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Ace of Cups.

Looked at this card innumerable times, and never noticed, enough to comment, that it's encased in ice, that the sun is rising behind the edifice, because I can see now it might be read as one, so the ice is going to melt, melt that frozen heart. That’s part of the message. Then I look more closely and notice, for the first time, fish and a mermaid. God, so many symbols. A cup, or rather a chalice., which connects it to Christianity, although I reckon it's more likely the chalice of the holy Grail, which has become coupled with the Arthurian legend, (Camelot and Avalon), a Celtic symbol of what in the east is referred to as enlightenment. The rising sun. New day, new dawn. Another symbol of enlightenment, renewal. Yes enlightenment is renewal. Never seen that before. ( Love the dawn. Used to go for walks at that time of the day in India, but dawn in the UK at any time is pretty wonderful) Fish are often used as code for Jesus, but are also pagan symbols of fecundity and the mermaid means little to me. A Tom Hanks film. Mediaeval manuscripts. A Disney cartoon movie. A particular freedom, because it's possible to move through water in three dimensions. The Lotus. Beautiful. Another eastern symbol of enlightenment and just so glorious, without any need to assign meaning. Some friends of mine have a lily pond in the back garden, pretty big as well, and they have taken a photograph of that pond at the start of every month for 15 years, since they moved in. How terrific is that. (The photographs are displayed as a collage on the wall in one of many rooms). Imagine a building like this. It would have to be in a particular place. Inaccessible, so that only those that really cared, not the merely curious, got to be in its presence. It would have to be given a vantage, so that we could watch the sun rise and set behind it. Yee Haa.

Two of Cups. and as often as not screwing something up. although not absolutely.) Don't remotely have the expectations of people. According to the internet. I won't recognise it for what it is. and more particularly to a discussion of marriage. reliable but no kudos models. Definitely not in a mood to add to any kind of debate about relationships. leads to disappointment. and of course it isn't. Expectations it seems to me screw everything. ( It's worth mentioning positive expectations. Expectations. Give them up. So it moves away from a few ramblings about relationship to the subject of expectation! The life wrecker. All those expectations of the other that he or she cannot possibly fulfil. and pessimistic negative expectations add to pessimism. or anything. Everybody's after the top brands with high specs. . washing machines. It won't happen. like cars. put us in a constantly fearful place unable to see what’s under our noses. partners are a commodity now. that I had. and it isn't because no one ever lives up to our expectations. in innumerable articles. but I will. Have a good life instead. well as I read it. and nobody wants one of those ordinary looking. Have wondered if because of my expectations that if I get model A when I want model H. the former being a fantastic version. and there’s the basic model with its basic specifications. and then quite plainly has the idea that if they get that life will be utterly peachy. So much to be said. It's like approaching the liaison with a script as comprehensive as a Shakespeare play. plasma screen TVs. but I find when painting that if things are going well I begin to expect it will go on like that and always end up feeling frustrated. optimism. because my expectations are tied up with H. and maybe that’s one of the things that goes wrong about relationships. all that talking and analysing.

Great to have got older and done it. laugh and joke with friends and actually. . for about the next two or three days. given the opportunity. the charging around thing in my twenties and early thirties. the younger generation.Three of Cups. Went off to India for a month with nine kilos on my back and stayed away for a year and a half at thirty two. to have a good time. and fortunately. or rather night after night. for that matter. most of whom appear to need no encouragement from me or anyone else. Used to be such an extrovert. ‘You don't know what you got until you lose it. for hours. completely frazzled and desperate to be on my own. get into new projects that don’t require physical strength. and on into thirties and forties. Not that its only youth who knows how to enjoy. Having a good time. and I get back. having had a great time. but youth has a certain quality of unrestrained abandonment when backed up by physical strength and stamina. to work round these things. Super image. just like the girls in the image. Don't miss being so physical actually. and or agility. I mean I really did do the party thing. Youth. Great stuff. Now I need to carefully plan a trip to the other side of the city to visit friends.' Was astronomically energetic in my twenties. resourcefulness and facility. physical limits finally kicked in and I have experienced ongoing limitation. so none of that ill will towards youth. yes all day as well. so it's not been missed.( even without the help of booze) that we don’t know is ours at the time! As in. along with the growing ability. and as I wrote fairly recently it did actually pall. Get such a warm feeling. Could dance day after day. in one way or another since then. Then as I approached fifty.

