just knowing he was watching
would have had me pumped.

anyway happy New Year all y'all who supporting the solo movement.....

To be continued....

Evaluating my goals of the best month and How I did


Originally Posted by Solo

Ok guys, so it's a new month, which means I gotta set some new short term goals (as well as long
term) I came up with this list at work the other day I've tweaked some of it

Short term goals

1. Stop giving a F***k--by that I mean stop caring about how many #'s I get or whatever. The
objective, isn't phone numbers but women!!. When I go out just having fun, not
wanting/expecting anything, I act the most natural. I have the most fun, and end up meeting some
cool ass cool. Also by stop giving a F**K is just being indifferent. Some of the great naturals talk
about this a lot, It's an alpha trait, for instance, not caring how the interaction and not letting it
be about #'s or results. The result should be going out on the field having fun and knowing your
self worth. Remember I AM THE PRIZE!!!

Maaaaan, I sort of went the other way on this, I started doing the "Shotgun Method" way to
much, I think I got like 20 numbers alone in December......crazy

2. Continue to work on Escalation-- By that I mean, when I talk to a girl, build better rapport,
by staying in set, try to gauge her interest level a bit more and hopefully that will lead into a Day

I had 3 or so day2's which ain't bad at all. I went from no plates to having 2 solid plates at a

3. Spin some more plates--I was gonna say Day2's but right now I'm not spinning any plates. I
got a couple prospects on the roster but half of them are bench players, I'm trying to get a starter
on my rotation.

Once again went from no plates to having 2 plates at a time, I also have a "Frisbee" plate (a
plate that you can throw away but always seems to come back) I got about 3 prospects, who I
still have to qualify

4. Go to higher quality places-- Weekday "sarging" sucks, why? because most women at the
local spots, are mediocre or worse. Which means there is tons more competition for the hot
chicks . I might have to go Downtown a bit on week days, or I'm gonna try taking at least one
weekend off per month to blow of some steam

I was able to do some weekend sarging with the holidays and man. The quality overall of the
women just goes up

5. Watch how much I drink--You lose calibration when you drink. I'm not the wittiest guy, but I
need to be as sharp as possible, because these females are throwing shit test left and right lol.

no comment


Ok so I did some good things and also did some bad

This month some of my Goals are to

1. Continue to escalate, existing plates--build a foundation and see where it goes

2. Qualify the prospects--self-explanatory

3. Relax and do some other shit--I've been going hard the last 3 months man, I need to relax and
just kick it


ohhh let me add this on by the great Fingz


Originally Posted by Fingz

You are just burnt out man, happens to the best of us.


As soon as it becomes obligatory or mundane, all your mojo is done.

Do yourself a solid and take 5. Focus on other things that get you excited.. there is no better
motivation than doing something you love which brings great pleasure to you!

If you are not that passionate about anything else, now is a good time to learn something - a
language, trade, or sport - anything you have not played with yet, but are attracted to. Research
it, find out what communities or resources are available and just move on it! Meet new people
with shared interests, get involved with something bigger than yourself.

By the time you come full circle to that hottie moment, you've got the right perspective, and once
again, work has become play

Balance is King!
^^I went to the "club" last Sunday, It was cold, I didn't wanna go. But I wanted to leave my
house and do something. No one I knew could hang out (it was late). There was a long ass line,
after awhile I just left. I drove around downtown for a little and drove home. I think I just needed
to leave the house.

I will probably pick up a book from the library tomorrow and start doing some reading. On top
of that "Nefertiti" (HBlightskinned) is coming with me to my holiday work party, which should
be fun.
01-03-2009, 02:51 AM

FR: How to use "Social Proof" for the pick up

First off this post is dedicated to Dong Fu (the real social proof master) and Fingz ( the fucking
standard to the FR) all I can say is you guys are masters in your own right, but this young kid
Solomon is coming for that asssssssss(oh no cam was use because I was told I use it as a
"Crutch" ROFLLLL whatever)

I'm at this local bar in St Paul, It's pretty hopping(not busy yet not dead), I met up with my buddy
RJ and his former FWB Emily. It's kinda funny because the bouncers told me to "Tuck in my
chain" when I was wearing a fucking Dog tag. Emily and RJ are talking, Emily is already buzzed
up and its only 11, RJ is getting bent too. They started getting into a petty argument because
Emily now is with some other dude, RJ ain't mad but I can sense some jealousy (I mean he use to
tear it up knamean?) They ended up leaving less than 25 minutes later. I'm by myself, I don't
know anybody, no social proof no nothing.

That Solomon Shit

I start working the room like I usually do. I open up this chick named Diane and Molly, Molly's
tits are damn near falling out the shirt, I tell Diane "Hey I like that shirt your friend is wearing
what’s her name?" She says "Oh this is molly" I then go "Hey molly nice to meet you I was
telling Diane how I like your shirt" she instantly re-adjust it I shoot the breeze with them for a
minute or two and meet their BF's blah blah blah. I see some guys I open them up, they introduce
themselves as "Harold and Kumar" one guy is Asian and the other is Indian, shit is funny as
fuck. I just b.s. with those guys a bit. I open up another dude named Matt, but nothing serious. I
then see this guy I know named Mike, I say what’s up to him and his buddies, come to find out
they are waiting for some chicks to come through. I'm just introducing myself to the guys and
b.sing with them. One of Mikes friends, Sam takes a liking to me, however he is fronting
(playing around) a bit. I then stick around them and the ladies (who came later on) not because
I'm scared but I'm checking logistics of the bar, and social proof is critical on a dead night like

Showing the room love

Sam is like "Let’s go make our rounds" he needs a wing. I basically been telling him "Tell me
which chicks you want it's not a problem" call me fucking cocky if you want, but I love a
challenge especially with a new wing, this is what the fuck I live for. We see this two set, I open
the girl up saying "Are you texting me?" she was on her phone texting, she says "No" I asked her
name "I'm Sarah" I reply back "Nice to meet you" seed is planted I keep it moving*. Sam is
ahead of me, he ain't even stop. We see a 4 set. I jump in on some Meehow shit (I love to
fucking, fuck around in a multiple set, It shows that I don't give a fuck) "Happy new year" I
croon, the ladies look at me like I'm crazy grinning of course, "How you ladies doing tonight?" a
bunch of intros are being made, I don't remember none of these chicks names lol. I then follow
up by saying "Hey ladies, guess what my New Year’s resolution is?" they look at me like
"What?" I then continue "It's to be more social and outgoing, la la la" this one chick (AFOG) is
like "Oh my gosh great pick up line" WOSH, I instantly look at her and say "Wow if I was trying
to pick you up hun, I woulda been like nice shirt" I then ignore her a bit and talk to the friends,
then I go back and tease her a bit about me using pick up lines. We eject, instantly we are less
than 3 feet away and we are in a 3 set. Sam is talking to one chick, I’m talking too two. This one
chick had some gorgeous ass eyes, and her friend, fuck as I type I can't remember their names to
many females (I know, I know, its not the liquor this time I swear lol) We talk it’s a bunch of
fluff. I just want Sam to get the friend; I'm holding my fucking own in the two set just b.sing and
shit. I'm having fun, it's not about the numbers I'm just in the set to fuck around and calibrate
shit. We eject and Sam is like "Dude you are up on fucking game dude" just all hype and shit
3 feet later BOOM, another set (WTF, ROFL) It's three black chicks. This one light skinned
chick is looking like "Where da fuck yall come from?". Sam is talking to the thick chick; I'm
talking to this chick in white. Just saying shit like "I hope you ain’t from Minnesota cause this
bar is lameeeee" she is like "I've been in St Paul all my life"(she is qualifying qualifying
qualifying). After 2 minutes Sam wants to eject the set, but I'm getting crazy IOI's, and I stay just
fluffing some more. I'm about to leave and the thick chick is like "No don't go yet" lol. I tell her
"My buddy and I gotta find our other boy ladies, will see yall on the dance floor".

I don't know we probably opened a couple more sets, I didn't do this shit to open sets, but I love
having Sam as a wing.

She doesn't like Black guys

Sam is outside; we done opened up half the damn bar. There is this one guy talking and I don't
know what I said but these two guys are crackin up. I'm on a fucking roll just busting jokes (it
doesn't matter it’s all fluff shit) This one guy introduces himself as "Perm" and the other guy is
"Rich" I call Perm "Shirley Temple" and Rich "Richie Rich" It's a new technique for me to
memorize names better(by giving nick names). Perm's girl comes out her name is Melissa. She
ain't fat but not skinny either, she is cute and has a rack the size of Iraq, knamean. They all
busting up laughing at me. Melissa tells me she has a twin who "Doesn't like black guys" I tell
her "She hasn't met me yet" lol they crack up some more. Sam sees me and says again "Dude
you are up on fucking game, dude" he looks at me all crazy and shit, I had to tell'em to chill. One
thing cats start to realize is that my game is on some silent rogue shit. I mean I creep up on a
motherfucker, the only way you would know I'm gaming is if I was obvious with my lines or if
you see me do what the fuck I do, or else you would think I was just a "Crazy fun guy" but shit
works like crack, it keeps me of radar*. I go back inside I open up one of Sam's friends with the
story about how this guy met a chick and she brought a dude to a date*. I then see her, I thought
it was Melissa at first, couldn't tell though her name is "Tammy". Tammy looks just like my
fucking type. Fucking nice rack the size of Alaska, nice ass, and not fat nor super skinny, just
curvy,(yumm the fucking eeee) I open her up "Hey Melissa, where is your sister who doesn't like
black guys?" boom, she is like "Excuse me" and starts talking about how it's not Melissa but her
twin Tammy . I recover quickly and start talking and shit. She was surprised how I knew her
sister and her sis boyfriend; her roommate came in the convo. I focus on her, it was golden. The
room mate was definitely digging me. I'm just making these girls laugh being "Social" however
I'm being sexual as fuck as well "I mean there is a reason they call me Big Daddy knamean..."
these girls are laughing, I remember having them qualify themselves to me "So are you open
minded?" the roommate is like "What you mean sexually?" bingo! I play it off like I'm just
speaking general but the seed is planted. I'm whispering in Tammy's ear and all that. Hell by the
end of it, Tammy's roommate was Kinoing me more than Tammy was. I gave her(Tammy) my
number, and guess what? Build, build, build rapport. I was in the set for a good 10 minutes at
least, just planting seeds, leaving them alone, planting another one then watering them (what a
beautiful garden). By the end of the set I had Melissa in it as well saying how she was gonna
make sure my her sister called me, I had the room mate in on it and all that. The bartender
accidentally spelled a drink, she (Tammy) is like "Oh my gosh" turns her back to me to see (nice
ass Tammy) I start rubbing her and say "Mi name is senor fingers, I will rub you very nicely"
she is just cracking up at my poor Spanish imitation.

“Hunny You couldn't handle this”

Sam is outside later on, smoking he is talking to a chick whose real name is "Angelina" however
she looks far from Ms Joley. There is another chick (her friend), smoking hot, HB8. I open her
up, we chat she asks me how old I am (shit test) I have had this one so many times that I can flip
this with ease. I say "Hunny you are probably 25 the most, I'm an old man" BOOM. She keeps
asking me how old I am. I then tell her. She is like you young. I escalate sexually "I have so
much energy you wouldn't know what to do" She is feeling It (now she is qualifying herself to
me, I love this), but then she ran away. ROFL, I was like "WTF" come to find out from
Angelina, that she was engaged. I didn't see the rock, but the chemistry was most definitely
there. I'm starting to master this social yet sexual shit

In conclusion

The night was much more than this, however those are the main parts I just got a call from Sam
telling me "Ha we tore it up tonight......You thea wingman my dude, those girls were asking
about you, why you leave so early Solo? Well talk game tomorrow" I'm smiling not cockily
but in amusement, I love this, this is what I live for. Meeting some guy at the bar and making
him my wing. Using the whole room as my kingdom to set up the throne. I know this could have
been written better, but for now I'll leave it as is.

Good night and happy new year


*We opened Sarah up again later on, but those chicks were unreceptive lol
*One set of ladies saw me do my thing, and actually made EC with me later on when I was in
another set, usually it works for my advantage cause when chicks see me with other chicks they
then wanna talk to me some more lol
I explain to Rook How I wing

01-05-2009, 05:33 PM

Originally Posted by Rook

Solo, major props on all the work your puttin in. I'm JUST startin to get out their (only night
game so far) and you've given me TONS of examples and shit. Way you like to run the scene and
just have fun with your sets is how I am naturally also when I'm NOT in my head (which can be a
problem too often).

Lookin forward to readin more FR's from ya.

Got a question for ya: All my friends have no idea bout the community and honestly are pretty
much AFC to the max (buy drinks, grope on bitchs they think like them but it's obvious they don't,
just stupid shit). Any ideas on findin wings or whatnot? Should I just start approachin the 'cool
groups' n tryn wing with em? I tried n point one of the BIG AFCs for SS but he threw the paper
away sayin he wouldn't take advice from guys over girls. LOL
mmh good question man, I'm glad I can inspire, that's the only reason I do this because people
have inspired me...

In terms of your wing question, one thing I have noticed about me is, that when I have a wing, I
step my game up, maybe it’s the fact that I don't wanna get blown out, or maybe it’s the fact that
I know if I don't do what it do, my wing is gonna ride my ass for it you know, But in the end I
think it’s the fact that I have someone who has my back knamean, regardless I still go out there
whether I got a wing or not.

I got a couple wings that I met with of SS, one of them is a rookie another guy is pretty good
(Kbot) and then another buddy is one that I knew before the SS shit (Lucas). So maybe doing
that, sometimes when I'm out on the field, I qualify a dude and make him as a wing like I did
with Sam in the FR I posted in the main room, he was cool, but I was so focused on just winging
for him, I really didn't get a chance to peep his game. The problem with doing the wing tip with a
guy you just met is that you don't know if he is legit or not, so you gotta qualify him quickly.
Depending on my mood and situation I usually always open up the AMOG of a group or so, but
that's either just to build social proof or warm up.

If you want I can give you the Solo boot camp man, you don't need a wing after that, it’s that
01-09-2009, 08:47 PM


So I haven't posted lately as I use too, anyway I had a date on Wednesday with a chick of POF, named
"Tinkerbell"(code name of course), the date went smooth, lot of kino early on, I was mainly going for
"comfort" hence I played the 5 question game with her, and also the 25 question game. I did get the Kiss
close at the end although I got shut down with "What do would say coming back to my place watching a
movie.." I totally went "soft" on that last question, not Alpha at all, but she said it be a good second

Last night
I haven't felt like sarging lately, last night Kbot and I (from SS) went to a spot where it was ladies
night, however there were no ladies there so we just ate and talked game/life a bit. We were
suppose to go to another bar, I was following him in my car but then I had change of heart. I
honestly wanna do other things, right now I'm reading "The Power of Now" by Eckhard Tolle, so
reading is something that I'm picking up again, also I enjoy the "Date process" a lot more than
the approaching, because I can just sit relax and be myself




p.s. Hey Rook give me a day or two for that bootcamp, it's simple but intense lol

Maverick warns me not to make chasing “tail” my only goal


Originally Posted by Mavrick

I've got one awesome tip for you. Don't make women your goal. Make fun your goal! Make great
memories. Don't let your self worth be about how many girls like you or don't like you, but just
have fun. Life is too short for this trivial bullshit.

If you're having fun in life, all that other shit will just fall right into place.

I forgot this a long long time ago, but it's all coming back.
Hence I'm busting out the monopoly for my second date with Tinkerbell tonight (cant believe its
been a week)

But yeah my bday is coming up in a week and I can't wait

01-19-2009, 08:17 PM



I went out with Kbot on Saturday, one of my buddies just came back from cheese country
(Wisconsin) and I didn't get a chance to go out for his birthday, hence I told him I would buy him
a drink another night. Let's call him Mohawk since that what he is rocking now, and he had a
friend with him who was cool as fuck named Austin (aka the white boy who can dance) we all
just laughing, bullshitting having a good time, drinking, and rapping along to Will Smith, getting
Jiggy with it, We finish our last rounds hit up the dance-floor, and start grinding on a
Bachelorette party, here are some approaches of the night that stand out, it was a rough one

HB Rachel
One thing I'm working on is using sub-communication/body language to open up more sets. I
saw her walking by, and I just stuck out my big old ass, and started grinding on her, she in
turned laughed and smacked it, before she walked of I asked her name, and told her I would
see her on the dance-floor(which never happened)

HB I Can dance
This chick was just sitting there, Kbot and I were teasing her about not dancing since her Asian
friend was all over the dance-floor. She said "I can dance" we all were gonna start dancing, out
of nowhere some guy reached out and started dancing with her (someone she knew most likely
from their body language) Kbot looked at me and asked "Dude did you just get Amog'd?"

