Introduction Property development is a complex process that involve extensive planning, large amount of capital, complex activities and

procedures, requires services from various parties and usually involves lengthy process. As a matter effect, it usually a high-risk investment that can influence changes in the economy and the property market itself. Poor planning on the development and parties involves will cause the project result in loss especially to the owner. However despite all the risk, property development is an investment that promises rewarding returns to its investor especially the developers. Therefore, in order to ensure that particular development will turn out successful and profitable, a thorough development appraisal should be carried out before the commitment to invest is made. Since the development process is complex and not all developers have the skills to carry out a major development by themselves without hired profesional team. That is when, profesional team involves in the development because from the analysis, the feasibility and viability of the development can be determined and thus helping the developer to decide to go or not to go for a project. Among these profesional team are planning consultants, valuation surveyors, architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, project managers, solicitors, accountants and occupiers. The roles of Quantity Surveyor in Property Development One of the most profesional team needed the most in any property development is quantity surveyor. The roles of quantity surveyor (QS) also known as cost manager in property development is varies starting from feasibility study to pre-construction period of a project until to the development/construction period and towards the completion of the construction. Quantity surveyor is hired by the developer starts from the inception stage where there is intention to construct a building. In feasibility stage, the needs to meet developer/client requirements and possible constraint on development is crucial in this stage such as the availability of the site for commencement of the construction work, specific requirements relating to life cycle cost/specification and/or procedures and requirements in respect of inflation. Quantity surveyor should be able to assist with the development and help the client’s to prioritize their objectives that relates to the cost such as minimise capital cost, achieve necessary income cash flow profile, minimise management costs. Because the preparation of the studies will determine whether the project is worth to proceed and within developer cost limit. Quantity surveyor also responsible to give advice on which types of

As for developers the need to get to build and finish the project on time and maximize their profit is important for the purpose of project development. From all the information provided. quantity surveyor use their knowledge in construction technology and act as the cost adviser to the developer especially on how to achieve project requirement in most economically and cost efficiency. floor areas. proposed design and construction programme. quantity surveyor is responsible to make an approximate measurement quantities from the proposed design details into elemental analysis so that it can price accordingly. Next. in outline proposal drawings quantity surveyor roles is to determine the possible cost target for the main elements such as structural elements. All the design will be carefully checked and adjustments can be make so the development cost is within the client’s budget. life-cycle cost that will involve and an update of the inflation forecast for a few months ahead from the construction. Still in the pre-construction period. So the QS should represent their client’s and advice on the image and building style so it will meet clients cost. then 2 . In this stage. All the information gathered from the detailed proposal and all the specifications in regards to the development will be taken from the respective developers design team. interior designer and etc. outline proposals helps quantity surveyor to provide their client’s the information on the preliminary life-cycle costs involves from the design chosen and only after that detailed proposal can be done and again the quantity surveyor role to ensure the complete development of the project brief is in accordance what the client’s need during the inception stage. quantity surveyor will do the preparation of detail production information before tender documentation can be done. the quantity. In this stage also quantity surveyor will involve with other profesional team such as architect and engineer. Cost target prepared by the quantity surveyor will provide cost control to the design team hired by the developer. specification. Once all the production information required under the building contract has been done. quality and materials to be used as the design develops. specialists services and builder’s work can be measured and price using latest schedule of rates. Clients usually concerned with the building performances of function and costs that will be used and it is a must to achieve value for money. land surveyor. Meanwhile in pre-construction period. service installation. It is crucial because it will give implication especially on the cost. The quantity surveyor will provide a report which contains information to the client’s such as the cost. cash flow forecast on the development construction.procurement method suitable to use in accordance to the development that will be carry out later. where all the preliminary work.

