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Best Eggnog Recipe
Adapted from Jonathan Hunt like AQBpO6OV










Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 15 mins, plus 1 to 3 weeks for aging | Makes: About 1 gallon

Best Eggnog

At an expat holiday party in Shanghai in the 1920s, my grandfather tasted the finest eggnog he had ever had. It took him seven years to wheedle the recipe out of the host. Once he got it, he gave an annual party on the Sunday evening following Thanksgiving to make the nog. Game plan: For the flavors to meld, age the eggnog in the refrigerator for at least 1 week. If you want to bottle the eggnog (before the whipped egg whites and cream are stirred in), follow the step-by-step guide in this story for bottling soda pop. Unlike the soda recipes, eggnog does not ferment (so there’s no danger of explosion); it just ages under refrigeration. The actual bottling process is the same, though. Related story: Is it safe to use raw eggs in eggnog? Related recipes: Eggnog French Toast Eggnog Cheesecake Eggnog Frosting Eggnog Crème Brûlée
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For the eggnog:
12 large eggs yolks (reserve the whites)[1/4/2013 5:25:03 PM]

Eggnog Cheesecake 3 reviews Eggnog Frosting Tom and Jerry 2 reviews From Around the Web 3-Ingredient Pulled Pork Recipe tablespoon. you can bottle it. Place the cream in the stand mixer bowl (no need to wash the bowl) and whisk on high speed until medium peaks pet360. Remove to the punch bowl. about 2 to 3 minutes. about 1 to 2 minutes. To serve: The night before serving. Add the the remaining ingredients and stir to combine. Whisk on high speed until stiff peaks 10 Reasons Why We're Thankful for Our Cats Hangover Helper Smoothie blendedrecipes.chow. then add it to the punch bowl. Stir the eggnog base with a rubber spatula to re-combine. Transfer the mixture to a 1-gallon glass jar and tightly seal the lid.Best Eggnog Recipe . Remove to a large punch bowl. Place the egg whites in the very clean bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a whisk about these links WRITE A REVIEW | 72 Reviews REVIEW & RATE http://www. place the frozen egg whites in the refrigerator to thaw. Serve in punch cups over ice.) Place in the refrigerator for at least 1 week and up to 3 weeks.CHOW 2 cups granulated sugar 1 liter bourbon 1 quart (4 cups) whole milk 1 cup heavy cream 3/4 cup Cognac or brandy 1/2 cup Myers’s dark rum Pinch fine salt Related Recipes The Ultimate Eggnog Punch 5 reviews To serve: 12 reserved egg whites 1 1/2 cups cold heavy cream Ice (optional) Freshly grated nutmeg Classic Eggnog Eggnog INSTRUCTIONS Classic Eggnog For the eggnog: Place the reserved egg whites in a very clean and airtight container and freeze until the eggnog is ready to serve. Gently whisk the eggnog together until just combined and no large pockets of whites or cream remain (do not overwhisk or you’ll deflate the eggnog). let the egg whites come to room temperature. if desired. ([1/4/2013 5:25:03 PM] . Combine the yolks and sugar in a large bowl and whisk until well blended and creamy. and garnished with grated nutmeg. When ready to serve.