HB-Drunky Drunk girl

Kbot and I were walking towards the dance-floor, she was seated on her chair dancing to the
beat (two blonds) just moving her hands. I asked her "Hey why aren't you on the dance-floor?"
she looked at me and said "I'm drinking", and proceeded to take a big gulp from her drink and
ignore me (uugh how stuck up) I turned to Kbot and said "Hey lets go to the dance-floor where
the cool girls are..."

HB light skinned
This has to have been the worst set, that I ever been in, or It felt like it mainly because my game
was so sloppy. So this girl was doing EC with me, I go open her up, and she is putting her coat
on, she is just going outside for a smoke, I see her later by herself (perfect) without her friends.
I open her up, we do the small chat thing, she asked me where I worked, and I replied saying "I
work for the government" she kept pressing, and I keep sinking deeper into my whole "I do
secret service stuff", now mind you I don't and it's a joke, usually I do that to be more
mysterious because I just don't like talking about my job, It's not that I'm not proud but It
sounds so boring and on top of that I rather not focus on that (you know boring logistics). She
then asked me seriously and I tell her, I'm opening up my business being a promoter, she
doesn't believe that one either (It's semi true though lol) So the set is just going bad, but the
funny part is, I'm still in the set but at that point It came to me, one I could start over and be
honest or two go through with it. I went through with it, even though she broke my frame,
needless to say Kbot came and saved my ass (don't know where he came from but he saved me
somewhat lol). I told Kbot to tell her where I worked, and he looked at me and she is like "No,
don't look at him". We jetted, uuugh the set was just sloppy.

Desperate housewives

This was probably the most fun set of the night, the great part about going out is, you fuck up,
you can start over fresh again. It was like 6 women, standing there and talking.

"soandso hasn't had any in 8 months"

Solo: "Wow that's a long time, my name is Solo, how can I be of service?'

All of the ladies instantly started laughing, come to find out, it was just a bunch married chicks
going out to have fun. The funny part is they were telling me of their sex lives (or lack of) I was
just telling them how that problem would never be if they were on the Solomon Campaign.
Throughout the night I would see them everywhere, even Kbot was in a set with one of them
for 30 minutes.

HB Rachel
I saw her earlier made a little eye contact but she pretended like she didn't see me (yeah right)
I opened her up with the basic "Hey how you doing, I saw you from across and I had to say
hi" I then opened up her friend. It was a 3 set. After the light skinned disaster I told my self fuck
going indirect, I'm just going in direct. I told her friend "Oh my gosh she is gorgeous" while I'm
talking, I'm doing this whole "James Brown" thing with my body, just exaggerating my body
movements, they dig it and laugh. One thing that does is show not only that I'm a fun guy, but
I'm communicating with them in a genuine sincere way. The problem with coming off to
confident directly at times is there is no "sincerity"(I'm a lover of women!). I want to be genuine
I don't care if I'm honest, if you are of high value you can be genuine because you don't play
lame games(however my joke backfired in the previous set and I did not wanna have it backfire
again. I basically am qualifying myself to the set but also have them qualifying me. My problem
at times is that I spend too much time focusing on the friend instead of the target. I number
close the target (after a shit test of course, forgot which one now) She leaves cause another
friend of theirs came (it’s a huge group) I'm still talking to both of her friends, they’re both
super receptive they end up leaving as well. This was a great set we ended up taking a pic, on
her digital camera though.

Funny what goes around comes around....quick!
I made EC with this girl earlier on, she came back around and I opened her. She was very
receptive, her friend was trying to CB me, but she told her "Hold on, I'm talking to him" BINGO,
once again I go in direct, the EC gave me all that I needed, I look her in the eyes, tell her how
beautiful they are (no bullshit once again just being genuine no gimmicks no games). We talk
her friend is trying to blow me out again but she told her to Fuck off (nicely though, ha ha) she
is in my frame (niceeeee), her friend comes again, and at this point she is telling me she goes to
the "U"(“Oh wow I do too”) and her friend says "No you don't" ROFL, lol can you say a hater?
anyway I number close her as well

HB Boob grabber
It finally looks like I'm starting to gain a bit of momentum. This girl is outside and keeps talking
about her fake new tits. She is like "feel them" to this guy, and he is loving it. I edge closer, and
she looks at me and is like "Hey you wanna feel them too" OH yes!! so I'm feeling
them and Austin was feeling them too, while we all in that happy state lol, her friend had
some posted notes and wrote on them "Boob Grabber" and stuck it on our shirts, "You guys are
now official" lol. So now I'm walking around with this stuck to my shirt and a huge smile on my

I have been blown out rejected before but never this disrespectfully. I saw her as I was walking
and stopped and said "Hello" she noticed my posted note and said "What does that say? that
you from the ghetto and smoke L's" something to that effect, I was pissed off, I knew she was
trying to be funny but the way she said it, with that Paris Hiltonish condescending attitude just
pissed me off. "Thanks for being ignorant." was my reply and I stormed off. Had I stayed I
probably wouldn't have had any kind words, I knew if I woulda said something, It would just
have played into the stereotype that she believes, I swear that's the problem with some chicks
in my state. Ever since Laguna beach came on, they start to believe it's all about them.

At this point, I just don't feel it no more. Kbot can tell however his momentum is picking up and
mine just got shot down. I contemplate leaving. I go upstairs (it's a semi two level bar). I see this
HB, dressed nicely in that pinup style that I like. I tell Kbot I wanna open her up, Kbot told me to
go for her. But she is engaged in a convo with two people. I see my opening and go for it. I
honestly don't remember how this set went bad, just that she kept talking about how the music
"sucked" (no shit) and I should tell the DJ to go play another song, I told her she had a better
shot at doing it since she was dressed hot (reverse qualifier) she then says "No we both look
hot". Her attitude the whole time was just snobbish, anyway I'm about to bounce and I go for
the hug and she is like "I don't hug strangers give me a handshake with your right hand" I
looked at her like "OKKKK"
This girl was my last set, she basically opened me up, saying how she loved my hat, how vintage
it was and la la la. I see two guys by her and asked her if that was her b/f, she said no. I tell her
that I gotta leave but if she wants to join me we can continue the convo outside, she is like "no"
I said "cool" and jetted

Conclusions and Actualization's

Talking to Kbot the next day, I asked him his view and he said he didn't like the environment at
all and that the women were stuck up and bitchy. I agree, honestly I never had been blown out
so much at that bar, usually I had success but still the experience is what matters because this is
how you gain knowledge. I was Sloppy in a couple sets and didn't bring it hard enough.
However something that Kbot told me a week ago is, instead of "Gaming" chicks why not just
talk to them and interact with them naturally. This is something I have been doing, however I'm
trying to memorize basic shit so I don't have to think about it (you know like KINO at the right
times crap like that). Body language can be a great communicator, if you carry yourself higher
value and are direct a women will respect it more than if you come soft and indirect, I'm too
confident to come in weak. If I'm dressed like a boss, talk like a boss, then why don't I act like a
No excuses shall be made, however some of the women were just plain stuck up. Honestly the
coolest once were married or whatever, it was kinda lame to me

Anyway like I said I only went out to drink and enjoy it with my bud's. Mohawk was everywhere on the
dance-floor macking, Austin was doing his thing, I just couldn't get into the lame ass 1991 Ace of bass

My birthday is this week; I'm taking it easy......

p.s. I apologize for the grammar errors and spelling mistakes I'm tired....

01-27-2009, 04:22 PM


It's officially I'm out the loop, After a month, I decided to become exclusive with
HBlightskinned(Nerfertiti), amazing, It wasn't an easy choice, but not a hard one either, she is
beautiful, smart lets break down my goals for the month though anyway....


Ok so I did some good things and also did some bad

This month some of my Goals are to

1. Continue to escalate, existing plates--build a foundation and see where it goes

This got done, amazingly I did have a couple more prospects before I became exclusive
(including a model chick) Tinkberbell was eeeh no communication very boring(but she was hot),
I launched her, once I made my decision, she texted me several days later saying something
about getting back with her Ex no hard feelings (we never talked anyway). HPphatbootie was a
bit harder, the sexual chemistry was undeniable but long term i just didn't see it(especially since
she lives 2 hours away, thanks but no thanks)

2. Qualify the prospects--self-explanatory

mmh I had a couple earlier this month, all of them flaked

3. Relax and do some other shit--I've been going hard the last 3 months man, I need to relax and
just kick it
This month I've only gone out to a bar 3 times. Once on New Years, once for dinner and
obviously my field report, going on dates and just lounging around has been fun for me (no b.s.)
Honestly guys, as most of you know, I didn't join the community to become a "Player",
everybody’s goal is different, is my goal achieved? Not at all, I still wanna be the best man I can
be. Being in a relationship IMO is way tougher then approaching a 5 set. There is tons of work
and it’s continuous. Some might think that after a month going "exclusive" might be too fast,
however I know a good thing when I see it, and Nerfertiti is definitely a good look(in every way
). I honestly got tired of sarging, nobody can't deny that I didn't bust my ass out there (if you
do please go back to page one, and read partner!)

So what does it mean for The book of Solo, the journey continues in other ways, I'm gonna post
stuff going on in my life, about my thoughts, and hell even bits and pieces about being in a

I just wanna thank you all who supproted me from day one, it's not over yet though


p.s. I didn't speak on the new pres think yet, I will once his 100 days is up, Happy sarging to all
01-30-2009, 10:20 PM

WingReport: I put on for my wings, like Yeezy puts on for his City!!

Hey Dong!! I'm just doing this for kicks now, Vulpine tell those gunslingers to lock and load ha
ha ha


My buddy Jason aka RJ called me last week about the lack of women he had in his life. Jason is
not part of the community he is natural with AFC tendencies I had a flashback to February 2008,
when he called drunk about not having any women (In the words of David Chapelle like a "Punk
bitch" ), and summer time rolled around and he had 5 chicks on deck , didn't hear from him
all summer. I'm out the loop now, hence this is a wing report. My buddy and I go to this local
restaurant where Thursdays ladies night are on point(sometimes, thank God last night was one of
those nights) we'll jump into the first set (but first let’s make state some goals here)

Objective: Put my buddy in a position to get some hot chicks

Secondary: Have someone buy me a free drink


I'm not pressed to open up sets, I'm actually just chilling and people watching enjoying the
ambiance a bit(a different role for me ). It feels weird because I wanna open sets but I'm
watching other people and not forcing it (higher value type state). There two chicks behind me,
who I knew from before, they are free loaders who usually try to hit up guys for free
drinks(Same girls from page 19 “Beer Groupies”). I re-introduce myself they remember me
anyway my buddy starts talking, the thing about Jason is this, he can talk his ass off. So I'm
talking to this chick and doing this "Kino Secret handshake" what is it? just a made up dap, you
know think Will Smith in “Fresh Prince”, although I would say it's more like Jay-ZPuff in "Roc
Boys". Honestly the chick I'm talking too isn't that cute but she has style (hooptie dooptie
earrings) I walk away and just post up like all the other "brothers". I feel kind of lame, I see two
brothers next to me, I open them up on some "Yo, how you talk to these females here? I usually
go to the city" on some reverse psychology tip. I'm trying to gauge if these cats is cool or
egotistical, it works all the time. These brothers is cool plus they all polo'd out (doing the Kanye
thing lol), they just like "Yo just talk to them" and I'm like "Oh word? I'm use to more coffee
knamean?" They just crack up. Now there is this HB8.25, I mean she is friggin tall, brown hair,
but for a white girl she is packing a nice ass, her friend is HB6, sitting next them are two HB5's.
Now I look at the HB8.25, the old Solo would have opened her up easy, but knowing that I'm out
the loop I just chill. I then see the two "Polo brothers" talking to the HB5's when the hotter
chicks are clearly right next to them I'm like WTF? I go back and Jason is still in set, the thing
about Jason is, he has stories for days and doesn't get blown out (I have seen him in sets for
hours on end, he builds rapport/comfort like a mother) so now Jason is about to buy them some
shots, and I'm like "Dude you being gamed, this what they do, I thought you ain't got no
money " (lol its funny how cats always crying about lack of money but seem to have it, when it
comes to women) he is like "I get paid Tomorrow" I try to talk to him out of it, but he ain't
budging. I'm like whatever do you.

The Waitress

I just opened up a dude to shoot the shit at the time (I go through so many sets, It’s hard to
remember sometimes events and how they flow, hence I use to bring the cam to remember) he
knows the waitress, my bday is last week so the waitress and I are talking about it. She is 19, but
looks 32 heh, however for some reason she looks hot in a slutty way . So we are flirting and I
do the "Roc Boys" thing with her. Jason went outside to smoke, when he came back he was
reeking of that "Green" the waitress smells it and smiles (I guess she likes too party, cause she
wouldn't stop talking about how she can "roll it up"). There is this big guy who calls himself
"Wolf" I think his last name starts with that or some shit, and he is bragging about how he is on
his 13th drink so I'm doing the reverse psychology spiel trying to get a drink of dude, but he is
sharp. Ok crap I'm just ranting on let’s get too some good sh*t.....

So there is this girl who I met on the field back In October (actually November), I open her up,
wrong place, wrong month , but whatever she sorta remembers me, The girls friend is single and
hunting lol "Oh my gosh I like that guy in the grey" she is one week single and sh*t. So I'm like
"Go get him" and Girl number one is like "She can do better" Jason comes out, and he "warm"
approaches, Girl number one is like "Oh my gosh you are cute" he starts talking to them and I
bounce. He numbered closed that one easy

There is this one brother and he is all over one of the Freeloaders (not the one Jason is on) now
the freeloader Jason was on, he talks to her on and off but she is a frigging cockblock, So Jason
and that brother got that on lock, but Jason still got his eyes open

Free Drink number 1

This waitress who I know(not the 19 on 32 lol), I basically opened her up saying "Hi I'm Tony
Stark"(this was back in November) reason I do waitress like that meet so many guys/people you
have to stand out. She remembers me instantly (nice and this is two months later!!), I go back to
my birthday spiel and how no one is buying me a drink (well Jason bought me one but that don't
count) and stuff, and she is like "What do you like" I tell her I like "tequila" she is like "Hold on"
she comes back 5 minutes later with a shot of tequila free of charge

The HB8.25
Yo, I haven't forgotten the mission. I opened her up saying something about how I like her
necklace and where she got it from. She tries to play it off like her necklace is nothing but she is
touching it(IOI), anyway its just fluff talk Jason sees her and BOOM "warm" approaches. I once
remembered reading how Neil Strauss sucks at approaching but if he sees someone in a set he
can take it over by going in "warm". Well that's Jason and he sorta looks like Neil as well except
better build and no facial air (bald and all) So now Jason is working the HB8.25 and I'm just
talking my shit here and there. I tell her it’s my bday and she needs to stop dancing where she is
at and go to the dance floor. She replies back saying "I have a boyfriend". I look at her and say
"Bullshit, you are wearing a sleeveless top, with a necklace you my dear are single" she then
goes on ranting about how she likes to dress nice and la la, I say "I'm going on the dance floor,
see you there" I don't wait and go
(I wonder what Dong Fu/Vulpine/Batman/Mac1 and Mac 2 woulda done)

Happy Birthday Solo!

Now mind you my birthday was last week, but I didn't go out and now I'm going too milk that
shit for all it's worth. I open this one chick (it's frigging crowded on the way to the dance floor), I
reach out but she runs away but something happens, she comes back (sub-communication ) We
go to the dance floor start dancing, I tell the DJ it's my birthday she(DJ is a she) screams it out on

the mic and everyone is like "Happy birthday Solo!!!" . All of a sudden this HB8
blond comes and starts dancing and I'm dancing with the one HB and HBblond on and off. They
then move on, and I see two HB's one is a HB7.25 the other is a HB6. I got one chick in front
and one in back. I'm just on the dance floor doing my thing and being treated like a slut .

Whoops before I forget....

