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Introductory Videos for Suspension design Following videos would help you understand various terminology as well as concepts

for designing / manufacturing / measuring / evaluating suspension geometry. These videos are available in public domain websites at links listed in table below. These videos are to be used for learning purpose.
Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Title Car handling Grip, Oversteer & Understeer explained by Tiff Needell Suspension Geometry of Modern Wheel alignment What is Camber in car steering system Tips for adjusting camber How to make caster adjustments How to tell if steering camber is wrong Go-Kart front suspension design Locost adjustable front suspension design Lower control arms Locost adjustable front suspension design Upper control arms Locost adjustable front suspension design Coil over shocks Size MB 40.7 4.04 6.25 8.26 3.04 4.46 4.38 35.4 28.8 23.7 Time minutes 9:14 0:56 1:27 1:55 0:42 1:02 1:54 10:00 8:38 6:10 Format FLV MPG-4 MPG-4 MPG-4 MPG-4 MPG-4 FLV FLV FLV FLV Link for video

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