so the guy said he was a professional eggnog drinker. I hope I can update in the morning. 2012 07:54 AM to chefRW.UMeIm5Pjlgo abcx27 Dec 11. 2012 10:28 AM The booze kills any (highly unlikely) Salmonella contamination: http://abcnews.CHOW Write a review Submit We all have our favorites and mine is my family's recipe handed down through the generations. also the is a good recipe not any better than some other. Healthy? Not really. 2012 07:20 PM True to the egg nog's history.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582[1/4/2013 5:25:03 PM] . I made http://www. sorry to others but I couldnt let this jack ass insult someone who he or I know anything about. 2012 07:56 PM This IS the best eggnog ever! I know this because when I made it for Thanksgiving I looked around the room as people were drinking it and saw my father-in-law licking the inside of his cup and scooping the remains out of his glass with his finger! I told him he was welcome to have more and everyone started laughing :)I'm making some more right now.JetCityOrange. Qatar as an expat.. 2012 05:28 PM I've got some in my fridge that has aged about 2 years now. which you seem to claim as your calling card. these people need to learn manners. but damn good. is bottling the eggnog necessary to safely age the eggnog? Or can mason jars work as well? How did you bottle/store the eggnog? wildstrawberries Dec 8.. Still alive? Edit: Well.Best Eggnog Recipe . I don't see how anything bad could live in there.go. But I love watching people's reactions the first time they try it especially if all they've ever had is that stuff in milk cartons at the grocery store. However. You decide: www. do you know how stupid YOU sound. aquaboogie Dec 21.chow. 2012 11:32 AM This is a question rather than a review . better than a professional ass JetCityOrange Dec 25. I am more than a little scared.the above recipe suggests that IF I want to bottle the eggnog I can do so by following the link provided. still amazing on year two. It was awesome last year and looks fine this year. Live and let live jack Edit 2: Had a glass of 2 year old eggnog and lived to tell about it. keep your opinions to yourself. but it looks like WHARTON had some 2 year old brew. Lixer Dec 3. Thanks for a great recipe! wanita Dec 19. No ill-effects just tastiness. Since normal egg nog was hard to I started making this recipe when living in Doha.

. Not that I ever would.can't tell there is alcohol in it. Oh. It was a hit! Got lots of compliments and it's sure to put a quick smile on the entire party :) TheNogDog Dec 21. 2011 02:59 PM I have been a professional egg nog drinker for 60 years. Just served the first batch this weekend at a holiday party after sitting in the fridge for three weeks wrapped in the tin foil. 2012 07:53 PM I made a double batch the day after Thanksgiving.It was delicious! Very strong.I will need another gallon bottle! Highlander52 Jan 18. 2011 08:38 PM professional egg nog drinker? really? Is that anything like a Marijauna Connoisseur or Sanitation Engineer (garbage man). an eclectic mix of egg nog critics. but the boozy flavor adds to the overall uniqueness of this recipe.5 gallons today! I only share it with a select few.5 or 1 liter. I shook each bottle once a week. put in a pint of cream and topped the jug with milk. Get rave reviews from all who have some. but they've all raved. bottle it.. The only thing I did was up the cognac & rum to 2/3 cup each. You realize how stupid you sound? ChefRW Nov 15. 2012 12:01 PM I've been making this for the past couple years and just drank the last of this year's 2. though. The next waited for almost 5 and you can tell the difference! Next year I will make it around Labor Day. Now that I live in NYC.roberts Nov 29." They then made me run naked laps around http://www. 2012 04:22 PM I made 2 gallons for my first attempt. I served it on the rocks without the egg whites and cream with a light dusting of freshly graded nutmeg (a must)... either . everyone who tasted it went wild. I just felt better with a full bottle. Get them on the internet. It was not nearly enough. or did the cat vomit into a mixing bowl? I would have rather bought STORE BRAND egg nog. and enthusiasts. and in regards to the "professional eggnog drinker" below??? hahahaha! I feel sorry for folks who mistake store bought "eggnog" for eggnog. and have never made a recipe quite this bad! My friends.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582[1/4/2013 5:25:03 PM] . let it sit (find room in the fridge) and forget about it---the longer the better and when you finally drink some you will think you've died and gone to Heaven! :D WARTON Jul 4. So much that I auctioned off a few bottles when I left the country to return to the US. I have been making this recipe for over 4 years now. mamakim Jun 30. connasoors. darbi.Best Eggnog Recipe . I shared the recipe with 6 people already. use one for Thanksgiving and the rest for Christmas & New Year. is that egg nog.almost 1/2 gallon total. Make it. A great way to serve is to decant into reusable swing top bottles. It's a great way to celebrate my hens' summer bounty. it's become a regular part of my annual holiday party and it will be for years to come! I bottle it in smaller liquor bottles now for close friends for presents.CHOW this every holiday season for 3 years straight and it was legendary among friends. walked into the room and promptly exclaimed "Greg. It was very creamy with no This batch is mellowed so perfect it taste so smooth and rich . The first bottle was served after 3 weeks. 2012 10:31 AM Just got out the last 2 bottles I made 2 years ago to celebrate the 4th of July.