Free drink number two

I open this dude up, I can tell when cats ain't from around the area, he is a sound engineer. His
wings name is Ezra, he looks like that one Jewish rapper, anyway the dude raps. I tell him I'm
celebrating my bday and he should get me a shot. He is like "If you do Brandy" now the same
waitress who came with the tequila came through. We do the shot and chop it up about music

Now back to the dance-floor

I see a bunch of "Brothers" including those same guys I opened up they see me dancing with all
these chicks, and they just like giving me props. I pull one of the dudes from where he is sitting
(Wtf? chicks on the dance floor guys on the sideline? lol yeaaah ok) So he starts dancing with the
chick and having fun, I'm playing matchmaker, just having fun. I leave the dance floor and
reopen some previous sets. I see this girl come out the bathroom in this nice green top named
Ashley. As soon as I start to yap (talk) Hbfreeloader number one is cockblocking me saying
"He's got a girlfriend", Ashley is pissed, not at me but at free loader (ROFL) and storms off. I'm
not pissed just bemused.

However later on Jason and I ran into Ashley and her friend, once again I re open them, once

again Jason "warms in" and number closes . Look guys, if you see Jason, he is not a great
looking dude, but women find him attractive, I don't know he doesn't dress up or nothing. I think
that's why chicks like him, he doesn't try too hard, he is just himself got a nice smile, and he
pulls(and it doesn't hurt that he is funny as fuck, he is a natural). I know for a fact If Jason did
some "DJ" stuff he would be pulling 10's on the regular

In Conclusion

It was a fun night, I have no problem playing wing, There is no pressure, I can go in direct and
bullshit. There were some other sets, however I don't remember heh, @ The end of the night
Jason got 5 numbers and I assisted with four, I mean I opened every set he numbered closed
except for one (lol at this guy leeching my sets, it’s all good). Build some deep rapport with the
waitress and just had fun. Honestly it's been awhile since I had fun like that

Solo Out!!

I somehow can’t make the transition from being single to being in a


02-09-2009, 06:40 PM

Transition from being Single to being in a relationship

You know my biggest problem with not being single wasn't giving up the plates; hell it's not
even going on the field (I got tired of the chase long ago).

The problem has been transitioning my mindset from talking/dealing with all these women to
now just being with one.

Case In point

We went out on Saturday, a bunch of my friends and a bunch of wifey's. I was a bit hammered
(that pre-funking in the parking lot) and I smacked wifey's friends ass at one point eeeh I know
that's a major no-no. Anyway her being the lady that she is took in stride and politely told me to
"Cool out"

Next morning we had a discussion about it, and she feels that if I'm not ready I should let her
know etc etc. It's not that I'm not ready, I just have to get my mind focused, lack of discipline is
the reason why I'm in certain situations in my life

Something that's plaguing her is her insecurities, she doesn't want me to hang out with the boys
and it's caused a bit of tension (nothing major). I understand why she doesn't want me at the bars
that's fair. It's not that we spend enough time together we do (hell we spend 4 days in a row on
my vacation) It’s just that my mindset will have to change, I can't look at women as the Solo of
old but the Solo of new. I have so much respect for this woman that I couldn't live myself hurting
her. So hearing what I heard about Chris Brown and RiRi saddens me (funny part is my girl
looks like RiRi a bit as well facially)
Vulpine responds to give me some insight

02-10-2009, 10:40 AM

Originally Posted by Vulpine


I can see her wearing you down and wrapping you around her finger.

You have your shit together. There is no need to apologize for your masculinity. Grab your
fucking balls and man the fuck up. Why are you second guessing yourself?

Her insecurities are not YOUR problem. She needs to handle that shit: you don't need to adjust
your life to conform to her dysfunctions and flaws.

Do you understand?

Turning into a douchebag will fuck up a relationship faster than anything - keep that in mind.
The second you turn into a woman is the same second she is un-attracted.

So you slapped a woman's ass... whoop-de-do. Asses are made for slapping. When she wanted to
get her nose out of joint about it, you play it off the same way by joking "What!? Asses are
MADE for slapping! An ass not slapped is a wasted ass!"

And that's that. No "sit down and discuss a bunch of drama about it", you shut that shit down
directly as it happens.

You, sir, are supplicating.

Check yo' self befo' you wreck yo'self; 'cuz acting like a pussy is bad fo' yo' health!
lol @ Vulpine

yeah one of my other friends said the same thing and she is a women!!!

I did tell her to "toughen up" no excuses but then she pulled the "How would you feel If I
grabbed a guys crotch" card eeeh

Anyway man it's a work in progress

Originally Posted by Vulpine
I'm just saying, keep the focus on your life. Don't lose yourself in "the relationship". You want to
hang with the guys? Hang with the guys. If she wants to trip out about it, then that's HER trip,
not yours.

You shouldn't have to change anything about your life - a woman should COMPLIMENT your
life, ADD to it, not alter or detract from it.

It's the difference between an adversarial relationship versus a cooperative.

This has been a huge sticking point with me, and the bulk of the population doesn't seem to know
the difference anymore.

Watch for those "anti-Solo" sort of maneuvers and you'll see them, and shut them down. That's
the difference between being whipped into a pet and being a man. You have to stand up for
So Vulpine you don't think I was wrong for smacking her friends ass?

I see your point man, but I also see hers in terms of it being disrespectful towards her, I won't
change who I am but I do have to realize that I’m not single anymore and can't do certain things I
was doing before

02-10-2009, 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by Solo

So Vulpine you don't think I was wrong for smacking her friend’s ass?

Or, you might have been... if you intended to fuck that chick.

All I see you "guilty" of is a playful thing. If she wants to make a mountain out of a mole hill, it's
because she's putting you on the defensive. Once there, you'll be pussy-footing around such as to
not "get on her bad side". Of course, you'll then find yourself on the end of a leash referring to
her as "the better half" and putting her on a pedestal.

If she wants to get on your case about a perception of hers, you need to assert that your intentions
are good, and that her perception is wrong.

"I was drunk. Oops. I'm over it."

"You make it seem like she was giving me a blowjob."
et cetera.

If you keep letting her trip out about silly bullshit, trust me, there will be much more tripping in
the future. More, and more, and more, until finally you're miserable and she "has to talk".

I get dumped

02-23-2009, 07:30 PM

She dumped me

Long story short, I wasn't honest with myself and her, she was very high value, I can't take
anything away from her (she cooked, cleaned, hell even clipped my nails once)however I wasn't
in the relationship a 100% and when that happens, things fall apart

Anyway what does it mean for me now?

I'm gonna hit the gym

I hit it last night and lifted, and I will try to hit it tomorrow night, I gotta train for a 5k

Problems shaking my “X”
03-03-2009, 11:22 AM

First Let me say that

When you take relationships for granted, a person with a golden heart, it makes you a dick, and
yes I'm speaking of myself, I can't shake my x, at first it was whatever, but every day gets worse,
I seriously think I need to figure shit out, but this is rough. I never really had a relationship that
lasted for a long time, yet one that was healthy. I know you guys are gonna tell me to toughen
up, logically it’s easy to say but emotionally God it's another frigging story.

Two dates in one day

I went on two. Day2's, One was as Francisco would say "A Nordic snow cow" the other was a
BDP chick. The BDP chick date was kinda fun though, we talked about her life and sex and stuff.
She is a hot mess though, although I wouldn't mind banging her, but she is spinning 2 other
plates at the moment, on top of that she is in the middle of a divorce (crazy). Anyway I just
went on those dates to take my mind of my X, It didn't really help because all it showed me was
how fucked up the "Field" is. Our generation is in trouble, quality women are hard to find, there
out there but God a well rounded one? Those are getting snatched up right quick

My Goals

I'm gonna work on myself, I worked out yesterday, ran 2.25 miles in 19:14. That’s fucking fast
for a guy my size. It was like 10 below too. I was proud of myself I didn't think I had it in me still,
but I tend to run better having had a night of drinking don't know why. I'm gonna lift weights
today, once I eat and get home. I also am gonna clean. I was talking to a dude on SS(DonS), and
he was telling me that to have a quality life you have to have high standards; hence I'm cleaning
my house. Something that my X use too do is always clean. Her house was fucking pristine,
moving on.

I'm also going to be reading more, get back on my spiritual path that I fell off with due to this
bullshit. You need balance in life, without it life is futile. Just read the life of the real King
Solomon, he lost his ways due to women; I don't wanna follow that path.

anyway guys, peace

Batman offers some insight

03-03-2009, 03:31 PM

Remember this quote every time you start thinking about your X:

A woman will not complete your life, she will only enhance it.

The only emotional remedy to what you are feeling right now is to live a complete and fulfilling
life that doesn't REQUIRE women. You understand? Your life shouldn't NEED women. Yes,
you should WANT women but you shouldn't NEED them.

Just DO things to take your mind off the whole issue. I think you know how to deal with it but
you are getting sucked into it emotionally. Start doing things that makes you FEEL good and
FEEL ALIVE! Once this happens, you will see for yourself how minuscule this whole emotional
investment with your X really is.

ACT yesterday!

03-11-2009, 05:34 PM

Uppin my standards

I'm tired I just got done working 14 hours....

Now I know why I don't work out anymore and have gained 15ibs this winter
I'm trying to train for the 5K, but the weather isn't helping none uugghhhhhh

So I've been seeing a couple girls here and there some old plates some new, honestly I'm not
interested at all in them like that(they lacking in the looks dept). I have no desire to be in a
relationship, right now, my focus is on me

Last night I cleaned my house a bit, did some laundry, cleaned the bathroom, my roommate
thought a chick was coming over again ha ha, I wanna up my standards of living. I wanna
live in a place where it's always pristine and not just clean when a chick comes over. I'm trying
to up my standards in life and not just with women, but in general.

I gotta get back to working out but I'm tired as a motherfucker man. Seriously this weekend I got
a couple things poppin off It's gonna be good.
Will see what happens.....will see

03-13-2009, 11:50 AM

I have to brutal honest in my journal, and look at stuff. Right now I'm asking am I happy with
my life? No, I hate working as much as I do, however it's teaching me discipline, discipline to be
wiser with my money. It sucks because I know I shouldn't be going out on dates and other crap,
but I bust my ass, man, 12 days and nights man, no off day, So If I wanna go out damn It I
should *looks at wallet* awww fudge it

I got a bday party to go too so will see it how that will turn out. I might be going with a former
Saints Cheerleader a lot better than the obeseque as Vulpine would say who been knocking at
the kids door.

Honestly I don't feel a passion for gaming anymore; I rather chill, go to apple bees pick up some
food and watch ESPN or better yet work out even though I haven't worked out in a fucking week

I gotta get back on that ship man, I'm slipping

anyway what other plans I got for my next few days off

1. Clean the house--continue to raise the standard, my room needs to be cleaned and my
living area (yuck)
2. Get a haircut, cop a new outfit
3. Enjoy my time off and see what’s what

Hope you guys doing better than me


Puetro_rican lover asks me What a high quality women is in my definition


Originally Posted by PuertoRican_Lover

Sollo, you keep referring to "High qua;ity" women - what does that mean? To me "high quality"
means a virgin - she cannot be quality unless, and for her to be "high quality" means a virgin
and good character.
High quality= a woman who has self respect for herself, lives life with passion, has high moral
character, independent from the stereotypes of society, makes her own rules. Intelligent, carries
herself like a lady

I worked out 4 times this week!!


I haven't done that in 5 months

This is what I'm talking about, for once I have worked out more than going out to some bar or
club yesssssssssssssssssss

Now I gotta go work for 15 hour

03-20-2009, 10:31 PM

I agree with your definition, except she makes her own rules part, that would disqualify your
entire statement since it opens it up to anything and everything!

Femininity is the core of her existence - anything outside of this is a betrayal to her nature and
cannot be determined as quality or worthy. A woman's femininity is tied to her virginity and
loyalty to one man!

Video Report: Live footage from the field!!! (Transformation Part 1)


Shoutout to any High school kid, or College kid who feels like he can't approach, we all
were in your shoes once, please watch all the vids man, we just trying to inspire you!!!
Shout out to all my field reporters, shout out to Phat Rabbit I see you dog, shout out to all my
guys getting it in man. It’s our turn knaman? Summer is almost hereeeeeeeee

*Missing Video*

Sollie's version:

Overall I was chilling being a chode, It's not that i didn't feel like gaming but my whole attitude
was "I don’t give a shht" even Kbot could tell I wasn't out going hard like I usually do, however
my demeanor tonight was just to relax and not force it, I even had a chick approach me just to
"converse" . I had a two set of two blond's I didn't go for the close. I was helping Kbot and Eric
out here and there knamean anyway I'm going to bed enjoy the exclusive, unedited footage


More to come....
03-29-2009, 03:05 AM

It was a rough night, I was sitting in my car. This chick I met on POF basically rejected me after
our second date, I talked about my x, said a bit to much, shoulda kept my mouth shut,
arrrrrghhhh. It stung, I mean yeah I didn't give a shhht but rejection still stings mayn, I can't lie
about that. I'm in my car telling Kbot what happened, it sucks you gotta move on, my state and
frame are all ****ed up, can i gain it back? I don't Know. I listen to some tunes to get me in the
zone. I remember what A-unit said, so I put that Ne-yo "Boyfriend" on blast (aka The players

The Start Up

I always go to this club to get things popping, I see this kid I use to be cool with. I open him up,
him and his cousin "Culo" (lol in Spanish that means ass, but he isn’t Spanish hah ah) his cousin
is from Tampa Florida, we decided to go to this club that I was skeptical about, boy was I wrong.
The first set Culo opens, he waves us over, we social proof him and wing for him, there some
other chicks, the chick I'm dancing with is cool, but can't dance to save her life lol. The set goes
nowhere. We all just cheesing Culo buys me a drink (that's love man), and one thing he tells me
which alters my state is "Have fun man, don't worry about chicks" I really needed to hear
that, after that I see this chick, tall thick (not fat) nice ass, I open her up, by basically going in
non-verbal and just dancing. It's fun her friends are digging me too, and are snapping flicks of us
dancing. I give her a qualifier/**** test, she can't remember my name and keeps repeating that
she isn't drunk. We dancing having a good time, her friend is actually feeling one of my boys,
but he is being chodish, just standing there like an AFC (he did number close later though after I
said something, geez). The teacher (the girl I'm dancing with, and yes she is a teacher heh) and I
take a flick and Kiss close her, I spend a lot of time on that set (it musta been a 10 set total, just
chicks) I keep building rapport/comfort so they know who I am (also stealing kisses here and
there ). It came to a point that I couldn't open any other set in the club or......

Girl number 2
I would have gotton in trouble, plus I put in lot of time in that set. I go outside there are these
fatties who are celebrating a birthday. They have a room at one of the hottest hotels in the city
(five star) and want us to come party with them. They wanna hook us up with V.I.P wrist bands.
I'm like sure why not? but my buddies wanna leave, and ain't feeling the situation, I don't blame
them, but I just want the wrist bands not the fatties lol. This girl lets call her blondie, is standing
there, she looks at me, I look at her, she walks down, I wave her over, my buddies are still
tripping about us being there. Culo and I are sort of talking to her, I just say **** and go in for
the kiss close.

*Missing Kiss close Video*

Now I'm amped, my energy level is in another stratosphere, I number close her, and we keep it

Girl number 3

Kbot and Eric met us later on (read Transformation part 1, if you wanna know who they are) We
at this other "Hot" club, but it's eeeh. However, when I walk in, there are two girls by the stairs,
they see me, I see them we connect just like that no talking! I'm feeling Girl B, but Girl A is
being the most receptive on top of that Girl B dancing is ass. They leave, I'm just checking the
scene out, later on Girl A comes back and it's a wrap

^^"I'm sort of a big deal...." (Girl A in blusih green Girl B in Grey)

^^^ha ha ha

anyway, I see kbot and I'm in the zone now, 3 kiss closes, the night is running to an end, we
decide to go back to the other club, and see these guys on a bike, it's too crowded they tip over
and well the tape explains the rest lol
^^"the field is crazy, you never know what you gonna see!!"

lol @ those guys asking for a refund when they broke that dudes ****!

Quick hits

• The teacher wanted to ****, but logistics didn't help, she had people staying over, we
suppose to hang out tomorrow will see how that goes.
• I ran into Lauren, the girl who dissed me after the date(yup same chick from the
beginning of the story), I was waiting in line, and she walked by, (this is the first bar I
went into) she started laughing in disbelief, I was shocked at first because she said she
would go home but it is what it is ( I still had a great night)
• Frame/State is everything, I don't say anything, I just go with my instincts, my aura/vibe
are always positive, even after a night where I got dissed, when I go with the flow of my
instincts I always seem to end up at the right spots meeting the right chicks.
• Less is more--I didn't over talk or anything, I went for the kisses, being Alpha has helped
my game crazy

In conclusion

This was a epic night, one of those I won't forget. I had fun, frame/state is so important. I was
low key but energy still high. I'm smiling; projecting fun not neediness or lame choding by
standing around hoping some girl will approach me. I just can't wait till it gets a bit warmer, I
gotta remember to keep my standards high. There is no need to apologize for being a man, you
have to go for what you want. Going out is so much more fun with friends/wings!!