talk about pout. desire for approval colours our lives so intensely. Wiggle those toes.. feet in the grass. sincerity. the suffering. (Are you not attuned to the imagination?). Such a beautiful day. when only that which was true is left. might be ignored for a short while.Four of Cups. floating. purified you. so is the achievement. taking a risk. anything different. Is that why you’re sulking. Is that what you’re about mate? Or are you just a sulking prat who can't see what's under your nose? Deva means divine. not by oneself either. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. You’re puzzled. It's in your imagination. We’re such creatures of habit. Three pretty girls dancing and generally having a good time. has cleansed you. But immense is the benefit that comes out of it. Hard not to connect them to the three of cups. One should not wear masks. arjava means straightforwardness.. destroyed all that was false. that's why people decide not to be authentic. Talk about sulk. How did I get here? Wrote about this yesterday and didn't set out to write about it now. Like a little boy or girl. One should not allow any kind of imposition.. The fundamental thing is authenticity. past life that no longer works. all those things. In fact I was pretty unclear as to what I did want to say this morning. If one can go passionately into it. Just never articulated it) We participate in training. One has to pay much for it. Might precipitate violence. . authenticity. and collude with being trained to act in a certain way. far greater than sacrifice. It may invoke mockery. a new possibility. If you go very very slowly into it. intensely into it. then it can take years or even lives. One should live one's original face whatsoever the cost. barefooted. The look on this guys face is so funny. A fashion victim or fan of Duran Duran. Your not on one. are very miserly. under a tree... And that fire can be long. simplicity. You’re torn between going forward into the new. You've got two choices. not getting their own way.when suffering has done its work. Not seen going forward as a dilemma before. Hanging onto the past life. Fear of disapproval/. You have the freedom and security to sit out in the open. How many of us risk stepping out of line. The drippy mode he's dressing in doesn't help me take him seriously. The sacrifice is great. Only in the end when you have suffered totally -. It is sacrifice. in a dilemma. Come on mate! come on! Give us a smile. it is carrying one's cross. burned your ego. (Although having said that its fairly obvious it is. In front of you three goblets. The single cup. Early summer.. But in the beginning you need the sacrifice. it is martyrdom. It’s not paranoid is it? How many of us risk putting that to the test. not by others. and I've written of something I posted yesterday and also something that connects to a mini Osho Discourse I shared at Stumble this morning. when the fire has passed -do you start feeling the ecstasy of life. offering you an opportunity. it depends on you.

And great is the blessing. it will not be spread over a long period. that this is joy. if accepted -. to move in thorns is going to help bring up his authentic face. for suffering. seeing the way convenience. those comforts. Truth will bring much suffering. if it is based on truth. hence the can be finished within a single moment. This is one type of person. it is coming because everybody is false. And for this so-called happiness they go on compromising. you start getting out of tune with people.. moves to the other extreme. then sooner or later you will become acquainted with the whole alchemy of life. to your nakedness of being. life is meaningful only when there is joy. that's what meditation is all about. They think they are very happy. one extreme. What I am saying is that life wants joy. you become an outsider. life searches for joy. who becomes pseudo. It is not really coming out of truth.through authenticity. I am not a supporter of suffering. They become more and more false. to live in discomfort.. There are people who go on living a comfortable. You become a stranger. truth -. Follow it! But life can have joy only if it is authentic. soulless. to give him reality. But once you understand that suffering. To purchase those conveniences. That too is false. Of course that moment will be almost like eternal hell. sincerity. His authentic face never comes from inconvenience. The intensity of it will be there. He starts searching for misery. That is life's basic instinct. but it is not that you create it. with no false face. comfort.. It comes out of your facing reality. Then comes the problem and the dilemma of life. The gold has to go through the fire to become pure. you don't fit any more. He thinks to live in inconvenience. convenient bourgeois life. Darshan Diary Chapter #7 7 November 1977 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium . He starts creating torture for himself. that is pathology. they go on compromising. remember. The conveniences are there but they become untrue.. Wherever you go. you don't fit. makes people impotent. They go on selling their soul and increasing their possessions. with no curtain. The other is he who. how can it? So I am not saying create suffering for yourself. I am not saying to create suffering for yourself. Once you have come to your originality with no imposition. if you can remember that. but joy is possible only if life is true. Life needs joy. that is moving to the other extreme.. Osho. when you have come to your nudity. pleasures. with no covering. That continuous not-fitting hurts but one has to go through it knowing perfectly well that it is part of cleansing.brings joy. Because everybody is false and you start being true.

