AL3ZAY Dream Challenges Whether you initially believe these challenges are attainable or not, try them with

the intent of using them to your advantage based on your own interests in waking life (and dream life) and see what happens. Some items may require advanced skills, but these skills are easily obtained with patience, and discipline. All should engage your inner creativity. 1. Determine a form for yourself, design every aspect of it and write it down. Be imaginative. Will you be a white shadow wolf made only of light? What color eyes? What powers and abilities? Once you have intricately designed this form for yourself, transform into it and direct your intent to the dreams of your friends that you are interested in visiting. If you want some form of theory to understand the direction of this challenge, here it is: There are many people in our lives that we would love to share the concepts of lucid dreaming with. Some of those people we have tried to explain it to, and some reject the idea as ludicrous. For those that do, enter their dream in your selected form. Aid them in a situation and do not reveal yourself. Spend time talking to them and displaying your powers and explaining how to use powers and other concepts of lucid dreaming to this person while they are dreaming. A dream such as this has a chance of being remembered by this person. When you next speak to them, probe for a little information on their latest dreaming, and see how they describe the experience they had. If they are even within range of the concrete details of said dream, what would happen if this entity continued to visit them? By virtue of dreams containing one entity who always visits you, with no repetition to the dream content, should they not begin to notice they are dreaming when you show up for a visit? I will argue no beliefs with anyone. Believe you can, or believe you can't, either way, you're right. Try it yourself and keep the results within. I know mine. 2. Summon to yourself, an endless storage pouch or bag. All items that you seek to keep nearby that you discover in the dream realm you can toss into the bag and upon thinking of that item when reaching inside, that is what you pull out. Design for yourself a set of weapons with various features and abilities that you will use to defend yourself in all dreams. Use of these weapons automatically by your dream self due to habitual usage over time by your lucid self, is yet another cue to dreaming, no? Or would this not happen? Find out. Combat in dreams is fun 3. Summon to yourself a creature companion. Design every aspect of it, and give it a living piece of your energy, set to replicate itself within this new creation. That will give it a consciousness. How to do this? You give it out of love. And it appears as only light. You may be surprised at the level of intelligence your new buddy will have. Most people who try this, end up with an entire stable of creature creations, all serving a specific purpose. With your new bright red and black striped shadow tiger at a standing height of 11ft and estimated 1,200lbs tackling you each time you pop into the dream realm, you might notice

(Battle masters are usually dragons) Adaptation in the battlefield is crucial. and it is before your eyes as real seeming as real can get. and then all of the sudden. and work your way into complexities. Learn to dissipate the momentum of hostile energy as it races towards you. and I mean very fast. and every one after. a lot. Express your intent to learn from him/her/it. learning to fight. Determine the color of the eyes. Don't just say "tiger with red and black stripes" and give it life. A lot can be learned there. however. as much as possible. 20. Try're dreaming pretty fast. cheers or boos. other times wastelands or jungles. the appearance of the fur. shiny. Learn to manipulate energy. They like to spar. Throw 1 fireball the size of a watermelon. (10:1. if there is a glow. 4. It's also knowledge I can use in waking reality. They learn very fast.000. Request from the dream a master teacher of (insert your subject of interest here). and to learn how to learn at an accelerated pace. Learn to absorb the energy around you to harness it for powered up attacks. Once you are done. Fire one blast of ice that shatters dummy dream figures. Random terrain/plant life and weather conditions. Sometimes cities and towns. 50:1) Fun in and of itself. Fight as many enemies of as many kinds with as many numbers as possible. summon to yourself a gauntlet battle master. as is communication. Start with basic foundations of what you need to accomplish. and many of the most fearsome looking beings are of very good sport. Some of the stipulations I like include: A very large area and random placing of myself and companions (or team with theirs or without) and our opponent(s). 6. You can even do this alone. but always leads to a greater desire for combat at improved levels. only with modified rules. and you see it look at you for the first time. Join 1 or 2 friends in a dream. capable of summoning sentient combatants in an arranged rules battle to incapacitation. only much faster with a teacher aiding you. Seek to learn at an accelerated pace. But you'll meet again. This is key. next dream. 20:1. there is much more that can be done than to settle for an earth-like appearance with just a substituted color. All because you had some fun dreaming.000 or higher) over time it will eliminate any fear of public speaking. Try it. 30 or more total rounds. Having to first stalk them before engaging is very exhilarating to say the can.. battle after battle for 10. performance or otherwise.000 maybe 1. It becomes a source of energy. Add spectators. 5. but rules which I still know. Wording is key to responses received. glistening with light within a range of orange to yellow? Can he/she heal or breathe fire? You should spend many anxious days and nights constructing it. prepare yourself for a collapsed dream.. (10. is it dull. . Watch your level of awareness improve in waking life in all situations. Take your time designing your new companion. Learn to push entities away from you with energy alone. Fire lightning blasts and gusts of wind capable of sending dummy dream figures miles. but with an ally is so much more fun. in a place where the rules are different.

