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By: Maureen Magda Gumba


Click one to choose your location.

Click Continue.

Click Start your free trial.

Type your first name.

Type your last name.

Type your email address.

Type billingboss60 to extend your trial to 90 days.

Then, click Get Started.

This appears with your email address and name on it.

Type a password.

Type the password once again.

Now, select a security question.

Enter your answer.

Select another security question.

Type your answer.

Select the third security question.

Type your answer.

Type the two words you see.

Click on the terms and conditions box.

Then click Register.

You will receive this.

So, open the email sent by SageOne.

Click confirm your account.

Congratulations! You now have an account with SageOne!

Click Log into Sage One to start.

Type your email address.

Then enter your password.

Then, click Sign In.

WELCOME!!! Time to get started!

First, create a project.

Click on Start a Project .

This is a project form.

Click this.

Click Add a new client.

Type your client’s email address.

Then fill up any of the remaining information.

Example: Summit Bags for the business’ name.

Then, click Save contact.

Type a name for the project.

Briefly provide a description.

Click the drop down arrow for status.

Click Add or Edit Status.

Click New status.

Type any to describe the status of the project.

Example: on-going

Then click OK.

Click the calendar icon to set the due date.

Click one to set it as due date.

Then, enter the estimated hours needed to complete the project.

Enter an estimated cost for the project’s expenses.

Enter the estimated value of the services you will provide.

Click Create project to save.

The project’s details are summarized.

Now, create a task involved in the project.

Click Tasks.

Click add a task.

Name the task needed for the project.

Click the drop down arrow to assign the task.

Choose Me if you will complete the task, yourself.

Since you only have one project at the moment…

…it is already indicated here.

Click the calendar icon to set the due date.

Then just click on your desired due date.

Add a description for the task.

Enter how much time was already spent on the task.

Example: 16 hours.

If the project is not yet completed…

Just let this be No.

Click Attach files to attach some.

Then click Add task to save your work.

Now, the task has been successfully added!

If the task has already been completed…

…click the task to edit it.

Then make the necessary adjustments.

Example: Indicate now the total time spent.

From 16 to 20 : Four hours added.

Then click the left side of Completed.


Again, click Save task to save the changes made.

The task is now updated!

Time to create invoice and bill the client!

Click the Money Tab.

Click Create an Invoice.

Or click Create an invoice now.

To start, click the drop down arrow.

Select the business name.

Click the drop down arrow on “Project.”

Select the project.

Enter the Purchase Order number.

Type a number for the invoice.

You may enter 1 since this is the first invoice.

Click on the calendar icon to enter issue date.

Select one.

Due date is preset at 30 days after issue date.

But you can change this.

Click the calendar icon.

Then, select your preferred due date.

Then, provide details.

To make it easier, just click Add billable tasks.

Click the check box beside the task.

Click Add tasks.

Enter your billing rate on the Price box.

Subtotal will be automatically calculated.

Click this if it is taxable.

If not, just leave it blank.

Scroll down to find this.

You can type other invoice details on this box.

When you are done, click Save & Preview.

This is now how the invoice looks like.

Scroll down to see more of it.

Click Attach to email.

Click Send Invoice.


That’s it!

So, if you need a billing manager,

SageOne might prove to be just the one for you!!!

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