although I don't read it as speaking of loss in the sense of physical death.) I left behind. Before I moved to this flat (Forty seventh address. private. which I inhabited longer than any previously. and I found the dream flat (this one) which made me feel as though I’d won a fantastic prize and I was over the moon about moving in. symbolism and the meaning of symbols. objects that we own. language. and yet it doesn't trigger the same response. and I guess these are pictures. which I presume Jung and archetypes are about. all things that are tied up with identity and I can imagine and have experienced the sense of loss regarding leaving a place. away from everything. Identical in all details. regardless of race. We have relationships with places. although when I say that it comes to me that individuals have relationships with more than just folk. either in detail or intensity. so peaceful. when snubbed and rejected. or such. or the feeling of hurt. will articulate experience common to all humans. couldn't wait to get here and felt such a sense of loss over the place ( Mole end. and everything was accessible. who's sneaking about for one reason or other. I really did need more room.) I owned a tiny place nearby. . gender or sexuality. this card is. It was like a cave.) to the Wait Smith version. which will say much the same to most people. At first glance it's a depiction of a hermit and then a stereotype likeness of a mediaeval thief. (Thank you Yoda.Five of Cups. had started feel so cramped. the effect of symbols on me. in a Thirties period movie. Find increasingly I’m not so much interested in the Tarot as interested in the opportunity to explore symbols. Came time to go. This is about loss is it not. and I needed that at the time. rather its loss as in a relationship hasn't worked out. It's to do with relationships.

David. remind us. help us discover it's closer to thirty. which from he. Recall an occasion in a communal house in which I lived when the youngest member of the household managed to take me from utterly furious. to represent what I see as small and out of proportion adults as children in this version. an ability to play any key over that octave range at will. with her signature sugar style. that he found it next to impossible to cling to rationality at times. Kids are great fun. Robin Wood has opted. and kids. who never ever goes over the top. that he felt himself hovering semi permanently at the edge of madness with them. to soppy melting lump in the snap of a finger. although I’m certain the symbols that are at issue are just printing errors. so we don't have to pretend it's different to how it is. and I find the whole scene sickly sweet. and then demonstrate. over and over. now it reads to me as a sentimental expression of childhood. particularly when they had kicked off about something. You know I'm not. Ha. .Six of Cups. Think I'm exaggerating. and he's the one who they came to for cuddles because the mother is the heavyhanded authority figure. on which this is based is so ambiguous and gets interpreted to death. Its in the job description surely. it seems to me. described life with six sons as hair pullingly testing. that the figures in the card are just drawn out of proportion to the background. A friend once said of his kids. can also drive any normal adult mad. in a time span of about 30 seconds tops. an Aussie mate. Ha. We adults function as if we have an emotional range of an octave. If the colours weren’t so sugary it would just be a picture of a couple of kids. Ha. was really laying it on the line. Nothing wrong in it. and for some reason the artist missed it. The Waite Smith version. a delight to be around. despite how challenging he found them. and was amazed at his own capacity to love them so much. this before it was politically correct to behave that way. Interesting how a shift of style can so swing the meaning of a card. who he loves to bits. and trying to keep a lid on it . backwards and forwards.

