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Our philosophy is called Srivaishnavam - in Vedantic terms, it is called as Vishishtadvaitam. Sri Sankara’s philosophy is called as Advaitam. Sri Madhvacharya's philosophy is called as Dvaitam The 5 forms of Emperumans are
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The 5 Ayudhams of Emperuman
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Param – Emperuman in vaikuntam Vyukam – Emperuman in parkadal Vibhavam – Emperuman in dasavatharams Antharyami – Emperuman in our heart Archa – Emperuman in the temples

Chakram-Sudarshanar Sangam-Panchajanyam Sword-Nandakam Mace-Koumodhaki Bow-Sarngam

AVATARA TYPES: Vibhava Avatarams: The 10 Dasavatharams : Matsya, Koorma , Varaha , Parasurama , Rama , BalaRama , Krishna , Kalki , etc., Archa Avatarams:The archanai moorthys in all temples : Srinivasan , Uppiliappan , Parthasarathy etc., The DivyaPrabhandham's Origin DIVYAPRABHANDHAM is the Divine collection of 4000 Paasurams sung by Azhvars who lived before 8th century A.D. The simple details are shown in this table : Azhwar Name Month Nakshatram -Place Amsam PogaiAzhwar BoodathAzhwar PeyAzhwar TirumazheiSeiAzhwar Nammazhvar MaduraKaviAzhwar KulasekararAzhwar Periyazhwar AndalThayar TirupaanAzhwar TirumangaiAzhwar Aypasi Tiruvonam - YathokthaKariSannidhi Kanchi Panchajanyam- Sangu Aypasi Avitam - TirukadalMallai Mahabalipuram Thai Maham -TirumazheiSei Chitirai Chitirai - TiruKovalur Masi PunarPosam - TiruVanjikalam Ani Swathi - SriVilliPuthur Adi Pooram - SriVilliPuthur Karthigai Rohini - Uraiyur Karthigai Karthigai - TiruvaliTirunagari Koumodaki - Gadhai Sudarsanam-Chakram Vainatheyan - Garudan Koustubamani - Gem Vainatheyan - Garudan Mahalakshmi-Boomadevi Tulasimalai-Vanamalai SriVatsam - Symbol Saarngam – Bow [Vil] Aypasi Sadayam- AdiKesavaPerumalKoilMylapore Nandakam-Sword[Vaazh] Vaikasi Visakam-TiruKurungudi-AzhwarTirunagari Vishwaksenar

TondarAdiPodiAzhwar Margazhi Kettai - Mandangudi

After 8th Century AD , due to the Political and Social situations in the Country , the Prabhandhams sung by Azhwars got scattered and eventually lost. It was Nathamuni ( RangaNathaMuni fondly called NathaMuni) who discovered the lost DivyaPrabhandham. He was born at KaatuMannarKovil ( Veera Narayana Puram), in the year 584 BCE.His other name is ShadamarshanaKulaThilakar. One day Nathamuni was worshipping at a temple when a few pilgrims who had come there sang the pasuram beginning with the words " Aaraavamudhey..." . The final verse concluded saying that “Kurugoor Sadagopan sonna Ayirathul ivai Pathum...”. Nathamuni was so impressed with poetic beauty of the Pasuram and requested the devotees to teach the entire thousand.They told that only they know the Ten Pasurams on Aravamudhan. He was clueless about the Pasurams and decided to go to the Saarangapani temple in Kudanthai and started to pray hardly. Immedietely a flash ran in his mind the last line said that it was written by Sadagopan of Thirukurukur . Sri Nathamuni immediately undertook the long journey by foot to Kurugur.The melody of Nammazhvar’s Pasuram was ringing in his ears .Finally he came to Kurugur . He prayed to AdiNathaPerumal and Nammazhwar Sannidhi. He was ordered to recite “Kanni nun Siruthambu” 12000 times at the tamarind tree and chanted the verses. Nammazhvar taught him all his 4 Prabhandhams and the entire Prabhandhams of other 11 Azhvars too. Sri Nathamuni promptly codified the devotional hymns as Nalayira Divya Prabhandham. He set them to melodious music and rhythm and taught the Prabhandhams to his Sishyas and commenced the practice of Arayar Sevai at SriRangam temple.

Natchiyar Tirumozhi-143 Perumal Tirumozhi-105 Tiruchchanda Viruttam-120 Tirumalai-45.The presiding deities in these Divya Desams are found in various Thirukkolams (postures): ● ● ● Periyazwar Andal KulashekarAzhwar TirumazhaiseiAzhwar ThondarAdiPodiAzhwar TirupaanAzhwar MadhurakaviAzhwar TirumangaiAzhwar PoigaiAzhwar BoodhathAzhwar PeyAzhwar TirumazhaiseiAzhwar NammAzhwar TirumangaiAzhwar NammAzhwar Tiruvarangaththamudanar Kidantha Thirukkolam (Sleeping posture) in 27 Divyadesams Veetrirundha Thirukkolam (Sitting posture) in 21 Divyadesams Nindra Thirukkolam (Standing posture) in 60 Divyadesams WORSHIP PROTOCOL Paanchratra Agamam or Vaikanasa Agamam is followed in Tamilnadu temples and Kerala temples follow Tantram Procedure for worship . TWO BRANCHES OF VAISHNAVAM In Srivaishnava school itself.called Vadakalai (Northern) and Tenkalai (Southern). two branches of thought had emerged between the time of Sri Ramanuja and that of Sri Vedanta Desika. Tiruppalliezhuchi-10 Amalanadhipiran-10 Kanninum Chiruththambu-11 Rendam Ayiram PeriyaTirumozhi-1084. AdiShankara established Protocols for worship. There are 108 Divyadeshams and of these 105 are located in India and 1 in Nepal.PeriyaTiruAndadhi-87 Tiruvezhukutrirukkai-1. . Later. The move towards the Tamil Divya Prabandhams was natural because Tamil was the mother tongue of the people. the remaining two .461 Tiruppavai-30. At BadriNath temple . Ramanuja spread SriVaishnavam from the temple Gopuram at Tirukoshtiyur and declared all people hearing him as SriVaishnavas. These people learnt DivyaPrabhandhams which were easily understood by all since it was in tamil. These SriVaishnavaites were called Thenkalai.Siriya-Periya Tirumadal-1 NaangaamAyiram Tiruvaimozhi-1102 Ramanujar Nootrandhadhi-108 DIVYADESHAM The temples where Azhwars have sung Prabhanda Paasurams is called Divya Desams. Tirukkurunthandakam-20 Tirunedunthandakam-30 Moondram Ayiram Mudal Tiruvandadhi-100 Rendam Tiruvadhadhi-100 Moondram Tiruvandhadhi-100 NanmuganTiruvandhadhi-96 Viruttam-100.Parama padam and Thiruppaarkadal . The Vadakalai sect were giving importance to Sanskrit Scriptures like Vedas. Periyazwar Tirumozhi.are out of this world.TiruVasiriyam7.NALAYIRA DIVYAPRABHANDHAM-AZHWAR DETAILS Mudal Ayiram Tiruppallandu-12.

