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Heart of B&M&.
of the instructive

$ f I

p A collection e I



Swami Rama



^ |


Works with

foreword by his chief disciple
R. S. Narayana Swami.

Published ut



December 1922.



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moit attrac- and elevating as the complete of works to Rama in English had proved the public. was unconsciously possessing the hearts of aomt of his devoted admirers. however. Chinniah Kuala- . It was. the idea a more selections have handy volume with the beat and the most touching teachings of Rama. devoted to Vedantic to and Spiritual study. the idea about a year back that Btrongly worked more and consciously upon the devoted heart of our and earnest of brother M. For some time tive past.FOREWORD.

yet it fascinating as further thought. that greeted Narayana -with a surprise for approval and publication. Lumpur. U States. appeared to its not only to limit itself the number covet- 365. . taking the tangible form of a lovely manuscript. Federated Malay materialized in aod his hands. beautifully type-written. and seemed. concentrated. so number days in arranged as to have a quotation for each date of the to reflect month on a upon it and meditate. and reallv useful meditation.FOREWORD. ^luch as find in the it pleased Narayana to manuscript ai many of lovely quotations as the the year. but also to forfeit own ed purpose of deep.

accoidto tlie Diary each airangement. . so that even the most touching life and appealing thought had a no it longer than a single day. root in matter. evidently. The inf^ idea. presented by eanh quotation for meditation. derived from tlie next day's quotation. difTerent for day. nor could hope for any extension by the support. was. which generally supplied an altogether heterogeneous Thug. any lovely a firm soil before tlie it could find newly prepared of the mind and could get nourishment from it to grow into the richness of fnll liloomed Practical Vedant.iii FOPKWORD. thought.

so sented by each day was not likely to all hearts equally. the faults and gaps thus caused were more likely to result in mental disorder of and indigestion assimilation. Not the as the iadividnal tastes and temperathought pre- ments touch differ. of consisting beautiful thoughts nevertheless effect producing but of a permanent nature .FOREWOUD. or keep up the daily chain of blissful medita- tion unbroken. little uf certain well- books on Daily Meditations. in place thorough Narayana knows meant indeed. On the other hand. premature death. it IV appeared fco meet an unexpected only this.

to the Inner S«lf Vedant. appeals equally to any for iti temperament gelection. for they shall see Nature and through Nature God. npon the mind. easily (because available). as This is the bau of into the day and a fashion to pliinf^^e many diverse thoughts as possible. really refreshed or profit purified none. as in to its universal. own partieulai and . tliose "Blessed are who do not read newspapers. but bathed vitalized owa It highly light heal. and to come out by by none.V t'ui!L\voi. no doubt. Not so is the way of To (juote Rama himself." Vedant presents matter and kinds is of all types it of subjects.i'.

and gives the benefit of a ready means to one's healthy uplift. the basic idea of self-realization in to any to of its external forms. abd upon again in as and agfain. suited of one's particular reflect type it mind. and long enough. VI choice.FOREWORD. fally mind saturated with that one idea. different many at once of its aspects line. npiritual development and Vedant requires of of its trae as- pirant to take hold the Absolute Truth. as possible but ia the same to give a rich variety for interest and a com- biped until strength the for is development. and readily crystallizes into each and every action of the .

worked zealously a at Lucknow. this to end. T. the manus- referred was and thoroughly dissected. A..Vll FOREWORD. L. is fio Vedant much as not matter of brain of heart. classified airanged under nine definite heads and a fresh number of quotations adckd.. M.. who the book with Narayana. and as it is only . T. almost doubling up the original number. so that the present form of the booklet was obtained in concert with Messrs. A. B. L. To achieve cript. the Head Master and his Assistant respectively of Aminabad HighSchool. and Narayana Swaroop. Beni Prasada Bhatnagar. life daily in the form of Practical Vedant.

" It is a highly practical treatise claiming to set the earnest seeker on the right path to Self-realization. is justified more ways than the one to be called "Heart of Rama. only if it is rightly understood and utilized. ponder over them .FOREWORD. the heart this Viii that appeals to heart. of book. choicest containing some of the outpourings in the heart. the right way with to do so is not only to go through as is the booklet usual most of the it readers. but to mark out from the the subject or subjects that appeal most. And once. and read and re-read the most touching lines.

