Deism is an ideology about God being completely transcendental to the Universe.

It is usually associated with scientists, pantheists, Gnostics, new age, Buddhists, agnostics, and, theoretically, also with anti-theists. Deism implies accepting God created everything and left it running without intervening in the functioning of the Universe or life. Aside from the atheists, who state either that there is no God, or that no convincing proof of God has been made, deists acknowledge that no speculation about God’s nature can be made. Therefore, we are not able to provide any evidence for or against God, nor any correct description of God. Firstly, I think many people would feel very comfortable with the deist worldview had it been no “pressure” from theism, more precisely for certain religions, especially Christianity. Deism is neutral and requires no intellectual of physical effort. It involves no commandments, rituals, or dogmas. People would not become atheists had the only religious worldview been deism. People probably have no problem with being created by God, as long as God does not tell them what to do. But people resent being told what to do because they perceive that as an absurd infringement to their liberty and not as a guidance, as it was intended. I will explain that further on. Why is deism important? Well… mainly for two considerations: modesty and rationality. Modesty means a fair and just evaluation about the possibilities of people to know fundamental truths of life. Rationality means a fair and just assessment of the knowledge we do have. Is it possible to have rationality on both the deist side and theist side at the same time? Could two people look at the same data, yet draw two distinct (not incompatible) interpretations? I believe so! And this is where deism becomes really important! It is generally accepted that we have two means to know God: reason and faith. Both of them are powerful tools that we must use very wisely. Misuse of the reasoning could degenerate in underestimation of the faith, ultimately into atheism (this is actually a very important point to make in the combat against evolution theory, that most of its followers become prone to this “misuse of reasoning”). Misuse of faith could degenerate into underestimation of reasoning, ultimately into bigotry or dogmatism (on the other hand, this point is essential to make too against the negative influence of the Church in religion). As intellectual people, we are not to think that we should dispraise either our rational part, or our emotional part. Ok! But where does deism come into the play? Here it comes! The trouble with information is that it does not automatically provide knowledge, and the problem with knowledge is that it does not automatically provide wisdom! True wisdom comes when the owner of knowledge places himself into the appropriate position to that knowledge, in both attitude and action. For example, I might be a very knowledgeable medic, yet not use my knowledge to improve my own health. This is knowledge, but lack of wisdom!

it is not a connection to an ultimate reality. this is another worrisome phenomenon today (next to sheer ignorance of religion). But. Sadly. the “spirit” is not considered of divine origin. than to have an atheist being spiritually all the time. he therefore has no action to take in this direction. as we have established what is not the sacred. If the spiritual is subordinated to the material. an even better position with respect to this knowledge can be taken. or the transcendental. But what is the sacred. mere observation and awe towards the sky would not get one from deism to theism. the “spirit” is considered just as an emergence of matter. but you cannot actually have one creating it! That is because you might at best have an atheist being “spiritual” from time to time. the goal of spirituality anyway? Is it a mere pastime? Just something to do among all other worldly things? Ok. being a spiritual person. if you realise it is just an extension of the sensorial gratification. you could have atheists enjoying classical music and poetry. Why not? Because there is just one ingredient missing: the experience of the sacred! There is an ocean of difference between the mere feeling of the sacred and the experience of the sacred. That is commonly known as “search for God”. It is unimaginable to have an atheist who sacrifices a bit of his materialistic interest for his or someone else’s spiritual progress. As earlier said. the lack of a “default position” towards religious knowledge usually leads to various flavours of deism to agnosticism. or the spiritual? We sometimes hear atheist saying that they do not lack spirituality. atheism’s spirituality does not allow for an immaterial component of the human life (soul). we should note that the fundamental distinction between a deist and a theist is the experience of the sacred. based on his innate feeling of the sacred (call it a feeling of purposefulness). but that their spirituality arises from humanism and not from religion. the “spirit” of the atheist has nothing transcendental about it. What is the connection between this “positioning” and faith? There are two fundamental aspects: one is the innate feeling of the sacred and the other is ones experience of the sacred (transcendental. Therefore. However. that it is not more than a mere need or pleasure! Of course. Lest an atheist gives his life to save his “spirit”! And what is the end. but as a by-product of biological evolution. rather as an entertainment than as lifestyle. However. one must be aware as to how do the atheist actually define their “spirituality”. The deist is contempt with the thought that you cannot know God. there is nothing sacred about it. which is the cornerstone of faith and the building block of the experience of the sacred! . Consequently. However. as shown earlier. spiritual). The feeling state is passive. for someone with modesty and reason. the deist has the power and will to appreciate the beauty of the creation.It is the same with religion! Someone might be well learned about religion. yet not “moved” by it and could finally give it up altogether. there is not even something supreme about it. Moreover. As opposed to religion.