there is place for one man to lie down.( 7th Century . But the baby did not drink or eat any thing . PoigaiAr appeared on the "ThAmarai Poo" in the pushkarani of Yathokthakari temple. to Bhargava rishi and Kanakaangi after an unusual of 12 months stay in the womb. both bhaktAs said in chorus "Please come in. We can stand and accommodate you also" (oruvar padukkalAm. moover niRkalAm). Due to heavy rain . BhoodhaththAr appeared on the "KuruKathThi Poo" in a garden at Tirukadalmallai SathalasayanaPerumal temple.AdiKesavaPerumalKoilMylapore Amsam Koumodaki . They are " A-Yoni-Ja" : A-not . Goose pimples all over their bodies. They always went together to other Divyadeshams and composed Mudal .MUDAL AZHWARS. They were perplexed as to why all of a sudden. BhoodhaththAr knocked the house and requested if he can be accommodated due to heavy rain outside. And they found that Saakshaath Emperuman SrimanNarayanan sttod there to listen to their sweet outpourings. Each one of them (one by one) sang 100 poems(pasurams) flowing from their mouths as if they are clear "neerOdai".Gadhai Nandakam-Sword[Vaazh] Aypasi Tiruvonam .Instead . They brought some cow's milk and offered the milk saying "Oh our beloved thirumazhisaiyE. PEyazhwAr appeared on the " Sev-Alli Poo" in the well of TiruMayilai AdhikEsavaPerumal temple. stream of river. Bhargava Rishi and his wife were terribly depressed and with unwillingness left the lump-of-flesh born to them at a "moongil" (bamboo) bush and proceeded .Ayipasi Masam ) Azhwar Name PogaiAzhwar BoodathAzhwar PeyAzhwar Month . etc. || Mudal Azhwargal Divya Tiruvadigaley Sharanam || TIRUMAZHEISEI AZHWAR : Thai Maham -TirumazheiSei Sudarsanam-Chakra Amsam He was born at Thirumazhisai Village.. Irandam and Moondram Tiruvandhadhi respectively. there is less space as if there are more than three persons.Yoni-womb. were not known to each other until they happened to meet in the Rezhi of TiruKovaloor temple. Since then . tears rolling down their cheeks. After some time. Not surprisingly.. dear". There is yet another knock by pEyAzhwar asking for a favour to accommodate him due to heavy downpour.TirukadalMallai Mahabalipuram Aypasi Sadayam. 1.Sangu They are the three mudal (first) AzhwArs who were contemporary azhwArs and were born on three consecutive days in SiddhArti year. PoigaiAzhwar welcomed BhoodhaththAr lovingly saying "Inside.Sidhartha Year . and they were feeling highly elated. please take this milk and remove our worries. BhagavAn listened to them with His full concentration and satisfaction all their pasurams and blessed them.and he lied down in that place. Poigai Azhwar took shelter in a narrow Rezhi of a house at the temple premises . Avittam and sadhayam nakshathrams respectively . Three AzhwArs were literally crying.Nakshatram . iruvar amaralAm.-Ja-born: Not Born in a Womb – only appeared ). and they could not even move about. 2.Place Aypasi Avitam . While they were standing all the time (in a space that is just sufficient for only three people to stand) discussing namperumAls' nityakalyANa guNas. All three joined themselves in discussing Glorious attributes of Sriman nArAyaNan and were deeply excited to describe what each one of them felt and feel towards their (our) Lord. please come in "(oruvar padukkalAm. 3. suddenly they found themselves cramped. Seeing the foetus that came out as just a lifeless lump of flesh with no arms. Their palms were glued to each other. Chests expanded as if they are going to burst with full of happiness. legs.YathokthaKariSannidhi Kanchi Panchajanyam. The Three of them. iruvar amaralAm). Aiyppasi month on TiruvONam. The child drank some milk and gave . the shapeless -mass received Divya tEjas and became a fully developed baby which was later picked up by a old-aged tribal-couple named ThiruvALan and Pankayachelvi . The Three Azhwars appeared as babies on flowers of different kind (and not were born like us actually!.By Emperuman's grace . but two can sit. It was real squeezing against each other.

namely. he let the olaichuvadi containing his writings in the waters of river Kaveri . advaita and in fact became a staunch devotee of Siva (with a name siva vAkya. TirumazheiseiAzhwar accepted kaniKannan as his PradhaanaSishyan.and cannot sing the praise of a mortal. Out of gratitude for the Azhwar . Baktisarar stopped for a while to take rest and he sat on the "ThiNNai" of a house in Perumpuliyur. You also roll your "nAgam" (serpent bed) and follow me" The Emperuman immedielty obeyed BaktiSarar's orders and followed the azhwar with the snake-bed tucked under his arms. I am blessed by sriman Narayana to take refuge at the Lotus feet of Sri Devi and have escaped all problems and misfortunes since then. pEyAzhwAr argued with him. AzhwAr later declares his struggles in his pAsuram: "sAkkiyam kaRROm-samaN kaRROm-sankaranAr-Akkiya Agama nool arinthOm bhaktiyAl-senkatkariyaAnai sErnthOm yAm theethilamE-yenkatkariyathOnRil" Meaning : "After my futile efforts to know the supreme principle through jainism. Seeing her . drawing "kOlams" near their hut. requested them to forgive him for his mistake and to come back to kanchi. . showed him evidences from vedas ans smrithis to claim sriman Narayana as the supreme deity.Neeyum undhan PayiNaagaPaAi suruttikkoL " ! Meaning : " Kanikkannan is going . and saivic philosophy. NaanmuganTiruvandhadhi. too decided to leve the kingdom and went straight to Yathokthakari Sannidhi and prayed wholeheartedly with tears in his eyes and requested the Lord also to come along with them.That enraged the king and he ordered to banish Kanikkannan from his kingdom.. A few brahmins were reciting vedas inside that house. understanding the sincerity of his regret and repentance requested the Lord again to return and stay at kanchi. There was also an old lady who devotedly. So the king rushed immediately to chase the trio..the remaining to the old-couple. Bhaktisarar immediately understood and was about to leave when the Brahmins started their recitation. He caught them on the way and prostrated on the ground. and finally initiated him into vaishnavic philosophy and named him bhaktisArar. AzhwAr's kind heart melted and immediately transformed her into an extremely beautiful young lady. Needless to say. He went to azhwAr and narrated the incident .nee kidakka vEndAm . the Lord obeyed. the King later called Kanikannan to his palace and ordered KaniKannan to sing in praise of the King. they stopped their recitation . They started regaining their youth and later were blessed with a son . Kanikkannan said "this is not the only sthalam for me.Hence. This Emperuman hence got the name " SONNA VANNAM SEYDHA PERUMAL . On reaching Tirukkudantai ( Kumbakonam). The AzhwAr. buddhism. " Kanikkannan pOkkozhindAn kAmaru poon kacchi maNivaNNA. The brahmins were simply flabbergasted and astonished and realized the greatness of the AzhwAr and asked for his pardon. The AzhwAr broke open a paddy seed that was lying there with his fingernail to indicate the exact context which had a reference to the paddy seed. mopping. The Meaning is not to be read but felt ! Once on his way to Tirukkudantai. You don't have to lie down here any more. They forgot the next line and at what point they had left the recitation. Buddhism. On seeing the "harijan" (our AzhwAr). whole heartedly served both BaktiSarar and Kanikannan by cleaning. PallavaKing who came on NagaraValam saw her and married her. I am also leaving with him.surrendering them at Aravamudhan's feet. AzhwAr." BhaktisArar (TirumazheiseiAzhwar) & KaniKannan came to Thiruvekka-yathokthakaari temple. The leaf floated back to him holding his works TiruchandaVirutham . AzhwAr and Kanikkannan. as he can not think of living without the Lord. jainism. they named the child KANIKANNAN. KaniKannan said that he would sing only the qualities of Emperuman by the Kataaksham of his Acharyan BaktiSarar .nee kidakka vEndum -Neeyum undhan PayiNaaga-PaAi viritthukkoL ". actually had learnt tried all other religions/doctrines. The entire world is His" and walked off.YATHOKTHAKARI " The Kingdom lost all its treasures and became lifeless. Hearing about the Azhwar and Kanikannan . "Kanikkannan pOginRAn-kAmaru poon kacchi maNivaNNA. repenting for what he had done.