If you read for ten minutei. see if your actions prove the Not then is true benefit derived or the real bliss realized aad enjoyed. though the mere reading without its also is not own profit and pleasure. it it is quite enough. but reflect upon Ef for many hours. feel with conoaDtrated mind. nay as many days you and months. and ona with tbem so stronf^ly ai to trantlate tbem unconsciously into each fcnd every movement or action. has little With great this hope to Narayana launch the plei?ure . till actually a part of yourit. or even year?. and while busy in the worldly duties.IX POREWOID. see it if have made self.

Hearty gratitude is due to ^[r. lo vho Narayana bring up the its book to its completion in present classified and really useful form. Chinniah of Kuala Lumpur to for his taking the initiative and being the very exis- main contributor the in tence of the book. M. and no to less a measure are thanks due gentlemen assisted the two already mentioned. S.FOREWORD. X book for public gladly welcome its benefit all and will suggestions for further improvement in future editions. R. XARAYA^'A SWAMI. .


l. .SMTAIMCI RAIVKA.ttgknow 1905.



seeing is that the whole of India in embodied every sou.INDIA. A person can never realize bis the the All. 8 One personal and must never be local Dharma placed higher than . unity with God. except when unity with Whole Nation throbs in every fibre of his frame. Let for the every son of India stand service of the Whole.

have the Sannyasa entire rerLuncia- tion of self-interest. or Bliss. devas. or gods. 5 To realize spirit.. self absolutely self of making the little at one with the great Mother India. i. have dedicating your .2 HEART or KAMA. the National Dharma. God. of The only keepinrr right proportions secures felicity. 6 the To realize Brahman God spirit. 4 Doing aiiything to is promote serving the well being of the Nation the cosmic powers. e.

readi» for ness to lajdown your life the country at every second.^ 9 But to realize Bliss and Rama. 8 To realize God. in that world or this. and to give a living concrete objective reality to yoiir . you must Spirit.INDIA. holding have the true Vaishya your property only in trust for the Nation. 3 intellect to thoughts for the advauce- meiit of the Nation. you have to possess the Kshatiiya spirit. 'I'o realize Bliss.

you have Spirit. work tLis Sannyasa Brah- man. once relegated holy The Sannyasi to the spirit must be wedded This is Pariah hands. abstract subjective to Dharma. 11 In renouncing the sense of posses- . Individuals can be made saints and higher than gods by the same. to-day.4 HEART OF RAMA. Kshattrya and Vaishya heroism through your hands and Sudras. Nations can be cured and made free by the Life of Law. feet in the to the manual labour. the only ! way 10 Wake up ! Wake up There is but one remedy and one disease.

12 The myriad by being it forces in India have the the no resultant pressure. being nullified pitched one against other. Is not a pity? What is reason ? Because its each party con- centrates its attention on the faults of neighboui- 13 disrespectable Respectability There can be no union and love in a country. There is no other way. siou. in tic 3 adopting the spirit of Vedanlies renunciation well the salvation of of nations as as individuals. so long as you keep sizinsr eacli other's faults empha- .INDIA.

stream. 16 Almost every town. animal is personified Is it and high sanctified in India. secret of the successful art of livintj lies in developing the mother's all whom her children are whether big or babes. 14 The heart to lovely. 15 Mother a is the word which brings the deepest feeling from the soul of Hindu. stone or hill.b HEART OF RAMA. motlier- and let every partial raanifesta- . not time now to deify the entire laud.