continue on. I will however. change it in ways you feel would be optimal to completing the goal. BONUS CHALLENGES 1. then who cares? It is your success in discovering the truth or non-truth of the possibilities presented that matters. Ask the dream to show you something that will amaze you. If it is not. then so be it. Again. then record the actual amount of time you spent asleep. directly planning what it is you want to spend your dream time doing. your energy needs to be balanced for the day ahead. offer suggestions to perceived difficulties. and document them. If it is true for you. The level of focus needed to be maintained here is great. Treat it as if dreaming is just a continuation of what you are trying to accomplish overall.1 hour before your intended time to lucid dream. I will not debate in an endless loop of neither side having proof of the other. Some will say: "Show me scientific evidence of these challenges being possible. Though. Try it. Extend your lucid dream time to incredible amounts of time by entering the realm where time equals 10 (maybe 30) waking reality minutes per actual 1 minute of waking reality time. or you might collapse the dream. when you are still working on this. Spend the perceived end time-frame of the dream to relax and absorb nothing but positive.Strong opponents like dragons and gryphons. restorative energy and light into yourself. estimate how much time you spent performing the activities in your dream. Ask a question you sincerely want to know the answer to out loud. chief among them. then use them. In order to spend longer amounts of time in time-altered realms like these. and you might be surprised what your results are. Persistence pays off. visiting people in dreams as some form and having constant shared dreams that leads them to lucidity over time. and it is your decision to make whether or not these things are true. and what it felt like in total time spent. Imagination a must. your first order of business is learning how to improve your recall. spend that time. Come away with results thinking "objective completed". with simply different rules from waking reality. I will argue beliefs on the possibility of any of these challenges with no one." There is none. that is all that matters. and listen to them. A Tip: 30 minutes . I will provide nothing other than the information I believe would aid the endeavor by another who is seeking success in doing so themselves. Do not use logic when trying to understand them. If the first method attempted seems to not be working. Request a teacher. 7. Create a challenge for yourself that sounds as outlandish as these. When you enter this realm. if you find the results of your own experimentation to be true. do not let responses cause you to do too much pondering on them. directing your question to the sky. I will post 7 more challenges in a few more days. Converse with the dream. The . In the beginning. use your intuition.

Increase the intensity of this absorption until the sensation is so overwhelming. They know at what times to meet with you. apply knowledge and grasp concepts at a rapid pace. the front steps of the Library of Infinite Knowledge. They do not know what fear feels like. -How to learn. Give them an area to start searching. and do not fear the sight you see. fighting fire with fire and earth as the only fallback is so incredibly tough. and discarding the others. 3. and tell them it is for them to have a goal while you are away. in 2 months. fruits. request a teacher that will teach you all about how to lucid dreamat will. but they are tough to defeat. yet retaining it's shape. (or whatever your time allows you to do) -Learn which herbs. -How to think more like how a computer processes information. assign them to a child to watch over while that child is awake. and hide the locations of these tests in the cosmos. and how to find you. each orb containing 7 evolutionary changes in the design. and abilities of your companion. -How to lucid dream at will. who will pull up any of the data it is that you wish to learn or simply know for your own reasons. is that you spend your initial sessions learning the following: -How to retain and recall all information perceived either in waking or dreaming realms. When they have found them all. Blow into this horn. My suggestion at this time. They are good sports. but fun. because all things have a counter. BONUS CHALLENGES PT. Challenge a shadow dragon to a duel of fire and earth elements only. and vegetables would be useful in any injury/illness related waking reality situation where help is not nearby. Summon to yourself a shadow horn. This is a great aid in improving your skills rapidly. They will combine their abilities and determine things for themselves in ways you did not consciously think of. When a test is completed. Your intent gives it its properties. Learn completely what takes four years of college. teleport to or summon to you. taking only those changes they want to obtain.source of this energy is all of the neutral energy surrounding you. you can use the horn you summoned to call on him/her when you need a strong ally. Do not fear what they do. design for it 7 orbs of light. and how to stabilize each dream so that you only awaken when you want to. behind encounters and obstacles meant to test their skills. Note how you feel throughout the entire day. I will keep these challenges rolling along. Hukif. Should you defeat one. Who needs a doctor? . They are a living being. Enter and meet the librarian. Learn how to calculate multiple results of known data and simple/complex rule-sets in milliseconds. 2. accept this. so they do things that are meant to draw that out in you. When you have entered a time-altered realm. you awaken. and to stabilize dreams so you only awaken when you want to. The following are the last bonus challenges for this week. Lock them away. Dragons are very strong opponents. when your day starts off this way. they will find and absorb the orb. billowing with black smokey fog. Once you have created your creature companion. The next time you are lucid. Their personality will show more and more the next time you see them after they have found an orb while you were away. without thinking vocally in words. but will start to update the 1st post after this one. 2 1.