Sarge on!!!

03-30-2009, 08:28 AM
"I couldn't help it"--Joe Budden

So I went on a date with the teacher last night, we just talking, having drinks, at happy hour,
before I talked to her, I was in the car just getting to a happier state, I didn't wanna botch the date
this time, like the night before, on top of that I talked to Kbot earlier that day, and he told me to
stay away from negative convo i.e. my ex

For a teacher she is quiet, I just go in talking asking her questions about her hobbies, passions,
things like that, we talk about music/poetry, something hugely I'm into, I go in there and
basically break it down. I talk for a minute but I know she is feeling it because she gets a glimpse
of who I am, however I cut myself of by saying "Oh I'm sorry I'm talking too much" and she is
like "No that's fine I like that" I give her shht for not remembering my name after I told her 3
times, she feels bad. I talk about Sex indirectly and get her into state she has this look like "Oh
my gosh don't say that" but like she wants me too, like she wants it knamean


Solo: You ever took Solo 101? It's hard class to take, there lot of pop quizzes and test

Teacher: Is there lot of homework?

Solo: No but there is a lot of extra credit, lots of extra credit

Teacher: Oh really?

Solo: Yeah, on top of that there is Making out 101, did you know there 20 different ways to kiss
(pulling shht out of my ass), I'm well versed in ten of them!

Teacher: No I didn't know that, are you saying I'm a bad kisser?
*look intently in her eyes*

Solo: No I’m saying there different ways to kiss, there is slow kissing, deep long kissing, shallow
kissing, pucker kissing, sloppy doggy kissing

Teacher laughing

Teacher: sloppy doggy kissing, like face licking?

Solo: mmh-hmmm

(takes a sip of cranberry vodka, it's got anti-oxidants in it lol)

I then move unto Sexuality (think Gunwitch)

Solo: What kind of bed do you have?

Teacher: A bed with box spring, and mattress

Me giving a no duh look

Solo: no what type of bed

Teacher: Oh I got a queen size

I grab a pepper and salt shaker, and take the small menu and say

Solo: if this is us me being pepper and you being salt, how much of the bed would get messed

I give her the pepper and salt shaker to demonstrate, she doesn't even use it and says "All of it"

We go back and forth, shorty is still giving me LMR. However she is in state, and is using
"Work" as an excuse, B_relentless from NLG told me this would happen and to be persistent.


She is going on about work and how she will be tired, and I flip it around and say what about
me? and she says oh no it's all about me, lol typical female spiff

Teacher: So honestly what do you wanna do?

Taking a sip from my drink I look her in the eyes

Solo: Honestly?

Teacher: yeah?

Solo: I wanna go home with you and cuddle

rawness wasn't needed because she knows already that I cuddle naked only

Teacher: Oh really? but I have to work why can't we wait?

more LMR, however I'm relaxed and not desperate, lot of guys would have giving up or been
more desperate. Calm and relaxed I say

Solo: I'm having fun, I'm enjoying myself, it be a shame, if this evening had to end so soon, but
I'm having fun aren't you?

Teacher: yeah I am of course, but why can't we wait?

Solo: I thought you were spontaneous? (I wish I had a slickaz line in my bag)

I know she is horny, it's just another shht test from her. I qualified her already she is "reserved"
because society told her to be, but she wants to have fun!!

Solo: Listen last time I checked it's only two people sitting here,

I point to her then me

Solo: Me and you are our own secret society, what stays here won't leave, it's private

Some more back and forth, and then something I remembered hit me, as a man I have to lead and
cut this shht out, even Pook said as men we have to have women mirror us not us mirror them!!

Solo: Look I'm gonna pay the bill go to the restroom, after I'm done I'm coming back with you to
your place

With that I got up and left, shorty looked shocked, I know Jon is smiling right now because this
some shht he woulda done.

We go to her place have something to drink, she puts this "Twilight" movie in, we aren't in the
movie for 15 minutes and our clothes are already of. Now the rest is Rated Adult for you high
schoolers reading this
But to reiterate what helped and will help is:

Building rapport/comfort--a chick has to be ready and comfortable taking you home it's a big
deal to them and should be so.

Social Proofing--If it wasn't for me proofing it up to her friends, I probably wouldn't have got
the day 2

Fun/positive energy--I kept using the word "Fun" I even did some basic NLP, if that's what you
wanna call it, having her recall a fun time and why it was so fun, my energy is positive, I made
tons of eye contact

anyway it's good to know I still got it, now back to business!!


04-01-2009, 12:32 PM
New Goals for the month!!!

I ended this month very strong, basically I called the two chicks that I'm lamping with up and told them
to "Step their game up". Honestly right now I don't give a shit where it goes with women...lets see

Girl number 1 aka NSC--I'm done with her, chemistry isn't there, on top of that she is boring, Went to
her place and watched "Step brothers" honestly I'm not even attracted to her anymore. However I'm
not burning bridges

Girl number 2--Let me state the correction clear, she isn't a former cheer leader, I don't know if I'm
getting my girls mixed up or what. We have a date for tomorrow it's been one month and we haven't
done anything, my patience is wearing thin. Honestly if she doesn't show me something, energy or
aggressiveness tomorrow she is done as well. I don't have time for this back and forth non-sense.

The teacher--She is the lady from my last FR, I have seen her twice in the last 4 days, more than the
other two girls combined in the last couple weeks, something just ain't right. She is a lot of fun

Raise the bar--Continue to raise standards, if I can make out with hot chicks on the field, why am I not
escalated and taking them home the same night?

Keep working out--been slacking again!!!

Save that $$$--fuck going out on dates man, I musta spend over $200 last month on just dates alone, I'm
cracking down on that shit hardcore!!

Anyway Lets see if I can elevate my shit the next 6 months peace
04-08-2009, 07:25 PM

No plates, No dates, No problem!!!

What a difference a whole week makes

Today was the first time I worked out in 8 days, I'm disappointed once again, I'm slipping, I ran
2.25 miles in 20:03, funny thing is, I use to run twice as long, when I got done I felt so frigging
good. I've been hella stressed out lately, I can feel the tension in my back and it's not good at all.
I feel sluggish but I know if I keep running eventually I will go back to solid form


Nada none zip, no praying, no reading, no mediation


None, nada zip

here is the quick breakdown

NSDchick--I lost major attraction, her personality is so boring, yeah she got her own house and
is doing for self, and yeah she bought me a nice meal, but a dry personality doesn't do it for me

HBfakecheerleader--I stopped beating around the bush, and put it out there, and surprisingly she
is down for "it" but she is acting funny again. Our schedules aint lining up: With me working a
lot and her going to school and working and what not. I don't see this going far

The Teacher--She dropt me some bullshit about "We are not at the same place in life" funny
beacuse the whole of last week, all we would do when we hung out was SMASH. this goes to
show you that women are fickle

Anyway some other highlights

--I didn't go out last weekend, but my roommate said he is down to go out this weekend with his
girl it's been awhile since we have hung out and did anything but does it have to be with his girl

--HBlongdistance aka HBphatbootie (check page 52)spend the night a week ago and I didn't
smash!!! I think it was revenge because I drop’t her so cruelly previously for Nefertiti, who
knows I tried but she was very firm in saying "No"
--Had a date with a fattie who I met online (they always look bigger maaan) the date was fun but
no attraction on my parts, so I probably won't see her again ha ha

anyway right now I'm just chilling, no plates or nothing, my house is cleaner then a maufucka,
it's great to come home to a clean ass kitchen, a not so smelly bathroom, and a clean bedroom

Tonight I'm chillaxing I need some sleep working 55 hours a week is starting to wear on me
mentally, I feel my blood pressure going up or some shit. On top of that I'm sleeping some weird
ass hours.

I'm thinking of giving up drinking for 40 days, my gut has got super big since October
courtesy of the game/alcohol/fast food/working a lot

With summer here hopefully I'll be jogging the lakes a lot more and get rid of this belly


LMS is letting Solo know he is spending too much time “Gaming”


Originally Posted by Last Man Standing

Solo, all I have to say is when you spend too much time and energy chasing ass you lose yourself
and your soul! Seek a good woman - she'll heal you!

I had one and I shitted on her

right now I'm focusing on myself knaman?

But fuck it, spring is most def in the air, I can feel it not just my testosterone going up testosterone going up LOL pun intended

04-10-2009, 11:17 AM

4/09/10 SS reunion with Bilo (WE SOBER BABY!!) Audio field report!!

Intro: Basically I can't remember the last time I went sober. The closes might have been when I
went out with DJ Lucas (back in November) I only had one drink or whatever. I guess I'm
serious about the 40 days no drinking and shit. It's good to see Bilo again man, 5 months later,
God, it's crazy, his style has changed, he looks more urban and shit
^^Some old school shit, enjoy

*Missing Audio Report*

Some quick hits

• My state was eeh, energy level was Medium low, I open these NSD chicks up on the
street number closed one, deleted it later, trifling heffa was married
• The first was a two set with two blonds, funny they came with guys but got crazy IOI's
• The birthday girl Jeantte was digging the kid like a shovel, but her friends was on that
shit like NYPD

• The "Tornado" lol, I just "don't give a fuccccccccccccckkkkkkkk ha ha ha

• No homo on the dudes looks, just said that cause for a 40 year old dude he was actually
on point with his gear

• I have yet to try the APOC, shit worked for KBot last week in the field (nailed some hot
37 year old) will see, I just haven't "felt it" yet

Outro: Fingz is right, It's coming to a point now, where Game is losing its novelty so now I'm in
front of these hot chicks just doing bullshit like that, ha ha, but it is what it is. Even though I'm
low key or whatever. Thank God my moms is coming next month, I won't be gaming for a solid
month. Next week will be my last week (vacay!!) and then I'm gonna take a 2 month break

04-12-2009, 12:21 PM

Happy Easter/birthday Seanjohn!!

Went out to the hottest club (or as they want you to believe) in the city. My buddy Sean-donn
aka Seanjohn had a bday. Man I swear this guy always does it big. Limo,V-I-P. Had bottles there
(I'm sober of course) I went with my home girl Linda.

It was ok, I mean tons of HB's everywhere, but they were all hiding in their own "V-I-P" sections

The music was a bit better than I thought, and honestly it was prime real estate to game but,first
of I didn't go there for that I went there to support my boy. It sucked not being able to drink but it
feels good to wake up not to hang over or shit like that, ha ha

Even Capo came out (my roommate) shit was cool, but I got bored, I just can't stand the clubs no
more, I left by 12:30 and had more fun grabbing some BK with Linda. A bunch of people in the
dance floor not dancing or chicks hiding in their own V-I-P who don't know how to dance

I'm seriously gonna take a break from this shit, I don't know if I should do it now or after next
week.....(I got vacation next week) damn it's fucked up but it will give me time to focus on other
shit like stacking my paper


Happy Easter y'all

04-15-2009, 12:33 PM Being Black and the Myths

Being Black and myths

This is in response to Mynameis (I don't have beef with dude) the reality of the situation is being
black on the field can be a double edge sword. They play hip-hop music in the club but won't let
us in. She wants to date a black man but her daddy won't let her, so I got Uncle T on this to speak
on it

If you are offended oh well, suck a Penayata (spelling)

enjoy the vids
^^Part 1
^^Part 2



p.s.s. Ran 22:28, My fat ass really needs to step it up this month.....*sigh*

04-21-2009, 05:00 PM
04/19/09 and 04/20/09

Update on what REALLY happened on the field:

Even bad/boring nights can be learned from:

I'm just gonna post these things as bulletins since there isn't a lot of "meat" on those bones

1. I approached a 3 set, using my Cam as a Segway had all three dancing with me, grinding
etc etc. I could have number closed one or two but I wasn't feeling "it" (their vibe was
more fun than to be picked up I could sense it)
2. I approached these two cougars in a silky-smooth way "Sorry I'm late" and just leaned
against the wall by where they at . They were totally digging it, and I was giving them
shit for not "dancing" my wings came with us, but eeh they ejected (the banter could have
been better
3. Some fattie grabbed my crotch and walked away I felt violated
4. I did the APOC opener LOL, (just for fun) girl shut me down. hahahah ("mmh my
boyfriend is somewhere over there)
5. I was in a set within two minutes I made a girl smack my ass, her friend tried to CB
saying she was married, so I danced with her other friend who had a B/F but it was fun ,
they were cool
6. I left my wings to go to another place saw two girls dancing, wanted to approach one
of them but I choded out. To make it worse when I got out the b-room. My target
was making eye contact briefly but I still choded because her all vibe was just saying
"Stuck up" I later on saw a guy get shut down. I feel like a puss for not approaching
7. I number closed some chick I met several months ago (really hot) but I won't think
nothing of it because I gave her my number and she has flaked before so bah
Overall Friday wasn't a bad night, but I thought it was, maybe because I didn't capitalize on the
opportunities I felt I had. Saturday

• I think I ran into a chick from POF who flaked on me a few months before didn't bother
to approach she was with other guys, nor did I care either too
• At this one club I was dancing with this small cutie (she musta been 5 foot) and I was
vibing, but verbal’s suck "Do you like chocolate?" (Black men) blah blah and I think it
turned her off. I psyched myself out after that one
• Wanted to approach at another bar, but I wasn't feeling it, I was starting to put pressure
on myself WTF
• Went to another bar to meet my friends, ran into this "Club-Rat" that's always out grinded
on her, tried to take her home, she aint having it, got her number, saw her grind on
another guy deleted her number

Overall it was a blah weekend, I did get some ass from some chick I met on the field, but damn
talk about beer googles, she had a bit of a gut on her yo. Anyway went out with "K" (not Kbot)
felt bad cause dude is still shook to approach 6 months later. The reality is man, maybe not every
cat is cut to holla at chicks at the club, which is fine but once you master that you can holla at
chicks anywhere.

05-03-2009, 02:33 PM

I discuss a date that I wet with a 7 of POF


What up LMS!! I see you

Ok where do I begin
The date on Thursday went really well, even though I flup't but to make a long story short, went
to the mall (only spend $16 on food) We just fluff'd talk, then after we walked around some
stores. When it was time go she didn't and I quote "I don't want the date to end" So I invited her
back to my crib, we rented “W”. from red box, and didn't make it past the 30 minute
marker.....she had a banging body

I did some daygame yesterday with Luke and Bilo. I did some quick opening with some bullshit
indirect lines like "Hey do you know what time it is?" after a few times I just went direct
(however I need to learn how to calibrate myself better to daygame)

My first actual set without being blown out went well, she was a junior in high school though
but it went well

My last set was horrid, the chick just looked at me and didn't say shit and kept walking
There is much more but I'm too lazy to type right now. Daygame is completely different than
night. Honestly I'm just tired of "Gaming" in general

The funny part was what happened to Luke, long story short he hit on two girls who were friends
(but they weren't with each other when he hit on them, he hit on them at two different places)
well they all were staying in the hotel, and BOOM he figured it out, they did too busted. What
the fuck are the odds of that? The biggest mall in America, and you hit on two chicks that are

anyway I finished the list.....yeaaaah!! which I'll post

Good Traits

Filters (Bad things)

Heartless at times
Un-happy (at times)
Drink too much
Need to stop partying (per self and roommate)
Not spending enough spiritual time with God
Love To eat (gluttony)
Too much time spend on the cell phone
Too much Time spend on the internet
Meaningless Sex with too many random women
Don’t spend $$$ wisely
Back to school
Oh before I forget
^^part 1
^^Part 2
^^Live from the field, shitz crazy when Bilo aka K took after the hottie

anyway guys


05-04-2009, 12:42 PM

"Gotta go just chill and enjoy life"--Cory

Working out
So right now that's what I'm trying to do. Today has gone well, I jogged my fastest time yet
(20:13) my legs felt good, but my endurance is still far from where it use to be.