. The Pasuram “ KidandhaVaaru Ezhundirundhu Pesu . the childless couple. parangusar . vaikasi tamil month and visAkam nakshatram on a friday (an incarnation of Vishvaksena. MaduraKaviAzhwar was blessed with a swarna vigraha (Golden statute) of nammazhwAr which he consecrated at the Tamarind tree. the "little azhwAr" crawled towards the tree bottom and sat down cross-legged and closed its eyes. (Even today one can witness this phenomenon ay AzhwArthirunagari). move or open its eyes or mouth. too he wanted to test the azhwAr. The parents observed penance by putting the kid in the cradle at the temple daily. Seeing him at his feet. Aravamudhan is in UdyogaSayanam at Tirukudandhai. the one who has not opened his mouth since his birth (not even for food) opened his lips and answered "aththaith thinRu angE kidakkum" (meaning: It will eat that and stay there). what will it eat and where will it stay? NammAzhwAr. Such is the Greatness of "our AzhwAr"-nammAzhwAr -who stayed under that tamarind tree for 35 years. southern sun! Please take me as your disciple: Please protect me". Not willing to disturb Emperuman Aravamudhan's Sayanam . sadagopan. || TiruMazheiSei Azhwar Divya Tiruvadigale Sharanam || NAMMAZHWAR: Vaikasi Visakam-TiruKurungudi-AzhwarTirunagari – Vishwaksenar Amsam nammAzhwAr(our azhwAr). but did grow like other healthy kids. The grief stricken parents. Madhurakavi was greatly impressed at AzhwAr's depth of answer and his philosophy. He was simply excited and deeply attracted by the Divine figure and Golden hue of AzhwAr's face. This tree has flowers. He found himseld at Lord AhinAthA temple and the star's brightness in nammAzhwAr's tEjas. put the "immobile" baby in an emerald cradle under a tamarind tree besides the temple. He prostrated at the feet of AzhwAr and with tears in his eyes said " O. This Divine baby AzhwAr did not eat/move. without knowing that the azhwAr does not talk or open his eyes. Vakulabaranan NammAzhwAr's parents. nammAzhwAr said " Stay with me and write my pAsurams on Emperuman"..TirumazheiseiAzhwar prayed to Lord Aravamudhan with great devotion. Madhurakavi asked in tamil "Seththathin vayiRRil siRiyadhu piRandhAl yetthai thinRu engE kidakkum?" meaning: If the small is born in a dead's body(or stomach). the Chief administrator of Mahavishnu). due to this unusual uncommon child went to Lord AdhiNatha. the divine child grew in the same state of meditation for 16 years. after praying to the Lord AdhinAthA . He just threw a small stone into a nearby pond and for that splash sound. One day when they relaxed by closing their eyes and fell into a short nap.saying " Devu Matru Ariyen Tirukurugoor Nambi . like Lakshmana. unlike other tamarind tree does not fold its leaves in the nights. which tield unripened "puLiyngAi" and not a ripened one (puLiyampazham). Thus. Vaazhi Kesaney “ explains this incident. and it is still called "uRangap puLiyamaram (the tree which does not sleep). He performed daliy ArAdhanA to his AzhwAr and even ignored the Lord Sriman Narayana since then . Only to NammAzhwar . This puLiyamaram(tamarind tree) also is supposed to be "AdhisEshan" (the Serpent of Mahavishnu) which grew here before the azhwAr's birth. From then on. From then on nammAzhwAr sang with utmost Bhakti. This tree." . Since the baby was different from others it was named "mARan" (later called karimaran). The parents' happiness was shortlived only as the baby did not even cry. Seeing this. Aravamudhar began to get up from his Sayana Tirukolam. Since he was a sanskrit and Tamil scholar and a great philosopher. it is also told that all perumAls from various Divya Desams appeared one by one before him and got their quota of pAsurams. Azhwar requested him to remain in the same pose and bless all devotees. kAri (a veLLALa agriculturist) and udhayanangai of Thirukkurugoor . our azhwAr opened his lotus eyes. MadhurakaviAzhwar was living in Thirukkolur saw a very bright star and was pulled by the magnetism of this light and started his journey following the light and guided only by THIS STAR. were blessed with a male child with a divya tEjas in the year pramadhi.

in the form of sataari ... Madhurakavi..this connection is essential to realise the unconditional grace of Emperuman Narayanan. TiruPaan Azhwar : Hands Tirumangai Azhwar : Navel MaduraKavi Azhwar : Feet Acharyan Ramanujar : Paadukas So when accepting Sataari . he also sang 11 beautiful "andhadhi" style pAsurams .All their works are not equal to even one utterance of nammAzhwAr.commonly refered as Sataari represents NammAzhwar.. haughty poets while it retained only the leaf containing "Kannan kazhaliNai paasuram. The sangam poets objected to such claims and praises NammazhwAr who had no connection with Sangam.Thayar-VishwaksenarNammazhwar. NammAzhwar." which do not have any parallel to any other pAsuram/slOka for Acharya Bhakti. in the end. born in Easwara year. Pey Azhwar : Eyes PeriyAzhwar : Face TirumazhaiseiAzhwar : Neck Kulasekarar ." The eleven pAsurams . Our acharya lineage starts with Emperuman . || Madirakavi Azhwar Divya Tiruvadigaley Sharanam || . And when they were about to publish their verses. All other Azhwars are considered to be part of Nammazhwar's Tirumeni [ Sataari]: Budhath Azhwar : Head Poigai Azhwar .Kanninun Siruthaambu . Not just that..are counted as part of 4000 DivyaPrabhandhams ..etc to present day acharyans."kaNNinun siRutthAmbhu. fire flies (minmini) in the presence of sun. He was impressed by nammAzhwAr's works so much that wanted to stage NammAzhwAr's works in front of other scholars at his time. He sang these pasurams only in praise of his Acharya "nammAzhwAr" and claimed. wolf before the Lord Narasimha . Garuda Amsam . dogs in front of the ferrocious tiger. Madhurakavi did the same and the boat capsized throwing out all the jealous. they were simply AMAZED to find that each one wrote the same verse in same words. we surrender ourself to Nammazhwar and thereby obtain a connection with him .NammAzhwAr composed the following: Thiruviruttam (100 verses as the essence of Rg vEdA) ThiruvAsiriyam (7 verses as the essence of yajur vEdA) Periya ThiruvandhAdhi (87 verses as the essence of atharvaNa vEdA) ThiruvAimozhi (1002 verses as the essence of sAma vEdA) SRISATAARI (Padhukai of Emperuman) IN TEMPLES : In temples Sri Satakopam . appeared as an old Brahmin and consoled him saying " You just place this pasuram of "Kannan kazhaliNai." on a boat (Sanga-Palagai) and watch its power" and disappeared.. that one can attain mOkshA certainly and definitely after reciting just these 11 pAsurams.. chitrai month and in chitrai nakshatram at ThirukkOLoor. The sangam chief says " NammAzhwAr's works are superior and other poets are like flies compared to Garudan . He is the first Human Acharyan. Through the ritual of placing our head under Swami Nammazhwar's feet .Madhurakavi was saddened by this protest . do so humbly and with prayers to protect you ! ||NammAzhwar Divya Tiruvadigaley Sharanam || MADURAKAVI AZHWAR: Chitirai Chitirai – TiruKovalur – Vainatheyan Amsam [Garudan] AzhwAr Madhurakavi is the one who helped us by compiling the outpourings of NammazhwAr." It is also told that each one of those poets struggled to reach the shore and composed a verse dedicating to NammAzhwAr.