preferably a companion. Create a companion for a child you know. Do not enter the time altered realms past 1 hour to 1 minute without a dreaming reminder. you only need to illuminate the area as soon as you are there. and if this waking reality we knew before lucid dreaming is just one shared dream with perfect continuity. nightmarish beings you could imagine here. Make sure to summon a watch that will track how long you have been in that realm. be ready for this. converted to how long you have been sleeping in actual waking reality minutes. His question will be: "What do you seek?". based on that child's interests. as there will be millions of spectators. You will build lasting friendships competing in this manner. It makes one wonder what death really is anyways. Gryphons make incredible defenders. Give it life. Winning here. If your team wins the tournament. Fear won't exist in you after having faced enough of these types of beings. and I already feel like I've lived for hundreds. while dragons are incredible team leaders. and . with or against. 60 minutes was 60 years. you WILL lose complete track of time spent there. Once you have enough information from them. I wish I had a name that could be readily identifiable for the other types of beings you will fight alongside. Join the Coliseum Tournament. Probe them for information on what their companion would be like. you not only get the most glorious trophy I've ever witnessed. and I spend a lot of time restoring it before I can wake up and proceed with the day. and how long you have been asleep. and the ONLY thing reminding me that I was dreaming. You will face some of the most fearsome. is simply for bragging rights. will be pitted against a sole. make them use their imagination. but create it with evolution and growth in mind. and set it's growth rate. you will be provided with gift only you know how to use. There is much to learn in the library. and what changes will take place in it based on choices the child makes in raising it. to bring the child to you for instruction and training. You will be the only human on your team. Tell it that if you happen to be dreaming at the same time as the child. You NEED some form of cue to remind you that you are dreaming. This tournament pits 5 completely different beings together as a team to face off against other teams of 5 in a battle to incapacitation. 2. You will regret it if you do. and will instantly assume you are there for a challenge. Check it often.When you are in this realm. Do not let the crowd make you nervous. Solve 3 riddles. Challenge the Great Riddler Tree to solve his riddles. or accepts your challenge. One of these battles usually drains all of my energy. There are all types and kinds of creatures and spin offs of creatures. was my phoenix. You might even be appointed to lead your team. I entered the realm of 1 year in waking reality minutes to 1 actual minute of waking reality time. Working with other sentient beings makes you appreciate your access to the greater universe a lot more than just looking at them from afar. Take on the Coliseum Challenge. I actually want a rematch with a particular being. I have not won one of these tournaments yet. create it. and you will not need to fight anything to reach him. Start it off as a baby. add some aspects of your own to this creature. His home is in The Dark Cavern. powerful entity in a battle to incapacitation. 4. You could look upon the devil himself and laugh at how his appearance is compared to a Shadow Hopper. He is a very friendly fellow. you are infused with energy that will bring you incredible "luck" for 1 year in your waking life. Your response to his first question will determine if he kicks you out. I have been defeated more than I have won in this challenge. 5. 3. because you WILL forget after a long period of time in this realm. You and a team of 4 others. or dreaming. then tell it its assignment and to go find the child and watch over them when they are awake. He speaks in rhymes. human or not.

and your abilities on the fly and they are yours upon entering their physical realm. I find them fun. and he will provide you a warp-hole to go wherever you want. 1. This will become your home base in the stars. Solve 10 and receive 5.for what to use it for. and to test them. entertaining. you are already accepting where you are going. has to be possible for everything to be possible. It doesn't become. that when you go to sleep. though still of and connected to their dream realm. relaxing. simply take your gifts that you've earned (if you've earned them). You can do this by absorbing and intending the neutral energy around you into yourself. Warp to any empty location for billions of miles in the cosmos. Solve 7 and receive 3. These challenges should hopefully get people's minds running at a million miles an hour at what truly is possible. it'll be "time to dream". If you get any of the riddles wrong. In your various fruits. an ecosystem of extraordinary plant life and fruits. These things include: -A fruit that heals any waking reality ailment or illness you might have. peaceful. The primary purpose of some of these challenges is to create such levels of permanence to your dreams by creating things you use and interact with only in dreams so often. and I learn from them. He will challenge you to keep going. Your endless bag will come in handy here. Miss one after the first 3. Create creatures that hang out there. Solve 5 and receive 2 gifts. Once you discover that impossible is only a word because the possibility of an impossibility existing. changes. and inhabit it daily. If you cannot solve one. -A fruit that fills you with complete peace and tranquility. -A fruit that charges you with energy and an alert state of mind. No problem. and focused location for yourself to inhabit when you need to get away. or self. ADDITIONAL CHALLENGE . and warps you to another realm where you are to watch over an entity for a time. your entire perspective on what life is. He will leave you with a scroll containing advice for future attempts. and the concept of time especially. what you would find to be the most beautiful. and that are focused on so much. and you lose your gift. Create a spherical area that none but you and invited guests can pass through the size of a small planet. you will be warped to another location and locked from his cavern for 1 week waking reality time. Awakening from one of these is nothing short of incredible. Will you have a mansion? A zen garden? A combination of many modern and futuristic ideas in one place? A glistening lake with incredibly outlandish dolphin creatures swimming and singing? Snow surrounding the outside? Design this place with great imagination. if you have a long day ahead And for fun and other things that are interesting to experience: -A fruit that turns you into a consciousness with no sense of past. to aid them in something. instill features you want to feel upon waking. your HQ. You must choose your form. This is truly your happy place. You know what you have . Enter this area and construct for yourself.Anyone of any skill level can use the following and cross its effects over into waking life. "will I lucid dream this time?".

