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The Principal VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC, Darapur (Which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof be deemed to include the Principal for the time being, executors, administrators and assigns) hereinafter referred as VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC the party of First Part. AND TechnoCorp Solution Pvt. Limited, having its office at 301/05, kamala arcade, 3rd Floor, Opp. Balgandharva chowk, J.M.Road, Shivajinagar -411004, Pune through its Managing Director,Mr. Shekhar Shet (Which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof be deemed to include the directors for the time being, executors, administrators and assigns) hereinafter referred as TCSPL the party of Second Part. WHEREAS TechnoCorp Solution Pvt. Limited is carrying on the business of Computer Education and Training in Software, Hardware and Networking Services at different places. AND WHEREAS the party of Second part willing to train their student in above said technology; AND WHEREAS the parties hereby agreed to execute this Memorandum of Understanding on the terms and conditions which are mutually agreed upon in the manner appearing hereinafter:1. VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC to provide a set-up projector with necessary hardware configuration required to conduct the training program. In case additional infrastructure required running the classes, VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC will be provide. 2. VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC to provide operational assistance like provide course calendar before start of each academic Year. 3. TCSPL to arrange technical workshops on the latest technologies for VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC students. 4. VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC to undertake the responsibility to gather minimum 50 students to form a batch for each module & to pay total course fees agreed upon to TCSPL as per schedule. All the payments will be made in the name of TechnoCorp Solution Pvt. Limited Payable at Deccan, Pune should be deposited in designated . 100% payment should be made before the training starts . 5. VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC not to employ any of employees of TCSPL, without written consent from respective parties. The Technical Trainers or staff of VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC wont be allowed to attend the training which is scheduled for students.

6. VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC to provide living arrangement (accommodation & food) to TCSPL trainer. 7. The fees once decided will remain same for this year and thereafter it will change with mutual consent. 8. TCSPL agreed to provide following courses to Electrical department students.

Soft Skill Workshop: Workshops Personal Grooming Communication Aptitude Resume writing and Interview Techniques Duration 16 hrs. 2 days 24 hrs. 3 days 40 hrs 5 days 16 hrs 2 days fees 400 750 1200 500

9. The start date of the course will be in Feb month as per the mutually decided by the college and TSCPL.. 10. Kaveeta Waikar, General manager- TCSPL will play a role of coordinator with VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC . All communications between VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC and TCSPL will be keeping Coordinator in loop. 11. TCSPL to provide all technical support such as providing course details, Soft copy of notes ,Materials regarding course conducting workshop for awareness eTCSPL. 12. TCSPL to provide Industry experienced & certified faculties on courses offered at the college & assure successful completion of the batch. 13. Students are required to follow set of Guidelines laid down in the program: These includes: Working individually on the assignments during the session Fulfilling minimum attendance criteria of 90%.

14. VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC will conduct Internal Exam on the last day of the training. Students appearing in the Exam will be eligible to get course completion certificate & placement assistance from TCSPL . The internal exams during this training which is included in the fees.

15. All amounts proposed hereby are inclusive of all taxes. There will extra fees for books. Apart from this no fees will be charged for any reasons. 16. MOU between TCSPL & VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC will be valid for three years from the date of signing. 17. VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC and TCSPL will have right to terminate this MOU after giving a satisfactory reason and justification with the notice period of Three months

The parties have decided that in case of any differences and the dispute between them, the same will be referred to the joint arbitrator to be appointed by each party under the Arbitration Act and the jurisdiction for any dispute shall be in Pune.

Signed & Delivered by:

( _______________________________ ) The Principal VIKRAMSHILA POLYTECHNIC , Darapur Date : Seal :

(_________________________________) Managing Director

TechnoCorp Solution Pvt. Limited Pune. Date : Seal: