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Self-Acceptance & Then Some
Adyashanti – The Middle Way 1:30:14 Mind is Unkind – Loving the Self Free – Mastering Self-Talk 21:18 I Am That – Sri Nisargadatta Non-Duality can explain Love – Jeff Foster 8:32 Jeff Foster 'The Waves are the Ocean' Interview by Renate McNay 5:57

Video Journal
Hello, friends. I've been musing on you a good bit, lately – which is a bit unusual for me, since sticking with self and with Now is my way. Interesting, though, are the “places” that Heart takes us in that Now – so let's see what's here to be shared. A lot of times I, and many others, call people to divine Love – and to give that Love fully to the self. That's the place to start, of course. If we don't start within and develop it there, we have nothing to share. Sure, we have the mind's way and understanding of love – but that's not real, not like true, unconditional Love – Love that's available to one and all by simply going within. Well, yes and no. It comes to me that to go for divine Love right off the bat may be too much. Why would that be? Self-acceptance must come first, and while you may or may not be aware of it, most of us don't really accept the self – not to any great depth.

That being the case, how can divine Love find a place? Go into your own Heart, if you're not there already, before continuing. Just focus some attention center-chest as you listen or read. It's not at all difficult, just a habit to develop. There's no need to “do” anything else. Heart will take over, eventually. Your very centering – the effort you put into that, into developing the habit – is a prayer. It's not like a prayer – it is one. We function on so many levels, my friends – yet it's so easy to forget this in the midst of mind-centric living. The conscious aspect of mind tends to see itself as the whole. This is misguided, and it's good to watch out for this attitude. I'm sure you can plant a better one, a better self-chosen belief in its place. It reminds me of Abraham-Hicks. I used to listen to them quite a bit, though not anymore. Still, their way of taking things by steps and stages – and by taking just the step that's right in front of you and reachable – is quite handy. It's something anyone can do. While we're in Heart like this, let's let the mind re-mind us that it has other aspects – those commonly spoken of as subconscious, unconscious, and super-conscious. So even with 3D mind we're not taking full advantage of what's available. As we re-member this we can see how we've been going around as if dis-membered – as if we were naught but the conscious mind. Obviously, we're much more than that – but it takes this re-membering, this re-minding, this choosing our wholeness instead of the dis-membered state we've been in. We all do it, so there's no shame in this. It's just a part of everyday living, here in 3D. It's also something that's pretty easy to heal or to change. It just takes being more present in Now – more centered in self. Are you feeling that? You can. It's a choice. It's actually a million choices a day, letting Heart lead the way, making them all easily. This is one area where mind is vital – an excellent support for Heart. As we pick and choose among our beliefs, changing them as we like, we find life getting easier in some pretty important ways – though not all of them, of course. The trick is to keep coming back to Heart. By being self-observant we eventually catch the self off-base – out wandering perhaps in past or future, or into someone else's business. The moment this

is seen, it's so easy to simply drop whatever it is, instantly returning our focus, our locus back into Heart. Now, back to that self-acceptance I spoke of, earlier. When you catch yourself out, away from your center, be self-observant – notice whether you tend to self-criticize or condemn. Be willing to see this, first of all. While still in the sleeple state we tend to wrap the self round in our beliefs, using them to shield us from seeing what we'd just rather not see or deal with. Perhaps you've noticed that. There's nothing wrong with that. Give the self a break. One of the most powerful beliefs to root out is the one that believes in good and bad, right and wrong. Yes, it's a big one to tackle – not likely rooted out in one moment. Nor do you need to be in such a hurry. This is no race. We all have a mind, and it pushes us on all the time, wanting to go faster – to heal more quickly – to ascend perhaps yesterday. Let's slow down. Let's step back from that and have a good look. What is acting there? Once you can see clearly how it is mind you're well on your way. Mind is in a rush all the time – not you. Do you have some distance, now? Just stay Heart-centered – that'll do it. When in Heart you're in touch with the Real You, not just the somewhat scattered 3D experience you may be having. Try it out and see – there is simply no rush within Heart. Once you identify that it's mind acting, what's the next step? As always, keep observing. While doing that, you can call on mind to recall that its sense of time – the whole 3D sense of time – in hugely inaccurate. It's highly illusory. This is neither good nor bad – it just is. Let it be what it is – just watch. When you have taken the effort to plant some beautiful flowers in your Garden of Belief and pull some weeds, then mind is in better shape to be your support, instead of your jailer or torturer. Step by step we're reprogramming the mind, which includes pulling out the old programmed belief weeds as well as planting the new flowers of our own chosen beliefs. Life gets easier, bit by bit. This work on shifting our beliefs really pays off – but you have to do some of it in order to have that experience. Nothing else counts, here, but your own direct experi-

