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ISBN: 978-93-5004-509-1 | Pages: 476| Authors: Jain, Verma, Kartikey, KLSI | Price: ` 449/he book entitled Production and Operations Management is designed to help managers in making effective production and operations decisions. The concise and accessible style of the book is suitable for students pursuing management and other applied courses. The book effectively blends together the theoretical and practical concepts to make readers comprehend and apply these concepts in their studies and professional life. The summary and end-of-chapter exercises provide recapitulation of the essential terms and concepts for self-evaluation of readers’ knowledge. The book includes new value-based definitions and concepts peppered with real-world examples to reinforce the concepts.. About the Authors: Prof. K. C. Jain, Ph.D., is Senior Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Prestige Institute of Engineering and Science (PIES), Indore. Earlier, he was Director, Govindram Seksaria Institute of Management and Research (GSIMR), Indore, and Dean, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Rajiv Gandhi University of Technology, Bhopal. Dr. Jain has more than four decades of teaching experience in Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering. He has authored a number of books on various subjects related to these fields. Dr. P. L. Verma, Ph.D., is Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Samrat Ashok Technological Institute (Engg. College), Vidisha (MP). He did Ph.D. from Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, University of Technology of Madhya Pradesh. He did his Masters and Bachelors from Barkatullah University, Bhopal and Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore, respectively. He has about 16 years of teaching experience. His research areas are Production and Operations Management, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Statistical Quality Control & Six Sigma. Mr. Prabhat Kartikey is a young engineer graduated from Jabalpur Engineering College Jabalpur, where he studied industrial production engineering. He received masters in Industrial Engineering and Management from a premier Institute of India, namely Shri G.S. Institute of Technology and Science Indore. He has 3 years of teaching experience in the same field. His research area includes innovative, intelligent and creative design and process, Ergonomics in design and Management.


Table of Contents
? Overview of Production and Operations Management: Introduction | Concept of Production and Operations

Management | Role and Responsibilities of a Productions and Operations Manager | Recent Trends in Production and Operations Management ? Operations Strategy: Introduction | Concept of Strategy | Concept of Strategic Management | Concept of Operations Strategy | Modification of an Operations Strategy ? Forecasting: Introduction | Concept of Forecasting | Techniques of Forecasting | Limitations of Forecasting | Criteria for Efficient Forecasting ? Product Analysis: Introduction | Concept of Product and its Characteristics | Product Selection | Product Design |Concept of Product Development ? Capacity Management: Introduction | Concept of Capacity | Concept of Capacity Management | Estimation of Equipment Requirements | Concept of Capacity Planning | Methods for Measuring Capacity ? Quality Management: Strategic Issues: Introduction | Quality Management | Total Quality Management | Cost of Quality | International Organization for Standardization ? Facility Location and Layout: Introduction | Concept of Facility Location | Current Trends in Industry Location | Concept of Plant Layout ? Productivity: Introduction | Concept of Productivity | Concept of Job Analysis | Concept of Job Description | Concept of Job Specification | Concept of Job Design | Concept of Job Evaluation | Work Study | Method Study | Motion Study | Work Measurement ? Aggregate Planning: Introduction | Concept of Aggregate Planning | Concept of Linear Programming | Transportation Model | Material Requirement Planning: Introduction | Introduction to Material Requirement Planning| Inputs of MRP | Lot Sizing | MRP Updating | Capacity Requirements Planning | Enterprise Resource Planning ? Materials Management: Introduction | Materials Management | Materials Planning and Control | Purchase Management | Stores Management | Materials Handling | Supply Chain Management ? Inventory Management: Introduction | Concept of Inventory Management | Reorder Point | Safety Stock | Techniques of Inventory Management ? Production Planning and Control: Introduction | Concept of Production Planning | Production Planning- A Part of Corporate Planning | Meaning of Production Control | Integration between Production Planning and Production Control | Concept of Production Planning and Control | Concept of Line of Balance ? Production Scheduling: Introduction | Overview of Production Scheduling | Concept of Loading | Sequencing | Project Scheduling ? Quality Control: Introduction | Concept of Quality Control | Statistical Quality Control | Tools of Descriptive Statistics | Tools of Statistical Process Control | Tools for Acceptance Sampling | Six Sigma | Process Capability | Quality Circles ? Maintenance Management: Introduction | Concept of Maintenance Management | Replacement of Equipment | Concept of Reliability | Maintenance Management System | Total Productive Maintenance ? Just-in-Time System: Introduction | Concept of Just-in-Time | Elements of JIT | Ideal Production System and JIT Production | Benefits of JIT | Tools and Techniques of JIT | Implementation of JIT | JIT in Service Sector | Synchronous Production and JIT | DBR Mechanism ? Change Management: Introduction | Concept of Change | Factors Responsible for Change in Production Environment | Interventions for Change Management in Production Environment | Challenges in Change Management | Operational Change Management | Business Process Re-engineering in Change Management |

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