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Coming up In the Kleinau

May 2nd, 2012 @ 8PM Performing Culture Spotlight Hour* May 5th, 2012 @ 8PM Advanced Classes Spotlight Hour* *Free Admission

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Thank You: To my devoted cast, for coming in on day one, ready for anything and full of energy—I couldn’t even have begun this project without you. You are all talented performers and should be proud of your work. To Ruth Bowman for making me believe in the magic of performance and devising. To Craig Gingrich-Philbrook, for guidance, friendship, and encouragement. To Rob Sphar, for all your conversations about Remix, New Media, and what it all means. To Rick Jones, for bringing your lighting into the ‘mix; the rest of the Kleinau staff Heather and Nico; and Carlye, Poe, and all the 390’s who pitched in to help. To our technology for only minor hiccups. To conversation partners Jonny Gray, Rebecca Walker, Ron Pelias, Jason Hedrick, Bunny, and plenty of other folks from both SPCM and MCMA who’ve helped me form ideas over the last year. Thank you to Husni for recording the show in innovative ways and to Christi and Roscoe for working their camera magic. Finally, thank you to my collaborative and romantic partner, Nichole Nicholson. You are always there, reading my mind and making my visions go. Gratitude is insufficient for the amount of time you’ve spent with me on this project—all I can give in return, is love.

Dir. Sam Sloan & Tech. Asst. Nichole Nicholson

Pirate Party. should you attempt to Try This @ Home . and everyday life responses to remix culture in our world. & Amanda Nelson Corporate Executives: Meggie Mapes & Josh Potter Pirates: Poe Foy & Benny LeMaster Anonymous & Anonymiss: ???? Scenes:  Artist Statement: As a cast. It's my hope that this performance will serve as an introduction to the aesthetics of remix culture and influence others to be aware of the power & politics involved. Dadaist. and the movie/music industry)   2001. a "ground-zero" text. Nico Wood.Roles: The Remix Crew: Andrea Baldwin. and copyright cases. Pirate Bay. (as himself)   Pirate Manifesto: (A mash up of the Surrealist. and the remix crew—the youth—who find themselves navigating the dangerous waters in-between discourses. "What is the relationship between body and media in performance?" We wanted to see what remix art and culture—often enciphered through postproduction music and video editing—would look like when embodied in a large cast. for the performance: a struggle between money-hungry media executives. ." This digital compiled script serves as a starting place. Gentleman with Ears. we are investigating the subject of remix methods in art-making by asking the question. Enjoy! -Sam & Nichole   Introduction to  Pirate Broadcast : (Text drawn from news stories about remix art. the cast collaboratively crafted performances in response to the director's remixed media. bloodthirsty pirates. texts drawn from news stories. and Feminist Pirate Manifesta/os)  GirlTalk: A Heteroglossic Embodiment  Hairdresser Hit  The Death of: The Author(s)  Remix Will Never Die: A Tribute A Pulp Die Harder Buddy Cops Adventure. a Remix Odyssey:  A history of A history of A history of It's Your Birthday. Using cast-devised movement/dance. manifestos. piracy. a method which we call using "media-as-script.