Once when a UpanyAsakar was narrating Ramayanam . In honour of Kulasekara Azhwar's Pasuram . KaNdan started chasing vigorously and went deep inside the forest. In "Then PAndya" kingdom. PeriyaPerumal gives sevai along with CheraKulaValliThayar during certain utsavams. The temple with VataparthraSayee Emperuman and RangaMannar utsavar at SriVilliputhur thus was established." Then the Lord disappeared. He lived till 67 years and served Emperuman through his Pasurams. Great scholars. Barathar . the tiget hid behind a tree and pounced on kaNdan and killed him.SriVilliPuthur Adi Pooram . And you both go to find out the Big Banyan tree in the midst of this forest where my DivyaMangalaVigraham has been lying for quite a long time. They spotted a tiger and it escaped the arrows from their bows. SriRaman gave a vision of his Pattabhisheka Tirukolam with Janaki Thayar . Seeing SriRaman and Hearing these words . Kulasekarar returned back to his Palace. Even today. Lakshmanar .KULASEKARA AZHWAR-Masi PunarPosam – TiruVanjikalam – KoustubaMani Amsam – Sacred Gem KulasEkarAzhwar was born as a King to ChEra king Dhidavradhan and nAdhanAyagi during 8 th century in the month of mAsi and the nakshatram of punarpoosam(same as that of Lord Rama). he had a scene in front of his eyes. You can take them as much as you wish. Like Lakshmana is called IlayaPerumal .Garuda Amsam Mahalakshmi-Boomadevi Before getting into periyAzhwAr charithram. his heart almost stooped with grief and cried heavily and fell unconscious on his darling brother's body. you both need to deforest that place and build a temple and surrounding town. On his way . where great sholars pundits were residing. . When villi came back to consciousness. During his unconsciousness. " oh Kulasekara ! Your blind affection for me is similar to Lakshmanan's affection. When he spotted the dead body of kaNdan. " Padiyai Kidandhu Un Pavazha Vaai Kanbeney " . Villi explained the whole thing to his darling brother and both of them hugged each other for having been blessed by the Lord and having been chosen by the Lord to establish the temple for Emperuman SrimanNarayanan.SriVilliPuthur Vainatheyan . || KulaSekaraPerumal DivyaTiruvadigaley Sharanam || PERIYAZHWAR AND ANDAL Periyazhwar AndalThayar Ani Swathi . You both will also find a cave nearby the tree where there is lots and lots of Golden jewels and coins and treaure available. One day these two brothers Villi and KaNdan went inside the forest for hunting as usual. BhaktAs. at SriRangam . Emperuman&Thayar appeared and uttered thus:"O villi. there was a small town called putthoor. Do not worry. where periyAzhwAr hailed from. the Step leading to the Garbagriham in all temples is called Kulasekarapadi. pundits migrated from nearby villages to this holy place and started residing in this place. You too will be called KulasekaraPerumal and Your Pasurams will be known as PerumalTirumozhi" . he did not know whether what he saw (in his unconscious state) was true at all and was confused. at the phase of Yudha kaandam . After som time. But suddenly kaNdan got up alive as if he just woke up from sleep (without any wound even). We will get back your brother's life. the narrator said that Rama was standing in the battle-field without any huge chariot and was supported only by Vanara army which was very less compared to the huge Asura Army. The chief of these hunters had two sons named Villi and KaNdan. Such was kulasEkarA's bhakti for Rama. using that wealth. Villi waited for kaNdan for along time and started seraching for him with a worried look on his face about his dearest brother. Nearby there is a forest where there were hunters living in it. let us have a glance at the Great Villiputthoor charithram. KulasEkara was so much attached immedietly ordered his Army to get ready to move towards Lanka to help SriRaman in his fight. Shatrugnar and Hanuman and blessed him thus . His daughter CheraKulaVali married SriRanganathar similar to Andal.

given . “ PerumPoodoor Mamunikki Pin Aanal Vazhiye “ ! || Periyazhwar Divya Tiruvadigaley Sharanam Andal Divya TiruVadigaley Sharanam || .The king. when he came to SriRangam temple as “ Kovil Annan Vaareer “ ! And in her Vaazhi Tirunamam we say thus :. yasOdhA. There were many scholars.[ Vishnu as his Chittam-Mind&Heart]. dressed Him. etc. re-read and enjoyed. the ministers the people and the scholars. Emperuman VatapatraSayee ordered VishnuChittar to attend the Contest. pArAyaNams. VishnuChittan performed Pushpa-Kaimkaryam . Hence . arguments. Nooru Thada Niraindha AkkaraAdisil Sonnen . whom they named "Godhaa" [ Go means Bhoomi . leelAs. Given by BhoomaDevi]. One such day (on Adi pooram day) when he was plucking flowers and thulasi leaves in his beautiful nandhavanam. not understanding this phenomenon.Using the bells which the elephant was wearing he made THALAMS and sang "pallaaNdu. everybody could follow the simple statements . pundits. Again and again he tried to Garland VatapatraSayee but the garland fell down each time. Announcement was made throughout the kingdom and it was alos told that there will be a bag containing Golden coins [ Por-Kizhi ] hanging at the top and with the power and truth of the vEdic statement/principle. Since this Azhwar blessed the Emperuman with "Pallaandu " he is called PeriAzhwar . So he held a contest . She also developed a great amount of affinity to kannan while she helped her father in his kainkaryam. VishnuChittar did not know the depth of the Vedas so he hesitated but obeyed Emperuman's orders and went to the Palace.the bag FELL by itself into the hands of VishNuchitthar. seminars. The King honoured and made Vishnuchittar sit on the Royal Elephant and arranged for a great procession in the streets of his kingdom. pallaaNdu PallAyiratthAndu PalakOdi NoorAyiram" . etc. dhaa. and enjoyed and imagined all thollai inbam which yasOdhA had undergone. he heard a faint cry of a femalebaby. fed Him. played with him. He bathed him. Emperuman and Thayar gave GarudaSevai Kaatchi to PeriAzhwar. discussions. All his pAsurams are to be read. All were bhakti laden pAsurams and taste like Grape fruit soaked in Honey. mischiefs. During those times (9 th century A. The Child's azhaghu.There lived Mukunda Bhattar and his wife was Padmavalli ." Whoever furnishes good. Similar to her father .they were blessed with a male child and they named the child as VishNu chittar. vEdic viRpannargaL. Heart of hearts PeriAzhwar prayed to Emperuman .D). PeriAzhwar saw this deed of hers and sternly instructed her not to do so. This wish of hers was later fulfilled by Acharyan Ramanujar. Godai wore the garlands meant for VatapatraSayee Emperuman before PeriyAzhwar ttok them to the temple. AndalThayar in her NachiyarTirumozhi has sung important Pasuram on Tirumaliruncholi Perumal starting as “ Naaru Narum Pozhil Maaliruncholai Nambikki Naan Nooru Thada Vennai Vaay Nerndhu Paravi yaithen. it shall fall automatically. Andal Thayar sang TiruPavai(30 paasurams) and NachiyarTirumozhi (143 pasurams ) . there was a PandiyaKing by name "VallabhadEvan" ruling Madurai and wished to know the meaning of vEdAs and seeked some clarifications . One day . Andal thus is known as "Soodi Kodutha Sudar Kodi ".plucking flowers and making garlands from the Nandavanam full of flowering plants and tulasi plants for Sri VataPatraSayee..capable of blessing Emperuman himself ! In PeriAzhwar's pasuram he sang as if he became Emperuman's mother. PeriyAzhwAr realised that GOdhai's was none other than Thayar Mahalakshmi's avataram and called her "ANDAAL" ( one who ruled the Emperuman ). were all sung by periyAzhwAr. But the Garland fell down . She is said to have invited Ramanujar . Eru Thiru Udayan Indru Vandhu Ivai Kolungalo “. satisfactory reply and clarifies you can be greatly rewarded". But the bag still was hanging! VishNuchittar started his explanation which . He then made anotehr garland and took it to Emperuman's sannidhi. Vatapatrasayee appeared before him and said that he would only wear the garlands which were worn by Godhai.