INDIA.Worship. towering temples and stone Vishnus. ghee icto the mouth why not offer even hard crusts of dry bread to the eating millions Gastric flesh fire which is up of the and bones but of starving living Narayanas? . . will not allay the fever of your heart.. 18 Instead of wasting the precious of artificial fire. erected by you. worship the hungry Narayanaa and the labouring Vishuua of the country. 7 to tion inspire us with devotion the whole? 17 White.

him an art and you enable him earn his living all his life. 19 The highest gift man You may on a is to ofPer you can confer him knowledge. but takes the charitable to donors straight heaven by feeding the over satiated Store idlers. the high representatives of Petrified. 20 Indian charity does itself not the trouble so much about starving it labouring classes (Shudras). in the Houses of God. today. Religion .e HEART OF RAMA. feed a man he will teach to be just as hungry tomorrow.

squfilid all sorts of preci- riches and unheal- thy sho^. galvanized manners. there is not the least doubt that to ruin he has done somelliing nation here now. 9 21 The weak-minded Yatri who pays a pittance to the persistent bet]fgar- dione may compliment himself to on having done Bomething soul in the next world. superfluous furniture. . ous trifles. the is dyiner of is other half buried under conspicuous waste. pave hia it Be as it may. affectations. the 22 Half the population starvation.INf'IA. sceut bottles.

. made by is the present dny Socialists. 23 An average Indian home is typical of the state of the whole nation. 25 •"'-. the Indian having lost all their precious left jewels and power.JTie greatest mistake. The Indian Princes and Nobles. very slender means and not only yearly multiplying mouths to feed but slavish. that . ly to incurundue expenses and ci'uel in meaniiig- less ceremonies 24.10 HEART OP RAMA. are pet titles nieie car- knights with hollow rattling and vain empty names.

to bones of dead and developing a kind of sneering at call debris all nose-hygiene. of kind^ what they . instead of pitying tlieir burden. 27 The poverty greatest is cause of India's discarding the touch the rubbish.se practically no crops in is England. the to God hai:d.INDIA. dreading animals.«i. 26 They rai. and yet the country rich? of Why? f>f Recanse Indra. is fed altiiongh the degree indigestion on arts and industries. 11 pos- they e7ivy the drop of sea-spray sessed by the so called wealthy.

by introducing a fresh Indian people element of discord. .12 HEART OF RAMA. 80 Young would-be Reformer! decry not the ancient customs and spirituality of India. Bankrupted bankers pouring credit over the long out-dated and books now useless. the cannot reach Unity. is explained It is a by the Vedanta matter of Karma 29 There are some ism the for whom of patriot- means constant brooding^ over vanished glories the past. of India. the decline of India. 28 The downfall philosophy.

your will feel with . is the atmosphere for growth. of the . will never complain of the stupidity of his helpers. who is worthy of being a leader of men. feel anything. of the faithlessness of his followers. 32 Service and love. march. and not mandates and compulsion.INDU 81 Abnegating having thus the little 13 ego and become jou whole of the country country. your country will follow. 33 The man.

great 85 Perfect democracy. . the load external the casting spirit. off equality. nor of the ingratitude of mankind. 34 A country is strengthened not by men with small viewg.14 HEART OF RAMA. non-appreciation of the public. spurning of the airs of superiority off is and shaking the embarrassment of inferiority. of throwing authority. aside vain accumulative throwing overthe board all prerogatives. but by small men with great views. Vedanta on the material plane.

i e. 15 36 Let every to find his mnn have e«|iu»l liberty own level Head as hij:h bafc feefc as you please. upon any body's siioulders or neck. always on the common ground. 38 The is rise of to Europe and America Christ's not due personality.INDhV. . ne^er he be weak or willing. the spirit of freedom and love. even though 37 Pseudo-politicians think of bringing about national rise witliout strik- ing the key-note of power.

members and pry into private behaviour of a man whose help to public behaviour is a the country? . 40 What of purity right have we. is Vedanta practised The downfall of India due to Vedanta being absent in practice 39 To be saved from the only remedy of is foreign politics live to the of Law love spiritual health —the law for your neighbour. to name the God's the play of part of self-elected detective police. in the or impurity.16 HEART OF RAMA riglifc The is cause unconsciously.

INDIA. . the co-ordination of and aristocracy of labor. 43 Sacrifice to Brihaspati is ing? dedicatto all my intellects (thoughts) or tha intellect in the land for thinkine: if the good of the land as else myself were none than my countrymen. the sentiment functions of fraternity. 42 Assert your individuality all against society and all nations and every- thing. 17 41 All that we have to arouse amongf the Hindu people is a spirit of appre- ciation and not criticism. thejinstinct of synthesis.