. You can throw it in a blender and do it in seconds. you might like this homemade recipe for Kahlua. and Hennessey Cognac! It was so easy. 2010 12:32 PM mine has been aging since mid-October! I sneaked a taste the other day and it is delicious but STRONG. xani79 Dec 2010 01:31 AM If you like making eggnog.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582[1/4/2013 5:25:03 PM] . 1/5 bottle of vodka. It is very strong!!! It is really best when reconstituted with the heavy crean and egg whites. Make a 12 cup pot of strong coffee (Millstone Chocolate Velvet is my choice for this recipe).We always add the whites at the start as well. Set aside until cool. Try a little nutmeg and cinnamon. It is really important to note for people who don't understand nog. diecast Jan 3. I think i will have to fold in the whites and whipped cream to dilute it a bit before serving. We also add the egg whites at the start and then stir gently every day. 2010 11:37 AM This sounds like an recipe my family has been using for 100+years.Best Eggnog Recipe . Pour into a large pot and bring to a boil. the dummy! She probably is at home right now dipping her hands in it and rubbing it all over her petty body.. richardandnancy Dec 6.It is awesome and much easier to palette. Delicious. (A couple of hours) Then add 4 TB pure vanilla (the small bottle). 2010 03:04 AM I also do a similar recipe but add the egg whites. I guess I'll have to listen to Cathy brag about how good her egg nog is this year. eggy mixture is probably running all over her right now as she looks in the mirror and thinks about how great she is. I will probably never have the courage to attempt another egg nog. and threw egg nog at me the whole time. It is a traditional Southern recipe.COM . or even cut a little store bought egg nog into if you are not bothered by blemishing the purity of this perfect mix!. I had some over Thanksgiving in North Carolina and it was fantastic. OH well. Any expert ideas? mojonov Dec 21. The flavor change is definitely noticeable. 2010 02:56 PM I made this for the first time this year. I bought a brewing funnel with a fine screen in it to screen the eggs.I used 3/4 cup of hennessey. Incredible flavor. Ginny53 Dec 2. I opened the second on Thanksgiving of 2009 thru Christmas 2009 and it was great. Then slowly add 2 pounds of sugar stirring constantly. It's now Christmas 2010 and I'm contemplating the 3rd bottle. ps . Batching it allows you to store it until you wish to break it out and serve it with the cream and egg whites.chow. THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ME. CHOW. aged it for about 4 weeks in the fridge and broke it out for new years eve. I drank 1 btl on Christmas 2008. Truly my lowest moment. It's a killer recipe. Is there a reason why it might be better to add in after aging like another comment suggests? cfarrington Dec 6.CHOW my house. This made it very smooth. Beer or root beer bottles work great for this. creamy. 2010 02:08 AM Interesting! Another Shanghai connection! Dad's recipe also uses Rye instead of bourbon but the dark rum and brandy are the same. I think it should be good to drink. THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ME!!!!! EGGNOGGGANGSTAR Dec 30. RonW Nov 21. The white. I don't know if this recipe started in the http://www. I'm definitely going to get another batch going for next year.. and stir until mixed. We add a little white wine to"smooth out" the liquor taste. Store in brown bottles with corks. cream and some of the sugar (3 cups total in my recipe among other variants) in after i've mixed everything else. 2010 12:28 PM I made 3 half gal a week before Thanksgiving in 2008. Myers.. 2010 11:28 PM I used the recipe with Jim Beam. though. makes a very potent holiday treat.