ence of these things. I can talk about it 'til the cows come home, as the saying goes, and it won't do you a lick of good – unless you mobilize your free will to make some choices that feel good to you. How are you doing with the self-acceptance? Can you see how being easier on the self is not just a very good idea, but one that goes a long way toward improving your experience, here in 3D? We all need to lighten up at times, and I think we all know it. We get lost in mind and forget, though. That's where self-observation comes in handy. Self-acceptance – just allowing the self to be. The mind tends to be outward-focused, so perhaps, up until now, all your work on acceptance, on not resisting what is, has been more outwarddirected. Perhaps you hadn't considered the huge realm of possibility contained within self. This is another benefit of the habit of self-observation. By keeping your focus on Now and on self you just can't help but see quite a lot. What's happening here is that you're tuning in, or beginning to tune in to the still, small voice. It always speaks. That inner guidance is always there for you, but mostly you're not there for you – not there, not centered sufficiently to “hear” it. Don't look for a literal voice, of course, unless you're clairaudient – and maybe even not then. It's a sensing much more than a hearing. Slowly, steadily, we weave our way into a whole new relationship with mind. Instead of being our tormentor – which I highlighted in the journal, Mind is Unkind – we begin to turn mind into a companion – a supportive one, at that. This will not happen overnight – not likely, anyway (though of course, anything is always possible, so don't close any doors). Perhaps the quickest way to some relief is to work on your sense of time – your beliefs around that. There's truly nothing else but Now, but initially mind doesn't want to hear that. It sounds too strange to it. This is where it takes a firm but persistent hand. This is where your presence in Heart is vital. Only from there will this make sense. A big part of the initial challenge with such things is getting you to respect self, and getting mind to respect Heart. Only Heart can retrain or reprogram mind, the way I see it – the way I live it.

When we add the habit of self-observation to staying centered, within, we're really tuning in. There may be plenty of times where frustration gets the upper hand, but as soon as you notice it, you're empowered to just turn around and walk away – back out of head and into Heart. Once you get some practice at this, it will happen so quickly that sometimes you won't even notice it. You see, there's no need to scold or beat up on the mind. Sure, it may have been trained to do that to you, and have done it basically all of your life. Well, did you like it? Do you think mind will like it? That's just heavy-handed nonsense. It shows a real lack of selfrespect. Fighting, in this context, is never necessary – it doesn't help. Just keep self-observing and you'll see it for yourself. Time to shift over to being gentle with the self – including the mind. Our notions around time tie us up in knots all the time. Our sense of having a past and a future are just that – notions. You don't have to understand this – just accept it – that all there is, was, or ever will be is just Now. Be empty with it. Plop it down into Heart as an idea to make friends with, and just leave it there – no thought around it is required. Let Heart do the work. So whenever you're dealing with anything requiring patience or anything frustrating – step back from it. Look and see how the concept of time is involved, there. I guarantee you that it is. Pull those threads out of your beautiful tapestry – let it shine. For those desiring a deeper experience of such things I'll recommend Sri Nisargadatta's great book, I Am That. It's free online, and I'll provide links within the transcript. One way I've found helpful is to pretzel the mind with the concept that I'm living all lifetimes, all amgodiments, right Now. If all there is is Now then this truly makes sense. Something else it does is begin to open them out – those other lives – to make them accessible to your NowHere. Please, keep mind out of this, or it will be wanting to know who you are / were and all the details of that. Do recognize this for what it is – mind taking charge from you. You hold the reins – remember that. You'll have to, for until mind is will trained and on-board with Heart being the leader, it will try often to take back control. That's mind's comfort-zone, so it's totally understandable