turning it into the ultimate pad. Partner. Recall one evening on a bus. taking with them the identity. Suspect now that part of life's disappointment is that real life never lives up to what we can imagine One of the most revisited imaginings. Stuff from which books are written. which actually persisted into life as a meditater. and he of course wasn’t privy to what she’d imagined and the event was ruined for her. and so my personal sense of identity has evolved along with my evolving imagination. unignorably so. November. She was actually really distressed. 'Fame and fortune'. 8. was the dream house fantasy. in a flat I lived at in the Seventies. What goes on in my imagination has evolved so dramatically. A girl going on and on at her boyfriend about how he had ruined everything. and suddenly I knew. Work. involvement with them gave. Seven of Cups. The usual stuff. Commonplace fantasies. night after night. the way people with excellent recall might envisage. 08. people with whom I identified. . modelled and remodelled the house in my imagination. which I‘m transcending anyway. and she had no awareness whatsoever of what the real issue was. imaginary people. but the image takes me back to a life previous to the life of meditation. and the fantasy ended when I moved into the dream flat eleven years ago. based on people I had met. imagined the events down to the last detail. recall a film he or she had seen on innumerable occasions. Can recall going to sleep at night. and in that fantasy I worked. that she had envisaged. and been involved with. Creativity manifesting. Area to live in. have gone. Highly aware of the part imagination plays in life. as certainly as one can in such circumstances. and he seemed a gentle soul. Hordes of people who filled its echoing halls. Friends. Fantasies about fast cars. Yes. Ideal home.Saturday. concerned at her distress and obviously completely confused by what was going on. but of course I didn't know that then.

thirty miles away and got a lift immediately.) and can picture us walking through Carmarthen in South Wales. large and small. from the parents place. How many times in the life have I set out on a new escapade. emotional and spiritual. a spiritual quest. innocent and ignorant pursuit of that which is in our imagination. partly being sensible and in part because I was accident prone. . as often as not a psychological and emotional. but literal adventures are wrapped up with the psychological. Adventurousness. as the sun was coming up. a guy who had been a merchant banker in London. Myself and a friend hitch hiked to France when we were seventeen.W. while googling about a week ago I landed on a site which had been set up to provide information for an eco project in Essex. (Father insisted I take out insurance. to pour energy into something that obviously fired his idealism. on a golf course. He’s the adventurer in folk and she. Employed me for some years. but recently. even though we don't know that's the case. The spiritual adventurer in he had obviously been latent all those years and resurfaced so powerfully he walked away from that huge salary and high status career. when we can so easily and blindly walk in innocence (or ignorance) into the unknown. especially when younger. and sometimes a literal adventure. past the front door of gold and red logoed F. Boldness. Woolworth's. A metaphorical dawn and often sometimes literal one.) Haven't seen that guy I set out with since my early twenties. in a clumsy teenager way. that in us which takes risks. ( (Woollies is shutting down because of the recession.Eight of Cups. Great stuff. A heart warming image. and the director. was he I’d set out with for France. We had set out in the dark. Been there all my life.

but it didn't work for me and I've been wearing them ever since. Certainly think it may have augmented a sense of being an outsider.(Limited choices) ( Stigma: Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity. You have that look. tools are badges as well. Seem to remember it meant someone who was a weakling. Apparently ( don't recall) we had to be kept in a dim room.) although must say I don't recall any particular difficulty now. Came to see as I got older that I felt stigmatised because I wore glasses. affect personality. but have wondered if teachers. although that may just be reflecting on what was nascent ego. a brain box. could or would do for the new kid. Read Irving Goffman's Stigma years ago and that registered in relation to wearing glasses. God. and then it happened. what role the kids and teachers at every new school decide. The kid with glasses four eyes. that someone who got labelled intelligent (stereotype) would be seen negatively by some. developing personality in that way. although as I mentioned yesterday.Nine of Cups You would have been the fat kid at school. and although it was my intention to go off on a rant about the grotesqueness of so many people in the world starving. amongst other things. signifiers. Ego forms around whatever roles are available it seems to me. The thin one skinny. rightly so in many cases. Starts so young.(Limited . as tools do. My sight was damaged because I caught measles. Now that's a notion. Didn't start wearing them until I was about nine. ) . The overweight kid is called fatty. intellectual and scholastically capable. Surely. Interestingly enough. a cissy . my attention has being caught by the inner wince I felt when I acknowledged I felt stigmatised when younger because I wore specs. (That was me. Such things hold us. parents have expectations of kids who wear glasses. glasses are a fantastic invention really improving the quality of life for so many people. Spectacles are signs. So the first nine years of life was spent without glasses. whilst we in the West are obsessed about weight. as in expect them to be studious. is it any wonder folk in our culture are obsessed with weight.