Going out
I went out with Lloyd and RJ last night to eat in uptown, it was cool, chilling and eating. Went
out later on to this club (I went "Solo"), which is free on Sundays. Saw this chick, was
calibrating trying to see if she was cute, but I completely waited too long, another guy went IN
and boom, he was in,

The night was rough, I got blown out several times. I don't enjoy the field anymore like I use

It's been a rough weekend out there for me, and now my shift is focused on working out and
getting in shape. People like Kbot, and Leo keep telling me to have fun and enjoy life, right now
for me that means working out, watching NBA Playoff basketball, and enjoying the
company of a beautiful vixen heh

mmh what else/Observation

Un-officially haven't had a drink in 4 weeks!!! yaaah, one thing I noticed is a lot of guys need to
get 'sauced up' or "tanked" before they approach chicks. Which to me is weak. I mean not
drinking I've saved shit loads of money. The last three times I've gone out I've spend under $25
total!!! Yup under $25, that includes parking, cover, no drinks, etc etc. It's amazing how much
money I have saved and it's starting to show in my bank account, on top of that I ain't going ape
shit on dates like last month.

However I get bored real fast being the only sober one out there

anyway I gotta go, eat, and then run some errands later y'all

05-08-2009, 02:13 PM


Raise the bar--Continue to raise standards, if I can make out with hot chicks on the field, why
am I not escalated and taking them home the same night?
^^Rough month in April, didn't really pull anything
Keep working out--been slacking again!!!
^^good month for me, I've been working out hard the last couple weeks

Save that $$$--fuck going out on dates man, I musta spend over $200 last month on just dates
alone, I'm cracking down on that shit hardcore!!
^^saved a bit not much
I got lot's to talk about but little to type so I won't bore you, however I will post my new goals

Last month was a bit better spending wise, but honestly I can do better

This month this is what I'm doing

Work out work out work out!--I'm in very bad shape, my conditioning is poor, keep working

Find myself spiritually--been doing this "Game" so long I forgot what is making me happy and
what life really is about

Go for what I want--go for the chicks I want, not that I "know" I can have but the chicks I
really want, that’s part of my thing this summer

• I did something Tuesday night I ain't proud of, honestly I took a step back, real talk, but
fuck it I gotta post your boy drove 2 hours to smash some shorty, and I wasn't even
thirsty lol
• Old girl wasn't all that (she was average), it was a nice drive though to see a different part
of the state but still what the fuck man?
• Things are going ok with my plate(the 7 from POF) she got sick hence I'm out roving
• I'm working 24 hours straight starting tonight from 2-11, 11:30-7, then 8-4:30
• I had a great dinner with BILO Wednesday night, lot of value and fun talking about the
game and some of my old experience’s
• I'm in a slump Yo, but it's all good cause I'll get out of it
• mmh I'm working out as well, 20:47 the other day, I'm in horrible shape, i can literally
feel my gut slowing me down

^^that’s shit in a nut shell

05-11-2009, 12:49 PM

Bitch is 32 going on 52


Originally Posted by My Name is Nobody

Solo is the biggest pimp of the forum... I am trying to catch up to him.... you the man Solo! I
learned alot from your threads and field reports.
lol @ this dude, you full of bullshit
anyway My name is I got a present for your thread if you down

First of, I ran 2.75 miles today my longest yet this year, and walked a quarter of a mile so that’s 3
miles today in like 37 minutes or something, slow, my legs were fucking burning, but it felt good
after, I'm glad John is pushing my fat ass cause I sure need it

I had a "impromptu" date with a POF chick, her name is Shari but let’s call her

I made an audio about it, don't have it here though, but I'll type the story. I messaged her about
three-four weeks ago because she was on my "Hot list". We messaged each other a couple times,
drop't her my number she didn't call so I asked for hers, after a couple weeks she finally gave in.
We texted within an hour I was already getting smutty pics from her

Talked to her on the phone was not impressed at all, too many red flags

• She kept talking about, how she goes online to talk shit to guys and how much she enjoys
talking shit online
• How she is dating a guy right now, and how she drank two bottles of Bacardi lemon by
• How she has a "lot of homies" (can u say bust down? choo choo)
I instantly wasn't impressed however she kept sending me smutty pics, and she didn't look that
bad yet....

sigh the problem with internet chicks is, they look one way with they pics and another in person.
It happens all the time

So she comes in, and she looks like 32 going on 52, her face looked harsh, as my boy Joe would
say. I instantly noticed in her eyes she wasn't too thrilled about the kid neither. So we sat down,
finished watching the game. Glen Big baby Davis hit the game winner for Boston cheaaaaaa

So she starts talking about how "Tough" she is and how people thinks she is such a "bitch' cause

she speaks her mind, how she wants to move. Blah blah blah <<<that's what I was
thinking. Honestly I knew it wasn't gonna pop off, nor was I sad about it, I looked at the time and
was thinking "Damn 9:50 I could be at the club right now, talking to some other chicks anyway
we popped the movie in this bitch is still talking. Then she goes on her phone, now mind you her
body language was arms crossed, in a semi-fetus position LOL, so like I wasn't even trying to
kino or nothing. Would I have hit it? sure with lights out from the back but that about it

So the movie "The day the earth stood still" was actually getting pretty good, and she started to
shut up. Anyway she left and that was that. I honestly wasn't tripping, I mean I ain't spend shit
(thank God!!!) the only thing wasted was my time, but you know with the movie it ain't bother
me that much. Honestly that woman was low quality as you could get. Her whole attitude was a
turn off, from the phone convo I knew she wasn't my type, just a hoodrat wanna be

awww well, keep it moving

05-18-2009, 02:08 PM
"Sunday is fun day" Alex (my co-worker)

5/17/09 Sunday


It’s been Unofficial 40 days since I drank. I decided to make my own lent, cause I wanted to see
if I could give up liquor. I got officially 3 days and nights to go. So I’m stoked about that. Fast
forward, I’m at this club which is always popping on Sundays. The line is long as hell, I hate
waiting in lines. The bouncers are yelling that it’s $30 for V.I.P. I ain’t rich but damn I’m not
gonna wait an hour or two in line. I cut through the front and get myself situated.

V.I.P. Sh*T
So I’m in V.I.P. I see my buddy Zeus. Zeus is always at this club, and he is your typical Amog. I
like the guy even though he is an arrogant dude. I just talk to him for a bit. There some fine ass
females here with some lucky ass boyfriends, lot of money in the V.I.P as well if you know what
I mean. Since I’m not drinking, I’m sort of just peeping the scene chilling, laid back. I make my
rounds; See people I know say what’s up to them. I’m dancing here and there just having fun.
I’m standing sort of near the bar. I mean this club is packed as hell. So I’m standing and I see
her, the first thing I noticed is how nice her tits are in that push up bra, she is just really sexy. I
open her up

Solo: “Hey why aren’t you out on the dance floor?”

HBash: “I’m waiting for my friends there suppose to meet me here”
Solo: “Oh is that so, since they ain’t here we can pretend you are with me, and that you are my
girlfriend (credit; Snowplow)
She laughs
Solo: “My name is Solo and you are?”
HbAsh: “My name is Ash”

It’s just then basically a bunch of fluff talk about how crowded and thick the club is. Where she
lives (5 minutes from the kid) I’m Kinoing her here and there but no reciprocation. She gets a
drink and we part ways. It’s all good I ain’t mad; I wasn’t getting that “connection” vibe from

Gotta Escalate...
There was this chick just dancing with her friend, just getting it in. I see this guy I know, I
mention for him to wing for me, get the friend and I get my target. Well He goes for the friend;
before I can get to my target another dude Amog’s me and starts dancing with her. I mean it’s
crowded as hell and he musta seen her as well, I just stand there with a *shrug* attitude and keep
it moving.

One girls finger gets caught in one of my pics, I “tease” her about it “how you gonna ruin my
picture?” and I show it to her, saying this all jokingly.

^^Girl with the finger in the way heh

We talk for a second but nothing major her friends are the priority for her. I just dance and what
not, it’s great I’m having fun, my state is positive and just fun. It’s been awhile since it’s been
like this. I talk to another dude, he tells me “I need some ***** tonight” lol I say “Go get it” he
talks to this chick gets blown out. I see her friend she looks like a thicker version of Ashanti (yes
the R&B singer). I open her up on some direct piff “I like your outfit it’s stylish” she smiles and
says “Thank you”. I could of escalated but I’m just “seed planting” and for some reason being
passive. Later on I run into Mia (the girl that the dude Amog’d me on) she and her friend are
walking outside; I decided to go there as well to catch some fresh air. I get outside and some guy
is arguing with his girl. I talk to her but I get blown out cause she is talking to her friend and
once again I don’t escalate eeh. I go upstairs and dance with a chick and her friend, there both
cute in the V.I.P area, after we dance I just leave, I just felt awkward dancing with them because
the girl didn’t really know what she was doing and it was a turn off. I kind of just dance and it’s
just crowded and I’m just dancing and walking at the same time. Some chick sees me and tells
me to dance with her friend, I look at her friend and say “Naw I’m good” I ended up leaving
shortly after that

It was super packed in that place, it was a fun night. I went in with the mentality to have fun first
and hunt second. I was a bit passive though, I don’t know why, I could escalated in a few sets,
but I’m very intuitive so maybe one of the reasons I didn’t is because of the vibe the chicks were
sending me. Needless to say I had fun dancing, and can’t wait till next time, I gotta be a bit more
^^Like I said it was packet couldn't even get to the dance floor

Aight next time guys.

05-21-2009, 01:07 PM

Solomon Goes' to Uptown!!


It’s been 40 days and 40 nights, officially since I drank (thanks be to God). I did it yall! Today
we going to Uptown, last time I went there was 5 months ago when I ran into the “Fake-UA’s”
with Kbot. Bilo was coming with us and Pierre was meeting us too. There were gonna be some
serious gamers out tonight on a Wednesday heh. Bilo and I are shooting the breeze at some bar
waiting for Pierre to come through. For some reason I’m having gas issues, the other patrons
noticed, and gave me shit about it. Thank God it’s not any girls though (fucking waffles man,
ugggh). We decided to head up to a local Bar that’s known to get it popping. Let’s get it!

“I’ll buy you a drink for a cigarette”-AFC

As soon as Pierre walks in any venue, all attention is on him. It’s funny; it reminds me of the
time I use to roll with this natural. Pierre is just so different, from his peacocking, to his swagger,
I always envisioned Pierre sort of like Snowplow, because Pierre just exudes fun, and charisma
so naturally that he can get away with lot of shit on the field that regular guys can’t, he isn’t
restrained by social stigma because he is literally in his “own world” We get into the place and
Pierre says hi to some people, Some he knows some he doesn’t. We all chilling, Bilo and Pierre
are trying to get me to drink, however I gotta wait till midnight to make it official. One of
Pierre’s plates/booty calls says hi to him, a cute little blond, not my type really but I’d still smash
heh. We all just chilling then this AFC dude comes in asking to bum a cigarette from the chicks
and saying he will buy them a drink. I recorded it

Thank God he didn’t buy them a drink. We all just chilling, I have my first long island, and we
leave 5 minutes later, I got one hell of a buzz going on. We bounce to another bar but it’s dead so
we go to another bar which is like a college frat type bar. This hot chick in a black dress walks
by, I open her

Solo: Damn those are some nice earrings

Hbblackdress: Oh thank you
Solo: I like the texture blah blah blah did you get them at blah blah
Hblackdress: No I got them at express
Solo: Oh really? On 30% of Sundays huh?
Hblackdress: How you know?
Solo: I had an ex who use to work there
Blah blah blah
Hblackdresss: I gotta go to the bathroom I will be right back
Me looking at her sheepishly
Solo: Why you say that? You know you ain’t finna come back
She walks away, later on that night I saw her and said “See I told you, you wouldn’t come back”.

Solo get’s dissed…….by his WING!

So Kbot bought us all a shot, we just standing there talking, I’m giving him props on the APOC
that he did a while ago on a chick, then all of a sudden shit gets ugly

Kbot: I don’t give a shit you do

Me being confused
Solo: What you mean dude? I don’t give a shit either, did the tornado you think I care?
Kbot: But you do care that’s why you do it, you only care about pussy
Now there is a girl listening by then Kbot brings her in the convo, now I’m getting pissed,
because I’m feeling disrespected. She’s got her boyfriend with her, and he is asking what the
tornado is
Solo: Dude what you talking about; I went jogging this morning played some ball afterwards
Kbot: We never get to see that side of you
Solo: I’m sensing some animosity dude, where is this coming from?
Boyfriend: What’s the tornado?
Solo: It’s something secret buy me a drink and I’ll show you
Boyfriend: I’ll buy you a drink show me the tornado

I really don’t feel like doing it, on top of that right now, I’m not in the mood; because I feel like
I’m being put in the spot to entertain and act like a monkey, not cool at all

Bilo: Solo he said he would buy you a drink if you do, just do it man
Boyfriend: Yeah I’ll buy it
I ended up walking away, a few minutes later I talked to Kbot on the side

Solo: Dude if you don’t like how I do something, tell me man, and don’t call me out like that
dude that was disrespectful

Kbot: What? It was a joke; I was speaking in general why you are taking it serious
Solo: Dude you serious? You gonna try to play me like that in front of that chick

Kbot gives a half-ass apology, we basically avoided each other the rest of the night and I ain’t
seen him after. The funny part is, If I felt he was joking maybe I would have Amog’d him back.
That’s probably the weakest part of my game is being witty and amogging on some witty shit.
Pierre does it effortlessly, Kbot does it forcefully, and I do it as well now and then. However I
gotta work on it. I’m honestly over it but my respect for Kbot aint there right now to be honest,
that’s the problem with the community, and you only do “community” things, so people don’t
see you outside of it. The irony is that Kbot never talks about anything else besides girls/school/
or getting drunk, hypocrites gotta love them

The Canadian chicks

I’m pissed, Bilo doesn’t know why; at this point he is pretty toasty.

Bilo: Solo why are you upset?

Solo: You guys disrespected me straight up
Bilo: Dude I’m sorry, but the guy said he would buy you a drink if you do the tornado, I was just
trying to help you get a free drink
Solo; Yeah aight whatever
Bilo: Come on Solo,
Bilo Then looks around
Bilo: Tell me to open a set, just any set, who do you want bud?
I know he is trying to appease me because I never get pissed, so he knows it must be something
serious, but him opening up a set? on his own accord is something I had to see

Solo: I don’t see anything I’m interested in, wait, those two chicks sitting there; I’ll take the cute
one you can have the thicker one
Bilo: Ok come in set in a second though, I’ll open then you follow

We get in set, instantly neutralize the chicks from each other. My Target name is Jane; I instantly
get into storytelling mode. By telling her what my New Year’s resolution is and how I’m trying
to adhere to it. She seems interested. One thing I love about the story is, it’s a great qualifier
because you spin off it with so many other topics. On top of that you can be like "What’s your
resolution and how you stick to it?" We are in the set solid for about 10 minutes. There from
Canada just here to party etc. Then the chubby friend keeps talking about how they had

Chubby chick: She’s got a boyfriend

Solo: I got one too (sarcastically)
Anyway the audio picks up then (uugh this what happens when you drink after 40 days of being

In Conclusion
It was pretty decent crowd for a Wednesday, Got into some sets, and work on some waypoints
(escalation, storytelling). I gotta take it easy though, my energy was waaaay to high. I think it’s
because I was just hyped up to be able to drink again, and it showed. Pierre talked me to today
about being witty and amogging naturally. Basically he would said something like “Oh you don’t
like pussy? What you like dick or something? Or “Look who’s talking, the guy trying to look
like a gentlemen in front of the lady, ok Mr mcmuffin” just shit like that Honestly I’m not mad at
Kbot just disappointed, this is real shit guys. I don’t know how a man is gonna diss another man
for liking pussy, real talk, but it is what it is

05-22-2009, 01:26 PM
Solomon @ The kiddie Club

It’s a shame when you got guys faking the “funk” lying about their field reports to come off
more extraordinary than they really are; Just so they can get props or sell their “garbage”,
sometimes the field can be very, very boring. However the same could be said for a KBJ who
claims to have been with a 100 women yet never post anything relevant to game but just a bunch
of nonsense mumbo jumbo about not having a girlfriend. Let’s get it!