– right? Do you see this? How is your self-acceptance coming along? Are you feeling a softening entering in? It's quite okay to just let mind be whatever it is. It's neither good nor bad – it just is. As we stick closely to the NowHere, staying with self, we'll be facing quite a lot of discomfort. That's okay, too. It just is, remember – don't waste energy fighting what is. You'll know you're doing well when you notice your stance with others start to soften, too – and it will. Things go both from micro to macro and from within to without – it's in their nature. Don't worry, you won't go suddenly namby-pamby – though some people might wonder about you, noting the changes. And you guessed it – that's okay, too. Maybe let that be your inner mantra, for a while - “That's okay, too.” Something like that to have ready, at hand to pull out when you notice the self getting frustrated, whether with self or another, it doesn't matter. It's all okay. This is another thing to keep strictly away from the mind. While it's true that there's no good nor bad and that everything is quite okay, if you don't stay in Heart with it you'll find yourself taking abuse – unnecessarily. “That's okay” doesn't mean that when your car gets a flat and goes into the ditch that you just sit there, saying, “This is okay – I just know it is.” Of course you just naturally do what's NowHere, in front of you, and move on. Do you see what I'm saying? I may not be the brightest bulb on the planet, but I'm noticing more and more how many people with spiritual egos have taken Heart things into mind, quite misunderstanding them. There's a natural intelligence that's resident within Heart. It shows you things – and it feels really good when it does. Now, there's also nothing wrong with having a spiritual ego, okay? There's literally nothing to judge, anymore, once you're seated in Heart. You see so clearly how each one is just doing their best – and how you'd likely do just the same in their shoes. When there's nothing that's wrong, there's nothing to judge – but of course, keep this one, too, away from mind. I bring Jeff Foster to your attention, a young spiritual teacher. I'll

link up both an old and a newer video of him so you can see both the spiritual ego at work – and the beautiful maturation that takes place, but not until the soul is ready. It generally takes quite a few knocks and painful situations to bring sufficient Heart vision into play. Spiritual egos are very much occupied in the mind, which just isn't interested in being corrected. This brings to mind another lovely sign of your “progress,” for lack of a better word – and that's a brand new sense of Humility. It's not like any concept you ever had of the meaning of that word – this is a divine attribute you'll find within Heart. You'll just find yourself more accepting, more understanding – more Compassionate. This doesn't come, though, until you pluck the threads of belief in right and wrong. As long as those remain there's the tendency to judge, which is anything but humble. Some of you now begin to see how the puzzle pieces fit so well together. All of these things being suggested, here, form a beautiful, empowering tapestry or picture that brings delight to the Heart. Actually, delight is always there – contacting or experiencing it, though, is another matter. I hope you can see how using your own free will to pick and choose from among the fruits and flowers the world and yourself present to you feels really good. That's following your bliss. Maybe it starts out as only a twinge of a good feeling – but then you follow that, Abraham-like. Just you and just NowHere. Do you see the beauty beginning to build? So let us put in the necessary effort or energy into self-acceptance, first. We accept not just what the world brings, but anything and everything we uncover, within. We recognize that it just is, and how foolish a thing to be fighting – and we let that go. It just falls away, my friends. Little by little it simply just disappears. Soon, very soon, we'll find and uncover the effortlessness that can also be ours. Until we pull a good deal and firmly out of the head-centric way of living, though, this may not show up. I don't know, and likely it's different for each one, so don't close any doors. Believe that anything is possible, and it is – for you. I call this just being open to Life – life lived in Heart. In truth, the virtues are all yours, and already – if not in this life, then in one of your others. There is nothing you lack – but – if