44 If you cannot more than support in yourself there. Ai-nbian and well vc.18 HEART OF RAMA. 46 When you want to settle matters . the Hindus to-day welcome her as the greatest ally to Hieir own Brahnia Vidya (Shruti). jump into Sea.hare her Arabian hospilality foot again rather than set on India 45 Instead of being scared by Western Science. less foreign if lands. to remain aching tlie And of yon are leech be a workthe creeping on bosom Mother India.

.INDIA. heart$ proxi- you come in dangerous mity. in the stranger. Chandala. and and not confine Him to mere stone images. 19 logic. in the thief. the sinner. through reasoniD": and the glass-partition of while caste-feeling let the and race-feeling do not unite. 47 Religious sectarianism has clouded manhood tlie in the peoplv* and eclipsed sense of common nutiouality 48 Ij 1 Rhnktas of India! You will be the darling dear of that sweet Cowherd when you in the see Him with divine love in all.

They are the Freshmen you also of the University just as were at one time. laying too . the of Dharma to of the country demands stringest caste- you relax the to rules and subordinate the sharp to class-distinctions fellow-feeling.20 HEART OF RAMA. 50 Beloved orthodox people of India! put into force the Shastras aright. 49 Those that you miscall "fallen" have "not risen" yet. the national 51 My to beloved Hindus! By aversion change or adaptation.

52 Longtitudinally (or iu time^ jou may (t. pray. old light your own . degrade not yoar selves below the level of man.IxNDU. 53 If you are not willing and ready the to assimilate is New Light. miicli 21 emphasis on tbe old customs and heredity. c belong to tbe hereditary line of bnt latitudinally Himalayan Sages in space) you cannot deny with your the of- relation of co-existence European and American matter fact wielders of Art and Science. which of also the old.

India which is infinite. feel. . all India been. feel. nay worst .22 land. shall he. go HEAKT OF RAMA. Call up and your energy. bye! Why 54 tarry here? Good Waste no time )ias in thinking. and live in Pitrj. Lo^•a with the forefathers. 55 As it is to-day the Swamis and Pandits in India are singing lullabies to prolong the lethargic sleep of their race 56 Independent thinking is looked upon (In India) as heresy.

INDIA. 23 crimp. becomes more stranger than the street dog.consciousness brings strength find victory. 58 Truth. Whatever is comes from the dead languaj^e sacred. if Skin-consciousness (even Rrahmfin-co7isciousness it be or cob- Sannyasa-conscicusness) bler of makes a you 59 A womvn i. 57 A though to a chiUi tlie turned Christian flesh al- very own and blood :i Hindu father.s given the position of in civilised society an inanimate obieot .

61 Neglecting the education of women.24 HEART OF RAMA. classes children. is whereas a man free in his ways of and a foot. 60 It is a great blemish on the face of the civilised society that woman is made a mercantile commodity and a is woman man in possessed and belongs to a or a the same sense as a tree house or money belongs to him. is and the laboring like cuttine down the very . then another man. woman is kept bound hand and She becomes the property one man.

of the countenance. brought about by attachment to the colour of the face. of happiness is. 62 Do not say marriage is opposed state to religion. form or . to the to outlines figure. 25 us. branches that are supporting it is like striking death-blow at the very root of the tree of nationality. reality.INDIA. naj. see what the what real is. 63 All marriage relations. real self as man aspiring to realisation meditates upon true Bliss. fundamental piinciple.

end losses.26 HEART OF KAMA. 64 The aim not of the husband should be tie. . in personal beauty. the elevation of the marriage and money making and the wrong use of family relations. and are very unhappy.



The latest can stand the Reason.RELIGION AND MORALS. Some- times the oldest houses oaght to be pulled down and if is it [the oldest clothes innotest of must be changed. 2 Accept not a religion because the latest. vation. 1 Accept not a religion because the oldest. as good as the fresh rose bedecked with sparkling dew. its it is is being the oldest no proof of its being tbe true one. it is The latest things are .