This is how you play: A cloud will appear and sweep you into the sky. the cloud will recite to you 3 concrete facts about your opponent that you can use to identify them. IMPROVE YOUR AWARENESS Play a game of Hunter against as many types of sentient enemies as possible. and use technology to jump even higher or farther or fly for a short duration. and their abilities will be auto-balanced to fit the rules of the game. When you are out of these. boomerang-type weapons and more. The rules of your load-out are as follows: -3 Melee Weapons doing up to 2 types of elemental damage each. In this area. Below you. and what you want to do with your time while dreaming. Their ammunition can be infinite.These will heal your wounds. defeating him to get to it if you must. Your opponent will be placed somewhere else. pain is pain for as long as you let it defeat your spirits. You will be given 1 fact about the treasure. a 10 mile by 10 mile area will be created at complete random and you will be placed in it. Elements cannot be of the type that would cancel another. Guns. and you cannot teleport or portal around.there. everything is available for as long as you care to acknowledge that it's there. There are 20 in each match. -3 Energy Infusers . say "I wish to play Hunter with a random sentient opponent". You are not going to die. Your companion can fly. There. If you want a random opponent. there are stations you can use around the area to heal yourself. You are not capable of super speed past a certain point. They are pools of light.) . and they have a limited amount of energy contained in them. You cannot fly. intend this. -2 Ranged Weapons of any kind. offensive and defensive tools based on what you perceive your opponent is. The impulse has been removed from the experience and you are embracing its tools and possibilities. You will be given 10 minutes to prepare yourself. You will not see your opponent until you engage in combat for the first time. no matter how much agony you may be in. You two are the only living beings capable of engaging in combat. what your goals are. You can super jump. If you want a certain type of opponent. and will disappear when depleted. Your objective is to find it before your opponent. Do what it is that you enjoy doing. with no homing abilities. Everything else there will be harmless dream figures. a treasure useful either to you or your opponent will be hidden. This the time you will spend creating your weaponry. which are persistent throughout the round. You will be sapped of energy if you destroy any innocent dream figure that is not your actual opponent. but can only use one element and of limited energy. Fire and water cannot be on the same weapon. the same distance from the treasure as you. bows. and you can bring 1 companion with you. You are limited to 3 types of ammunition per weapon. This is a battle where incapacitation is temporary but contains a penalty.

Use powers that help you identify plant life and its effects on you in the game. but rather must rely on finding the treasure without using combat and only sparsely using powers. On the front of it will be a map of the area. they will have your first clue. as clues will be everywhere. Scope implants for your eyes that allow you to see clearly a soda can at a mile. and completing these tasks for them will provide you with some item or map location that will aid your search for the treasure. As your opponent . though it is tough. no? You have many dream figures that will need help with something. If you find something you believe will be useful in the hunt. like a health bar in a video game. At this time a scroll will appear in front of you. You might also find some elixirs or be given something by a dream figure for doing something specific that you can use. Meat that increases your energy force power by 2 times. Search for a dream figure that is surrounded by plumes of light. a drink that allows you to view through walls for a few minutes. and the single fact about the treasure. This game teaches you to be aware of everything in your surroundings. which are gadgets that provide you with some form of sensory bonus. but not to be paranoid. Each time you are defeated your energy cap is less and less until you are almost incapable of fighting using energy actively for a duration of time. Visual cues will show you when your defensive powers are going to be crushed for over-use. save them for later. When a glowing yellow orb hovering in front of you in your preparation area explodes with green light. Discovering a leaf that when chewed allows you to warp around for 3 minutes would be pretty useful. there needs to be an arbitrary cap on each of your energy levels. You will start off without a clue as to where to start. You can re-enter the match at this point and continue to hunt for the treasure if it has not been found yet by your opponent. Use your environment to your advantage. The usefulness and power of these gadgets will be auto-balanced and shown to you on the item itself. time to move. At this point you are not weary or incapable of agility and speed. on the back will be the details given to you that are used for identifying your opponent. -7 Food & Drink items that will have various effects that you decide at the max energy power allowed for these items. defeat your enemy. Adapt and succeed.-1 Pouch capable of holding 50 items of any size. -2 Utility Items. It can be done. The duration and power of these items is decided by the internal rules of the game. Anything you find is legal to have in your pouch. When you are completely drained you explode into a million tiny pieces and then 1 second later appear in your preparation area with a skull floating in front of you to let you know you've been defeated. -You may use any and all powers you can conceive in your imagination. In order to be able to actually. etc. you only need to decide the specific effects on your being you want to achieve. etc. though their effects will be auto-balanced so that you are not invincible.

