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I. Review of Principles in Constitutional Law and Civil Law

II. Original Registration A. Purpose and Effect Garcia vs Ca; G.R. No. L-48971; January 22, 1980 (OCT not cancelled, 2 TCTs were subsequently issued) Sapto vs Fabiana GR 11285; May 16, 1958 (sale between paties not registered) When they were ordered to execute a deed of conveyance, they argued prescription Santos vs Robledo L-9197 (unregistered donation to the daughter of his wife from whom he separated)

B. Nature Chapter 1, Section 2 PD 1529 Sandejas vs Robles 81 Phil 241 (no jurisdiction because in rem but the action was for a resolution of a contract.)

C. Procedure Sections 14 19 PD 1529 Santiago vs Cruz GR L-6276; March 21, 1911 (joint application) San Juan De Dios Hospital vs Government; L-46239 (amendments) Director of Lands vs IAC 146 SCRA 509 (tacking, can a corp register?) Aguilar vs Caogdan; 105 Phil 661 (NOTICE, jurisdiction)

D. Motions to Dismiss/Res judicata

Abellera v Farol 74 Phil 285 Daquis v Bustos 94 Phil 913 E. Evidence Required Republic v Lee 197 SCRA 13 F. Applicability of the Rules of Court Director of Lands v Sanz 45 Phil 117 Dir of Lands v Reyes GR No. L-27594 G. Defaut Heirs of Lopez v Enriquez, GR No. 146262 H. Hearing, Judgment and Decree of Registration Turquesa v Valera, GR 76371 (2000) Republic v Sodsod, GR 116426 I. Remedies after Judgment but BEFORE a decree is issued a. Motion for Reconsideration/ New Trials Section 1, Rul3 37 b. Appeal Secs. 30 and 33 PD 1529 After Decree a. Review of Decree, Sec 32 PD 1529 b. Relief from Judgment, Rule 38 Rules of Court c. Reconveyance, Sec 55, Act 496 Lucena v CA GR L-77468 Heirs of Brusas vs CA GR 126875 III Voluntary Dealings with Registered Lands A. General Principles, Section 51 and 52 PD 1529 Campillo v CA 129 SCRA 513 Lara et al v Ayroso 95 Phil 185 Inquimboy v Cruz 108 Phil 1054 Consolidated Rural Bank v CA , GR 132161 B. Registration in relation to Tradition Mamuyac v Abena, 67 Phil 289 Suburban Development Corp. v Auditor Generla GR 19545


C. Consulta, Sec 117 PD 1529 In re Consulta of Vicente Francisco on behalf of Cabantog, 67 Phil 222 Gurbax Singh Pabla and Co. v Reyes and Tantoco, 92 Phil 177 D. Registration of forged deeds Sec 53, PD 1529 Dir of Lands v Addison 49 Phil 19 Blondeau v Nano, 61 Phil 625 E. Conveyances Sections 57, 58, 59 PD 1529 Sanchez v Director of Lands, 63 Phil 378 Santa Ana v Hernandez, 18 SCRA 1973 Manila Electric v CA, GR L-33794 Doromal v CA, GR L-36083 Blas v Dela Cruz, 37 Phil 1 Macadangdang v Martinez, GR No. 158682 IV. Involuntary Dealings with Registered Land A. Lis Pendens Sec 76 PD 1529 Sec 14, Rule 13, Rules of Court Laroza et al v Guia, GR L-45252 Heirs of Marasigan v IAC, GR No. 69303 Punongbayan v Pineda, GR L-58193 Victoriano v Rovira, 55 Phil 1000 Lazaro v Mariano, 59 Phil 627 Capitol Subdivision v Montelibano, GR L-13389-90 B. Attachment a. Purpose and Grounds Rule 57, Rules of Court

Sec 71, PD 1529 Mabanag v Gallimore, 81 Phil 254 Gotauco v Reg of Deeds, 59 Phil 756 C. Adverse Claim Sec 70, PD 1529 Sajonas v CA, 258 SCRA 71 V. Registration through Admin Proceedings