EMBEDDED PROJECTS LIST FOR ECE/EEE E1201 E1202 E1203 E1204 E1205 E1206 E1207 E1208 E1209

E1210 E1211 E1212 E1213 E1214 E1215 E1216 Wireless theft identification using RF A Concealed Alarm based security system for intelligent building. RTC based alarming system using i2c protocol Temperature level monitoring and automatic control in boiler Pc based power management system for hotels RF based wireless direction control robot Stepper motor speed and direction control using PWM technique Smoke alert system for industries Temperature monitoring using adc0804 for industrial application Dc motor speed and direction control using PWM technique Smart card based petro card management system. Auditorium power saving system with visitor counting IR based intelligent railway gate controlling system College security system with PIR and LDR monitoring system IR based automatic traffic navigating system Temperature and fire monitoring system and controlling in commercial applications E1217 Pc based password protected robot

humidity} for Green house monitoring applications E1221 E1222 E1223 E1224 E1225 E1226 E1227 Automatic streetlight monitoring using IR and LDR Solar tracking system and automation Petrochemical level indicator and pumping system Industrial 4channel security system and autodialing mechanism Low cost irrigation system and water pumping Industrial smoke alerting with alarming system Wireless RF based temperature & LDR monitoring system with adc0808(multichannel) E1228 E1229 E1230 E1231 DTMF based home automation Transmission line cut identifier system with wireless domain Pc based industrial fault monitoring system RF based wireless data encryption and decryption (with security) for military applications E1232 Electrical devices controlling using triac with opt-isolation mechanisms .ldr.E1218 E1219 Automatic meter reading(AMR)for prepaid electricity billing Paddy crop field monitoring and pumping system using humidity sensor E1220 Multi channel security system using adc0808{temp.

Embedded buzzer round system with team performance evolution Mems based wheel chair. Bluetooth based home automation DTMF based robot direction controlling Embedded ATM system with audio buzzer alerting IR based automatic door opening &closing system RF based wireless electrical equipment controlling system Anti theft alerting system for vehicle (2 wheeler) using piezoelectric mechanism E1243 E1244 E1245 E1246 E1247 E1249 E1251 E1252 Reservoir monitoring and pumping system Intelligent street light control while vehicle passing. Three phase fault detecting system Diamond security system in museum with loud siren.E1233 E1234 E1235 E1237 E1238 E1239 E1240 E1241 E1242 Monitoring and controlling agriculture field environment. RF based wireless data transmission and reception Ultrasonic distance measurement & displaying system Human heart rate and temperature monitoring & displaying system Wireless weather station monitoring system using wireless domain .

Artificial vision system for blind people. Density based traffic system using ir sensors Traffic signals using timers. . Density based room light controller. Pc based temperature monitoring & controlling. Pc based single channel data acquisition. Microcontroller based object flow counter. Wireless bio-medical monitoring system. Embedded based pree-fall detection system. Password based Embedded door opening and closing system Industrial device controlling using rf. Mobile based home automation. Embedded security system.E1253 Ac 230v submersible motor control based on level servicing mechanism E1260 E1261 E1262 E1263 E1266 E1267 E1268 E1270 E1272 E1273 E1274 E1278 E1279 E1281 E1282 E1283 DTMF based voting machine. Wireless fuel indicator for cars. Device controlling through pc.

Rs-232 protocol based dc motor speed control. Industrial transformer fault indicating system. E1296 E1297 E1299 E12104 E12106 E12107 E12108 Temperature controlled fan.E1286 E1287 E1288 E1289 E1290 E1291 E1292 E1293 E1294 E1295 Mobile land robot using DTMF technology. Micro-controller based intelligent college bell. Wireless motor control system using Radio Frequency Microcontroller based clap switches. Obstacle detection robot. DTMF (mobile) based stepper motor speed control. Pre-paid commercial power consumption using coin box. Microcontroller based electronic code lock system. Human detection robot. . Real time clock interfacing with microcontroller. Intelligent supervisory vehicle system. Fire sensing robot. Microcontroller based dam water level indicator and controlling system. Embedded based electronic voting machine.

Speed synchronization of two dc motors. Home security system.E12109 E12111 E12113 E12114 E12115 E12116 E12118 E12119 E12120 E12121 E12123 E12124 E12125 E12126 E12127 E12128 E12130 E12132 Pc based stepper motor speed control. Embedded based elevator control system. Metal detection robot. Automatic humidity control for refrigerator. Traffic priority for ambulance. Password based home device controlling. Dtmf based device controlling. Accident alerting system for vehicles. Rf based (wireless) temperature monitoring. Multi-level car parking system (car parking). Ac motor speed control using ir remote. Implementation of rs232 protocol (device controlling). Fire monitoring system. . Modular ir remote control for industrial automation. Object detection using ultrasonic waves. Micro controller based temperature lcd display.

Super intelligent robot (light & fire sensing) . Intelligent automatic street light control using ldrs. Drip irrigation system using lm324. Ac load control through triac using pc. Super intelligent robot to recognize obstacles and change the path by itself. E12145 E12147 E12149 E12152 E12153 RF based dc motor bi-directional and PWM control. Wireless notice board using rf. Automatic engine locking system for drunk and driver. Night lamp with morning alarm.E12134 E12135 E12138 E12139 E12142 E12143 Remote control home appliances. Implementation mobile based hi-tech door locking system.

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