Start with the same color in each. and this is true of all companions). but in a foreign realm. and let me tell you. or your actual neighborhood. You will need to multi-task frequently and to be aware of many things using your senses. They will always alert you of something they detect that you should pay attention to. View the energy of your own room. After playing a full match of Hunter and winning a few times.initially. Intend to see energy and perceive it directly (do not try to see energy. they will transform into these things to let you know of their presence in your dreams. trees. You are exactly the same. and move to the music bringing swirling balls of energy to your palms. it's all kind of fun to do. Every chimera has a default form that they spend the majority of their time in. so it will give off a glow.gets closer and closer to you. Week 2 Challenges Round 2 of challenges. because you will have a very playful. Working With Energy . rich valley of only grass. and your little buddy will glow with whatever color represents his/her/ its personality in their most basic shape you always see them in. a lush. They will probe your weaknesses to be more like them. comparable to a family dog. 2. Create Defender Chimeras . 1.. Note: If you are not in a normal dream.Creating a companion chimera is a double-edged sword for some people. Your companion however is alive with selfawareness. The incredible draw to what the concept and symbolism of this creature is able to do is that they are some of the best defensive creatures I know of. Summon birds or a musician to play slow calming music of your preference. fearless due to their endless flexibility. Keep them the same size throughout this exercise to start. Then put one different color in each hand and . notice how aware you are when you are awake. friend's houses. simply let your perception adjust. except their bite is much stronger than bark by a long-shot. Absorb the energy of the sound waves around you. Do this with 7 colors. You can decide this form. fruits. Hold on to that color and that type of energy until you have made a complete determination of how it has made you feel. Do not choose this if you are prone to getting creeped out and freezing up. If you create one that has a rather daring personality (in some way they will mirror yourself. items will give off the glow of the energy they contain if you wish to view that directly.. creepy thing trying to gain your affection. and do not think of seeing in terms of using your eyes to perform any technique). you will feel it. or allow it to be random. and feel that type of energy and determine how it makes you feel emotion-wise. Identifying them should always be an active thought in your mind. you are made of energy.This task requires you to summon around yourself for miles. random has VERY interesting results. but testing to see if you will know that it is them. and you are prone to certain weaknesses of fear. Any dream item that is of normal lucid dreams in your own mind's space will not give off the glow of energy as your mind is doing all the projecting. spy on them and tell them what they were up to. flowers. and water.

because you are. it teaches very well and contains vast knowledge. However. are just more compounded and evolved forms of the same energy differing itself and combining in more and more complex ways. diamond. they will know you are gone. The music will stop. You and everything that makes you up. the smartest thing to do. congratulations. continue to improve and work with energy in more ways. If you win. which requires sleeping for recharging of energy) fighting. Keep the material the same across all 7. and they kind of tickle when you absorb them. wood. relaxing place you could possibly ever be in. and then shoot. solid objects. A voice may speak to you coherently and clearly. Use both palms to harness one larger ball of energy between them. and real as this world you are in now. do not relax in the same position you went to sleep in. Energy stacked upon other forms of energy all are still energy. Determine the type of opponent you would like to face. Perceive its energy to determine if it is but a dream projection. until you repeat the steps and intend yourself back to Earth's realm. but broken down it is the same energy at its most basic quality as every other form of energy in the universe. and simply going to sleep will not remove you from it. Doing so intends you to transfer your matter body to the area you are inhabiting in the dream realm. or a you is a self-aware energy piece of the whole of the universe. You can visualize them as plumes of light. Fight to incapacitation. It is also after your energy. All energy is connected. Quarks. 7 large. and to invite some friends to increase the scale if he/she/it so chooses. restorative. thrust or otherwise expel the ball of energy away from you and into your dummy objects. . The music will stop. This is no lack of energy anywhere in the universe because the whole of the universe itself IS energy. you must be valiant to not use it all in your conquests of the universe to not be able to get out of bed because you spent all the time meant for restorative body sleep (the matter form of energy. absorbing peaceful. obelisks. Waking up is waking up for real. Tell the musician to initiate battle music. Note the exact effect on that particular object. It cannot lie. Balance Your Energy . do not. throw. and voice your intent to be paired up with one. how is this possible? Everything. in every sense of the word. It will oblige. learning. in that place. would be to create the most spectacular. Do this 7 times. molecules. is energy. What about evolution? Energy evolved itself into everything that exists. Do this with 7 colors.determine how you feel with the combination of colors you have chosen. You say. Do this for 10 minutes in waking minutes after a long journey and you will feel great when you awaken to do daily life things. though it is more cunning than you. concrete. It will be as solid. and generally using energy to get things done. and perform the steps. cell. You are to immediately tell it that it is only to address you as a direct response to a direct verbal question from you or you will silence it forever. If someone is going to be looking for you. is energy.Dreaming requires the expenditure of energy. healing. similar to your skill level. Tell the musician to start again. and I mean. Realms. Summon before you. this time with a higher tempo. A form of energy. create a sphere of influence so that none but you can inhabit it. atoms. The only thing that makes a me. If you do not believe this and are daring enough to try it. when broken down to its most basic of basic of basic forms. The end part of your dreaming sessions should be spent in a relaxed state. I cannot stress warning enough for something like this. 3. or a self-aware being. Any reaction that could have gone off all each have the same basic quality of the same exact form of energy. your chimeras will chase off anything that attempts to do more than engage in a test of skill. and beyond. and alert-charged energies. etc.