There was a time when the vast majority of mankind believed in slavery.2o HEART OF RAMA. not Laving stood the test of time. 8 Accept not its a religion on the ground of the lieve being of believed in by a vast majority mankind. because of vast majority practically in mankind be- the religion of Satan. Believe not in gfrcuud of its a religion in on the being believed by the . but that could be no proof of slaver}- being a proper Institution. in the religion of Ignorance. not always the best.

from a man who ascetics. 29 chosen few. . and yet they know no- they are veritable fanatics. in Accept not a religion because it comes from a great ascetic. 6 Accept not a religion because it comes from princes or kings. because we that there are many men who have renounced everything. thing:. Sometimes the small is minority that accepts a religion darkness. kings are often enough spiritually poor. has renounced see everything. misled.RELIGION AND MORALS.

such a man. splendid painter work art and yet the may be the ugliest man in the world.30 FEAUT OF RAMA. A man's digestive power may be exceptionally strong and yet he may not abtut the is know of anything process painter. . was the highest oftentimes people of the grandest character have failed in expounding the truth. Here a of a He gives you lovely. exquisite. There are people who was are very ugly and yet they promulSocrates gate beautiful truths. assimilation. 7 Accept not a religion because it comes from a person acter whose char.

10 Sell not your liberty to Buddha. Examine yourself. Mohamed. billions of Christ . it. 11 If three hundred and thirty-three appear in the world. 31 8 Believe not in a religion because it comes Isaac from a very famous man . Sir Newton is very famous. and yet is his eraissory theory of light wrong. Jesus. Accept a thing and believe religion it o>i iV^- in a own Sift merits. or Krishna.RELiaiON ANL' MOKALK.

explain our 13 True Religion means faith in Goodi rather than faith in God. is simply an attempt to ourselves. rtiigiou is is a thing of the heart and virtue a thing of the Sin and virtue have .6*& HURT do DO good. heart. OF RAMA. All religion to unveil Self. Depend not on 12 others. 14 Remember. so is sin. it will unless you your- self undertake to remove the darkness within.

as distinguished also divested is from of its theology. a mysterious essentially process by which the mind or intellect reaches back and inscrutable source. loses itself in the the Great Beyond. 15 Religion. ligare to bind) is that which hinds one hack to the origin or fountain head.RELIGION AND MORALS. . and dogmatic excrescences. 16 Religion (as is manifest from the derivation of the term re back. to do 33 altogether of with your position aud frame mind.

All the dogmatic theologies of the less of world have more or tion. this avail nothing this Christ or that will fetish that. 19 . this Society or that Society. 17 No sect or religion has the least votaries right to prey upon its foolish that has not corae to an understanding •with the healthy humanising results of present-day scientific research. worshipping Krishna. supersti- stamped on their face. .Si HEART OF RAMA. 18 All process of joining this Church or or that.

denominalike tions.ION AND MORALS. are worn by people meiely the neck. creeds. after what little wo of achieve is utterly independent those pet dreams. are ascribed to tliem and yet. 22 So long as any trace of external obligation and categorical imperative . 35 20 All creeds are to strike out.RELir. to simply the efforts veil rend asunder the whicli covers our eyes. All amulets about of virtue kinds and efficacy all. 21 The religions.

there can of be no room for true purity. . us the limited is and is wherever there no Bliss. no attachment and freedom" from vacillation and temptation.36 " is HEART OF RAMA. no salvation from hatred. keeps alive in personality.. there nor any escape from attraction and repulsion. 24 Spiritual pauperism is produced by forcinof religious beliefs on the innocent boys and girls. limitation. spiritual growth 23 The Imperative Mood. Second Person. shalt " and '* Thou Thou shalt not in play.

be sullied by . is the tlie kitchen-reliInfinite. 37 25 Spiritual pauperism and religious are. is idolatrij. appearances. 27 Sad. passive of the and active states same disease 26 Respect for persons. intolerance (or fanaticism) re- spectively. gion which allows imthe mortal Soul to foreigner's soup. riches. learning and forms.KELKilON AMJ MORALS. iudeed. titles.

or any of this world / of the saints are. 28 O. Free you each and t all. _. Christ.: • J 30 a religion which Rama brings you is found in the streets. ye wavering. ! fickle. dubious miud all No in:>re of lukewarm ortho! doxy and heterodoxy are your creation. Buddha. 29 Why should you consider yourself dependent on God. Mohamed. Krishna. which is writ- .38 HEART OF RAMA. Scorch all out doxies doubt and hesitation.