our ongoing feelings more realistically. We take shit from those higher in the pyramid and pass it on to someone lower.Ten of Cups. doctors barristers etc) and fond out the truth. to the cult of mom. The problem of the constant promulgation of that family ideal. The pressure. Presumably that's also part of hierarchy.' Maybe if we all dealt with our small stuff. Maybe a problem is represented here. superior and above criticism. Maybe the problem isn’t the conflict within a family. desperately trying to live up to an impossible ideal and not successfully. Not that I’m suggesting they’re less than the rest of us. 'Don't sweat the small stuff. against which most fail. were more comfortable with them. Useful phrase. but certainly not better. passed on. just like a carpenter or plumber. Have wondered on occasions if part of the reason America or Russia etc. unresolved conflict. apple pie and family. All that unresolved variance building up. yet families are hotbeds of tension. Was the sort of kid who essentially did what teachers said and grew up with the idea they were perfect. get displaced. the feelings wouldn't accumulate. is so ready to bomb the shit out of any country it takes against. Idyllic. and practice a skill. . this enormous number. or believe they fail. so any excuse to attack another nation will do. They’re just people who’ve been trained in. but the expectation their shouldn't be any. in the USA particularly. It has to have an outlet. They have all the same things to deal with as most of us. All those people. Was such a revelation when I began to mix socially with teachers ( lawyers. is related. Family! Look at that.

bit of a child in he I guess. . Sadly being around him was less fun than standing naked in a howling storm on a hillside. to the point where tis’ becoming something to take a look at for its own sake. Saw myself standing at the point of the horn. was being a good father. my brother and I. if I recall correctly. and wanted to see them with his family. Actually feel as if I know him better now. This huge sand horn had been created by two currents meeting and had been like that for centuries. Beer. We went to Weymouth. and then saw myself looking into a rock pool at Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. psychologically. to actually recall something about the father that I can say yes to. in the sidecar of the fathers motorbike(In the fifties). that I had previously only seen on a map.Page of Cups. when we lived in Somerset and Ireland. We went to the lido in Street and I recall such hot summers swimming. Is it something I'm going through at the moment. spiritually and emotionally. Another image has triggered memories of childhood. Like falling into something and seeing a whole new panorama laid out before me. Something in him was interested in seeing all those places. about imagination. or is the cards? As I took this from the box I recalled something I wrote when using the Waite Smith pack. called McGilligan's Point in County Londonderry. Have never had such a yes before to anything connected to him. and I picture all the different places we went at the weekend. although as I go more deeply tis ’tinged with all the difficult stuff. and this one has gone even deeper than usual. other places that only remain as vague images with no names. Would have been about nine years old. but for all that I feel a sense of appreciation for it now. Happening again. Feel deeply moved. and mother. was enthralled to be standing on it. and at this moment I feel sure it played its part in my ongoing ability. and in those days parental word was law and so off we went. Stonehenge. willingness to go to new places. Then another jump. Bournemouth.

boyish. She looks so imperious. been perceived as Tories and viewed with suspicion. and I'm fairly certain that if somebody had turned up always wearing a suit and bow tie they would have without doubt.) who never appears to wear the same close twice.Queen of Cups . dressed like you’re at a high society ball. because my observation is people have a very definite sense of the way they expect to be treated and the way they dress is a part of that. facing the breaking waves. Yes. That seems completely bizarre to me now. is established in ways by clothes. looks like she on her way to the ball. Well! No matter what the author and or artist was trying to say. so I have to rely on how I feel about people to deal with them. and she has a gamin hair cut. Her life. Whose clothes are haute couture for young women of a certain physical type. Was a time I could tell so much about people because of the clothes they wore. although the way they dressed would have been acceptable eventually once credentials had been established by how they spoke. Was very involved with a left wing activist group in the Seventies. . what do you think you're doing sitting on that chair. This is of course completely unconscious. King Canute. and that makes me want to laugh. model type appearance. but whenever I see her I end up pondering on the way clothes are used to define us. jowelled face at its most extreme for an 80 year-old. ( She doesn't look right on public transport. The way membership of certain groups. some more than others. Woman and men who are obsessed with clothes and appearance! Might have said at one time I knew individuals like that. but in fact the only character I've seen who fits that label in recent years is a very old woman who I regularly perceive on my bus. silver grey and a sagging. No criticism meant here.. in their twenties. which triggers off some fairly interesting reactions. Ability to read attire is back to how it was in my very early teens. these cards are always mirrors to the viewer. but there nonetheless. Clothes. For example in my twenties I could pretty much get close to telling the kind of music people might like depending on how they dressed. Find myself mulling over the manner with which we judge and are judged by clothes worn . I mean. and my behaviour was affected by that. Yes! That came first. Hmm. after the initial fragmented inner ramblings.