He handed over the Big Golden vessel (Thanga vattil) saying that Vipranarayana asked him to give this to Vipranarayan started praying to Emperuman at the time of distress.He composed two poems namely. the temple archakas found one of the "vattils" missing in the Lord's Sannidhi and immediately informed the king. Vipranarayanan was taken away by the King's guards . sAranga muni ordered him to give way and go away from that place.Dust at the feet of Emperuman's Thondars. she went back to her place in uttamarkoil (near SriRangam). the mole on Lord's Chest. || TondarAdiPodiAzhwar Divya Tiruvadigaley Sharanam || TIRUPAAN AZHWAR – karthigai Rohini – Uraiyoor – SrivatsaAmsam – Sacred Mark On a Kaisika EkAdasi day in the month of kArthigai. He ignored their beauty. One day. Panan also grew up singing in praise of Arangan. Later. He did sang only in praise of SriRanganathar and one else. Disguised and dressed as a poor girl. He felt really sorry for throwing a stone at that pANan and recognised his apachAram. Panan was totally lost in his bhakti towards Emperuman.enjoying the beauty of Srirangam temple from afar and imagining the Lord's ThirumEni deeply(whom he had not seen since pANars were not allowed to even enter the temple). appeared (as an "ayOnijA". Thirumalai and ThiruppaLLiyezhucchi . He used to come daily to the banks of River KauvEri and stand there and sing for hours together . VipraNarayanan performed PushpaKaimkaryam from his beautiful nandhavanam . One of them. The servant maid of Devadevi informed the king. our Lord Tiruvarangan felt it was enough for Him to playwith His bhakta and hence. since he belonged to untouchable category. Emperuman Ranganathar ordered the priest to bring His bhaktan Panan to the temple as a Prayashchittam for his apachAram to His bhaktA. They named him "VipraNarayanan". The entire place came to know of the bleeding scene from Lord's idol. PANars were known for their sweet voice and singing in praise of BhagawAn Sriman NarayaNan. The stone hit him on his forhead and it started bleeding! Our pANan realized his blunder and apologised to muni and left the place immediately feeling sorry for his action towards the priest of Arangan.THONDARADIPODIAZHWAR . she requested him to accept her service to him at his place.Margazhi Kettai – Mandangudi – Tulasimalai Amsam He was born to a vedic brahmin Vedavisarathar in Thirumandangudi in Margazhi masam kEttai nakshathram. Vipranarayan decided to become "Thondar-Adi-Podi". they were captivated by his tEjas and charm. Muni came back to the temple and found the Lord's forehead bleeding and SarangaMuni was totally astonished and shocked.. Since then . our ThiruppANAzhwAr. appeared as a servant of Vipranarayana calling Himself "Azhagiya manavala dasan" and went to Devadevi's house . but not aware of the reason. by name DevaDevi challenged the other sister that she would make our AzhwAr her slave with her beauty. SAranga muni shouted angrily and even threw a small stone at him to make him come to senses. two sisters were coming back after performing a dance performance in front of Chozha king and were attracted by the beauty of our AzhwAr's nandhavanam. where SriMahAlakshmi resides. When she achieved what she wished. VipraNarayanan agreed and later was deceived by Devadevi's beauty and forgot all sorts of kainkaryams. In the meanwhile. the king released Vipranarayan. Unaware of the plot. Next morning. Vipranarayana felt isolated and was heavily lamenting the separation from Devadevi and did not know what to do. His thoughts were only about Devadevi and he became so engrossed in his desire for her that he could not bear even a moment separation from her. an incarnation of Sri vatsa mark. one who is not born of mortal beings) and was picked up and brought up by a childless pANar couple who belong to pANar caste (untouchable "Harijan" caste) in uRaiyoor near SriRangam on the other side of river kAuvEri at Tirucchirappalli. When he saw Panan standing on the way. Loka sArangha muni realised the greatness of PANan and the next morning he rushed to the . When they saw him closing his eyes and meditating on the Lord. the temple chief priest by name "SarangaMuni" (known as muni for his devotion and piety towards the Lord Arangan) came to the River bank to collect water for NamperumAL's Thirumanjanam. On one such morning. in the family of sOzhiya vaishnava (who had their "kudumi" (tuft) on the top front portion and not behind).

pANan was very much embarassed and was deeply moved by the Lord's grace and dayA on him.He re-built the fort and kOttai and repaired the saptha -praakarams and repaired the vimana to give it Gold cover and many such activities . full moon day and was an incarnation of the Lord's SArngam (Divine bow). VedAntha Desikan refers to PANAN as "NAM-PAANA-NATHAN".attaching utmost importance to this event. vallitthiru were blessed with a beautiful male child. The king was immensely pleased and presented him a small portion of his kingdom. heart became pure!. and hence captured the neighbouring states. Having heard those EIGHT SYALLABLES (AshtAksharam) right from none other than Emperuman himself. The above incident in the life of TirumangaiAzhwar is conducted as VeduPari Utsavam in all temples every year on the sacred Panguni-Uthram day. as a tribute and made him a KING! (He was thereafter called "Thirumangai mannan". There was no way he could get any money . TirumangaiMannan sang pasurams begining with "Vaadinen Vaadi Varundhinen. There. They were :TirumangaiMannan should become a SriVaishnavan and must perform DadhiAradhani [ feeding] 1000 Brahmins everyday for one full year." Ending with " Kandukonden Narayana Ennum Naaman " . All his dirt had disappeared! He was simply electrified by the AshtAksharam. AalinAdAr (belonged to the fourth caste). on a karithigai mAsam. TirumangaiMannan turned robber heard of a new rich young couple's coming on the Highway and immediately rushed with his adiyALs. || Tirumangai Azhwar Divya Tiruvadigaley Sharanam || . and sang 10 Pasurams the TiruvadiTirumudi Azhagu of Ranganathar in "AMALAN-ADI_PIRAN" [ Amalan. whom they named NEELAN (due to his dark (neela mEga) colour. kritigai nakshathram. he travelled extensively to many divyadeshams and sang Prabhandahams on Emperumans . Through her father. dynamic. He had to resort to highway robbery .Karthigai Karthigai – TiruvaliTirunagari. he continued the kainkaryam. He narrated the entire incident to pANan and prostrated to pANan pleading for his pardon. TirumangaiMannan fell at the feet of the BrideGroom and started biting-out the Metti . One the auspicious Panguni-Uthram day. Thirumangai Mannan saw a lady named Kumudhavalli and expressed wish to marry her.With a bright ThirumaNkAppu on his forehead he started the DadiAradhanai .river bank. SwamyDesikan wrote a Sanskritized Tamil commentary in four verses called "Muni vAhana Bhogam" . While this was going on.One can see in the top verse mentioned herein at the beginning of these posts. He was born in the Nala year. Immedietly TirumangaiMannan agreed to her two conditions and married Kumudhavalli. So he could not even send the "tax" which he was supposed to send to the chOzhA king every year. the DivyaDampathis-EmperumanSriManNarayanan & Thayar appeared on the highway as a"just married" couple with lots and lots of jewels adorned them. TirumangaiMannan at that moment realised that something special about the Divine Tiruvadi of the couple. his mind..Among all other Azhwars .signifying the above incident. Hence Panan came to be known as Muni-Vahanar. Immediately SarangaMuni carried Panan on his shoulders amd took him to the PeriyaPerumal Sannidhi . an Army General (ThaLapathi) of ChozhA king earned the king's goodwill and respect with his devoted work. he saw the Siththu [ Toe ornament called metti] in the BrideGroom's without any fault] and disappeared before all gathered there to become one with Emperuman.Emperuman&Thayar lifted Tirumangai Mannan and whispered in his right ear "OM NAMO NARAYANAYA". On reaching the inner sannidhi of Arangan where the Majestic Lord Sri Rangan. Neelan was appointed as the Army General(ThaLapathi) of Aalinadu. || TiruPaanAzhwar Divya Tiruvadigaley Sharanam || TIRUMANGAI AZHWAR. a place called Thirumangai.) That was his first success. the entire treasury was spent on the dadhiAradhana kainkaryam. young and was good at battle fields. Kumudavalli stipulated two prerequisites for him to qualify for marrying her.Sarngam Amsam-Bow[Vil] ThiruVaalinadu was part of ChOzhA kingdom. With the booty. He single handedly constructed the Dasavathara Sannidhi at SriRangam temple. He and his wife.He took immense care to establish the AdyayanaUtsavam at Srirangam . He was agile. Not in a mood to leave even that small ornament . SwamiDesikan composed BhagavadhyAna sOpAnam on similar lines admiring Lord Arangan's ThirumEni azhaghu. TirumangaiMannan took away all of their ornaments. But he refused to set his foot in the Holy place. Finally .