Solomon @ The kiddie Club

So I’m suppose to meet this chick I met on POF, out on the field, but she is texting me saying
she is going to another club and well meet up later. It’s cool I ain’t tripping it just means I can
get it in more before, on top of that, with internet chicks you never know, half of them don’t even
look like their pictures. I go to this club were Pierre is at; It’s the same club I went too on
Sunday. I walk in and I mean it’s a bunch of little kids. I feel so out of place but it’s whatever.
I walk around a bit, there some hotties here and there but they gotta be 18-19nish at the oldest. I
see Pierre, later we say what’s up, he wants me to go upstairs, he introduces me to one of his
boys named “Problematic” that’s his rap name heh, I don’t remember his real name, but a cool
ass Mexican kid from Hollywood. I see this chick; She looks like she could be Kim Kardhsians
sister, except skinner, and younger. I tell Pierre “Yo I’m trying to get at that right there” Pierre
tells me “Just do it”. Pierre excuses himself goes to the bathroom, Problematic and I are just
chilling talking. Honestly my vibe is “That dude” mixed with “I don’t give a fuck” attitude.
Life’s been throwing me some weird curve balls lately so right now my attitude is nonchalant
compared to the previous night. I see Pierre talking to an Asian girl and number closing her. I
gotta get to work. I see the Little Kim K dancing; I just pull up stand next to her and watch her

Solo: Oh don’t mind me, keep doing what you doing

Little Kim K: Ok, I’m just trying to get a drink
Put's on that bitch shield to mach 3.5 (I’ll talk about the levels later)
Solo: What you drinking?
She ignores me

Now in the past, I would have choded out and felt embarrassed, but right now I’m that dude(I’ll
explain the differences between that dude and crazy Solo later), and her frame is a fake one, so if
she wants to play tough I’m just gonna call her out on her attitude

Solo: Oh wow you can’t talk anymore? Lost your voice?

She keeps ignoring me
Problematic started saying something in her ear, I don’t know what, and I’m on the other side,

Problematic: Is that your boyfriend?

Points at me, I just smile
Little Kim K: No it’s not, I don’t have a boyfriend
Solo: I wonder why
She looks at me like “Oh hell naw you did not just say that” Then she gets her friend and repeats
what I just said. BINGO, lol got the reaction I wanted. Her friend gets all up in my face like

Fake O.C. Chick: We are just trying to get a drink, blah blah
Solo: Me too
Fake O.C. Chick: Look at your hat, nobody wears those hats anymore
Solo: WOW, excuse me Miss Lauren Conrad but I’m just trying to get a drink

They move away, I get my drink and I’m smiling. Now you wondering why, but I’m just having
fun fucking with these chicks. So as I leave and have my drink I get in the blonds’ ear and
scream loudly “BOO JA” like I’m Stewart Scott and keep it moving.

A lot of young chicks are very receptive to direct openers I.e. “I like your outfit” or “you killing
that dress” blah blah, however it’s a “short set” club and most of them their attention is shorter
than a little kids. There is one chick I open her direct, and she is verrt, very receptive. I take a pic
but its wack, I try to make out, she ain’t with it, and later on she introduces me to her sister who
is hotter than her. But like I said these chicks are just off the wall, in need of riddlin or some shit.
Anyway I ended up Leaving because the POF chick wanted to meet up

Another Flake? Say it ain’t so Sollie, say it ain’t so!!

So I’m outside the other club and the chick isn’t coming out, I’m starting to get pissed because I
don’t have patience. I’m halfway down a pizza place and she said she’s out there. So I said fuck
it, go back NOPE, not out there, she says wait I’m coming. She isn’t out there, now I’m like fuck
this. There is another chick I can go see her but I don’t feel like driving that far. So I ended up
going to the pizza place, the chick is asking me where I am at. I told her to meet me at the pizza
place. So fuck after like ten minutes she finally makes it with her friend. And She was very, very
cute, a little hood for a white girl though, but it’s whatever I like a little attitude it’s a turn on. So
she’s like I gotta give my other friend her purse back , I told her I would pull my whip (car)
out there. So I finish my pizza right quick, and then grab my whip. She and her girl pile in the
whip. I drop’t her girl off who lived like 8 minutes from the club. Then “Tia” and I went back to
my spot. The most bizarre drive man, her phone is just blowing up, her girls and some dude
keeps calling her. In the past I would have been jealous but I just don’t give a fuck, she’s with
me homie!!. We get to my house, and she asked me to help her get out her heels. I obliged, we
just sit there and watch the rerun of the nuggets/ Lakers game its first quarter, we talk for a bit,
then she lays down on my couch and puts her head on my belly. As I’m watching the game she
starts to rub my thighs and her hands are going higher and higher , I just let it build a bit and
we start making out……
In Conclusion
The next day, I drove her back to her aunts, that’s where she spend the night or whatever. The
drive home was very relaxing, lot of joking around on my part, I had her literally cracking up
most of the drive back home, it was great, I’m just being me, and hey I am witty when I'm
relaxed. I go back home, and I see her earrings by my dresser, I go downstairs see Uncle T in the
game room and yell out

Solo: ayo Uncle T do you think she knows she left her earrings at my place, you think she
Unlce T: She knows, hell she might have left them there on purpose as an excuse to see you
again, them girls always leave their shit around

I just laugh and go on my way

05-24-2009, 02:54 PM

Solomon and J-Set Jacking for chicks!!

May 23, 2009


J-Set hands down is my favorite wing right now. We haven’t chilled in a minute but every time
we hang out we always have fun in the field. He isn’t a community dude but I put him up on
some stuff so he knows some of the basics . We use to work together and would always talk
“Game” at work and just talk shit (he always trying to Amog but after I picked up chicks dressed
as a chick, he gave me the crown lol), he is very alpha and isn’t afraid to Amog you with the
swiftness, on top of that, he won’t go after anything he won’t like. I truly believe that, when you
hang out with naturals or guys who are good at gaming, shit rubs off you, because you can’t
chode you gotta step shit up! Lets get it

*missing video*
^^Yes sirr “Arab Money” is the song for this one, and "Because of you" is for the lounges, the
whip if you trying to smooth it out by Neyo!

It was a long night and tons of sets, hence we made the audio field report at the End but I’m
gonna talk about some of the sets a bit here and the audio will fill in the rest.

Mya and Leslie

Basically, I open them, don’t remember what I said. Leslie was originally my target but after
qualifying her, she was like “Tell your boy to come talk to me”. However AJ (J-Sets nickname,
A stands for Amog) was being very chodish, later on he explained that since I was so high
energy he had to be cool(my yin to his yang), cause he got the vibe that they thought we was
“Players”. Anyway so Mya’s face was just “stoned(mean), I kept talking to her through
“Frames”(something that Snowplow on SS mentioned in one of my FR's and it actually worked
*Missing Pictures*

There was a “disconnect” at the end of the set, were we all just stood all quiet and what not, heh,
anyway AJ could have easily # closed Leslie oh well, I ended up giving Mya my number but I
doubt she will call or text just of her vibe. As soon as they leave literally these chicks walk and
stand by us, this chick who was thick with a big ol donkey (phat ass) pulls out her phone and I
walk behind her and say “Oh are you texting me?” she looks at me and smiles and says “No but I
can type in your number” this has got to be the quickest number close ever , usually
I say this to girls who text a lot but it’s never worked like that, anyway AJ was talking to the
other chick, he talks about this more in the audio.

Fake Model aka “I’m a hustler chick”

Hands down one of the most fun chicks I’ve seen on the field in awhile. We could have this
chick do whatever we wanted literally. She comes up saying she is part of a bachelorette party
and is trying to sell beads; I tell her if she shakes her ass for me and my boy I’ll buy some. So
she starts grinding on me for a bit, then on AJ. I said “Aight Aight” and give her two dollars. She
replies by saying “That’s all?” and I look at AJ and say “Did she make you happy?” he shakes
his head no, then I say, "How about this, I’ll take some pics and you do some poses for me?” and
she replies “Will you give me 25 dollars?, I’m a hustler baby I’m doing this for my girl blah
blah” and I’m like “You gotta make my boy happy” and I’m just being an arrogant bastard about
it. So she is like grinding on him more. I should have had her make out with him or something
but the bartender points at my cam and I’m like sure
^^”are you modeling ma? Knock yourself out, wanna let your hair down? Knockyourself, want
V.I.P? Knockyourself out, bitch you just trying to be seen”—Jada kiss “Knock your self out”
^^”Hot chicks everywhere a day in the life….”

She(Fake model) ends up leaving when she finally realized she wouldn’t get more than two
dollars I gave her, later on I saw her leave the club and she called us “Haters”

3 Set

There was a 3 set at a another club, AJ was like “Lets approach them, they look bored” I was like
“Aight you first and I go in a sec later” So AJ opens them up, I wait for 30seconds and what not.
Reason I do that is, so I can see which one is his target and also peep body language and go of
that. So I see AJ got his girl kind of isolated, it’s a huge table, so like you can’t hear cause it’s
loud. I start talking to one of the other girls, just being retarded and what not, and then move to
the other girl. I was just going back and forth, I was doing my “Fake kino palm reading” and
they called my bullshit. I then went from indirect to direct on one of the friends, but for some
reason I didn’t escalate for the number. I felt like a yo-yo just bouncing around from one chick to
the other, cause I could tell one was bored and would switch, they noticed too and were like
so basically I’m just trying to entertain, honestly I didn’t mind, I ended up leaving the set
cause I just felt like I was trying too hard to be entertain.


So we bounce around a couple places and end up back at the one club. I’m just walking and this
bubbly ass blond, is dancing my way making eye-contact with the kid (chea!) I in turn start
dancing too and next thing you know, we doing a little salsa type dancing just in the middle of
the club (which was small) and I’m spinning myself and her, she was digging it, we move it to
the dance floor, I ask her name. One thing I learned is on the dance floor in my experience chicks
don’t wanna be talking they wanna move, they wanna dance they wanna touch! So I’m just
dancing here and there with her, and number close her, nothing solid but eeh

Last Set (The Jedi Versus the Dark Sith!)

This was probably one of those, sets were you gotta just bring you’re A game or not. I see this
Hispanic/Persian looking chick; AJ wants to approach these black girls. That’s cool, but I
thought the Hispanic chick was hotter. He goes his way I go up to her, once again she is on the
phone(texting) so I use my “Button pusher” she isn’t digging it, I plow, plow to no avail but I
ain't being a punk and dipping either (a tough set, yes!!), then I noticed a girl in the hat, with the
East coast style I like. I open her come to find out its’ her friend, now Hispanic chick is getting
jealous and just cock blocking the hell out of me. I mean you woulda thought shorty played for
the Steelers the way she was blocking the kid. Her friend is digging AJ though but AJ is in set,
with the sisters who he finds hotter, so I just plow plow with the friend, she is digging me, but
seeking approval from her CBchick . “He’s a Player blah blah, he just tried to hit on me” I play
it cool like and hit her up with that wordplay “Rdub(her nickname) you should be able to make
decisions for yourself and not based on your friends” I mean this chick was like 33, acting like
she 16. I know she feeling me though. I accidentally spill the CBchick’s drink . Of principal I
bought her a new one, and the other chick as well. This ain’t my MO I can count on one hand
how many times I’ve done this. So now the CBchick is like “Oh that’s your game huh? I see
right through it, it’s transparent”

Yeah I’m gonna spill a chicks drink just on purpose anyway after some qualifiers I find out
CBchick doesn’t live I my state anyway, and that Hatchick lives like 2 miles from me and
number close easy. Lol

The Audio Field report Wrap up
^^”Get your girls, Make them qualify to you, and live it up”—AJ

In Conclusion
It was a good night, my energy level is just crazy(think of Chris Tucker/Will Smith/and a bit of
Martin Lawrence and what you get is me ha ha), I need to harness that, I feel like
^^This guy when I’m out sometimes, once I get ahold o my energy I'll be aight, great night

Anyway it was a fun night; I just need to harness my energy a bit. I love going indirect because it
makes shit interesting out in the field, I realize that I enjoy the chase a lot more than going direct.
We went into some though sets, and some easy ones. I got family coming from out of town so
I’m gonna lay low.
5/29/09, 03:34Pm

Solomon and J-Set Jacking for chicks Part 2: Jedi Shit


I’ve been focused on family from out of town, which is always nice to have balance in life. On
top of that I’ve been chatting with some “Legends” of “SS” (Past and current) The more I talk to
people the more I realize it’s all about just going out there/having fun and most of all not giving
a shit. I’ve been reading again

^^^You could say this book inspired me, naw not to do some PUA bullshit, but just to get out
there and get it in, like Neil I believe you learn as much as you can, and deem what’s congruent
with you, and you throw the trash away i.e. From PUA’S I might take the whole indirect
approach but I never use opinion openers (lame) or do magic tricks or B.S. routines, I’m to
sincere to do something “phony” I’ll talk about this more here.

“Just go out there and don’t give a shit”—Guywhoneedshelp

I got you,

Ok Just a FYI, AJ went blitzkrieg, so there tons of approaches, I probably forgot half of them,
uuggh thank God for the Camera or else…
The Bar tender (Jedi mind tricks in action)
AJ and I didn’t have our connect at our usually club. What do we do? Simple, I pulled out one of
my Jedi mind tricks from the stable
^^Now you wondering WTF? Just bare with me

Solo: Hey Simeon put us on the list, my name is Solo

Bouncer looks at list, then up at me and says: I don’t see you on here
Solo: You sure? I mean dawg you know us
I’m calm as fuck as I say this
Bouncer: Yeah we know you, go in you good

Simeon was a bar-back who worked that night, I remember him because he always passes out
free covers, and on top of that the bouncers know us because when we go there we always go in
there 3 or 4 deep. The bar tender is there, I shoot the breeze with her for a bit. I know her as well,
like I said I got crazy “Proof”
^^pour that shit ma’!
So she gives me a hug and so happy to see me blah blah, we fluff, I decided to whip out the cam,
and Just do an impromptu modeling thing (I think I got a fetish lol)

^^Star Trek!!!

^^Bonnie and Clyde

“Don’t call me solo no more call me Kameha”

Lol. So I finally number closed her and blah blah well see, AJ opened up this cute ass blond, and
comes up with a funny line on the spot, she is vibing with him, and number closes (2 minutes).
After that set AJ went nuts....(more on that later)
Street Game (Jedi mind tricks part 2)
So I’m starting to notice a trend, the super hot HB’s are on the street, either

A. Working for the clubs passing out flyers

B. Rolling deep with they girls enroute to other clubs

I open this chick up who is passing out flyers, just gorgeous, she gives us free flyers to the one of
the hottest clubs in town but its past ten-thirty, she then says just say my name it’s C(who later
got pissed at me cause I was being a dick "I go to church" or something she said and I replied
"What would God think of what you doing?" lol ouch, talk about me being a hypocrite but that
was later that night). SO AJ and I are in line, and we tell the bouncers our name, he then hooks
us up with V.I.P wrist bands, we in. We get in and AJ just starts mass approaching we got HB’s
and UG's everywhere and what not. These chicks are trying to get V.I.P but they connect ain’t on
point (miscommunication I guess) So AJ and the broads flick it up

So I’m just loosening up after the LIQ the bartender put us on (the previous club), and AJ opens
up these two hotties, I start dancing just not giving a shit, this other girl sees me, so I open her
and dance with her as well. AJ is like “Nooooooooo what are you doing, those girls are hotter”
but the other chick was more fun. We go upstairs V.I.P is dead; AJ then re-opens them but its
blah. We ended up later coming back and Asian chicks was there, AJ is a sucker for those girls,
hence I got it the audio (I got you)
”You should tip herrrrrrr, you should tip heerrrrr” it basically goes nowhere I dip because It
is what it is, but AJ stays in set.

Montana chicks
We go back to the other spot, these two cuties are there. This one AMOG looking dude looks
like he needs help. I jump in set and instantly start qualifying and fluff talk. My target is to slosh
hence she is disqualified I focus on her friend, but I give her a compliment before I finish
qualifying; sure enough she is a spoiled rich brat. “My daddy got the new Z3 BMW” blah blah,
and all that, “Fucck SOLLOOO” no problem, I go in about cooking, and she says “I don’t know
you too cook, blah blah” with that said she disqualifies herself and at that point I just wasn’t
feeling her attitude. I talked to the other dude and he’s like “I was already blown out, so when I
saw I figured I might just stick around” lol, AJ meanwhile is in like a frigging 8set LOL, just
holding it down like a champ, and number closes it. I go in to proof him up, and one of the
chicks is just hot, but the set is done.