holding that position for the length of time it takes to fall asleep and enter dreaming. is alive. They will appear like sizzling blobs when you perceive them directly as energy. which then. ever again. complete with all the items you'd need. will be removed and repaired by your body. and after thoroughly reviewing your life's experiences in objective. with the theme of relaxation in that challenge. beings. and die of complete terror and panic at their situation. 5. There are scouts that will start to show up in your dreams. Reviewing your life objectively in this manner will release all the emotional turmoil you dealt with at that time that locked away some of your energy to remind you not to be harmed in this method again. Review Your Life . to the current space you are inhabiting.dimensions. I would absolutely hate for someone to do this unknowingly. Energy itself. viewing you from behind the illusion of an object in your dream that is not energy. You simply state it in your mind or out loud and expect your results. When you have gained more energy from your practice in working with it. Do not give them your attention. or give them a verbal send off. . All things are possible because all things are energy.This is where WakingNomad's advice comes into play. more and more locked away energy back to yourself. Your energy levels need to be high to complete this without waking up depleted of energy with a need to spend time recovering. The benefit to this process is that you can create all-inclusive realms where you can work on a project or experiment for instance. They will be the greatest oddity in the scene. you will have a much more profound awareness of every minute of your life that was harmful to you in some way as a person. It is energy all the same in the universe. Intending sounds like something difficult. Your energy attracts them because it is greater than theirs and is sought after. and intend to go back to incidents in your life. from your energy. and then to repeat falling asleep in that position. physical body and all. make them leave by noticing them behind their illusion. You can go to sleep in a lucid dream and not have to worry about a thing. for there is no escaping it other than to repeat the steps. You will gain as a result. which also restores locked away energy. However. and do not try to add any further technique to it. Any psychosomatic illness you might have that is recurring. and repeating it while lucid. Some unknown force will give you a feeling of being sucked at high speed down a tunnel. You have done all that is needed it will happen.. Discipline Your Mind. Dreaming of going to sleep in the 1:1 exact same position you fell asleep in while in this physical realm intends you to transfer realms. except for a dream you are intending until you follow the steps above. 4. This is where perceiving energy directly comes in handy. As you move from item to item. These memories will never bother you in any way.Dreaming will open up into a whole new light with your new levels of energy. but that comes. The only technique I've heard or been able to get to work is to point the pinky finger at the item you intend to perceive energetically. creates energy. you will start to attract the attention of foreign energy. Guard Your Energy . emotional encounters that have locked away a piece of your energy. and the most vivid reliving of your life's memories will take place. There is nothing you can find in all the expanse of the infinite universe. It takes a high level of discipline to fall asleep in a position. mature detail with a new mindset. but it's composition will be different from yours. but there is no technique.Silence your mind. The hardest part of this is determining the exact position you fell asleep in.

