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This paper is an effort to analyze one of the leading private commercial bank of country, Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd (DBBL). Analyzing a bank is very difficult and complex task. A lot of expertise is necessary to do this tough job. None of our group members has that much expertise. However, we have put our best efforts to analyze the performance of DBBL as the course requirement of FIN-470: Risk and Insurance Management. In analyzing the performance we have mostly emphasized on the quantitative data, rather than qualitative data. But in the inefficient market like ours, only quantitative data cannot explain everything about a banks performance. So this analysis has some limitations. Moreover, as instructed by the course instructor, we have used mostly ration analysis to come up about evaluation of the performance of DBBL. After analyzing, our primary finding is that the bank is doing well so far though there is volatility on the ratios and on the returns. But if we consider the economic condition and the massive fall in capital market, it becomes obvious what are the reasons behind this volatility. Again, as we lack the proper expertise there is a chance that we have ignored many points about the performance measures. But whatever measure we have used, all the measures gave us a good picture of DBBL.



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1.0. Review Of Business Operations And Strategy .01 2.0 Products and Services04

3.0. SWOT Analysis..12 4.0. 5.0. Six New Banks and DBBL.13 Industry Trends..14 5.1. Provision..15 5.2. ROA and ROE.....16 6.0. Analysis Of Financial Position of DBBL..17 6.1. Statement of financial position.17 6.2. Share information.....19 6.3. Operating performance.....21 6.4. Capital measurement....23 Financial Resource And Availability..24


8.0. Ratio Analysis..26 8.1 Profitability Ratio..27 8.2 Balance Sheet Ratios....30 8.3. Management Efficiency Ratios.....33 8.4. Other Ratios..35