Retrospective faith is the fulfilment of the feeling of the sacred – it is that experience of the sacred. that which makes the leap from a deist. does that mean that you believe in God? Is there anything more important than doing God’s will? If there is nothing more important than doing God’s will. It does not concern itself with the form. as the aprioristic faith does. Retrospective faith is really a gift of God. or the feeling of the sacred. and a blasphemous one! What does faith men after all? When the Sunday churchgoer Christian says he believes what does he mean? If you believe that God said you should live your life a certain way and you do not live just like that. how could you say of yourself that you have faith and doing God’s will? You should give your life doing the will of God. he who fully experiences the sacred.What is faith? Faith is of two sorts: we should call one aprioristic faith and another retrospective faith.). That is human experience of the divine. who just acknowledges the sacred. more evolved and so on)? It seams to me there are only three possible ways to address this issue. Aprioristic faith is faith learned in school. Actually. there is no such thing as faith. the religious institution. in the Church etc. It is the outer layer of the cosmic feeling. at home. It is what you see (people praying. but does not know it. that I am going to criticise it strongly. but later. What about it? The establishment of it is the cult. . counterintuitive to think that creations understand their creators (does the computer “understand” the man operating it?) or that “lower” life forms understand their “higher” counterparts (be it more intelligent. Aprioristic faith is nothing but a lie. I start with the third (according to the selected criterion) because I am not going to go into details right now. of acquiring knowledge about God. We have just returned to the main topic: how do we get from deism to theism? Let us leave the philosophy aside and take a look at the facts! As we are able to establish scientifically that the world having been created is the best explanation for what we observe. It is frequently considered akin to Gnosticism. a meaningless word. wearing religious symbols. on the other hand. than what logic might one have as to do anything but God’s will? As you sin and not strive not to sin. Retrospective faith is introspective in the human essence. the denomination. and not what you feel (the transcendental soul in that person). yet you use your life to sin! You are a liar. gathering inside the church. nor experiences it… to a real theist. The wicked thing about it is that it a mere form. that which Buddha named enlightenment… even what Muhammad named to submit yourself to the will of God (Islam). You have no faith. The former is so outrageously common and so commonly outrageous. how can we infer anything about the Creator? It is. While the latter is authentic and fulfilling. Retrospective faith is the fundament for the experience of the sacred. performing religious duties etc. It is what Jesus called to be born again.

it is expected you have best intentions with it. As a matter of fact. not of teaching. are in peace and happy. the best candidate for analysis. you are a rationalist dogmatic! Your dogma is limited human reason! But think of it from God’s perspective! If you create a toy robot… would you not want to play with it? Actually. and start grinding them! You should be able to remove the later additions. and the toys themselves play with God! But give me that: if you create something. the Qur’an. which we could somewhat test. because. we know very little about their authors. phenomena that occurred later in human history). the second is wisdom. Generally. you start with the hypothesis that you cannot know. translations and so forth). unless you are insane or innately evil. the Qur’an. However. Indeed. but you yourself know that purpose! In a distinct article. I will explain why omniscience and omnipotence lead necessarily to omnibenevolence. the translation and copying errors. Two such categories come to my mind: first and most popular being prophecies (events foretold or trends. However. they probably start building churches! . unless there was a pressure on you. It is somewhat natural too. the foreign influences from cultures they might have come into contact etc. You take them all. you would not create something to hurt something or somebody. down to the ecosystems on our planet and. as well as the teachings of Buddha. put them in an Eratosthenes sieve. this process constitutes an important step into one’s transcendental experience. the human intellect). the purposes might not seem obvious to the created being itself. The fundamental issue about deism is actually rationality itself! As a deist. The suggested method I describe as follows. but humans would not have created weapons. meaning teachings that constitute both the basis for religious ethics (how to live in the world) and for human life experience (how to acquire both best life on Earth and. the Hindu scriptures. We should be able to finally extract some very important religious principles. The second most popular means of investigation are revealed Scriptures. If they have enough to eat. why do you create it at all? It is completely counterintuitive to create something that serves no purpose. you seclude yourself in this worldview. we can draw some interesting conclusions.But the first and foremost is the investigation of the creation itself (from the large scale of the Universe. most important. the Vedas are written by people claiming divine inspiration thousands of years ago. from the texts themselves (ignoring for starters the alterations that have occurred during the time of copying. lest to be able to analyse their divine inspiration status. had the imminence of the war not been at hand. We should only consider the Bible. I would not be able to describe the process here. sacred texts as the Bible. but also He creates the toys as such as the toys enjoy when God is playing with them. therefore a matter of introspective discovery. A nice metaphor I thought of: not just that God creates toys to play with them. Of course. The problem is that you have some texts that bear very little in common. spiritual progress and salvation). I might be idealistic. Therefore.

I cannot yet comprehend it. but what is it? We cannot understand intelligence without the connection with some form of individuality. Or. by making their own free choices (free from their perspective). even much-much better. which not just helps you fulfil your purpose (like creating a shovel to dig a hole). You might speculate that. as we’ve seen a minute ago. please explain it to me. and. If you can. the situation might just arise that that created life form helps you achieve that purpose you had with it. Had it been something purely deterministic. because you created them to serve you and they will do just that… because you have created them to do that! But now swap perspective again! Could you know that as a created being? Of course not! Unless the Creator decides to tell you! However. that is somewhat mind-boggling. so that. if you create an intelligent life form for a purpose. as an outside observer. As we understand intelligence today. when you practice agriculture. in order to serve your purpose (as its own). it means that we all are going to succeed in making God’s will and also fulfilling our life’s purpose! . For example. However. However. jolly good. not just cooperates with you in achieving your purpose (like creating an automatic shovel that digs the hole itself). you raise animals in order to eat them. Would you allow your creation to have a hint what your purpose was? That might be dependent on the purpose itself. There might just be a way for you to program that into your intelligent creations. if this is true. free will is a completely distinct topic. the debate determinism vs. We say an intelligent machine. creating intelligence is tricky (it seems for God too). Everyday’s experience shows us that different intelligences come up with different solutions to similar problems!! There is just a minuscule step to postulating that intelligence requires the freedom to make its own decisions! The best thing you could create is such an intelligent creature. it has the ability to perform complex tasks and so on. you would lose your ground to call it intelligence.So. you know that the intelligent life forms lack actual freedom. the intelligence has to have some sort of freedom to do that. you are creating something and it is expected that to have a good purpose. even better. than why would you kill the animals? On the other hand. would you not? But such purposes are not good by definition. If you did not need to eat. they actually eventually come to serve your purpose. but the supreme thing is that you create such a creature that enjoys helping you. it itself has exactly the same purpose you have! Sounds a little bit like cloning:) But. but it is not a mere automaton. you just program it to do that (to cooperate with you on achieving your purpose)! However. because they arise as need and pressure (to eat) act upon you. If that is true. You would not tell your animals that you are going to kill them.