There is more• There were so many sets, I don’t know what to say, AJ number closed these
black chicks at one bar
• Some chick waves me over and is all dancing with me, she isn’t hot at all, and I didn’t care for
her, but when I saw her ass, I changed my mind, LOL (using the wrong head) got blown out
asking for the number
• AJ and I were in another set with these two cuties one black and white. I pick the wrong topic
to discuss (Iraq war since AJ was in Iraq) one of the chicks is married we blown out
• I number closed this hot ass light skinned chick, her friend was Cbing me, but I was just me to
a point where it’s like they didn’t leave and my vibe was just fun
• AJ “Shotgun’d” or better yet Ak-47’d anything he saw, it’s like he was possessed, lol
• Birthday party @ another bar, number closed the chick, but after I thought about it she musta
been sloshed

• ^^birthday girl, not the one I # closed though

• ^^chick spilled my drink offered to buy a new one, but NOOOO I was good, knamean?

• AJ and I just plowed through, like the Montana set, until I was done, we would just plow,
plow plow, even I did Street game, I would just plow

• An observation, I approached some fucking gorgeous ass chicks, like 11's just hot, but these
chicks roll in packs, some of them were very receptive, I just need that “situation” were I can just
go in set and what not and get my "yap" on. The secret with these chicks is just to stand out, and
not even “Game” but just bring that fun vibe to them but be direct about it I.E Super Solo

^^Post field report wrap up.

In Conclusion
Less (liquor/mass approaching) and more (quality sets) are needed, but in the end I don’t give a
shit, I just don’t give a fuck!! Numbers don’t mean shit, it’s time to bring some of these hotties
home, and then I listen to the wise and….


Originally Posted by An SS Legend

Beyond that, don't get too caught up in trying to be that MASTER PUA who can win ANY
situation. Yeah, we all want to be that guy but you might consider some situations are not worth
winning. Make sure the HB9-10 is someone you really WANT to seduce. She might not be. I elicit
values, and to me it's not just about mirroring them but also about making sure her values are
not a complete turn-off to me.

IMO guys like Mystery, TD & Papa were too focused on getting the approval of other guys
because of their ability to pull chicks other guys thought were hot. If **I** think she's hot, that's
good enough.
^^as long as I have fun, be myself, that’s all that matters the girls will come, peace
^^”Wanna hit it from the back, she agreed that I’m Looney, but proceeded to moon me”—Killa
Cam (Song of the Fr's)

06-03-2009, 01:59 PM
How I feel at this moment

Goals for the month of June

Honestly, I stepped on the scale yesterday and I saw a number that made me

right now my view on the "community" is becoming jaded, I feel like I'm spending way to much
time on the boards, and if not here then I think about women/game constantly to a point of

I did go jogging today (21:59) *sigh*, honestly it is what it is as of right now I won't post any
lays or anything like that and on the 20th, I will cease to post FR's unless I choose too, seduction
has taking over me like a toxic drug.

Like that one quote by Neil Strauss

"Seduction is a dark art. It's secret come with a price and we were all paying it, where in sanity,
school, work, time, money, health, morality or loss of self. We may have been supermen in the
club, but on the inside we were rotting"
Continued later on

"There is a concept in hypnosis called fractionation. And it states that if a person under hypnosis
is brought out of trance and then put back under, the trance will be even deeper and more
powerful. And so it was with seduction. We all came out of it for a moment-we opened our eyes
and the light of the real world. But then we went back under, deeper than we ever were before---
and to an extend beyond what any of us could have imagined" (page 204-205)

^^I honestly feel, that because off all my energies spend chasing tail, now look at where I’m at
mentally and physically....(I've gained at least 20 pounds since working more and going out on
the field)

Anyway I ran into my x girlfriends friend,(the one whose ass I grabbed), it was odd, I asked her
how my x' was dong and she said "Fine" in a snooty way, somehow that was the highlight for me
on Saturday. The irony is that I have lost myself through his when I wanted to find myself, and
now I don't know what I want anymore, I'm glad I have family visiting.

I'm gonna do whatever I can too drop 20-30 pounds, I need to focus on that instead of who is
gonna blow my magic stick next

I honestly wanna be happy but I feel like I'm taking the wrong path.....
06-08-2009, 01:47 PM

Low energy night

Field report happened on the 30th Of May FYI

“You can call this my new shit, but it ain’t new dawg, I got rid of my old bitch, now I got new
hoes…”—50 Cent
I put off writing this FR cause I wanted to focus more on my family, and also, It was kind of a
weird night for me towards the end (I will explain more later) I decided to leave the pics out of
this one, since I’ve been spoiling y’all with that “shit” again and condense this, since some of my
FR’s tend to be a tad longish.


Geeky girl and her ghetto friends

So First set we go in the spot that and use “CC’s” name again, we get in for free but no V.I.P this
time (gaaay). So we standing around having a drink and It’s kind of dead. We noticed these two
chicks a blond and a geeky chick in a black dress. AJ opens them up, come to find out they were
there celebrating a birthday party. We go out outside in the patio area to meet the rest of their
friends. The blond chick is hammered and is all over me. She shows me one of her tits, we start
kissing a bit. I tell her we should head back to my car . And she is like “Why it gotta be
like that?” Honestly this girl is one nighter at best. She tells me that her and her girls got a
room at the Marriott and we should come over later (NEXT, I think I pass ). Her and her
friend’s take pics for us all bend over, it was a hot mess LOL . As we leave AJ tells me if
worse comes to worse, we can go here. I tell’em “Dude I didn’t join the community to go back to
smashing bust downs”

The Painter, The professor and My X’s home girl

So this about halfway through the night. It’s been rough, tons of bachelorette parties a couple
sets here and there. I decided to go get some pizza, my friends come later on. AJ and Bilo finally
come. There is this girl just eye fucking the hell out of AJ and what not. AJ is like I’ll pass (not
his type) I go over and start “yapping” with them. Come to find out the girl (The painter) was
showing her friend “The professor” how to flirt. The professor is very “uptight” and dry. I try to
teach her some “tricks” of the trait, eye contact etc, but she is no fun. Meanwhile the Painter and
I are just hitting it off great she is a tad to drunk and is starting to rub up on me (cough cough)
and we kiss here and there. I can tell it’s pissing the professor off because she is attracted to me
as well. The painter wants me to get her some water(shit test) I tell her she is closer to the water
dispenser then I am, she goes to the bathroom. The professor and I aren’t getting along, and she
is accusing me of trying to “Hit and Run” lol or something in that nature, I get pissed because I
just felt so drained at the point, I say some shit to her and dip out(don't remember what). At this
point, I’m just drained. Eating the greasy pizza ain’t help, and my energy is just drained. From
going out and what not, in the last couple weeks from that point I had gone out 7 times in two
weeks, prior to that I went out 7 times in 40 days. So you gotta understand I wasn’t Mr, energy.

As I walk I see my X-girlfriends, friend (the one whose booty I grabbed). I didn’t even think I
just asked “how is SHE doing”. My X’s friend without messing a stride or even looking at me,
says in a bitchy tone “She is fine” and keeps walking I stand there for a second, then walk to the
next venue smiling It was the highlight of my night (even though I kissed two chicks, and saw a
couple pairs of bom boms)

Model Girls

I walked into one club and AJ opened up this chick a cute blond. He is doing the whole Paul
Janka approach (get in, get the number and get the fuck out) While he is talking to her, I can tell
she is looking to escape (“I got a boyfriend”). I come in and say, “Hey you should take some
pictures with us, my buddy and his X just broke up and we looking to send her some pics on our
night out” she happily obliges. The funny part is it wasn’t a made up story it was true, so we
flicked it up. I use her as pivot and tell her “Let’s find some hot girls to take pictures with , you
find her” so she goes for finds this hot ass Go Go girl and coincidently she knows The cute
blond, AJ and her are flicking it up. There is another girl at the end of the night, who was happy
as well to take some pics after the cute blond left, the other girl I can’t remember her name to
save my life, was really cute, I put her on Bilo,
he didn’t mind at all LOL
As we leave at the end of the night, the energy was mellow, but I quipped “it was a good night”
My wings agreed. I just felt so low energy and semi-depressed honestly, AJ made Bilo open up a
street set, we ended up bouncing

Other Tidbits

• Some chick outside a club showed us her knockers, she had some nice knockers, I tried
taking a video footage of it but her friend jumps in LOL
• At one bar, I act metro and use this one chick as a pivot, shit was awkward cause I had no
idea WTF I was doing
• AJ was number closing chicks left and right with The whole Paul Janka approach, it’s
cool to mass approach but there is gonna be lot of flakes

In conclusion:
"Seduction is a dark art. It's secret come with a price and we were all paying it, where in sanity,
school, work, time money, health morality or loss of self. We may have been supermen in the
club, but on the inside we were rotting"—Neil Strauss

Continued later on

"There is a concept in hypnosis called fractionation. And it states that if a person under hypnosis
is brought out of trance and then put back under, the trance will be even deeper and more
powerful. And so it was with seduction. We all came out of it for a moment-we opened our eyes
and the light of the real world. But then we went back under, deeper than we ever were before---
and to an extend beyond what any of us could have imagined" (page 204-205)--Neil Strauss "The
06-14-2009, 02:26 PM My last field report

"What yall thought you wasn't gonna see me?"-Method Man

June 12th, 2009


Having family visit, showed me how much more fun life is when it’s balance. The truth of the
matter is my passion for this isn’t what it use to be, I still go out and have fun but it’s not the
same. I felt really low energy last night and really didn’t wanna go. But when I talked to Bilo, he
was already doing some “Daygame” and was doing some approaches. I figured if he is in state
why not go, on top of that I rather be out then mop at home depressed not doing nothing at all
considering I had the next day off, it would be an injustice to just stay at home.

I’m moving Chick

So Bilo and I are just bar hopping. There is a new club in town, and they are offering free drinks.
We get in free, and the club is just high energy. You got a couple girls dancing here and there.
These three chicks walk by us, and they kept stepping on my shoes. I’m like “Yo yall just
stepped on my shoes” and they apologized profusely. This tall blond, who is part of the group
starts talking to Bilo and I. I’m just all Kinoing her right away, and she is very receptive towards
it and even comments on me Kinoing her. We talk for a bit she is moving to Cali, so it’s her last
night out, and she is just trying to get it in. They moved away, and I’m just chilling laid back. I
see these two chicks, I start dancing with them. BOOM, the blond sees me and is just giving me
some hardcore eye contact. Honestly I’m not trying to “Metagame” (using social proof as game)
or anything. I dance with the chicks for a little bit and move. As soon as I move the blond is all
over me dancing with me, “I want you to dance with my friends, they are cute and single” so I’m
trying to dance with her friend, but their dancing is wack. It pretty much ends cause the friends
wasn’t into us and Bilo smacked the blond’s ass, but it was still a fun set. Lot of energy

Instant Date

We go back to this club that usually is popping. But it’s dead as a mother---a. I see these two
girls. One is taller and the other is short lol. I mention to Bilo “Yo that tall chick is all you” but
he is like “Show me how to dance” heh. I show Bilo a quick two step, but he is shuffling his feet
instead, LOL. So I approach the shorter chick, and open her direct. She is very receptive we
make small talk, I basically tell her “hey I wanna get to know but my boy and I are gonna
bounce” Bilo then comes in but is acting chodish initially (Wtf!!)So the chick is like “We are
leaving too, were yall going?” we go outside and the chicks follow us to another club. We at the
club and the short chick is just being sassy, ghetto diva attitude.
“You should buy me a drink”—short chick
“You haven’t giving me a reason to buy you a drink, where is your personality at?”—Solo

So now she is pissed that I say that, and keeps giving me attitude. I remember what Microphone
fiend said in another thread that as seducers instead of “nexting” chicks or whatever you gotta
“Step your game up” The funny part is I’m trying to qualify her and she is doing it too etc. At
this stage Bilo now is starting to talk to the tall chick, and I don’t know how it’s going. The short
friend is flexed that I’m not buying her a drink. I start doing the whole boyfriend and girlfriend

“You’ve been a bad girlfriend, I haven’t gotton laid in months” –Solo

“I got a new man and he ****s me deeper”—Short chick
“Please all that means is that your coochie is stretched out”—Solo

So now she is loosening up a bit even sitting on my lap, we go dance but it’s just weird. I can tell
she ain’t feeling me. It’s cool because I’m not too impressed with her either. We in set and I get
bored. But honestly Bilo is plowing, like I’ve never seen before, anyway we ended up leaving
after Bilo number closed the hottie, I gave my number to the short chick but I doubt it she will
call, nor do I care if I did, I woulda made sure to get hers.

Swine Flu chicks (Street Game)

This one was also a fun set, I love doing street game after the club or in between clubs. Cause
you never know who you gonna run into. These chicks looked familiar as If I ran into them
before. I wanted to talk to Angela but she pulled out her phone, no matter cause her friend was a
cutie too (not my type) and was all over me.
^^swine flu chicks and the Knight in shining armor (lol)

In Conclusion

I can’t sleep on street game, at the end of night or middle you might come up on something. Also
the Instant date set was just awkward at the end, had I been by myself I would have dipped, but I
love how I’ve been plowing lately and one of the reasons I plowed was because Of Bilo, so
credit to him for staying in set and picking up the energy at the end of set. I’m almost done with
this one week to go. The Painter and I are suppose to go on a Day2 today but her IL was low, so
I made back up plans with another chick for today.

"Sarge on "--Shezz
Bonus Field Report

This is still my favorite FR to date, simply for the fact that I didn’t write it. A bit of a back-
story. I started talking to Bilo when I first found sosuave. I was ready to hit the field with a
wing who also had “Game knowledge”. Bilo was suppose to meet me at my house and we
would go to the boonies. However Bilo ran late (wouldn’t be his last time) and we ended up
going to the city. I was waiting outside, saw 4 dudes opened them up. Something odd
happened, the guys didn’t wanna go in the bar, not to toot my own horn but it’s like I was
the boss of the group even though I just met these dudes, once I went in they all went, and
then one of the guys bought me a drink (Alpha deeze nutz nukka)). My whole thing for the
night was just to show Bilo that its possible to open up sets, nights like this aren’t
uncommon when I’m feeling it. I think this report also will give a cats a glimpse of how I
gets it in, enjoy.

Field Report (FR): Friday night fishing with Solomon = E

By Bilogomja 10/18/08 9:06 PM

After we left Wild Onion on Friday night, all I could think was “Holy sh**…” I simply couldn’t
think of any other words to describe what just happened. Watching Solomon go from group to
group, opening this set and that set, I was literally left speechless.

Here’s some background on me. I’m 22. I’ve had 3 lays, all one-night stands that didn’t go
anywhere. Hell, I’ve never even had a gf. I’ve always been kind of clueless in regard to social
interactions/etiquette especially when it comes to attracting women. Maybe it’s because I’ve
spent excessive amounts of time studying in college rather than trying to build any sort of social
circle (which has both it’s pros and cons). I’ve read into multiple PUA methods (Mystery
Method, Love Systems, David D. Angelo, Juggler, Style’s Annihilation Method, blah and the list
goes on). And what did this material do for me? Well it did give me some ideas in relation to the
art of attracting women and social interaction, but the problem was that while all this “text book”
knowledge was great, it doesn’t mean shit because I really couldn’t figure out HOW to APPLY
the material. Hence, whenever I’d spout off a routine or canned opener, it totally sounded
incongruent. This more often than not resulted in hardcore awkwardness. Additionally I’ve never
seen any one operate in the field (seeing demonstrations in the field can help, why do you think
they have labs in college courses). I was almost at the point of giving up on this whole thing of
trying to figure out women (believe it or not), because I simply wasn’t getting anywhere.

Then I met Solomon. Watching this guy on Friday night was like an epiphany. I’d never seen
anyone work the room the way he did. He had so much social proof it was ridiculous. Not only
that, he was chatting it up and kinoing every HB that crossed his path. And the vast majority
(about 80&) gave him positive responses. The funny thing was he did this WITHOUT any wing
or the help of any goofy routines/canned openers.

So I show up at the joint (by myself) about 1215am. I walk in and the music is blaring, and the
women are ridiculously gorgeous. Now I’m a total newbie at night game, I’ve only been the the
bars/clubs a couple times, so needless to say I was kind of intimidated.

I finally meet up with Solomon. He’s totally shooting the shit with a group of about 5 guys. He
introduces me to them. I’m thinking “Wow, are these all his PUA friends, the guys he goes
sarging with?” I ask him, and heres the kicker, he tells me he just met them 20 mins ago!
Solomon showed up to the club, by himself (essentially no social proof) and 20 mins later, he’s
chilling with a group of cool guys and they’re buying him drinks. Needless to say I’m pretty
impressed right off the bat.