much later! Not a big deal as I'm sure it will be delicious.I made my first batch this past Thanksgiving.. I am throwing it away.Best Eggnog Recipe . 2009 08:09 AM srousseaux. 2009 07:47 AM Amazing to stumble on this recipe! My father and mother lived in Shanghai for years before WWII and always made this eggnog. Such good stuff.the egg whites gave coagilated again.only straight rye. Dark rum same. There was some separation (foamy). shanghaiborn Jan 2.. Now I use either Old Overholt or Jim Beam. 2009 03:41 AM Wow. shanghaiborn Dec 23. 2009 10:55 AM Just a note on recipe readability . SteveG Dec 23. My computer battery was dying and I couldn't read the recipe in detail. It gave me the confidence I needed. Cheers to all. A lot of the American population were from the east coast---maybe it came from there. The difference was more whiskey (two fifths for quart of milk and quart of heavy cream) and two lbs sugar. Meyer's rum. we have always done that without problems. but some shaking during the melding period took care of that. Whip the egg whites to soft peaks and fold them in at the start. Shake bottle before pouring. tex66 Jan 1. I already made another batch to save for next year. Boston. Again it turned to gloopy stuff .. When we returned to the states in '41 Dad continued to make it every year.. I cannot risk making my friends ill.adashofbitters. We polished off the first gallon at a gathering of friends about 3 weeks into the brew time (to rave reviews). 2010 10:46 AM There is a post on A Dash of Bitters pointing to an experiment at Rockefeller Institute showing that the alcohol in eggnog killed salmonella over time <a href="http://www.chow. 2010 05:21 AM My father was a Shanghai Marine in the thirties then a POW and returned after the war and made a recipe similar to this every year. it should think out after a few days.. 2009 08:13 AM I checked the egg nog today after having re beaten it. eggs---needless to say I have cut it down---our parties aren't that big. His recipe starts out with 5 doz. I added the egg whites at the start. Later this just became 2 quarts 1/2 and 1/2. srousseaux Dec 21. Looking forward to using the other gallon this xmas. We lable it "Andy's Eggnog" after my Dad. we have had that happen too. I used Maker's Mark.. Never have heard anyone mention an origin of this from Shanghai so that is pretty cool. But major difference is that he never used bourbon whiskey .CHOW Good luck! http://www. but I won't question it at this point. Re-reading the fine print today.. it looks like I should have used only yolks and the nutmeg is to be kept for a garnish later. so I ended up making the recipe with 12 whole eggs and at least half a grated nutmeg. Thanks to everyone for this long line of">Aged Eggnog: Safe or Not</a> AlchemistGeorge Dec 29. but following recipe writing conventions makes life easier for all. I still don't really understand the aluminum foil wrap. The rye produces a very smooth egg nog. I make it now as does my daughter-in-law. Back then it was Old Mr. My mother. peanutspecan Dec 22.ingredients should be separated out by use if their intended use is a full year apart. One does need to lightly fold the whites in every night and taste of course. and Courvoisier. sister and I got out of Shanghai just in time but dad was put in Bridgehouse prison for a time and let out in time to catch the last ship out. For the gallon I originally expected to use this year..likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582[1/4/2013 5:25:03 PM] . As to adding the whipped egg whites at the start. That was right after Pearl Harbor. 1 gallon for this xmas and 1 gallon for next year..