being able to fly without gravity bogging you down. the energy from those beings that wanted nothing more than "benefits". and the little scouts that show up in your dreams are the ones that will take you there. You can test this by asking questions. it can be anything. The universe is a very hostile place. changing the scene and plot of the dream via false awakenings (closing . From there. and you will have no access to them. Train your faults out of yourself. Doing this will bring all clarity back. returning to your hands when you start to lose stability. It's basically the universe's failsafe. This process is where that saying came from. People talk about things like selling your soul to the devil. By agreeing to stay. start to move from dream to dream.As you begin to discover more about and improve yourself in dreaming. you agree to give up all your energy and to spend eternity generating energy for other beings while you enjoy all the "benefits" of that realm. such as your hands. as clear and coherent as any you've ever heard will speak to you. promising things like knowledge. Be without weakness. material items. to which you will always receive a response that is true. The energy required by other beings to explore the universe comes from this realm. only to hear a voice respond with the precise answer to that thought. sensual pleasure. and cannot tell a lie. The real downfall. is you will not forget your family. and basically explaining all the benefits of that realm compared to this one. Immediately. you just might fall into that trap. as a result of your thoughts and anything you voice out loud. your friends. focus on individual items in your dreams until they change shape. If you have weaknesses and are prone to seeking things that mean nothing. without succumbing to its lure. It is very coercive. At this point you can use its vast knowledge to your advantage. I tested this many times and it is only capable of saying what's what. put this voice in its place. It will coax you in many ways to try and get you to stay in that realm. this entity is very cunning. you will as a result gain a higher level of awareness and a higher level of energy. there will be a point in time that a voice. At first you will think you are losing your bearings. etc. It contains vast knowledge of any subject you could possibly conceive. even if you feel you did not know the answer beforehand. Once you have gained enough to draw the attention of foreign energy. The conditions required are the ability to focus on items in dreams without losing stability. You may have a fleeting question enter your mind. To aid in your ability to focus without losing lucidity. and you are not safe behind the veil of "it's just a dream" after a certain point. It will ask you if you want to explore its realm. However. When you are capable of doing this without stability being lost. and can do things that trick you with the truth. gaze quickly from item to item in your dreams. but that voice will never give the intent of malice or anything that would make you apprehensive of it. so long as it is something that will always be there. separate of you. and requires that you are always on your toes. Be strategic without feeling fear. When they no longer change shape actively. etc. start with a starting point. Those that are seeking freedom beyond material things and recognize that there is no destination in eternity will blow past this trap and have at their disposal. It's the ultimate game of cat and mouse. and to be able to change dreams in an endless slew of false awakenings without losing focus or lucidity. Do not allow it to speak freely. Be aware without being paranoid. because only the truth is intent. There is no leaving that realm.

Appeared in the shape and size of a small . take another bite and keep riding along. nor bitterness. These will not affect your ability to wake up on command. and contains no additional effects I have found. This is very helpful for restoring clarity to dreams that were losing stability due to emotional volatility. and heightening your senses and awareness to markedly high levels. . knowing exactly what you want to do. so you might want to play with that. brown in color. full of light. or would simply like to rest and restore before engaging in a new activity. The taste was the same as above. Use your focus point to restore full clarity to the dream scene. This fruit tells your mind to silence vocal thinking and to engage computational thinking based on your will. The consistency was like a thick juice. When you can do these things. or going from one scene to another by focusing your gaze on an item in the distance until you are pulled to it almost magnetically. Take a bite or two out of one of these when you feel you are getting too excited. Clarity and Definition will also rise to alarming levels. Eating the outer shell is not necessary. but with the texture of an Air Head candy and the chewiness of a Skittle candy. There was no sweetness. they appeared in the shape of a pear with blue skin with navy dots all over in various spacings and patterns. having decided through all the possibilities available at that moment instantly. in the shape of a zucchini. . The taste was like slightly sweet bread. and the inside containing a blue. intent. Eat a whole one of these if you need to restore a lot of spent energy for the day ahead.Fruit of Inner Silence .For me. Everyone who reaches a certain point in their dreaming practices encounters it. The Usage of Fruits .Fruit of Focused Dream Balance . Take a bite of one of these when you need to turn off the internal dialogue. with the hardness of a fortune cookie. glowing juice that tasted like a slightly bitter water. BONUS CHALLENGE 1. It's all in the juice it appears.These bad boys were also in the shape of a pear.Fruit of Restorative Energy . This means you don't have to debate decisions and you make the decision you would have made.your eyes for 1 . or even shortly before because you've practiced them inadvertently. the following fruits: They will grow right out of the ground wherever you are standing and will only contain 1 fruit unless you request more. but golden yellow. A bite will suffice after a skirmish if needed. . . The plant that sprouts these things is pretty incredible to look at. If you start to feel yourself having non-dream related or distracting vocal thoughts that could destabilize the dream. prepare yourself for this voice. Your endless bag will come in handy once again. and you will be restored to clarity and peace of emotion. and other activities of your mind strictly on dreaming. Their taste was watery and pulpy and the skin like that of an apple.Fruit of Emotional Balance .Appeared green. . thought process.Summon to yourself.medium sized coconut.3 seconds and then opening them). Drinking an entire one of these will focus your complete mind on dreaming to the extent of solidifying your attention. and desire. and very enjoyable. or your emotions are moving too far in one direction. but only because I gave no intent towards preference of taste looking back.