He keeps reiterating to me, “If you see something you want, go get it” and that I just “gotta have
fun.” This guy was definitely having fun. He totally exuded a cool, chilled, awesome, fun vibe.

Next, he points out to me a two set of HB blonds and tells me about 10 different guys have
already tried opening them tonight, all shut down. He goes up to them and immediately starts
dancing with them. They’re all hardcore kinoing and the girls look like they’re totally having
fun. Before I can process what he just did, he’s already opening another 2 set. I’m thinking to
myself “WTF, how’s this guy doing all this stuff?” Then he was gone, opening others sets from
across the room.

As the night progressed, he didn’t let up. He kept opening set after set after set. And not only was
he opening women, he was opening guys as well. There seemed to be no end rung in sight on the
ladder of social proof he was climbing. And the funny thing was, he seemed to be the only guy in
the room able to do this. I was looking around and saw tons of other guys totally not approaching
anyone or willing to leave their clique (I was one of them lol). If I did see any guys approaching,
they seemed as if they already had too much to drink resulting in average to less than average
responses from whomever they were approaching.

And here was Solomon, a fun, energetic dude planting “seeds” left and right. He’d open one set,
get a positive response, run off and open another set, get positive responses, run off and open
another set, and the cycle continued. Later on he would go back and chat it up with some of the
sets he had already dropped a seed on – resulting in a sense of familiarity between him and
whomever he was chatting it up with (this was definitely important). He even #closed with this
technique later in the night.

Initially I noticed that after he’d open a set of HB’s and move over to another side of the room,
these HB’s that he had previously opened would “suddenly” appear near his vicinity
(“proximity”), almost as if they wanted him to re notice them so as to re initiate a convo. At one
point during the night he opened this 2 set in the far back of the room. Not too long after he was
on the dance floor on the other side room doing his thing, and this set that he had previously just
opened “suddenly” was near his vicinity. He didn’t even notice! After opening multiple sets on
the dance floor, he went up to another part of the room and opened another set (where he got the
#close), and low and behold while he was chatting it up with this set, some of those ladies from
the dance floor that he opened, “suddenly” were no longer on the dance floor but were just hover
around near where he was totally giving him proximity again. Of course he didn’t notice because
he was too busy #closing lol.

At the end of the night, I was at a complete loss for words. I asked him what he was doing, if
there was some sort of tactic he was using (he could have easily said “magic” and I would have
believed him, because it sure seemed like “magic”). And the truth was, he WASN’T using any
tactics. None of this PUA crap that the gurus want you to follow. He told me he was just simply
having fun. When he was having fun, everything just came naturally to him. So I was like “what
openers did you use?” because every guy wants to know “the opener” right. Well, here were
some of them:
-”How are you doing tonight?”
-”What are you drinking?”
-”What are you eating?”
-”Why aren’t you on the dancefloor?”
And that was it. I was so stupefied because I didn’t think it was ever that simple. I’ve been so
drilled to believe that canned opener type stuff works the best. But I was wrong. Solomon made
everything look so easy, and I was totally blown away. Whenever I’d see that 1st group that he
had initially opened up earlier that night, they were blown away as well. One of the guys looked
totally bewildered at how Solomon was so easily chatting it up with everyone. I was in the same
boat as well.

All in all, Friday night was an epiphany for me. Solomon showed me that it is totally possible to
open random people in a night game atmosphere (I’ve never seen this prior to last night,
especially to the extent he was doing it). He must of opened at least 25 different sets in a matter
of 2 hours. I couldn’t even open one lol. But after observing him do this so effortlessly, at least I
know now that it’s totally possible!

My Last Field Report (Epilogue)


I left this up so you may learn from my mistakes….The truth is “Game” doesn’t have all
the answers


I was frustrated, frustrated with my finances, frustrated with women, just frustrated with my life
in general. In late summer of 2008, I was dealing with a woman who I was not attracted too. I
settled because I was lazy to go out and try to get with someone who I wanted. In New Years
2008, my buddies and I made a pact to go after women that we found “girlfriend” material and
stop messing with “bust downs(a bust down is a hood rat or easy chick). One of my buddies
found a girl In the spring of 2008 and they have been together over a year as I write this, my
other buddy got hired by a hospital and was dating here and there but nothing serious in terms of
relationship. Myself? Early January I went out on a date with a beautiful girl, I was so nervous
because I thought she was out of my “league”. I remember before the date I did a “shot” of
whiskey to calm my nerves, I was so nervous and it showed, my swagger/confidence was of
kilter, needless to say to make a long story short, the girl ended up dissing me on my birthday.
Not only that but the next girl I met, was even worse. I put so much pressure on myself that I
wound up on the friend zone before I even met her(this was online) I fell back into an old trap
and started dealing with subpar women again, and settled. Fast forward to August, I was tired of
messing with a fat crazy burned out former Vegas show girl. I read “The Game” by Neil Strauss
and the book forever changed my life. However unlike Strauss I didn’t aspire to be a Pick-up-
artist (PUA), I already had a frame of reference when it came to women. I had some natural
buddies who introduced me to women back when I was a Simp (AFC). The book would serve
not as a guide step by step but more as motivational piece to go out there and try to improve.
LtoUcas and I hitting the Field

Starting out

I started doing my own version of a “boot camp” in the boondocks of Wisconsin. I lived in the
Twin Cites but I was told “Wisconsin” had some “friendly” women. I figured why not? Perfect
stomping grounds for a black male trying to polish up his game. Boy was I naïve, I started going
out and was way over my head. I didn’t know a soul, when I went out I went out by myself. My
first time ever I was wearing a $70 Pelle Pelle button up shirt, with some black dress pants, and
dress shoes. I was way overdress. However I wasn’t going to cower, I started chatting up another
black guy who had a Mohawk. By the end of the night I had free drinks bought for me courtesy
of the “Mohawk” guy and his friends. I kept going out and started working on the basics that
eluded me for so long, building rapport, escalation, opening, comfort, demonstrating higher
value (which later on transcended to just being high value) .I started to develop a knack of
“Social proof” I was natural at interacting with people around me, and just being a fun guy. My
time In Wisconsin did get a tad wild. I once got drunk, courtesy of some college frat boys who
bought me shot after shot, then ended up getting a blow job from a girl I met literally after only a
minute. I jetted when the cops almost caught us fooling around in the parking, just to get pulled
over. The cop let me go, you figure I would learn my lesson drinking and driving, sadly it
wouldn’t be the last. I started looking for “Gaming” websites to work on my weaknesses. I found
a bunch of PUA forums, but I couldn’t understand the jargon, eventually I found a site called
SoSuave, which had a bit for everyone. I found a wingman by the name of Bilogomja, Bilo and I
went out, I will never forget the first time that he and I went out. It was late, Bilo was supposed
to meet me at my house and I would drive to the “Boonies”. However Bilo ran late (wouldn’t be
his first time) So we met at the bar in the city, when Bilo came in, I was already in set with 4
guys who I met outside I was starting to embody what being a socially alpha male was. That
night was something which not only reframed Bilo’s reality but my own. That night I went on a
tare, and would talk to any girl within my vicinity. I didn’t want Bilo to think I was a chump, I
wanted to impress him, but something else was happening I was being held accountable to
finally approach women that I found attractive. After the night was done and I number closed the
hottest girl in the bar, after smacking her and her friends ass’s simultaneously at the same time!.
Bilo and I jumped up and down for joy outside the club, just elated beyond belief, like school
children. However reality soon set in when the girl didn’t respond to my text. I was disappointed;
I delved deeper into seduction, promising that I won’t be fooled again. I started reading “field
reports” by various forum members past and present from Sexpdx, Jakethesteed, Xblitz, Master
of the universe, Sheez, and of course Senor fingers too Jon024, rushingdude123, Noob, Macallik
and Snowplow, the greatest gamer in sosauve history. I also started to go on the SoSuave alumni
site(NLG) which had some of the vets. I would go out once or twice a week, it was hard
considering that I worked 65 hours plus a week, I was becoming ragged. On top of that I wasn’t
gaining the results I wanted. I was “outcome dependent” I started posting field reports with
pictures in them, something very rare, few people put themselves out there, but I wanted this bad
and I was willing to improve at any cost. I switched up venues and I started gaining more success
in terms of getting numbers, little did I know that the next few months would toss me into a
whirlwind which I had never experienced before

December (with success comes arrogance)

It had to be "fate" that my first 3 some would be with 2 chicks named "Destiny"
I remember going out one night, and just opening up set after set one night. There was a four set,
as soon as I saw them, my energy level spiked like a Sayian’s (Dragon Ball Z). I started talking
to the girls, I knew who the cock-blocker was, and I knew who my target was. I didn’t have to
say anything. I was so confident, witty, and funny unlike a few months ago when I wasn’t
confident and clueless. Everything was flowing automatically. I had the women swoon over me,
was able to isolate my girl and kiss close her(see pic). Later that night, I had two women in my
bedroom, at the time I had a full size bed, but they didn’t care, all three of us engaged in one of
the craziest moments in my life in a night of wanton lust. After the ménage trios, my confidence
went through the roof. Not only that but I was getting dates to come in also via online and the
field. I had girls coming in on a weekly basis to “hang out” or do “date night” which typically
consists of us watching a movie, then making out, then sex or oral sex. I was flying high.
However with success comes arrogance and I was getting pretty cocky.

Sollie Stuntin

^^yup that’s me Mr. Asshole telling some strange guy what to do in a “nice” way

Booze is always available when you VIP

There was liquor everywhere. In three months, I went from partying in the boondocks to partying
in the hottest VIP’s with models. I was living the fast life; girls were abundant and with success
came arrogance. One night after clubbing hard, I drove home. I wanted to stop by a McDonald’s
got of the exit to late and crashed my car into a stop sign, luckily no one got hurt. I was ok thank,
God. You think nearly getting killed would slow my partying down. It didn’t, I was going down
a slippery slope of seduction. There was no turning back

I had three women that I was seeing. On top of that I was getting prospects in left and right. I met
“Nefertiti” Or Neffe in the field earlier in the year of 2008’. However due to the distance I didn’t
pursue it even though there was mutual interest. Neffe was beautiful light skinned black girl,
with curvy shape; she had short hair which often got her compared to Rhianna, the singer, and a
smile that could light up a whole room. When Nefertiti and I started hanging out, she wasn’t my
top choice not until we started hanging out more. Most girls I hung out with, didn’t offer
anything in terms of value besides sex, Nefertiti was the complete package. She would always
qualify herself to me, not just by bringing desert or cooked food to my house but also through
our conversations, which to me stood out the most because she was so mature for her age. She
was very intelligent and also very loving and giving. We started hanging out more and more, I
introduced her to my friends, and everybody liked her. It felt so right. Leaving the game initially
wasn’t hard, It was a blessing actually. I was living the fast life, and I felt it was time. I had gone
out so much that I was burned out chasing women in the club. At first everything was cool but
something began to shift. I had become cold; when I was a “nice guy” I was warm and friendly.
However now my attitude was “me, me, me” I was the prize as the community would say, I was
the alpha male. Nefertiti would always comment how intimidated I made her feel, that no other
guy ever made her feel like that (I dominated the frame). I was having issues transitioning from
being single to being in a relationship. I would “push n pull” Neffe’s emotions. I always pushed
and pull when being in a relationship even when I didn’t know what it meant. The relationship
started to crumble, because I wasn’t honest with my self. I was talking to a girl who I met a year
ago online. However I was conflicted, not because of the other girl but because my game was
going sky high and here I just dropped out. The game gets you addicted to getting the girl, and
my desire and quest to seduce women, In turn the game had seduced me. I was caught up in a
web that a lot of gamers get caught up in. I did something I’m not proud of, to sever the
relationship instead of leaving Nefertiti like a man, I invited another girl to my house and made
out with her and did everything but have sex. Not being able to lie, I confessed my transgression
to Nefertiti. It broke her heart, when she broke up with me, crying in her car. I was thinking to
my self “Oh God what I had I done” but I was so far gone, so cold, so selfish, the game makes
you that way, so you don’t get hurt, to protect your heart. I hurt the only women who genuinely
cared about me, since starting this quest. After we broke up I arrogantly thought Nefertiti would
take me back, but she severed all contact, it was ok at first because I was back to doing what I
did best, and that was being in the field, back in the loop
Back In the Loop

Someone’s girlfriend who in about 5 seconds wouldn’t be anymore

I started going out again harder than I did before; on top of that I had a new wing, who was
naturally good with women. My first night going out single, my game was sky high, the way
women responded to me was crazy. I would open women in the street, they would invite me to
come clubbing with them in some of the hottest clubs, I didn’t have to pay, or I would see girls
and we would just make out. However reality struck soon, I missed Nefertiti. I wanted her back,
the old saying “you don’t know what you have till it’s gone” rang so true. Here I had a woman
who was willing to do anything and I left her due to my pride and my selfish arrogance. I started
dating other women, and “spun plates” however compared to my success In December; these
women didn’t hold my interest at all. You had some beautiful once but they were boring, then
some that weren’t as attractive who hell were also boring. I wanted to leave “The Game” but I
couldn’t because I was so entranced and seduced by seduction. I decided to turn my life around
and stopped drinking for 40 days and 40 nights. I hit the field with Bilo again, my inner-
confidence became stronger, I would do crazy stuff on the field by approaching women
fearlessly, I didn’t have anything to lose, and on top of that I was getting better at doing street
approaches as well. The problem with lot of gamers is that they use liquor as a crutch; I
personally loved to use alcohol to get into a “fun state”. Going in state for me was having a drink
(or two) and bumping my favorite song(at the time it was “Single” by Ne-yo), the goal was to be
as positive as possible, however gaming sober; opened my eyes, I noticed how women checked
me out or other guys and would look away quickly. It was amazing. After I scrapped my plates I
started getting with some prettier chicks, However I didn’t give a fuck, the more successful I
came the lazier my game was. I would do everything to “hook” a chick to garner her interest, but
as soon as we had sex I could care less. It wasn’t all my fault, some of the girls didn’t present
themselves as a challenge so it made it easier for me to let go, however I also became needy
again, and my simpish behavior would creep in. I started doing a “spring training” to get my
enthusiasm for the game back but whatever magic spark I had, I lost it, after my spring training I
stopped writing field reports. I honestly wanted to be in a relationship again and I felt I was
ready, but I was going about it the wrong way. It’s not that you can’t meet the one at a club but
it’s not easy(nor realistic). Summer came about and little did I know I would enter into a slump.

The Recession (My slump)

Chilling with my natural buddys shit like this was the norm

The recession not only hit the country but also hit me. I had easily gained over 25 pounds
because I stopped hitting the gym due to my gaming I met a girl who was really cool online
However when I met her in person she wasn’t that attractive to me. I ended up messing with her
aanyway but felt guilty for doing so. I was stuck, I mean I went out but nothing was happening.
The reason why I improved initially so fast was because I was willing to go out and have fun
while meeting women, it was a novelty to me. However that enthusiasm I lost long ago and my
passion was on “E”. Summer time has always been known for girls “Just to have fun”.

I started going out again, but instead of looking to “Game” I was going out just to have fun. I
went out with some buddies and crazy stuff would happen, however I was tired something was
messing. I was always a spiritual person; I had focused so much on myself, and improving with
women. That I forgot the important things in life, like friends, family and God. I analyzed
myself and realized that I needed to make goals which involved other things besides women. On
top of that the egos of the community became too much for me, a charlatan guru attacked me,
because I was doing everything he preached not to do and became successful at it. I became a
threat to him so to debunk me he would spread lies about me, in hopes of using me as a “front
runner” to further his business when he was a fraud himself who only cared about the accolades
and “props” that being a Guru garnered him. Being in the community taught me how to get the
girl, how to attract her, how to get her to sleep with me, but the community didn’t teach me how
to keep her once I had her. I noticed that a lot of community guys were just guys who loved to
“theorize” about women and weren’t as successful as they claimed, Typically the most
successful guys left the community once they became good cause they realized a lot of stuff
being spewed is total bullshit. I can honestly say I did improve with women, but at what price?

In Conclusion

I wish I could end this and say I achieved everything through the community that I set out to do.
However reality is there is more to life than women. The fulfillment you get from doing what
you truly love and being at peace with yourself is better than any prop or accolade you can get
from a field report. Too often people are worried about what others may think about them, when
they should just be worried about themselves. The key to success in life is balance, without it
happiness is hard to attain, however it’s easier said than done.