1. What is it that drew you to working with QlikView Ans - Response around solutions that can be delivered / end user satisfaction - rather than a feature list 2. Describe some of the solutions you have built in QlikView Ans - Applicacations around finance / insurance 3. What parts of QlikView project life cycles have you been involved in Ans - Comfortable in dealing with people as well as software 4. What feature of QlikView would you like best, and why Ans - This one is subjective - but may draw an interesting response 5. What would you say the limitations / flaws with QlikView are Ans - Again very subjective Developer

6. When might you use a link table? 7. When is the Interval Match function used? 8. What advanced transformations can take place when loading table files into Qlikview? Ans - Garbage - columns and rows removed (conditionally) Fill - replace cell values (conditions and strategy) Rotate / Context / Column / Unwrap 9. What is a QVD file and why might you use one Ans - It's a data repository file, can aid a robust / quick reload strategy, essential for incremental loads of data 10. What is the difference between optimized and non optimized QVD load Ans - When retrieving from QVD optimized mode is up to 100x quicker - only works if you follow a set of rules 11. Describe the use of the Apply Map statement Ans - Used for mapping data from one source onto another at load time, very flexible in how it does this

12. How might you seek to decrease memory usage by a document Ans - Drop redundant items, remove granularity (eg. drop time from date time fields), split fields (eg. post codes) 13. What kind of optimizations can be done to data models Ans - Merge tables to reduce joins at run time - create a flatter structure at load time

14. How would you describe a: a) Dashboard b) MI solution 15. What is a calculation condition and why would you use one Ans - Stops a potentially costly calculation / display taking place by checking a more efficient expression first 16. What is a show condition and how does it differ from calculation condition Ans - Similar to calculation condition but the object is removed from the screen rather than displaying a message 17. Why might you make use of variables Ans - Can keep re-useable code snippets; calculate values for global use, maintaining state of objects 18. What does the Visual Cues tab on Straight or Pivot tables allow you to do? 19. What are bookmarks? Can you explain two types of bookmarks? Ans - Document / User / Personal Server / Shared Server 20. What does Set Analysis allow you to do? 21. Can you name some resource intensive expressions / functions? What are the work-arounds? Ans - Count distinct / if then else / where field is null / sorting text / Now() function 22. What are the differences between pivot tables and straight tables? Pivot data is grouped. Partial sums can be shown in pivot tables, but not straight.

Deployment 23. .When scheduling a dashboard, why might you use the preload option? 24. Explain the difference between a document license and a client license 25. How would you describe a: a) Dashboard b) MI solution 26. What presentation object would best suit Holds an opinion on basic data presentation 27. Describe the crosstab directive; how and why would you use it Transforms columns into rows by dimensions (eg. in Excel where have cols for description then one col per month) 28. What are the advantages of using a theme Contains all UI attributes in a single file, when new objects are created they can pick up from the theme 29. What is the difference between Set and Let? 30. How many dimensions can be used in Bar chart? 31. Which Qlikview object has only expression, no dimension? 32. What is the difference between Concatenate Load and Join? 33. Incremental Load 34. Synthetic keys . How to remove them 35. What is Circular reference? How to avoid them? 36. Have you used any macros in your application? If so, what you have used it for. 37. What is Set Analysis ( benefits of using it)? Why its called Set Analysis 38. Difference between Qlikview version 9 SR 6 and previous other Qlikview 9 versions? 39. What is the use of exists function in qlikview 40. Difference between AJAX and IE-Plug-in 41. IIS is able to use in QlikView 9 server 42. Difference between LET and SET 43. Difference between straight table and pivot table 44. How to implement Dynamic Google map 45. What is BI ?. 46. Qlikview vs SAP BO or Cognos . 47. What do you mean by In Memory BI tool?. Advantage and Disadvantage.

48. ETL in Qlikview?. 49. Security in Qlikview 50. QEMC and QMC 51. DMS and NTFS 52. Set Analysis 53. Features in QV 8.5 , QV 9 , QV 10 54. Challenges you faced during Implementation 55. What is the use of QEMC? 56. Have you worked on publisher? What is the use of it? 57. http://qlikshare.com/qlikview-interview-qa 58. Explain more about one Qlikview Project you have worked? 59. Incremental Load 60. Data Modelling (Star Schema and Snow Flake Schema) 61. Qlikview Architecture 62. Binary Load (Datamart or qlikmart) and Qvd 63. Associative Technology 64. Implementation of Security in Qlikview 65. How big is data you worked with in Qlikview? 66. Optimisation of Qlikview application 67. what versions of Qlikview you have worked with? 68. Will be asked on the difference between different version based on your answers? 69. Circular loop? why its created and its impact on the application? how you avoid that? 70. Synthetic Key? 71. what is set analysis? have you used in your application? 72. Did you use macros? If so, which situation you have used it? 73. Interval match 74. Slowly changing Dimension 75. How do you implement security in Database? (Asked in general)