Per the foam.. The color is a dull brownish yellow and may seem unappetizing to those used to artificially colored store nogs. It's not likely that anything is going to be able to grow in there if you followed the directions.. so it works perfectly with no wasted components. I let it sit in the fridge for a full year without any mixing or shaking and it came out nicely smooth and drinkable. I have always whipped the egg whites and folded them in gently over a 3 week period. 2009 01:02 PM I have made this recipe for 10 years and have aged it in my garage. just foamy. so you can serve more people. most people winced at their first sip . When I mixed in the whipped components. With the fully-executed recipe.) Has anybody else experienced the foam/bubbles on top within a day or two of fridging it? 2. (And it hasn't even been in the fridge a day. a couple of times during the first week or two. Still. Reading the thread I notice that some people experience the separation and some don't. davis_sq_pro Dec 11. a milk bottle. I put it in the empty Maker's bottle. Then they kept coming back for more. The stuff is thick and in my experience bubbles will not pop. It doesn't smell foul or have a funny color. No separation or nasty chunky bits. C'mon folks.I did spice the batch with a little nutmeg and all spice.any ideas here? Gardnier Dec 3. sheila srousseaux Dec 19. read the ingredients! :) I tasted it straight (before the optional frothy ingredients) and found it yummy as a sipping cocktail in small amounts. 2009 02:22 PM Not sure what's going on with this first batch I have made but it seems to have become more potent. 1. so all of the ingredients are still in their use by dates. 2009 12:56 PM justlauralibrarian: No worries on either the foam or the separation. I'd say you could serve a party of 20-25 without a problem.unused to the booze factor.CHOW umtirigane Dec 21. Their carton is the equivalent of 10 eggs. I bought a carton of egg whites at Trader Joe's for the final assembly.seems to have a slightly minty zing at the end. I shook it up and it seemed fine.chow. I have just re -beaten the nog and now it is smooth but very thick. Help any ideas as to what I have done wrong. and I finally got my first batch in the fridge last night. I shook it up again..Best Eggnog Recipe .The nog in the bottles was foamy on top. klmonline Dec 5. I guess it takes time for the ingredients to properly emulsify.. that happened to me too. 2009 04:38 PM JannahC: Martel VSOP is a good choice in my opinion. I'm wondering how I can get it to not separate the next time. 2009 03:42 AM I've been wanting to try this for two years. Absolutely no effect on the final flavor or texture. But the heavy alcohol turned off some others. it cut the effect enough for more people in the party group to appreciate. justlauralibrarian Dec 11. Lots of compliments and requests for the recipe. This is a serious alcoholic beverage meant for people who enjoy the hard liquors used in it. as far as I can tell. I just took a look at it and noticed two things. 2009 03:00 AM Total success with my first batch.. By the way. and after a couple of shakes it didn't separate again. It just taste way to boozy to be pleasurable. The food safety articles stated that you should discard the nog if it got bubbly at any point.. Thinking back I may not have beaten the egg white firm enough. What should I do??? srousseaux Dec 19.. and 4 half pint mason Inexpensive enough to mix http://www.the egg nog is "goopally" like the whipped egg whites turned back to raw egg whites! This is a first and I do not know what to do. Tonight I brought in the nog to bottle for my friends and I am just sick . but this didn't really seem bubbly.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582[1/4/2013 5:25:03 PM] . Adding the optional stuff at the end also greatly expands the volume. Regarding separation.The nog in the mason jars had separated. 2009 06:25 AM PS. Is it sickly? Should I throw it away? I am wondering what I did wrong. Any ideas? Extraneous info: I used a pasteurized but not homogenized whole milk.