31 the Fundamental Truth. which is throbb- your own veins and arteries. ten 39 is upon the leaves. in your dining room every- where you have to live that religion. a to religion which you have in practise and live life.RELIGION AND MORALS. which which murwhis- mured by pered ing in the brooks. a religion which you have not to practise by going into a particular Church only. your every day about your . a religion which concerns your busi- ness and bosom. is in tlie winds. is The term Vedant simply means The Truth it your own. hearth. is not Rama's more .

33 Vedanta says. or Krishna or real any other remember the virtue does . Practical the secret of success. Mohammedans. "O the Christians.40 than yours. it does not belong to the to you. or Buddha saint. different sects if Vaishnavas. It belongs Hindu more than to nobody. of ye whole world. HEART OF RAMA. body and every thing belongs to 32 The is secret of success is Vedant Yedant put into practice. you think you are being saved the through name of Christ. every it.

or any body. the real virtue lies in your own Self". "Have more regard for Truth than for the feelings of that iadjvidual. 41 not lie in the Chriat. or the Krishna.RELIGION AND MORALS. . clinging to your bodies "Have mind not whether your body lives or dies. yon are really valuino: the friend. this or because." people it worship stones. not whether or it. 34 Vedanta Says. Vedanta says. if you value the truth. or the Buddha. 35 As no care to meat. your body pelt with Rise above .

the body. 36 Vedanta says.42 HEART OF RAMA. "Here is the Law: idols to — be Yoa can consider other real to the same degree idol. are you not worshipping an idol ? 38 What is idolatory ? To give the forms of foes and friends a sense of personality. as you look upon your own real. individuality and reality . 37 You begin to love a picture for its own sake and ignore the person whose picture it is. to be That is the Law.

eccentric re- gard for diet and the ways of eating. the whole treasure. every- body is God. According to the Hindus. 40 The sublime teachings nishads and the of the glorious UpaVedanta kit- nave been replaced by a sort of chen-religion. the most precious jewel. is Everybody God and All in Himself.RELIGION AND MORALS. . the supreme bliss and source of all happiness in Himself. as to impersonated (masked) individual (indivinible) Real Self or Law. to such 43 miss the an extent. that is.

. rance light Down rooms and underground and and weakness.a The to HEART OF BAMA. . air bless all. Let divine 48 Vedant does not make you unhappy by taking away your desires. is not contined in the Vedas It is your hearts.Vidya with the closed cells of igno- from any one. is your own self. Rama itself.. 41 true Vedauta only. independence 42 Why shut out Brahma.. take not Rama as a slave of this creed or that dogma.

iS but Vedanfc depires to makes you adjust these and makes them subservient instead of being tyrannized by you . not feeding them.IUION AND AlUKALS. them. it wants you to become their master. People often fast because it is forced npon them .KKI. they then become servants of this slavery of fasting. 44 Fasting should be taken as a help but should not master us. and of them. 45 True fasting means ridding ourselves of all selfish desires. purging ourselves wholly .

jealousies. only it not the of innocent animals 'but the sacrifice party-spirit. (havan-yajna) of our caste-feelings.46 HEART OF RAMA." as true to-day is a saying as in is those good old sacrifice days. 47 What if we feed thousands of poor for one day. this indiscriminate charity simply helps in breeding respectable paupers. i 46 Charity is to be judged not by its motive butbyits results.. 48 " Sacrifice averts evil. etc. at the .

the pious youth make use of the glowing glory of the morn- ing Sun or the setting orb as the Alter-lire to otter his dwarfed limited ego (Ahankara). .TELIGICN AND MORALS. 50 True Yajna or sacrifice to the Devas means ottering or dedicating any individual faculties and senses to the corresponding cosmic powers. 47 to na heaven 49 Ii.stead of let litting artificial fire for Havan. alter of love that brings in this world.

