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Keven Barnes "" ; "" "Wilder, Charles J II CIV (US)" W912D1-13-T-0003 VIDEO WALL erroneous posting dates and 2012 dates on solicitaton and site visit that occurred before release Sunday, January 20, 2013 1:01:00 PM Exhibit 1 W912D1-13-T-0003.pdf Exhibit 2 20130115 USMCKuwait.pdf Exhibit 3 20130117 USMCKuwait.pdf Exhibit 4 20130116 USMCKuwait.pdf image002.png image005.png image007.png image008.png

Ms. Chong, In the spirit of fairness to you, the contracting ocer, and your CACI contractors, I would ask that my application for base access be processed so I can attend the site visit for this Video Wall. I know that it takes 7 days for base access with ITT always blocking my access this may need a contracting ocer getting involved or telling the Provost Marshalls Oce that there is going to be an exception to the policy which they . I would like to be able to access to have a fair opportunity for micropurchases I dont believe I need a contract for that; to utilize the BX as a retired Veteran; and to be prepared for these site visits. Once again, the posting is erroneous on the dates for T-0003. It was not posted on 15 JAN as the lone solicitation shows in the website only on 17 JAN 2013. The solicitation has last years dates on it but the 408 th has conducted this Video Wall about as many times as the State Departments 7 SUVs so the dates not being updated is understandable not fathomable from wellpaid CACI personnel just understandable. I hope that the information will be corrected by the close of business tomorrow. I know that is possible because I have seen corrections before. I am sure there was no intent to have the site visit occur before the solicitation was released. I look forward to your response regarding W912-13-T-0003 ( Video Wall ) as Latvian Connection LLC would like to attend the site visit with a Teaming Partner FAR 9.601. This was originally ( 16 JAN 2013 ) called Podium and Supplies with the date of the original solicitation 09 NOV 2012 ( W912D1-13-T-0003 ) Posted 16 JAN 2013

Posted 17 JAN 2013 but opens up to a solicitation that is not an R series, but a T series, and the same solicitation that was listed under Podium and Supplies.

Today it looks like this and opens up to .

Were all those documents that were listed on 16 JAN 2013 ( 4 PDFs) supposed to be part of the actual solicitation W912D1-T0003 ? Thank you, Keven L. Barnes CEO MSgt (USAF) Ret.

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