Eddy Egan Tuliszewski Planet X

May 11, 2007 Period ½

To start off in this vast new world any organism not known to the land would have a very difficult time reacting to the change. Right away the groups of people would have to find some kind of shelter such as underground in the tunnels escaping the predator of the moment, the sun. The skin of the new explorers would burn right away as sunburn would be prevalent to an extreme and the only remedy is complete exposure out of the rays. While in these tunnels the eyesight of one another is extremely poor due total darkness. While the eyesight is poor so are the eating conditions and the safety of each other, where predators lurk about snatching people away. This underground living would take a large toll on the people causing them to adapt to the tightly spaced tunnels and many other variables taking place. After many generations of living underneath the earths outmost crust the people would start to adapt and to study the growth on the planet, along with better tactics to gain food. Population has grown steadily and a centralized colony has developed. The bodies of the people are changing in many ways some of which include, increased night vision capabilities from living in the underground tunnels, thicker darker skin for enhanced UV protection, bodies that are getting smaller and more compact such as those compared to monkeys to be compatible with the tunnels. Predators are becoming equally matched to that of man and they are both thinking alike as far as how to achieve dinner and setting traps. As for the plants of the planet they are discovered to have very thick leaves to filter out excess UV radiation and to have very long roots penetrating to aquifers deep under ground. These plants would be crucial to life and support a variety of nutrients and minerals that the roots take in from deep within the planet. Since the people are not fully adapted to this world After even more generations of people have happened they have pretty much been fully adapted to the environment. Colonies of these fully adapted people have taken place all over the planet and the people are harvesting the planet as best they can to allow growth without destruction. The skin of the people is now very thick and absorbs minuscule amounts of UV radiation allowing the people to further adapt to land above ground and maybe start to take back a planet lost to UV radiation. The bodies of the people hang changed dramatically and seemed to have gone back in time with our standards. As your look at the people of the planet you can hardly even call them that. Primates and monkeys seem to be a better suited word. In the beginning of this planet brawn won the battle of survival, but now survival depends on developing both physically and mentally, both to overpower and outwit opponents and predators. Further research of this planet could lead to the escaping from the ground and starting colonies above their old habitats. Resources could be used from the planet to build structures that kept them at a reasonable rate with UV rays and to let them explore and expand in ways that were thought impossible. Man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve.

- Erich Fromm

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