52 Offeiing to Indra would mean in working the land. as and then worship man. God in all all honouring and respecting Eyes. for the good of all hands 58 Tf you worship man. . 51 Offering to Aditya weald mean realizing the presence of E^'es. you apthe proach every thing as God. or if in other words. you look upon man not as a as the Divinity. if man but Divinity. then you worship God.48 HEART OF RAMA.

RKMWION AND MORALS. It is want self-government. want monarchy. chang- language changed. colours of the inhabitants changed. 13 subject of to change is The face the couutry almost changed. why should still the gods of the Vedic days remain swinging in their cradles away up and and and not grow with the years come down to mix freely with us to man'r become familiar subjects 55 Circumstances are changed now. . Government ed. most people do they not. 49 54 Everything here.

" The . high overbearing of and domineering conception to evolve into the God freedom inspiring idea of "I am God." 56 The Kanda shape: question takes of present Karma the following altered to live in the pre- 'If you want sent century of marching and advancing industries and arts. becom familiar with the Ktivera of the Science of Agfriculture. do capture the Matrishva of Electricity. and enslave the Varuna of Steam. and not die by inches of political consumption.50 HEART OP RAMA. time for the old.

to gods. glance from your . vast be i3 not afraid that the majority 68 Woe speak unto you when all men shall well of you. Purobit. is 51 inti'oduce scientist you to these or artist of the who know- instructs ledge. these branches 57 Ye who stand against you. 59 ye of little faithi wake upl wake up to your holy majesty! and a single royal indifference. alone iu Truth. for so did their fathers to the false prophets.RELIGION ANI> MORALS.

52 HEART OF RAMA divine reck- a sidewink from your lessness is enough to convert the direst hells into charmiiig heavens. in salva- by performing . 60 Without keeping faith alive of the flame of and the torch in burning Gna- nam your breast you cannot accom- plish anything. a single step. you connot advance 61 Who yourself? are you who gfo about to save them that are lost ? Are you saved 62 There tion is no use believing services.

64 Do not sell tlie Christ of your real of Self. . 65 Who would have remembered but for Vfhat false Christ by this time. 53 63 Live ye the wliich is Kingdom which is of Heaven all in you.REfJOION AND MORAT.are you. and the thinr^s added unto you. . immediately followed after that kiss? 66 Christ can be produced to-day if you like.S. for the deludinor pleasures of this world. the Lord Lords.

had not Biblical God distinguished it as ^^forhidden'\ 68 All the Bibles can do little good unless wives and husbands undertake to be each other's saviours or Christs. The first law of Moses means "Thou shalt have no other God but Love.54 HEART OP RAMA. would never have thought of eating the fruit of a particular tree in a the neglected quarter. poor Adam. ficient in the magni- grand garden of Eden. 67 Adam." .

will is "Thy will be Lord. 55 70 God uureal: alone is il real aud all else "La illah lillaha." being let your joy be "My is done." 73 Be not hypnotized through the opinions of others. 72 Instead of praying done.RELIGION AND MORALS." "my will being done. and the more a . Prayer means feeling and realizing Divinity." 71 Prayer does not mean repeating certain words.

As methods a rule. Vedas and it? come and b6ar t-estimony to . stands above this man weakness of being hypnotized by others. gatherings and meetings are different of prolonging the hypnotic world-sleep. churches. all Zoraster. Buddha. Mohamed. temples.56 HKART OP RAMA. the more free he is. 75 Can authority Does the Sun to establish Truth require a little visible? lamp be made if Does a simple mathematical truth gain a whit more weight Christ.

