6 Different Types of Logo Designs

1. Type-based Logos: One of the most common forms of logos is textual and type-based design. It consists of using the organization’s name in either a plain or stylized typeface. It helps in registering the business name in the minds of the customers. Famous examples likeCoca-Cola logo, FedEx logo and IBM logo have employed this type of designing in their brand identity. Coca-Cola logo FedEx logo

2. Symbol-based Logos: If your company name isn’t recognizable via textual logos, then you can use an appropriate symbol to reinforce the company meaning in the design. A symbol can include a pictogram, a figure or a mark that accurately portrays what the company stands for. Renowned brands like Shell, Puma and Jaguar have employed logos with literal symbols to perfectly depict their corporate identity. Shell Puma

Abstract Logos: Sometimes. just the initials are enough to represent their trademark with. the entire company name isn’t necessary to incorporate in the logo design. Although it is difficult to decide between abstract and literal logos. a particular acronym can be easily attributed to a single brand. Commonly used in automobile or . Initials-based Logos: In some cases. For business entities with lengthy names. Using this approach. You could either use one letter identities like McDonald’s logo and Honda logo or a combination of initials like DKNY and FCUK. an abstract connotation is required to communicate a message to the target audience. Badge-style Logos: Another method of designing logos is badge or emblem style. both have a distinct purpose. McDonald’s Honda 5. Many prominent brands like Nike and Starbucks have employed abstraction and conceptualism in their logo design that has created strong analogies and allusions to their brand identity.3. Nike Starbucks 4.

These mascots or characters can be anything from animals to human figures. Famous mascots that have been incorporated in brand logos include Michelin’s “Michelin man” that was also featured in the Oscar winning short-film Logorama.sports logos. iTunes BMW 6. they can be incorporated in the logo design. Michelin man WWF . it includes a design that is shaped like a badge or insignia. while most sports clubs and athletic associations use the same emblem style technique for their identity. Other examples include the “black and white panda” by WWF. Mascot Logos: If your company is planning to create its own mascots or cartoon character. Some famous examples from car brands include BMW logo and Mercedes logo.

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