76. Difference between grid chart and scatter chart. Scatter Chart : The scatter chart plots data points representing combinations of expressions, iterated over one or several dimensions. Both axes are continuous, representing one expression each. Grid Chart :The grid chart is a variant of the scatter chart that plots dimension values on the axes and uses an expression to determine the plot symbol. It can also show a third dimension in the form of small pie charts as plot symbols. QLIKSHARE.COM QlikView Architecture : 77. Optimized and unoptimized QVD Load Situations? 78. Explain 3 tier architecture implementation while deploying QlikView application? 79. Briefly explain how does QlikView storage the data internally? 80. What are the restrictions of Binary Load? 81. How are NULLS implemented in QlikView? 82. How do you optimize QlikView Application? (What tools are used and where do you start?) QlikView Scripting : 83. What is Mapping Load & ApplyMap() ? 84. Synthetic Keys in QlikView and how & when to avoid them? 85. Different flavours of Joins in QlikView? 86. Explain IntervalMatch function in QlikView? 87. Explain Concatenation, No Concatenation & Auto Concatenation? 88. Explain how to implement Incremental Load? 89. What is Circular Loop and how do you avoid it? 90. Explain Exists() function in QlikView and when do you use this function? QlikView Expression Language / UI : 91. Explain Aggr Function? 92. What is the use of FirstSortValue in QlikView?

93. What are Set Modifiers and Set Identifiers? 94. What is P() & E() and where do you use them? 95. What is the difference between ValueList() and ValueLoop()? 96. What is Partial Reload? and why do you use “ONLY” Qualifier?
97. What is the difference between Cyclic Group & Drilldown Group?

QlikView Security : 98. Describe Section Access architecture? 99. What is the difference between Authentication & Authorization in QlikView? And how to implement them? 100. 101. What is the difference between File System Security vs Section Access? Explain “Strict Exclusion” while implementing Section Access and what are the

implications of not using this option? QlikView Server & Publisher : 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. General : 107. 108. 109. Difference between Star Schema & Snow Flake Schema? Difference between RDBMS & Associative Database? Ragged Hierarchies in Datawarehousing What are the multiple protocols defined for client communication with QVS? Explain different communication encryptions for Windows Client & AJAX Client? What is the use of Anonymous User Account in QVS? What are the different types of CALs and explain them? What are the different editions of QlikView Server?

From sir TATA SRINIVAS GARU Aspire: 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. Tell me about yourself. What is associate database What is the development procedure in Qlikview What is your role and exposure to Server/Publisher What is the diferences between QEMC/QMC

115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125.

What are all different services available in Qlikview Server What is the role of directory services What is the purpose of Distribution service Name some of the tabs available in QMC. In which location, Server Log files are created. Which version of QV you are using and differences w.r.t latest version What is peak function?..then what is use of previous function. What is Lookup function?... What is Layers in QV? How can you build Data modeling in QV? What is Synthetic Key and how can we resolve. If we dont resolve synthetic key..what

kind of problems you may face 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. What is difference between Denormalized and normalized tables What is star schema and Snow-Flake.Which is schema is best suited for QV? and why? QV Architecture? Difference between QVW and QVD. How can we implement Incremental Load?.If we dont have Modification date in the

source, canot we implement Incremental load?. Capgimini Interview Quesion 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. 138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. What is Synthics Keys and how to avoid it? How to display First 5 records Difference between BO and Qlikview What is QVD? How to implement Incremental Load Linked Objects? What is Mapping How to all sheets available in excel at time? What is views in SQL. How to delete duplicate rows Find out 2nd highest salary? how to deployment in QV? When can we use the Bar chart? What is Set analysis?

145. 146. 147. ECLERX: 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153.

how to avoid auto-concatination? What is Peak function and applymap? Qlikview Optimization Techniques?

Withth How many clients you wokred? What is your role in QV environment? Do you have a explosure to interact with customers directly?

Do you have exposure to both Designer and Developer? What considerations you need take care while designing the Data model? Have involved in the deployment process?