Ilaya Perumal who was in a trance. They prayed to Tiruvallikeni Parthasarathy for a progeny and were blessed with Sri Ramanujar. IlyaPermal [ amsam of Adisheshan . (2) Ilaya Perumal was placed under the Advaitic(Saivite)Scholar called YADAVA PRAKASA at Tirupput kuzhi for training. he wanted to equip himself with the secrets of the three great Mantras. He cautioned Ramanuja that he should not give out the secrets to all and sundry and if he did so. before doing so. Though initially angry . Fearing that one day. his Guru was overwhelmed by this attitude to spread vaishnavam. Ilaya Perumal slipped out into the forest at dead of night. For this purpose. he head would blast & he would go to hell. He stayed at Kanchi for a while to assist Tiruk Kachi Nambi in his daily chores of service to Lord Varadaraja.1137 CE). for sometime. Ilaya Perumal fearlessly pointed out the errors in the Guru's interpretations and corrected him.' the light of Ramanuja' . Tiruvadirai Nakshatram Year of Birth : Pingala Aandu Ramanujar's parents were childless for a long time. From some forest in the Vindhya Mountains of the North . the most important philosopher-saint of Sri Vaishnavam and one of the most dynamic characters of Hinduism. Bashyakarar [ one who gave Bashyam slokam ] HIS AVATARA AND EARLY DAYS Parents : Emperumanar was born to KesavaSomayaji Dikhsitar and KanthimathiAmmal at Sriperumpudur. he plotted to kill Ilaya Perumal by drowning him in Ganga while on a pilgrimage tour of the country with his disciples. As he was initiated into the Dvaya Mantra at Madurantakam. he married Rakshakaambaal ( Tanjammal). Udayavar . He realized that it was Lord Varadaraja and Perundevi Thayar who had come in the guise of the hunter couple. It was at this time that Lord Ranganatha called him "Nammudaiyavar" (He is ours). he approached one " Tiruk Koshtiyur Nambi" who made him come several times from Srirangam to Tirukoshtiyur before actually instructing him. YathiRajar [Yathi-sage raja-king] . He was prevailed upon to assume charge. Very many occasions arose when the Saivite Guru clashed with IlayaPerumal when the Guru misinterpreted Vedantic statements. At age 17.lakshmanan ] . Ilaya Perumal would demolish Advaita philosophy. (3)At Madurantakam Temple under the shade of Vakula tree Periya Nambi performed Pancha Samskara ( Samasrayanam) to Ramanujar. This enraged the Guru.Path shown by Ramanujar. he called him 'Emperumanar'. But. (4) The seat of Acharya at Srirangam was lying vacant without a successor to take over. Vadama Sect By Birth TiruNakshaktam : Chitirai maasam ." O! My lord" and declared that Srivaishnavism would thenceforward be known as " Ramanuja Darsanam". Alavandar who desired nominating Ilaya Perumal to succeed himself visited Tirupput kuzhi.Once during this period. EVENTS IN THE LIFE OF SRI RAMANUJA (1) Within 16 years of age. He revitalised srivaishnavam so much that nearly every aspect of Hinduism has been influenced by his work and hence Srivaishnavam is known as "Ramanujar-Darshanam" . met with him but had no opportunity to speak to him and had to return to Srirangam. Miraculously. Gothra: Haritha Gothram . he had mastered all the Vedas and Sastras. Immediately on receiving the instructions.SRI RAMANUJACHARYA'S LIFE HISTORY Sri Ramanuja (1017 . the place came to be known as "Dvayam Vilaindha Tiruppathi" Both returned to Srirangam and did Kalakshepams on Brahma Sutra etc. he found himself at the outskirts of Kanchipuram and the couple had disappeared. Learning of the design through another disciple named Govinda. an aged hunter couple appeared and guided him. Other Names : Ilayaazhwar . Ramanuja climbed up to the top of the Gopuram of the temple and proclaimed to the large gathering of his disciples assembled there the purport of the instruction. Embracing Ramanuja appreciating his broad mindedness. opened his eyes. who was also related to him. Empermanaar .

to a King Tondamaan. a miracle happened. He commanded Ramanuja to come to his court with a view to enlisting his support to establish the superiority of Siva over all other deities. Ramanujar is said to have later recovered the Moolavar-vigraham of GovidarajaPerumal from the Pichchavaram sea and re-installed in the Chidambaram temple. Ramanuja was hailed as " Appanukku Sangaazhi Alittha Perumaal" Poet Arunagiri himself sang clearing all doubts in this regard saying "Ulageenra Pachai umaiyanan. the commentary of Ramanuja is always referred to with the venerable honorific 'Sri' denoting its unsurpassed quality and clarity and known as ' Sri Bashyam' (10) When he visited Tirumala. Chakram etc. This was because the Lord had earlier entrusted His Sangu. the king was planning to kill Ramanuja. Vada Venkadathil Uraibhavan. there is a Sannidhi for Govindarajan . Uyar Sanga Chakra kara Thalan" . It must be noted that while the other commentaries are known by the names of their authors . Goddess Saraswati was so impressed with his commentary on Brahma Sutram that she named it "Sri Bhashyam" and conferred on him the title of "Bhashyakaarar". Amudanar. The Lord desired to take back from Tondamaan. (12)His Disciple Kuresan who wrote the famous Pancha Sthava consisting of Athi Maanusha Sthava. And. Some argued that the Lord of Tirumalai was SaivaGod. though he himself was blinded. he wrote a Grantha called Nityam detailing the Tiruvaradhana Kramam (8) While he was on his Sancharam. Kuresan participated in the shradda ceremony performed for his mother by the famous Tiruvarangathu Amudanar. The enraged king ordered both of them to be blinded when he came to know that he was Kuresa who was impersonating Ramanuja. who had already known the greatness of Ramanuja was only too glad to hand over the key to Ramanuja. When Amudanar inquired what Kuresan desired as reward for his participation. (7) During Panguni Uttram. the Lord gave Darshan adorning all his insignia . his old Advaitha (Saivaite)Guru had by then returned to Kanchi. Kuresa added that ' Sivam was no doubt great but Dronam was greater than Sivam'both expressions referring to units of measurement. The king ordered him to sign a document to the effect that 'Siva is the greatest'. Kuresa.. It is this KulothungaChola who is threw away the idol of Govindaraja in the nearby pichchaavaram sea to remove traces of vaishnavam from the Chidambaram temple. Kuresa went to the court disguised as Ramanuja along with another disciple called Periya Nambi. Ramanuja arranged to make a lifelike idol of himself and embracing it invested it with his powers and had it installed in Tirumalai at Tirupati. is that of Ramanuja. If the support was not forthcoming. became Ramanuja's disciple assuming the name of 'Govinda Yogi' (6) Ramanuja traveled throughout the country spreading the message of Visishtadvaita. when the doors were opened the next morning. faithfully interpreting the ancient knowledge in tune with the letter and spirit of the text in the light of revelation and experience tested by stern logic. It is surprising that such a claim should have arisen about the Lord who had been worshipped as Lord Vishnu by all the Alwars and Acharyas besides Elango Adigal and other Tamil Pulavars for several centuries. Sensing the danger. (13) Kulothunga Chola was a staunch devotee of Siva.000. (including Vishnu ). he did Prapatti before the Divya Dhampathi in Serthi and submitted his famous Gadhyatrayam (comprising Saranagathi Gadhyam. They were placed in the Sannidhi the previous night. Sankhu. Damarukam etc. Kuresan replied that the administration of the temple should be handed over to Ramanuja. (11) Ramanuja systematized Visishtadvaitic philosophy. One of the most important disciples who was totally devoted to Ramanuja was Kuresan also known as ' Kurattalwan'.. This Amudanar was in charge of the Srirangam temple. it is believed that the Lord himself appeared before him at TirukKurungudi as a Brahmin got Samasrayanam from Ramanujar. Periya Nambi was tortured to death while Kuresa survived. (9) When he visited Saraswati Peetam. Varadaraja Sthava. other than that of Lord Venkateswara. Tiruvaazhi ( chakram). was happy that he had saved Ramanuja. (14) At Chidambaram temple . Soolam. It is this Tiruvarangattu Amudanar who subsequently wrote the Ramanuja Noorrantadhi of 108 verses which was included in the holy collects to make up the total of 4. these insignia viz. Once. Sriranga Gadhyam and Sri Vaikunta Gadhyam ).(5) Yadava prakasa. Vaikunta Sthava and Sundarabaahu Sthava. The only temple consecrated in Tirumalai . Later. Sri Sthava. .