PalmBeach.. but I have found that adding them ahead of time still adds to the creaminess and smoothness. and using a couple eggs less eliminates this. 2009 03:54 AM I can't wait to make this!!! If the grocery was open now I would be there getting ingredients! I know absolutely NOTHING about Congac/ My mother always added the whites ahead of time so I just copied her . I would like to accomodate the latter 50 by cutting the booze down a bit (perhaps only cut half of the alcohol) but I am not so sure that that might not invite some kind of illness? Does anyone know the answer to that? Also I wonder if I do add the eggwhite mixture before serving if that mellows the drink to the point where more folks would like it better. :) MateoInJapan . what cooked version are you referring to? davis_sq_pro Nov 22. I am making a double batch today. Can't wait to taste it. 2009 12:54 AM I grew up with a Polish Dad & Ukraine mum. thick egg-white layer on the top of your eggnog. 2009 04:09 AM Wonderful recipe! I made this last year at this same time. The eggwhites will float. 2009 03:41 AM I was mistaken. . I've followed this recipe as is and am 14 days in." Michal we gonna have Politzia coming to take you to jail" I loved watching the clear liquid drip out of the coiled copper It was so potent that if you lit some in a tspn there was no residue Mum would then Cream 10 egg yolks with sugar till thick & add it to the vodka. I then thaw out the whites and whip them up really stiffly around 3 weeks (or less) before our party. You'll see about 5050 on reactions to the drink.. you actually CAN add the egg whites in early. I guess I was very lucky. On the day of serving. I add them in the eggnog and stir gently with a wooden spoon and whisk.chow. and high enough quality that you won't regret having mixed with it (Cognac is one of those things where for the most part you really do get what you pay for). The note about raw eggs led me to thinking there was a non-raw egg version. you will get a frothy. just tip your bottles upside down a few times to re-emulsify everything.I have been known to add a hint of bourbon vanilla to the eggnog and also to use brown sugar. Sometimes eggnog has a residual yolk flavor that I just don't like.I use 2 cups of cream for 4 cups milk . Can someone recommend a good brand? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving! JannahC Nov 26.served over ice and sprinkled with nutmeg! Yummy Yummy Yummy! WARTON Oct 30. while drinking a glass of last years batch!:) I never tried the egg white mixture and might do that this year. This recipe is very forgiving and it is hard to mess up. just stir gently.I use ~20 eggs instead of 24.CHOW without feeling like you're breaking the bank.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582[1/4/2013 5:25:03 PM] . but that is best done if you are aging the entire batch in a large container. I have friends who love it and ask for it whenever they visit and then there's folks like my hubby who don't want any because of the strong booze factor. davis_sq_pro Nov 28. EricBrown Nov 22.Best Eggnog Recipe . Not a big deal. umtirigane May 23.. 2009 05:14 AM Eric.but she thinks this CHOW recipe is better than her own. I normally make the eggnog ~2 months in advance and freeze the whites until I need them. 2009 02:46 AM I love this recipe! A few things I do differently because I make around 2 gallons at a time is that ... EricBrown Nov 8. stirr well and voila! Adding egg whites on the DAY OF makes the eggnog frothier. 2009 05:05 AM All all the great reviews for the cooked or uncooked version? Is there a difference in taste? I have all the materials and can't wait to make this and report back on my success. I must have been the only 8 yr old kid who went to school in the am with a sip of http://www. Dad used to distill his own Vodka much to the chagrin of Mum who would yell. but not to worry. so every day. tastewise. This is a keeper recipe. My final say is I LIKE IT..yes it is totally normal for the eggnog to separate.