Quantity surveyor has to make a bills of quantities (BQ) which a document that list and itemized an estimate of how much material is needed including the manpower. equipment. before the awarding of a contract begin. including a preliminary price analysis. the quantity surveyor is usually involved in assessing tenders and may also have been asked to advise on the type of contract or special clauses in it. This includes conducting a preliminary evaluation. Bills of quantities is important because this is where all the bidder will quote their bid according to work specification and material for the construction. Tender alidity period is usually 60-90days and once it is been close. the roles of quantity surveyor is to evaluate and analyse tenders submitted by the contractors. The complete tender then will be advertise to find the most suitable contractors to do the construction. profit loss and any other work required from the taking off process measured in architect’s drawings. There will be a special committee handling all the tenders receive on the closing date. Each tender is considered. Quantity surveyor also responsible to prepare an evaluation report and recommendation on the qualified contractor to be award with a contract. any late tender will not be entertained. Quantity surveyor often involves in this process and they is responsible to check all the bidding price offered by the contractors including completion duration offered by them. evaluated and scored or otherwise ranked in detail. Construction duration agreed by the client’s also needs to be include inside the tender documentation. Tender documentation is stage where preparation of tender details to enable the tender for main contract and specialist sub-contractor for the construction of the project. Once the tender is being tendered out . Where short listed tenderers or a small number in contention are identified.the quantity surveyor has responsibilities to prepare tender documentation. the criteria identified in must be used for the short listing. with any comments and issues being noted. or tenders clearly offering less value than others. 3 . If there are a large number of tenders/participants then the initial part of this stage could be to establish a short list for further consideration. eliminating any tenders involving an unacceptable risk or too high a price. Quantity surveyor has to ensure there is no items/work missed out from the BQ and all the drawings needed for the tender documentation is enough so the contractors who entered the tender can price the BQ accurately. But the report will be review by the approval officers/authority and the developers first. known as “Tender evaluation board”. Once tenders are submitted by contractors.

Prior to the last stage. the quantity surveyor will have to re-measure any variation resulting changes to the employer’s requirements during construction as well as the expenditure of any provisional sums. But the contractor’s side has to respond to the letter of intent with letter of acceptance. Once the construction works begin prior to construction to practical completion. Quantity surveyor roles after the issuance of letter of intent. Defect liability period is usually 12-24 months depending on the type of building and the contractor should incur this cost and quantity surveyor has to ensure no payment will be made of any defects during this defect liability period or known as DLP. quantity surveyor roles will have to monitoring and evaluate all the works and quality that has been done on the site on monthly basis and issue interim certificate to the contractor. They should ensure that there is no adjustment to the contract sum other than as provided in the contract. once a letter of intent (L) will be issued by the quantity surveyor to the winning contractor. However. Issuing instruction on behalf of the client to start changes to any design quality or quantity of the works as required by the contract and if there is any additional work arises the quantity surveyor/contract administration will have to prepared claim in regards to this works.After the tender evaluation stage. is to prepare contract documents so that the winning contractor can sign the document of contract and make everything legal. after practical completion is to ensure that all required test are carried out by the contractor and documented for future reference. Checking contractor’s valuations for stage or periodic payments and notifying the client. it can be interpreted as a acceptance of tender and giving the developers the right to mobilise all the equipment or machines to the site to start commencing the works according to the works programmed and drawings provided by the developers design team which have been included in the tender contract documents. quantity surveyor should ensure that any defect items has to be repaired before inviting the owner-occupier to receive the handover. Before handing over of the practical completion to the owner/developers. quantity surveyor roles is to issuing certificate of practical completion They should also checking on contractor’s final account and issuing final statements and not to forget issuing all other final statements relating to the final accounts that may be required by the client. After that. They should also advising the required contract conditions and what kind of legal actions can be taken if the contractor not fulfil the conditions as stated in the contract. An then they can 4 . The contract documents should also state the date of work commence on the site. this is when construction period started. contract period and practical completion date before hand-over to the owner/developers.

Finally. where applicable. quantity surveyor responsible to prepare valuations of monthly work to issues the interim final accounts. quantity surveyor also provide a cost estimates and includes cost-planning services. if appropriate. They should also advising on values for building insurance purposes and ensure it comply with insurance requirements. materials and specifications are being measured so that it can price accordingly). examining the rectified works and certifying completion of making good defects. During construction. It is vital to have building economist in every project so that the developer’s project will never face situation where the budget allocated is not enough prior to its construction. In this case. quantity surveyor roles is basically administering the contract and finance management of the development. Conclusion In conclusion. Besides that. Quantity Surveyor roles in property development can help the management of the developer to times and money by advising on forms of construction that can be use whether steel frame or concrete frame and they should provide their client with the estimated cash flows expenditure of the building contract. The quantity surveyor roles to prepare estimates of building cost. They should also issue notices of practical completion on client satisfaction or beneficial occupation. in post-contract period there are several roles of quantity surveyor. preparing Bill of Quantities (where all work.arrange and attending the handover session altogether with the design teams and the owner of the building itself. their role is to explain why the actual flow is different from the original estimates (selected material specifications and special works use in the project affects the cost of the construction. which is to receive health and safety file from planning supervisor and delivering to client/developers. The quantity surveyor also responsible in estimates any variations in the design in the greater stage of development to know the project is viability of the project whether to proceed or not. 5 . Issuing notices on making good defects at end of defects liability period. Quantity surveyor has to ensure the cost of construction and checks on actual payments against the estimated cash flow is right. Preparing post-contract schedules of defects after occupation and arranging for rectification by contractor and on completion to notifying client/owner.

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