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67894 Federal Register / Vol. 64, No.

232 / Friday, December 3, 1999 / Notices

of the reinvented process ED used for providing input into policy issues, as the Applicants will engage in wholesale
awarding multi-year discretionary requested. electric power and energy transactions
grants. The new process substantially The Council will meet two times a at market-based rates, and for certain
increases flexibility of the grant process year. It will be composed of waivers and authorizations. In
by enabling all years of multi-year approximately 40 members, with the particular, certain of the Applicants may
budgets to be negotiated at the time of following representation: educators, also have requested in their respective
initial award (ED FORM 524). employers, labor, community groups, applications that the Commission grant
Requests for copies of the proposed the general public, students (secondary blanket approval under 18 CFR Part 34
information collection request should be and post-secondary), parents, State of all future issuances of securities and
addressed to Vivian Reese, U.S. officials (current Governors, State assumptions of liabilities by the
Department of Education, 400 Maryland legislators, State STWO officials), and Applicants. On November 23, 1999, the
Avenue, S.W., Room 5624, Regional local officials (mayors, county Commission issued an order that
Office Building 3, Washington, D.C. administrators, local STWO officials). accepted the rate schedules for sales of
20202–4651, or should be electronically None of these members shall be deemed capacity and energy at market-based
to be employees of the United States. rates (Order), in the above-docketed
l l
mailed to the Internet address
OCIO IMG, or should The Council will report to the proceedings.
be faxed to 202–708–9346. Departments of Education and Labor The Commission’s November 23, 1999
through the School-to-Work Order granted, for those Applicants that
For questions regarding burden and/
Opportunities Executive Committee, sought such approval, their request for
or the collection activity requirements,
composed of senior executive Federal blanket approval under Part 34, subject
contact Jacqueline Montague at 202–
officials from the Departments of to the conditions found in Appendix B
708–5359 or by e-mail at
Education and Labor. It will function in Ordering Paragraphs (2), (3), and (5):
jackie Individuals
solely as an advisory body and in
who use a telecommunications device (2) Within 30 days of the date of this
compliance with the provisions of the
for the deaf (TDD) may call the Federal order, any person desiring to be heard
Federal Advisory Committee Act.
Information Relay Service (FIRS) at 1– or to protest the Commission’s blanket
Interested persons are invited to
800–877–8339. approval of issuances of securities or
submit comments regarding the renewal
assumptions of liabilities by the
[FR Doc. 99–31338 Filed 12–2–99; 8:45 am] of The Advisory Council for School-to-
Applicants should file a motion to
BILLING CODE 4000–01–P Work Opportunities. Such comments
intervene or protest with the Federal
should be addressed to: Stephanie
Energy Regulatory Commission, 888
Powers, National School-to-Work Office,
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION First Street, N.E., Washington, D.C.
400 Virginia Avenue, SW, Room 210,
20426, in accordance with Rules 211
Washington, DC 20024.
DEPARTMENT OF LABOR and 214 of the Commission’s Rules of
Signed at Washington, DC this 29th day of Practice and Procedure, 18 CFR 385.211
The Advisory Council for School-to- November, 1999. and 385.214.
Work Opportunities; Notice of Renewal Alexis M. Herman,
(3) Absent a request to be heard
Secretary of Labor.
within the period set forth in Ordering
In accordance with the Federal Richard W. Riley, Paragraph (2) above, if the Applicants
Advisory Committee Act, the Secretaries Secretary of Education. have requested such authorization, the
of Labor and Education have renewed [FR Doc. 99–31410 Filed 12–2–99; 8:45 am] Applicants are hereby authorized to
the charter for the Advisory Council for BILLING CODE 4510–30–M issue securities and assume obligations
School-to-Work Opportunities.
and liabilities as guarantor, indorser,
The Advisory Council for School-to- surety or otherwise in respect of any
Work Opportunities shall provide DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY security of another person; provided
advice to the Departments of Education that such issue or assumption is for
and Labor on a number of matters Federal Energy Regulatory some lawful object within the corporate
pertaining to implementation of the Commission purposes of the Applicants, compatible
School-to-Work Opportunities Act of with the public interest, and reasonably
1994. The Council shall be responsible [Docket Nos. ER00–33–000; ER00–38–000;
ER00–56–000; ER00–107–000; and ER00– necessary or appropriate for such
for: Assessing the progress of School-to- purposes.
136–000 (Not consolidated)]
Work Opportunities systems
(5) The Commission reserves the right
development and program AES Placerita, Inc.; Broad River to modify this order to require a further
implementation toward achieving the Energy LLC; FPL Energy Wisconsin showing that neither public nor private
goals for the School-to-Work Wind, LLC; LA Paloma Generating interests will be adversely affected by
Opportunities initiative; providing Company, LLC; FortisUS Energy continued Commission approval of the
feedback and making recommendations Corporation, LLC; Notice of Issuance Applicants’ issuances of securities or
to the Executive Committee regarding of Order assumptions of liabilities * * *
the progress and direction of
implementation of the School-to-Work November 29, 1999. Notice is hereby given that the
Opportunities initiative; advising the AES Placerita, Inc., Broad River deadline for filing motions to intervene
Executive Committee on the Energy LLC, FPL Energy Wisconsin or protests, as set forth above, is
effectiveness of the Federal role in Wind, LLC, La Paloma Generating December 23, 1999.
providing venture capital to States and Company, LLC and FortisUS Energy Copies of the full text of the Order are
localities to develop School-to-Work Corporation, LLC (hereafter, ‘‘the available from the Commission’s Public
systems; and reporting periodically to Applicants’’) filed with the Commission Reference Branch, 888 First Street, N.E.,
the Executive Committee on emerging rate schedules in the above-captioned Washington, D.C. 20426. This issuance
issues, actions, and findings and proceedings, respectively, under which may also be viewed on the Internet at

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