you believe in you lack, then you will create it. That's just how it works. It seems such a challenge, at times, to get people to really come face-to-face with the awesome power of their own beliefs. Yet, when we find the self feeling like that over something – look within. It's not up to us to be Santa Claus, handing out understandings to everyone. That's their business – and it won't do any good, anyway, until they are ready. Source knows when that is, so recognize with me that it's mind in action – pushing against whatever it is, you'll most often find that it's mind. All people are perfect, just as they are. Another one to keep strictly to Heart, for this perfection is very much a Heart thing – and most often not yet tapped or even discovered by them. And of course, that's okay. Let's all just let everything be okay – knowing that Heart, that Source will bring whatever is needed to the table. Right action will be taken – naturally. Effort doesn't help this – it just is. We can trust, too, that our persistence in this walk will bring our native Humility and so many of the other divine attributes to the fore for us to taste, share, and enjoy. I used to be quite self-satisfied about my mental abilities, relying on them all the time. Not only do I have multiple degrees, but some with honors – and the ego that naturally goes with that. This wasn't all that long ago, either. Now, I tell you truly, it feels like that is from some other life. It seems so unreal to me, so not a part of my current experience. I'm glad, of course. And I don't share such things to brag, but only to show how our notions of time need a good swift shift. Perhaps time just stays what it is, but there's no limit to what can be packed into it. Just as the last hundred years on this planet brought more technological advancement than the previous millennia, so, too, can our own lives display this same freedom from any imagined strictures of time. There are none. Are you ready for that? Remember, you don't have to understand it – or any of this. Just make room for the possibility that it's true, drop it down into Heart, and move on. The dropping into Heart of this or that is yet another prayer – a call for assistance from that Source that you are – or from heaven, if you wish. At any rate, it's treated like that.

I ponder something – or not (since it's not always called for) – and then just let it go, consciously dropping it into Heart. That's been enough, every time, to bring peace and resolution into whatever it is. You have this native Peace, naturally – it's always there. Sometimes we just lose sight of it, that's all. I'm not saying that any sort of mental understanding will show-up. Most often it doesn't. I've learned to make peace with that, as well, discovering and uncovering my native emptiness – the empty cup. We all have this, as well. We're all Source. When we make peace with what is in each moment of our Now like this, the divine virtues or attributes just start showing up – on their own. They don't have to be sought, and that's important to know. This finding of self in Heart is an end to all seeking – but don't take my word for this. You've got to exercise your own free will on it. At some magical point along the way, you realize you've been found – and that you were right there, all along, just unseen. There's no real happiness to be found in things or in material riches, my friends. You don't need them – though don't get me wrong, for there is nothing at all wrong with them, either. Most of us have some weeds to pull around this concept of abundance, so be alert for them – just watch. I don't recall – maybe it was Lao Tzu – but there's a precious, oh, so deep saying that goes something like this: He is wealthy who is content with what s/he has. No joke. This is a lovely one to drop down into Heart. I probably pondered or had this quietly in Heart for over a decade before my understanding, my experience of it moved from head into Heart. So there's no rush. Source's timing is perfect – nothing less. Finally, then, let's do a lot of just allowing – allowing people and situations and life to just be what it is. If you're truly uncomfortable with something or someone, you'll find the best possible steps being taken to shift out of whatever it is. Trust Life. Be fearless. As we remember that we are not just flesh, but hugely more consciousness or Spirit, all of this gets easier, somehow. Trusting that in some way you have been blessed, I'll leave off, now. Shine, my friend – be the blessing to Life that you truly are. Discover, uncover that – it exists, full-blown, right now. No need to go out in search of what already is. We can all be open to being

surprised by the beautiful divinity we find that we are, already. Nothing to learn – nothing to do – only just be. It may be that we spent the better part of this life living with eyes wide shut, as the movie says. Don't forget – that's okay. And see that it is so far from the case just Now – just Here – just You. Guess I can't quit without one more thing. Don't worry about selfLove. By just going for full self-acceptance, that will naturally take place. What may happen first is that you will begin to tune in to how much, how deeply, the earth and all of nature is in Love with you. You are Loved to the n th degree, and then some. So tune into this. Let this Love in, knowing it is divine. Let the self be Loved this way. Get into the feeling of that – the letting it in. Yes, simply accept it – no fighting allowed. Keep mind and ego out of it, for now – cherish it, deep within. Simply enjoy. In finding, in uncovering the wider Self this way, your whole selfdefinition will radically shift. One day you'll just wake-up to the fact that you're so in Love with your self, and like me, you may well have no idea when it happened. It just did – it just is. Ain't life grand?! Loving You ~♥ ~



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