I added 1 tbsp of ground nutmeg to 1.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582[1/4/2013 5:25:03 PM] . davis_sq_pro Dec 4.CHOW booze 2 keep warm Was this my 1st taste of Eggnog? KrystynaCooks Dec 27. for anyone that might know.. tastier. and folded them in just before serving. One. nutmeg goodness minus the grit. but I don't think the people I'm giving it to will want to whip up some egg whites and fold them in--they'll probably just want to drink it as is. It's richer. is whether I should include the eggwhites when I age it? The first time. most of it has dropped to the bottom (good riddance).chow. It's delicious straight out of the bottle. 2008 01:39 AM mortarNpestle: straight. davis_sq_pro Dec 11. I don't mind it. Did both the egg whites and the heavy whipped cream and served with fresh grated nutmen & cinnamon. Thought I should share a few things.and much longer next time! davis_sq_pro Dec 4. No ice. the nog never separated. I separated the egg whites as suggested. Not bad at all! It has definitely thickened up a bit. That way. I'm not sure if non-drinkers will enjoy it much. Makers Mark and Meyers Rum as well. I might dose the rest with some nutmeg and then filter it in a day or two. more drinkable. Thanks! palmbeach Dec 11.very good consistency. By the way.5 liters. Shouts of "Best Egg Nog EVER!" Made in August. I've always poured it over ice so it stays quite cold and my friends always complained about the's a bit coarse. This resulted in a nice nutmeg undertone. over ice. and tastes sweeter than I recall. The alcohol bite is gone. but I drink straight whiskey on a regular basis. who I should http://www. People love it! stutch Dec 17. and add it to taste. 2008 02:53 PM MMmm! Great stuff! What a crowd pleaser. My friend. 2008 09:59 AM Taste Bud and others. The taste of the year-old batch was great. I think the lava lamp effect you describe is something odd. Perhaps it lightened in color a bit. Eggnog Recipe . or mixed with the whites? I have a feeling you did it straight. but other than that remained the same. so maybe its time to recommend nog straight up to them? mortarNpestle Dec 5. Next time I will do a nutmeg infusion in some bourbon or rum before mixing everything up. There is quite a bit of alcohol bite. Cannot wait finish on Xmas. All in all. How about just giving it away as-is? I personally see no point in bothering with the whites. And the nutmeg has soaked in a bit and. I also don't like the grated nutmeg on top -. 2008 10:04 PM davis_sq_pro: when you served the nog was it straight. My friend and I drank a few jars of the batch from last november this weekend. No EJ or Hennessy please. 2008 11:31 AM davis_sq_pro. definitely a repeat -. so find as solid $50 bottle of true French. 2008 01:36 AM The recipe turned out great. It remained a constant consistency. with no need to sprinkle it on top at serving time. Debut on Thanks giving. palmbeach: no. luckily. the whites won't remain frothy for long and so you'll end up with a rather nasty end product. 2008 05:11 AM Update: I let it sit around for 10 minutes and warm up a bit (it was straight out of the fridge when I first posted). no ice. My question. Nice dark color.. The Cognac is critical . I want to give my next batch as gifts. No separation -. 2008 10:13 AM I made this July 3 and just tried tone of character to this Nog. then used an extremely fine filter (designed for homebrewing) to get most of the powder out 24 hours later. Any suggestions? Do you think if I folded in the whites and then aged it it would be okay? palmbeach Dec 7. no whites. I don't think that's a good idea.

and it was a huge hit with our holiday guests.. 2007 12:27 AM I've done the recipe and was wondering how it was supposed to look. I would be very leery of drinking anything that hasn't been processed using all the steps. 2007 06:49 AM http://www. 2008 10:32 AM Dear MotorNPestle. 2007 08:25 AM If you follow the link in the article about bottling. the recipe is intriguing! vickib Nov 26. does that matter? They still look uniform in color but I don't want to pop the tops until T-day.2 months with no reported maladies. 2007 12:42 PM Hot soapy water. I shared about 4 liters of nog last year that had aged for +/. 2007 10:51 AM Sampled at week 6 did smooth out but did smell very strong. Sitting a year. And. We served it straight without the optional cream or egg whites. you'll see that there is serious sterilization involving boiling water and bleach solution. The appearance was similar to an egg nog lava lamp. It was very good. 2007 10:06 PM I was just served this "nog" at a holiday party whose host had aged it for 1 year in the empty Maker's Mark bottle. 