The philosophy behind Project Life is to simplify the process of memory-keeping.
It’s also to encourage the documentation of everyday life. Sure, there are big moments, milestones, fun trips, and special occasions in life. Naturally, we want to photograph and document those times. But what about the rest of our existence - 99% of our life? What does your everyday life look like? What are your routines and habits and ordinary experiences that make you who you are? Who are the people and what are the things that surround you each day? When we take time to notice the “little things”, we are more keenly aware of how blessed we are. We might even become more aware of how we can live a better life.

- the mess in the kitchen sink - what your junk drawer looks like - your favorite cozy spot - where you spend the most time - how you decorate - a favorite piece of furniture or piece of art - something you’ve made recently - messes made by little ones/pets - stacks of papers or bills - where your pet likes to hang out - your laundry “system” - favorite chores/least favorite chores - your mailbox - staple snacks that are always on-hand - a favorite dinner on repeat mode - a project you’re working on right now - your computer area, including the surrounding mess - morning rituals (brushing teeth, fixing hair, etc.) - nightly rituals (bath time, reading books, etc.) - how you organize your towels/dishes/anything - the family calendar - your favorite view outside the window (from inside) - step outside your front door + snap a picture of that view - that crack in the window or drywall that still needs to painted or some unfinished project that nags you every day - where the toys go (and toys left in “play mode”) - the daily process of checking email or going through mail - making dinner or baking something (a messy kitchen) - stand just outside a bedroom door, looking in at the scene - that place where you drop your keys by the door - inside your refrigerator - inside a closet or drawer (get before and after) - wide-angle, zoomed-out pictures of each room - the clutter or big mess before you tackle the cleaning/ organization project (and after!) - trying a new recipe - weekend routines (projects, building forts in the family room, going for a walk) - your furry companion’s favorite place to be while you’re busy doing your thing - typical breakfast - what you pack for lunch - lay in your child’s bed and get a picture of their perspective - how you read/watch the news - the front of your house (and the back ... and all angles) - your house number (on the actual house or the mailbox) - the “things” your child has to have on their bed - evidence of when someone is sick (medicine, tissues, etc.) - a home remodel/construction in progress - notes/artwork on the fridge - piano books left out on the piano - what is being practiced - the condition of made/unmade beds when everyone leaves - where shoes are dropped when coming home - laundry room- piles of laundry to be washed - where the backpacks are dropped each day after school - teenage daughter’s bathroom counter - backyard trampoline or basket hoop - inside the garage – tools, equipment, bikes, etc. - bath time routine - someone in the act of cooking or baking - someone practicing their musical instrument - view from your balcony - cars in the garage or driveway - mowing the grass, pulling weeds, or other yard work - list of favorite/recorded shows on the TV - inside your shower – shampoo, soap, shaving supplies

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attire or uniform they wear to work/school .what’s the view in your rear-view mirror (not while you’re driving of course) .where you get your exercise .capture that moment of a hug when someone comes home .dr.capture that moment of joy when your child is happiest .dance studio/soccer field/gym/pool you frequently visit .convenient store soda fountain .favorite neighbors (in front of their house would be perfect) .got little ones around your ankles? Take a picture of your view looking straight down at them .gas station.a favorite mentor or leader in your life .your work place .how many miles you have on your car right now .what’s inside your grocery cart . or bad hair day . doing not much of anything .use the timer on your camera and get in a picture of you reading to/playing with a child . etc.your view waiting in the carpool line . diaper prices. etc.EVE RY DAY L I FE PHOTO I DEAS P L AC ES .photograph something a loved one has written or drawn .capture them focusing on something they’re working on . signs.the street sign(s) near your house .their little physical quirks (like sticking their tongue out when they draw or always sitting with their legs crossed) . train tracks.fast food drive thru .where you eat lunch on a work day or school day .find a way to take a picture that represents an inside joke .gas station ..co-workers . lunch.PAGE 2 - .bank ..where you get haircuts . bridges.local park/playground .) .your neighborhood .a snapshot of the inside of your car . .chores: photograph them in cleaning mode .pharmacy.) .you or a family member in the middle of exercise routine .plan a one-on-one date with your spouse or child + photograph your time together .grocery store-food prices.town markers/monuments (water tower. offices.homework time .someone while they’re reading their favorite book or playing with their favorite toy . ortho visits PROJ ECT LIFE | b ec kyhiggins.family members hanging out.car wash .morning coffee stop .you or a family member in the work environment .little bits of “evidence” that your family members or roommates leave around .playing a game or doing a puzzle together .your guilty pleasure (favorite treat) .bed head . formula prices.try to get a multi-generational picture of a child/parent/ grandparent (or more!) . location..the grocery store .favorite camping spot (tent and other supplies) .medications .the driver and passengers on a road trip .what you’re carting around in the trunk or back of your car right now .hand the camera to someone in the passenger or back seat so they can get a picture of you in the drivers seat .your child actually in the act of writing or drawing or creating .a favorite hairstyle for each family member .class field trips (bus ride.one of your “happy places” .. dentist.prices of gas .your child’s big mess before clean-up .where you attend church .hobbies: photograph them doing their favorite thing .com PEO P LE .favorite local restaurant .obviously we should photograph our very dearest friends! .the kids’ school .your child’s teacher(s) and coach(es) .post office .movie theater .

favorite pair of flip flops or hat in the summer .a current collection .a gift you recently received .favorite or traditional foods specific to a season .7 day forecast .your recipe books or how you collect/store your recipes .holiday cards you receive . shoveling snow. trimming bushes. and after picture.com SE ASO N S .an object that reminds you of a loved one no longer here or living far away .your to-do list .magazines you subscribe to .favorite seasonal accessories (boots.cell phone screen shot from weather app .screen shot of a text conversation . during.local farm or open landscape in your area .your grocery list .take detailed pictures of blossoms or ice cycles or crunchy leaves .your cell phone . sunglasses) . etc .your go-to pair of shoes that you wear most days . ereader.photograph the weather on a “typical” day in your area during each season .current favorite game (the “real” kind.flowers/leaves/snow in your backyard .tie collection in his closet .sunrise/sunset ..how you bundle up for the cold .your stack of holiday cards before they go in the mail . gloves.how you organize/where you store your holiday decorations .outside thermometer or rain gage . tablet.current book you’re reading . flowers.a gift you’re about to give .holiday decorations in your home .PAGE 3 - .choose a tree in your yard to photograph each season .what’s inside your purse/wallet/briefcase . garden .a comfort item (cozy socks. robe.favorite tv shows right now .favorite new song you’re downloading .your movie or music collection .EVE RY DAY L I FE PHOTO I DEAS TH I N GS .favorite beauty/hygiene products .receipts from this week’s errands .splashing in puddles . or the virtual kind) .yard work in any season (raking leaves..a collection of your all-time favorite books .preparing or working in the garden .favorite drink .) . blanket) .what’s inside your grocery cart .view of stars at night .your technology .making something? Take a before.favorite outfits (they say we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time) .screen shot from your computer or cell phone .the purse/wallet/briefcase you carry every day . .shoe collection .clothes picked up from the dry cleaner PROJ ECT LIFE | b ec kyhiggins.computer.the office supplies (at home or work) that you can’t live without .favorite jewelry .your most-used kitchen appliances or tools .blooming fruits.that certain something that you or someone has an attachment to (a child’s favorite blanket or your spouse’s favorite weekend t-shirt) . hats.where you store accessories .

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