therefore consciousness being a limiting term). And. therefore the way the reference frame “interacts” with the Universe might not be called intervention… but this is a distinct topic)! From your perspective. Even atheists refer to it as some innate sense of morality (this is the poorest definition of all). or. Unlike this cosmic feeling (Supersoul). than. Scholars call it consciousness (although I think this is a cause-effect issue here. God does not actually intervene in the world. by making their own choices. If this is so. including the ability to foretell its future – we cannot actually define omniscient without a definition domain: to know everything about what? Similarly. not to infringe their feeling of freedom. But you must intervene enough in order to balance their freedom with something else! Something very subtle. grant them freedom (from actually obeying you). Again. you would try to avoid that. as you are omniscient (at least with respect to the creation. or something that exists solely by itself. And that they eventually obey you without acknowledging doing that. The first is you program your intelligent beings so that. they actually eventually come to serve your purpose. then we must ask ourselves how do you define interference (this is a subtle issue – our knowledge is based on a “reference frame”. because you know they are not free to do anything but your will. You cannot intervene that severe to sever their freedom (the possibility to disobey you. It has not started to manifest itself at some point (as common Christians say that the Holy Spirit has descended into the world at Pentecost). Scriptures were inspired to .But if it is not true. The famous Romanian scientist Mircea Eliade defines it as the feeling of the sacred. with no respect to anything else in the Universe. your creation is useless and purposeless! You certainly would want to avoid that. Vedic science defines it Supersoul. Scriptures have come to be at a specific time. It would actually mean that you have forfeited your purpose yourself. they fail. I am fine with both terms. it has always manifested in the world. they would not know that! To them it would seem they are free to do exactly as they please. but not discrete. they succeed fulfilling your and their purpose. for example. But from their perspective. It seems to me you only have two ways of doing that. According to Vedic science. which has always been with humankind. of course you interfere with them. by making their own free choices (free from their perspective). two situations arise: either. something without a cause. both continuous and maintaining. our mundane and scientific knowledge is not transcendental. by making their own choices. You would become very frustrated had the second situation be the case. That is the feeling of the sacred! That is the actual interaction of God with the world. which I admitted not to comprehend. we cannot define omnipotence but on a domain: to be able to do anything from a class of actions – a certain type of interactions). and still fulfil your purpose and their purpose… is to intervene! You have to be very delicate in your intervention though. we know somewhat about something. and therefore forfeit their purpose and therefore forfeit yours). because an expansion of God actually always manifests in the world. in the sense of stepwise. without knowing that you created them with the illusion that they are able to disobey you. We cannot imagine. that it could just be ignored while exercising freedom. this is overwhelming to comprehend! The second means by which you create them. It is almost by definition that God is that reference frame of our existence. Yet something not very weak.

let us analyse the nature of these guidelines. but the concept that God has revealed (through the complex and subtle mechanism described above) a message to His creation. This definition is ultimately based on a scripture. It is the supreme choice one makes to surrender to the will of God. the Scriptures have been written at some point in history when a special messenger had. We must not that. it is not about the book itself. felt the need to balance the effects of the freedom by creating the Scriptures. to submit his life. The Eratosthenes sieve study of the Scriptures should some complexity that explains this. Mind-boggling as this is. in various people groups. in the original blueprint. the beauty of all this is that you have the choice to ignore the Scriptures! The Supersoul is very subtle and you merely have a hint of its existence. My theory is that the Scriptures are some sort of excrescence of the feeling of the sacred… in action! Again. Or even incarnated Himself! The idea is that there are multiple levels of interaction of God with the world. The Scriptures. As I hope to have shown that some level of guidance is necessary for the achievement of the purpose of the creation. This idea could not be a by chance thought inspired by the Supersoul.special messengers. Whilst the Scriptures. as strange as it would sound. so we just use it without building arguments upon it. you could speculate that. However. requiring . But the Scriptures are coarse and you could take action against them if you feel they hinder your freedom! Therefore. about God. by means of the Supersoul. these guidelines must not be too strict as to infringe on the freedom of the created beings. actually explicitly hinder your freedom. by the existence of the Scriptures (practically a euphemism for the actual revelation). The must subtle of all is by means of the Supersoul and I think this best explains most of the issues at hand. your freedom is not lessen. yet they must form a complete and coherrent set of instructions in order to live a godly life. I have no problem with that. because the actual decision to respect or ignore them is yours! In light of all this shown so far. based on their normative laws and commandments. Again. They must not be at variance with the innate nature of the created beings. how would we know about God? How would we know that we are created and so on? Someone must have originally had this thought. operate at a lower level than the Supersoul does. because of their cultural role. no matter how they were created. you could set a mechanism that determines the necessity for revelation and causes a messenger to arise… naturalistically. The Supersoul just balances your freedom. It does not matter what caused the messenger. and there it all starts! Again. again. but what the message is! Scriptures are very important. Or it might be that God has revealed His message to someone who He wished to. to assume God’s plan as his own and willingly pursue the fluffiness of God’s plan as his own. without any Scripture or any religion at all. I conclude that the experience of the sacred is the annihilation of the freedom. It might just be that.