they've got a hardnosed edge. and the cups a symbol for water in the tarot. Can never make sense of it. an idealist type. and he’s holding a cup. each temperament then into four personality types. Incredibly sociable. and is divided into four temperaments.The Knight of Cups . It's the very devil to fit the four suites to the four temperaments. but if they get on one. with the Myers Briggs/ David Kiersey system of classification. First came across the system in a book by Jana Riley. That turned me on to Jung-based personality profiling. given water’s a symbol for feelings. Can both comfortably swing between fearsome and kind. and both love to talk. Came to associate the Waite Smith King of Cups with ENFJ. (Only a little over the top. because a guy is riding the horse. although the three attempts I've seen on line all disagree with each other and me. which is linked to Jung. to explore 'deep' ideas. and I’ve found it so informative. Strong characters. who. which is extrovert feeling and introverted intuition. and very sensitive. it's telling us something about feelings. and only affects me in as much as I find it irritating. but tempered by reason. So I start from a sense of frustration. Well! Lots of water. and its impacted on my life enormously. the way I find the court cards in this pack generally irksome really. Extremely good natured. feelings as intense and powerful as a seahorse riding crashing breakers on a seashore. along with her husband is one of my oldest friends. volatile. One is my seventeen year old godson and the other a fifty four year old woman pal. but I do find connecting individual cards to personality types not unexciting. . Both are driven and involved. so plainly. and both of them can.) Seen a number of attempts to connect the tarot cards. ( Find beginning from where I am helpful. and two people who I know are of this nature. Court section. because they just seem so far removed from anything.) and the only possible next step is to look at the symbols. God this is a fanciful image. emotions.

who had to watch every shilling. I could go on. paid for by taxes. The most obviously poor. but also by organising events on a regular basis throughout the city. time to themselves. Always seems to be something happening somewhere.King of Cups . the facilities. and especially in warm weather. free music. and probably so much of it completely taken for granted. live on benefits. have access to these events. was it not. and more leisure time than any human beings have ever had. the deserving and undeserving poor in the UK. The city’s a very relaxed place to be at any time of the year now. to just hang out. Had realised that people who lived on benefits. Birmingham has been in development a good number of years. Just taking it easy. relaxing by the sea. at the lower end of the wealthy classes. but nonetheless were higher status than individuals who had incomes ten times greater. in one form or other. easily accessible by a large choice of bus's. What is wealth. take it easy. Great libraries etc. the homeless. that was exclusive to they. and the city powers have not just set out to promote the local economy with building regeneration . and nowadays. had as much money as many of those who had private incomes in the 19th century. huge numbers of people don't have to work. for the benefit of all. and then paid for by local councils and central government. Who is rich and who is poor? Not just money and possessions is it? . the wealthy classes had at one time. Have a very developed notion of what I call access wealth. in the western world. and there's another layer of those facilities in large cities. Leisure. (Some would say you’re a bit overdressed for it matey boy. in the western world. It's to do with all the benefits. The genteel folk.) That's what Kings. to the vibrancy of the city and play their part in making it so. which provides them with just enough money to live if they are careful. Recall a conversation with a friend years ago. but who were in trade. laying on regular goingson which draw varying crowds from large to larger and even larger. throughout the year. To people in Gaza I guess wealth would be that the bombing would stop.

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