and arranged that during these ten days prabhandhams of other Azhvars should be recited. ThirumangaiAzhvar would travel to AzhvarThirunagari (tirukurugur) and bring Swami Nammazhvar's Thirumeni to Sri Rangam on ShuklaPaksha Ekadasi (Vaikunta Ekadasi) The next 10 days Swami Nammazhwar's prabhandhams were chanted in front of Namperumal. He would arrive at Azhvar Thirunagari on the day: Star: hastam. Because. where the Kattiyakarar or the Sthalathar who has the traditional rights along with temple's Paricharakas go to Swami Nammazhwar's shrine and read the message from the Perumal. HIS ASCENT TO PARAMAPADAM With his head on the lap of his cousin Embar and his feet on the lap of Vaduga Nambi. Sri Ramanujar added ten days before the Ira Paththu and called them Pagal Paththu. There the idol of ChellaPillai . This wish of Andal was fulfilled later by Ramanujar Thus. Hearing this. In earlier days . to which the Nawab said that there were thousands of such idols and only if Ramanuja could identify his Perumal he would be allowed to return. cured the jain King's illness. So. But the Nawab's daughter had developed immense devotion and love for the idol of chella pillai and could not live without it.Thirumangai Azhvar started the tradition of Adhyayana Uthsavam in Srirangam. originally started as ten days festival by Sri Thirumangai Azhwar and was later modified as Twenty days (+one day for ThiruNedunthandagam) by Swami Ramanujar. Ramanuja went to Delhi met the Nawab and requested him to return the idol of Chellapillai .. Even today this tradition is followed in most of the temples.ChellaPillai . (16) Near Melkote Ramanujar attended a debate held by a Jain king of the Hoysala State . At Sriperumpudur. Also Sri Ramanuja added one more day for Iyarpa. Thus. On this auspicious day. the day before the Pagal Paththu Uthsavam first day. the Nawab allowed his daughter to go along with Ramanuja. Born in PINGALA year. (18) Ramanujar was fondly called as “Kovil Anna “ by Andal Thayar. due to practical difficulties of bringing Nammazhvar to Srirangam. Hence Even today . she sang “ Naaru NarumPozhil Maaliruncholai Nambikku Naan Nooru Thada Niranda AkkaraVadisil Sonnen. Sri Thirumangai Azhwar arranged to recite Swami Nammazhwar's prabhandhams in front of Namperumal. After the days of Sri Thirumangai Azhwar. Ramanuja endearingly called " ChellaPillaai vaarai '. After his long stay . This is what we call today as IrapPathu or Thiruvaimozhi Thirunaal. Ramanujar being a Yathi[saint] has all relations – Sister. . when Ramanujar wanted to return to SriRangam . For the start of this ceremony. Swami Nammazhwar is adorned with Muthangi and Namperumal with Rathnangi. Thirumangai Azhvar started this practice of chanting Nammazhvar's pasurams as a ten day event. the practice was slowly stopped. the idol miraculously came onto his lap . The day Swami Nammazhwar arrived in SriRangam was always the Sukla Paksha Ekadasi (Sri Vaikunta Ekadasi).Anadhyayana kalam starts during Karthigail Karthigai and normally ends on Thai hastham (Sri Koorathazhwan's thirunakshatram). the people of Melkote could not bear the grief of his seperation from th temple. month: thai. He was renamed " VishnuVardhan" and his subjects too embraced vaishnavism under the name " hebbaar iyengars ".(15) Ramanuja went to Tiru narayana puram-Melkote as part of spreading vaishnavam. It was Ramanujar who restarted this practice. Saying thus . at Melkote BibiNachiyar is found seated between the legs of ChellaPillai Utsava Vigraham.. Ramanuja breathed his last in 1137 AD listening to the recitation of the Divya Prabandam. (17) Ramnuja regularised the Adyayana Utsavam at Srirangam . Sri Thirumangai Azhwar started it. Son . Namperumal listens to ThiruNedunthandagam of Sri Thirumangai Azhwar. Starting from Ekadasi. a Thirumeni of Swami Nammazhvar was installed in SriRangam temple. Bibi was always in the company of this utsavar.Bibi for playing. Ramanuja easily won the debate and out of compassion .chellapillai . In her Nachiyar Tirumozhi . next nine days. the Vigraham is called “ Thaam Uhanda Tirumeni” and At SriRangam it is called “ Thaamaana Tirumeni”. bith Nawab and Ramanujar went to the Nawab's daughter's palace . utsavar at the temple was taken away by Muslim Rulers to Delhi. he left for his heavenly abode also in PINGALA year that followed 120 years from the year of his Avatara. After the 10th day event (10 days after Vaikunta Ekadasi) Nammazhvar was taken back to Azhvar Thirunagari. Thirumangai Azhvar will start from Srirangam on the day of Karthigai Karthigai (his own thirunakshatram). So Ramanujar installed his own Vigraham and called it " Thamar Uhanda Tirumeni " [ one loved by disciples ]. he lived TWO full cycles of Tamil years after his birth [120 years]. Seeing the thejus and greatness of Ramanuja the Jain King surrendered himself and his state under the feet of Ramanuja.Andal .”. After Thirumangai Azhvar's time. Utsavar chellapillai was used by the Muslim Ruler's daugher. He was affected by some ill-omen . his BirthPlace.

Even today.bell need not be used in the Tiruvaradhana in the temple. when the Naivedyam is offered to the lord. He Married Tirumangai aka Kanakavalli and lived by "Uncha Vritti" . all the three stood in the rezhi and began tamil pasurams . Achyuta Sathakam etc in Sanskrit and Mummanikkaovai. philosopher. and blessed him. Swami Desikan's parents were childless for a long time. he found the bell missing. This Rezhi is where all the 3 mudal azhwars met to start DivyaPrabhandam . . Devanaayaka Panchaasath [ on TiruvahindraPuram DeivaNayakaPerumal] . EVENTS IN THE LIFE OF SWAMI DESIKAN AT TIRUVAHEENDRAPURAM : Swami Desikan proceeded to Tiru vaheendra puram where at the Oushaadri hillock . when they compared notes. [ Ubhayam – mens twin . Their son was named VaradaaryanKumaraVaradacharyar. the small hand. logician. HIS AVATARA AND EARLY DAYS Parents : Ananthasuri and Totaramba . It is because of him that 'Ramanuja Darsanam' came to be recognized by the world. Lord Hayagriva appeared before him. Vishwamitra Gotram Gotra : Vishwamitra Gotram Tirunakshatram : Purattasi Masam . Garuda appeared before him and taught him the Hayagriva Mantra. He is believed to be the incarnation of the bell [ TirumalaiMaal Tirumaniyaai Sirakka Vandhon Vazhiye GantaaAvatharam ] . Feeling grateful. pure Sanskrit. They prayed to Tirupathi SrinivasaPerumal . The marvelous vigraham of Desikan found at Tiruvahindrapuram was sculpted by Swami himself. in Tamil. Swami Vedanta Desika was the brightest star in the firmament of Visishtadvaita . when the third azhwar came . a mason challenged Swami Desikan to construct a well with the broken and irregular shaped bricks supplied by him. we say ubhaya nachiyar's – the two consorts who always accompany utsavar. Swami Desikan accepted the challenge and successfully constructed the well .hayagreevar Sannidhi . they were astonished to find how both of them had the same dream which concurred in every detail. His prolific compositions in pure Tamil . Next azhwar was able to dleep in the rezhi. Praakrit and Manipravala bear ample testimony to the fact that he is not exclusively a Vadakalai or exclusively a Tenkalai but more appropriately a "Ubhaya Kalai". As the Archaka opened the doors of the Sanctum Sanctorum. whenthe next came. This well exists even today in ThiruvahIndhrapuram. Sravana Nakshatram Year of Birth : Vibhava Aandu Swami Desika was born in 1268 AD (about 131 years after Sri Ramanuja attained Paramapada) at Tooppul near Kanchipuram as the son of one Anantasuri and Totaramba. As he recited it.Dehai means Rezhi. No writer among the followers of Ramanuja fought for the rightful place for Divya Prabandhams as did Swami Desika. the Lord spoke as an asuriree and told that He had himself presented the bell to the Ananthasuri couple and thenceforward. reciting the Garuda Mantra taught to him by his Guru. At Tiruvahindrapuram . AT TIRUK KOVILUR : Dehaleesha Stuti Stotram On his way back to Kanchi. Swami composed Hayagriva Stotram.SWAMI DESIKAN'S LIFE HISTORY A poet. The Lord appeared in their dreams in the garb of a Srivaishnava youth and handed over a small golden bell which Totaramba swallowed.DivyaPrabhandham ] . example. During an investigation ordered into the loss of the bell.Ve”. Navamani Maalai etc. The child thus born was named "Venkatanathan " as he was born on the Tirunakshatram of SrinivasaPerumal. Garuda Panchaasath.. IT IS ONLY THE HUGE BELL suspended in the front praakaram that is being rung. he visited TiruKovalur and composed DehaleeshaStuti[ DehaleeshaPerumal.. he sat under an Aswatha tree and meditated on Garuda. and a scrupulous Anushtatha he took upon himself the task of upholding the concepts preached by Bhagavad Ramanuja.Ubhaya Vedantin – meaning one who knows both tamil and sanskrit]. Vaishnava scholars are called “ U. both had place only to sit. Swami Desikan's son later composed PillaiAndhadi on his father .