One needs only to take a look at the world today to imagine that. the cultic practices are not to be deemed as plainly wrong.g. the “religious duties” have been perverted and exploited by the Church for political reason. As already shown. without further enquiry as to specifically what these guidelines are. they must be just as simple as all created beings to be able to pursue them. as most of the people actually do not posses them (e.g. But we assume to have made a clear separation between those unwanted influences and the core of the religion on the Eratosthenes sieve! I will stick with this brief overview of the guidelines. disabled or sick people). belief in miracles) or specific cultic practices (baptism. therefore the Scripture part is also important. proselytism. as some people would be unable to do so (e. in this respect. or you simply disagree on that issue.g. they would not require special intellectual abilities (e. They must be consistent among themselves and consistent with the logic of the creation. uneducated or unintelligent people). Ignorance and refusal. failure to comply with the guidelines. Moreover. They must be comprehended by the created being. a specific religion (accepting dogmas as the Holy Trinity or the redeeming sacrifice of Jesus Christ. leads to one forfeiting the purpose of one’s life. paying charity). But are these guidelines difficult to follow? Generally.g. praying). going to the Church or fasting). you have no basis to state that this state of affairs (or. as the Damocles sword lays above our heads the question: but why would God not have made the world in such a way not to allow any evil in the world? No satisfactory answer could be provided but that this is either the only. I need not argue against it actually been put into practice.g. Of course. poor or austere people). philosophical speculation). They would not require someone to do physical effort (e. for mainly two reasons. even those who desire and sincerely try to do so. Although this mechanism sounds interesting. it is believed so. they would not require special effort with respect to other people (e. For example. simply put. either because of ignorance or refusal.“supernatural” powers in order to be obeyed. They are helpful. as some people might not be able to do that (e. or the best .g. favouring the transcendental initiation. When can you have a misconception about some topic? It is simple: either you are not informed on the certain topic. for creating a piety state. at the novice stage. the created beings would acquire the knowledge necessary for fulfilling the purpose of the creation (some sort of biological and cultural evolution). any previous historical state of affairs) seems to fulfil any purpose at all! Further speculating on this matter. without requiring special innate or acquired abilities. we have already stated that the following the guidelines should be accessible to anyone sincere. This is a completely separate topic! The only alternative to the guiding system is to build in a mechanism that ensures that by mere life experience. The most unlikely would be that such guidelines would take a form as such to create division among created beings. Moreover. otherwise submission would lead to slavery and not to the proper acknowledgement that God’s purpose is also one’s purpose! These guidelines must be accessible and universal. not to appear as being mere caprices or absurdities. We easily observe that people fail to live godly lives. memorising texts. Of course.

