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PROFILE No.____________________

Full Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
Email Id: _____________________________________________________________________________
Contact No.-1:_____________________________ Contact No. 2:______________________________
Age: _____________________________________ Gender: Male/Female
Date of Birth: ______________________________ Birth Place: _________________________________
Height: ___________________________________ Blood Group: ________________________________
Complexion: _______________________________ Weight: ____________________________________
Caste: ____________________________________ Sub-Caste: __________________________________
Marital Status: _____________________________ Native Place: ________________________________
Religion: __________________________________ Rashi: _____________________________________

Education: _________________________________ Education Details: ___________________________
Occupation: ________________________________ Occupation Details: __________________________
Annual Income: _____________________________ Other Income: _____________________________

Owned Self/Parents


Residing At: _______________________________

Children Details: _____________________________ Physical Disability: __________________________

In case of Divorcee/Widow

Fathers Education: ___________________________ Fathers Occupation: _________________________
Mothers Education: __________________________ Mothers Occupation: _________________________
No. of Brothers/Sisters: _______________________ Total No. Family Members: ____________________


Age Difference: _____ to ______

Height Difference: ________ to ________

Education: _________________________________

Occupation: _____________________________

Annual Income: _____________________________

Inter-Caste: _____________________________

Physical Status: _____________________________

Horoscope Match: ________________________

Caste: _____________________________________

Sub-Caste: ______________________________

Preferred time to Contact: ________________________________________________________________

Additional Comments: ___________________________________________________________________



We will not be liable in case of any wrong match due to any misrepresentation by proposal registered. It is
individuals responsibility to check, confirm all necessary things. We will not be responsible or liable for
wrong information provided by the applicant.
It is everybodys duty to check his/her profile is updated properly or form is circulated as per condition. Also
please notify the management if any typing mistake or wrong information is displayed by us in your profile.
The corrections to your profile will be done immediately.
Validity of an application shall be as agreed with the management at the time of registration. The
management has complete rights to change the validity of your application and revise the charges with prior
notification. If you do not wish to extend the contract, the applicant needs to intimate the management
about the same.
You are requested to inform the management to remove your profile on getting married.
The applicant, his/her representative shall have the right to verify the documents for confirmation as proof
from proposed party or our registered proposal/member while match making.
Any information furnished by the applicant, if found incorrect or comes to the notice of the management as
faulty, due action may be taken against the applicant.
Your application is considered as registered application only after receiving all requested documents and
complete service charges as advised by the management.
If the applicant fails to inform the management about any changes in the particulars furnished or in the
present status submitted to us, then the applicant shall be suspended from being considered as a member.
Modification of the profile will be charged separately.
The management reserves the right to alter, suspend, and terminate the application or any member, if the
details contradict the interests of the organization or any other member.
It is the duty of the concerned person to make sure that the eligible applicant has attained the lawful age of
The management reserves the right to add/modify/delete/alter/suspend any or all the
basic/secondary/complimentary services at any time.
The organization is under no obligation to furnish any definite number of proposals if there are none
corresponding to the profile/match desired criteria in the database towards any applicant.
If the applicant comes to know about any faulty information provided by other applicant, the same should
be brought to our knowledge immediately. It will help us in our continuous quest of improving our services.
The management reserves the right to consider or reject any application.
The processing fee and registration/membership fees are non refundable under any circumstances.
All Free members are to pay a fee of INR 3000/- only on finding a successful match using our services.
We provide A to Z services related to marriages. Please contact our management team for more details.