AT SRIVILLIPUTHUR : Goda Stuti When Swami was at Srivilliputhur . Varadaraja Panchasath etc.Vekka. So he sent a message asking Swamy Desikan to come to the kingdom and receive gifts from the king. the sky opened up. asthi mE Hasthi-shailAgrE. Sudarshanashtakam was rendered by SwamiDesikan to relive people of their miseries. No other Acharya is given this Honour anywhere in any other temple.When I have this imperishable wealth. VegaasethuStotra on Yathokthakaari. Swami Desika took him to Perundevi Thayar Sannidhi and sang the famous 'Sri Sthuthi'. Swami asked the bachelor to take them away. as it were.He visited several shrines in and near Kanchi and composed lyrics of incomparable beauty on the Lords in the various shrines.I have however one of the greatest of wealths in the world. vasthu paithAamaham dhanam " Meaning: I have neither any accumulated wealth left behind by my father nor any wealth assembled from my own efforts.. AT TIRUPATI : Daya Shatakam He composed the famous DayaaSathakam on the divine-mercy of Emperuman and SrinivasaPerumal conferred on him the honorific of "Vedaantha Aachaarya" title. the Utsava Vigraham of Andal Thayar was in Tiruveedhi Purappadu. he sang Goda Stuti. VairAgyaPanchakam Slokam : One of Swami Desikan's friend (Vidhyaranyar) during their school days became the minister of Vijayanagara kingdom. Immersed in the beauty of the Utsava idol . Immediately. Sudarshanashtakam at Tiruputkuzhi: A dangerous disease named Vaisuri struck like an epidemic at Tiruputkuzhi. that has been left behind by my grand seer (Brahma Devan). He also composed Sri Vaishnava Dinasari. The Maayaa Vaadhis accepted defeat. Artha Panchakam etc. The essence of the debate is what we now have as a sloka called "Satha Dushani". AshtabujaAshtakam on Ashtabujanathan . with the intention of embarrassing SwamiDesikan.Tirupputkuzhi. in Tamil. became Srivaishnavas and his Sishyas. Saranagathi Deepika on DeepaPrakAsA. He gets the rare honour of crossing the dwaarapaalakaas and getting close to the Lord to perform mangalaaSaasnam. in Sanskrit and Adaikkalap Pathu. AT SRIRANGAM : Abheetistavam . the neighbours sent a bachelor to Swami for financial help for his wedding. Tiruchchinna Maalai. ParamaarthaSthuthi on Lord Vijayaraghava. who gained it through the performance of the Aswamedha Yaagam at Hastha Giri. . Kaamaasikaashataka on Nrisimhar at Velukkai . where is the need for other kinds of wealth for me?" SriStuti Slokam : Instigated by some jealous people .Thoopul(Vilakkoli Perumal). na mayaa kinchith-Aarjitham. Panniru Naamam. he composed Nyasa Dasakam. Paduka Sahasram A debate went on for 7 days in which Swami demolished every single argument of the opponents. and rained gold coins. In Manipravala: Sampradaaya Parisuddhi.AT KANCHIPURAM : Returning to Kanchipuram. Swami Desika refused this request and in return sent him a poem called VairAgya Panchakam in which he says: " naasthi pithru-Aarjitham kinchith. During Swami Desikan’s Thirunakshatram celebration every year. knowing full well that Swami had no money. AT SRIPERUMPUDUR : Yathiraja Saptathi Swami prayed to Ramanujar and composed the famous Yathiraja Saptadhi. He heard about the poverty of SriDesikan and wanted to help him.

to promote fearlessness among devotees . SWAMI ATTAINS PARAMAPADAM Having lived a full and rich life for 101 years and satisfied with his work on earth. while his Sishyas chanted Tiruvoimozhi and Upanishads. SwamiDesikan composed Abheetistava . Even a fast recital of the entire paaduka sahasram would take us more than 6 hours while SwamiDesikan composed them in such a short time.until news of restoration of the temple in Srirangam reached his ears. Paduka Sahasram : Some vidhwans challenged Swami Desikan to compose 1000 hymns in praise of Lord Ranganatha in one day. Swami accepted the challenge and he prayed to PeriyaPerumal. His magnum opus is his 'Rahasya Traya Saram' in Manipravala style (a mixture of Sanskrit and Tamil) explaining the significance of the three great Mantras of Ashtakshara.who is free(Svatrantra) from all Tantras. Here the unique feature is that Unlike in other places. Thus he was conferred titles by PeripaPiratti&Perumal : “Kavitarkika simham” .AbheetiStavam: The Muslim invasion at Srirangam caused a lot of loss of life and wealth. Looking at the scene after the battle . Gita Bashya and the Nalayira Divya Prabandams. The Lord directed SwamiDesikan to compose the stotrams on the Divine Sandals (padhukas). praying to Udaiyavar by placing Ramanujar's Paadukas on his head which he kept on the lap of KumarVaradacharyar (Nainarachar) and his feet on the lap of Brahma Tantra Svatantrarar. Dvaya and Charama Sloka. Then he started writing down the stotras and in less than 3 hours he composed 1008 stotras on the DivyaPadhukas. SwamiDesikan wrote more than 100 works. For 12 years he stayed at SatyaGaalam near Mysore . Swami Desika cast his tabernacle of flesh. Swami Desikan's Tamil Compositions are collectively called “Desika Prabhandam”. This Rahasya Traya Sara is reckoned as one of the four works that any Srivaishnava should study the other three being Sri Bashya. SwamiDesikan is seen in a standing posture as if he was on his toes ever ready to move to Srirangam awaiting the good news of reinstallation of the Lord there.lion among the poets ( kavi) and Tarkikas (Debates). || Desikan Divya Tiruvadigaley Sharanam || . Swami was requested by disciples to stay away from SriRangam till peace returned. HIS EXODUS TO TIRUNARAYANAPURAM -SATYAGAALAM Due to the muslim army invasion . The ParakalaMatam headquartered at Mysore gained prominance due to Swami Desikan's presence and his sishya BrahmaTantraSwatantraJeer. "VedantaDesikan" and " SarvaTantraSvatantran".