therefore not of this world. It is the realisation that “this is the way things ought to be”. freedom has been defined as the possibility of a created being not to participate in your plan. You do not go and kill people and then experience sorrow. First of all. but understanding the guidelines (and discovering new ones) is the real process of transcendental experience. Transcendental experience is not quantifiable in words. is transcendental. Transcendental experience. As the aforementioned guidelines are not simply provided to someone. I must explain that. as the name suggests. present and future. the burden of proof lays one someone to demonstrate than such another utopia world might exist! The last point I want to make is about the transcendental experience. revelation. It takes place in the past. But let us take probably the most “unpopular” one: fornication. It is obvious that you cannot explain things of another world to someone who has not seen it. I have nothing to do with those hallucinated people having dreamt the hellfire. you implement the guidelines into your life. Of course. as shown in the Eratosthenes sieve. Of course. These processes cannot go but hand in hand. When explaining the creation mechanism. On the other hand. As announced earlier. Validation is only made by transcendental experience. it is thoroughly studied by Vedic science. The churchgoer Christians follow blindly what the priest tells them without comprehending why. This poses a barrier to the discursive logic and any attempt to explain it. being deprived of transcendental experience because they never inquire to understand God. Validation by experience is not try-and-fail. following guidelines is good. However. Of course. this statement is not falsifiable. because that nature itself is transcendental (not discursive). transcendental experience means the end of freedom. Atheists say that religion subjugates sexuality. I will venture! I consider transcendental experience as a time dynamic process. but it must be accepted as a common ground for discussion. however. of course. on the one hand is it the guideline discovery process.possible world you can build to accomplish maximum freedom and maximum salvation! Of course. Transcendental experience ultimately means to break any attachment to the worldly things and only preoccupy oneself with the divine! “The divine” being defined here as following the guidelines for fulfilling one’s life purpose. the argument that concerning oneself in the worldly matters is incompatible with the divine is far from easy to make. therefore forfeit both your purpose as a creator and its own purpose as a created being. How is that? Well. Understanding the guidelines is just as bit as important as observing them. You cannot explain the “nature” of that experience. by religious experience. It can only be understood by introspection and. therefore not killing is a guideline by God. The Church bigotry has deprived believers of the ability to think for themselves. but simply follow some guidelines. the . assumed the same as God’s purpose. The discovery process takes time and requires the validation by transcendental experience. repented and so on. but require some investigation. therefore you know is wrong what you did. Otherwise. I was inclined to refrain from providing any examples.

but acquiring a proper perspective on the facts. It is an active participation in life. which you were unable to previously have seen. a sense of getting a glimpse of the Absolute Truth. nothings remain merely a thing of the past. It is not self-pity or deceit. It is all the same with answering fundamental questions: Why do I exist? What is the purpose of life? What should I do with my life? And so on. Islamic theology says that it promotes unlawful relationships among men and women. Blindly observing the commandments of the Church does not lead to understanding. Having achieved that. but a mere enlightenment of mundane experience. For example. But how does it take place in the past. it is a feeling that everything makes perfect sense. you realise that both of you were on your 20th personal affair. the same as God’s (only by spiritual progress we are nearing to the purpose of life)! By transcendental experience being dynamic. a solid foundation for judgement of life’s events. not just on rational thinking or faith. or that you simply did not fit together. it is a sort of knowledge. so it was very unlikely to work out anyways. nothing seems to lack sense anymore. In light of the previous explanations. but it leads to an understanding of why things are the way they are. and not the omnibenevolent creator God described herein). . Based on such understanding. I state that the answers to the existential questions lay in transcendental experience. therefore leading one astray from the path of achieving one’s goal in life. present and future? We are used to think of experience as being something actual. But clearly acknowledge the causes and the consequences of this mere fact. a misfortune and wonder why did that happen. you will go to hell (Big Brother watches with whom you go to bed and the celestial dictatorship watches in what position. you become able to enlighten your everyday experience. There is nothing actually supernatural about it. You cease to identify yourself with the coarse body or the subtle mind. in order to punish you – anyone should reach the conclusion that this description best fits an imaginary devil. It does not involve miracles. credulity or wishful thinking. For example.Church “explains” that this is what God said and if you do not obey. but realise the transcendental self. sadistically awaiting for you to sin. This kind of promoting hedonistic sense gratification is detrimental to spiritual progress. therefore taking place at a present moment. but a part which fulfils a purpose in the mechanism of life. I will go with the Vedic interpretation: fornication is the climax of attachment to the worldly affairs. which can only be personally experienced and not expressed in words or taught. I have shown that it is a continuous process. but fits into the large picture of life. to take the best decisions based on transcendental knowledge. it becomes self evident that there is no distinction between essence and existence! Of course. not a mere taking part in life. but on understanding. Of course. It is a religious feeling not based on fear. as well as future prospects. theologians have attempted to explain: Christians say that fornication is a sin against the human body. say that your wife left you. It no longer constitutes a dilemma whether essence precedes existence or existence precedes essence. Of course. you no longer regard it as a tragedy. when you consider a sad thing that happened in the past.

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