Eliminate fear. if you can get through without getting hit at all. The second part. without being hit in some way that would kill in waking reality. that's fine. If you wanna play some funny pranks. 2. Now. Put enemies into these scenarios that are hunting you down. The first. and you'll have a laugh when you wake up and remember your failure to dodge. the weakness that will be tested is random. to overcoming a weakness of yours. Awareness without paranoia. If they don't make it to you. This word is needed because you will commit to yourself. Ready your weapons. and other configurations of colors possible here) -Appearance (what is it contained in?) -Effects (Use your imagination!) After you have done this. Then give one to a DC and have them drink it. I have counted the base effects lasting on me for about 40 minutes waking reality time. drink one of them. Multi-Tasking & Decision Making .This challenge requires you harness raw neutral energy. Elixers & Other Potions . However. Stability of the dream state will be markedly easy to maintain for a good while. make it to the finish line without getting hit by a boulder. powerful enemies. 2. and make it out of the situation with everyone who is with you alive. Create more fruits for yourself.Give yourself a code-word.This challenge has two parts. with high endurance. Intent could make the effects last longer. Express your intent to have large boulders flung onto the 100 yard area at random intervals after you begin to engage. Eliminate Weaknesses . summon a finish line.Do not become distracted with validation of its realness. Get hit. lest you lose lucidity and have the most real seeming dream and wake up not knowing whether or not you're still dreaming. that when uttered out loud will wake you from your dreaming. New Challenges Round 3 of Challenges: 1. and give it the following properties: -Liquid form -Consistency -Taste -Color(s) (multiple. swirling. summon an area of society of your choosing. 100 yards from your current location. you can have a field day sending these to friends. nice job. and create a natural disaster such as an earthquake or other serious event. Summon 20 large. and learning how to do it without need for the fruit. Shout out to the dream with emotion: . while defeating all enemies that stand in your way. Drinking one of these makes it very difficult to wake up until the effects have worn off. This should aid some in stabilizing and lengthening their dreams. but when it's over it goes away semi-slowly to allow you to recognize the state of mind you need to engage to do this without its usage.

truthful. any item. suddenly the power it had is gone. Train your weaknesses out of yourself.Is anyone there? If someone is there. get it done. and retention of said information is much better. test a weakness of mine!" and be very brave for what comes next. You are now forcing yourself to face yourself. ."I will awaken only when I utter the word (insert your code-word here).On separate occasions.Give me an experience I will always cherish! 4. after your energy.) . Think your way through everything. You might need to repeat the same type of test a few times. Any situation can be presented that is relevant to you on a deep. should you get a response. If you are bitten.Take an item. By dealing with it and thinking your way through it. but to start out make it something simple.panic or succumb to fear under any circumstances.. and refine your project.not. Usually the puzzle that you have to solve within yourself is not as bad as you seemed to believe it was. Say for instance you have a phobia of spiders. later in the day tomorrow. and that is based on wording your intent.Show me what is most likely to happen tomorrow that I will learn about. It's easier to materialize what you need instead of using words to summon it. Get a great look at that item and just dive into all of its details with your senses and focus on it. shout these statements to the dream itself: . you are not really being bitten. vast knowledge. Not possible you say? So be it. But they cannot harm you. Poised to teach.. Insecurities can and will be conquered with this method if you repeat it until there is nothing left to deal with on that level. taking these experiences into your waking reality project. Summon to yourself all of the necessary items of said project. 3. but materialization requires skilled visualization. and should you use your code-word.I want a guided trip through (insert Earth or universal location here) telling me information about everything I see! Telepathy makes absorption of information far easier and faster. symbolic or literal level that needs dealing with. Intricate Planning . let them crawl around on you. Some report inconsistencies. A Shot In The Dark . This will give you what seems like days more time to plan and systematically progress through any objective. imagination is absolutely necessary. Cat and mouse. likeable and coercive. so practicing the following (while awake) will help: . You might be thrown into a room full of them.. you will be very disappointed in yourself and should be motivated by that alone to get it right the next time. . and continue to plan. Do. research.Say you have a project of interest that you would like to work on. Symbolism is rampant. everywhere..I want to feel and be surrounded by (insert positive item of interest here)! . of all types and kinds and even non-Earthly in appearance. it is only their appearance that repulses you. it will be it. Then close . speak up! (remember that voice I mentioned. Ask questions about them. you are being tested.

use this visualization technique with your eyes open and simply intend or will the item into materialization. intricate detail of every item you put your focus on. Going into your dreams. Do this until you can completely see in your mind's eye the full. It gets much simpler with practice.your eyes and visualize every detail 1:1 of the item you were just focused on. as all things do. .

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