2008 02:32 AM I've got a batch in the fridge from last thanksgiving and we were planning on drinking some this thanksgiving.Best Eggnog Recipe . in the fridge.. I only wrapped them in foil for the last month or Yum! sassygirl Dec 3. Rinse well. douglasmoran Nov 24.. Taste Bud Nov 26. 2008 07:41 AM I just had the nog that I had made a in Nov '06. Run them thru the hot cycle of your dish washer.. mortarNpestle Nov 30.. but I think longer thank 3 weeks wouldnt hurt.CHOW mention doesn't drink much and was put off my the alcohol "bite" of the month-old batch last time. the amount of great alcohol that was used had perfectly preserved this very tasty holiday libation.. All in all a great recipe. I think the Al foil is simple to keep you from watching the curing process. a brownish and a cream-colored layer. It's separated in two layers in the jug. and I received several compliments that it was not as "thick" or "clingy" as store-bought egg-nogg. With that said. The Jeff Next Door Dec 26. or you could just boil them in for 10 minutes. either use the foil or just shake the bottle/jar before dispensing. 2007 12:35 AM MateoinJapan: Just shake it up! douglasmoran Dec 18. While a couple of us were tentative at first. Any word on how to tell if its bad bu looking at the mason jar I've got it in? Also. I don't know if it needs a year. Does this sound right or did I denature the proteins again? any help is appreciated.chow. the several month aging process produces some unsightly things. MateoInJapan Dec 16. loved it. mortarNpestle Nov 7. wrapped in foil. At week 8 even the smell did smooth out too very good stuff dc Mine did/does not separate don515 Dec 18..likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582[1/4/2013 5:25:03 PM] .it was excellent! douglasmoran Dec 27. 2007 11:35 PM I've made the recipe. From my experience last year.

likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582[1/4/2013 5:25:03 PM] . 2007 11:56 AM I made this ab 2 wks ago & its been aging in the 'fridge. My sister really liked it too. I have another 1 liter bottle in the 'fridge to age until next year.. Regan B May 2. And I used half the bourbon that due to the booziness of the nog? I'm planning to try this next week.chow.. Regardless. & it was good. 2007 02:46 AM One more thing. douglasmoran Mar 27. douglasmoran May 1. but surprisingly "boozy" tasting. very good. 2007 04:41 AM Made a batch for the holidays yesterday can't (will) wait! dc don515 Oct 20. May 1. I know. Can't wait to try it! douglasmoran Jan 3. will I be able to re-emulsify those bits? Or am I out of luck and the proud owner of chunky eggnog? Blender? HELP! Lauren lmariaschneider Nov 14. doug! Regan B Mar 28. I am keeping a 1 liter bottle of it in my beer fridge till next Xmas.Best Eggnog Recipe . It was very. Oh. notes. When I mixed it up today. 2007 09:25 AM So excited to try this! miriamjw Aug 30.CHOW There's nothing in here about sterilizing the bottles . I think all the alcohol and the 'fridge temps. 2007 03:18 AM Question – I made this recipe with organic eggs and RAW organic milk. it has lots of little coagulated bits. somewhere tied into to this article there is a more technical explanation.. 2007 10:03 AM Sophia C. We'll see how it is after a year. before going whole hog on it. I tried a little yesterday. I recommend it. 2006 12:28 AM » VIDEOS » RECIPES » THE BLOG » DISCUSSION » Taco Bell Grillers » The Return of the McRib » Healthy Winter Salads » Dim Sum-Inspired Recipes to » Hey New York: This Is Where to Eat in San Francisco » Best Doughnuts in Toronto » Why are most California red wines http://www. So. 2007 12:45 PM OK. & the fresh grated nutmeg is a must! Not too much nutmeg or you get a bitterness which ruins it! douglasmoran Dec 24. after drinking a 1/2 liter of this. And topped w/grated nutmeg. 2007 08:03 AM The massive amounts of alcohol make it virtually rot-proof. 2007 12:31 PM I will!!!! douglasmoran Mar 29. 2007 10:47 PM What keeps the eggnog from going bad when aging? Sophia C. I will add the option egg whites & the cream when serving. Rich.. 2007 05:15 AM Be sure to give us an update next year. Anyone know if I should treat the bottles before filling? ejcsanfran Nov 24. but would prefer not to poison myself or others. creamy. but not too much. I will be sampling it come Thanksgiving in very small amounts.. I added the extra egg whites and cream as suggested for serving. waiting for nasty side effects to occur.

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