Swamis idols of the past. and other 77 In this twentieth for century it is high time us to wake up to a sense of discrimination (viveka) and not mix up personalities with preachings.RELIGION AN1> MOiiALS. Christa. Be uot of lilouded by the imperfect examples Buddhas. Shall we it reject a beautiful lotus because grows in a dirty pond ? . 67 76 O to liviug as mau Love 1 it is worth while live yourself.

evolution is at work and everything must progress upward No.58 HEART OF KAMA. . have to of a take the teachings its advice man on to own have without regard the per- sonality of the teacher. and onward. Should your personal ? God alone be at a standstill 80 Even the avowed champions materialism. What the elements of Geometry to do with the personality of Euclid? 79 Bondage and thraldom is fast departing. of positivism. 78 We and merits. scepticism.

owe their success unconsciously to the active spirit of religion in them. 81 The world of all ein. Realise purity and bocome It is unnatural teach any other religion. pure. no need of other miracles. 82 Is let it not laziness to practically others live your in life and have no walking. anything of talking? .RFLIGION AND IIORATS. fear the cause removed by knowing to Atman. only itself is a miracle. sleeping. eating. 59 atheism and agnosticism. not freedom dress. langhing and to say Nveeping.

wants of the people. 84 Every there to so statute (Smriti) stands say ''Yesterday so." 85 Unless a religious scripture meets the it spiritual live. this evil is the social of society. wg agreed you this and but how feel article today. the . cannot and as the people grow infer- in the course of Evolution. the bane of all religion. 83 "We want to appear so good in the eyes of others.60 HEART OF RAMA.

most venergone and sages of the past 87 Do see God in Nature. to you as the Yajna . 61 pretaHon of th© of theirs reliorionfl Scriptarea muRt advance with them.RELTGTON and MORILS. also in but something more. 86 We and rather have to solve our problems to begin to see with our continue own eyes peeping than to through the eyes of our able seers by. sacred the chemist's table fire. as nature. see the laboratory and the let Him be as science room.

f>2 HEAIRT OF RAMI. there were no other cause left for you but to hang down the head and be damned. cool playing and you will find in yourself tune with in harmony with the Universe. walk on the walk where the Nature. is the setting Sun or towards the rising Sun. . for they shall see Nature and through Nature God. 90 Blessed are those who do not r*»ad newspapers. 89 Walk towards banks breeze of rivers. 88 If the ruling Self of outside Nature were different from your own inner Self.

93 The attempt aims to abolish to popularise science some of of the glaring religious misunderstanding and to put the energies people in a more rational and usual direction. 63 91 Let Gnanara (Science. 92 The sacred Scriptures spirit as cf all the worlds should be taken in the same we study Chemistry. 94 Could the discoveries be of Science of the tacked on to the dogmas . holding experience for our own ultimate authority.RELIGION AND MORATS. knowledge) guide our eating (Annam).

96 The Vedas are not coveries in conflict dis- with Science. 97 The mental energies young of many a or man are being lavished . HEART OF RAMA.64. Bible or Christian other religious works as Bhashya or commentaries with the view of knitting well the past with the futare? 95 Woe efficacy unto Science if it goes against the truth. of the the queen of They are serving the cause Yedanta more and more. your present day and the inventions feet of are simply cashing Shrutis. connected with the of the sacred syllable OM.

you to have no time think of anything smacking of carnality.RELIGION AND MORALS. nothing do with worldly it Rama tells you that has. 65 wasted upon discussion and debating knotty questions a like "How many at times should man gurgle the time of ablutions':"" 98 Ijet your energy be directed will to higher topics. 99 It is usually taught that to Religion hu8 love. the right use of affection realise God. makes you 100 Unless the wife undertakes to do real good unto the husband and .

mode a of realizing religion.66 hi:art of ram a. O how ridiculous perjuries we commit our distant in trying to be faithful to neighbour. in their essence. the husbaud uudeitakes to promote the welfare of the wife. 101 Sensuous but the pleasures. are strictly speakicg religion. involved in them. religioc can never prosper . 102 -Gods laugh in their sleeves at our concessions and courtesies. . there is no hope for religion. getting may into be compared to the peep Durbar through the grating of a dirty gutter.

homicide. 3'ou commit of Godcide or Decide. 106 The world thinks. most religions believe.RELIGION AND MORALS. 67 103 Threats prevented and punishment never sin. tliat precf^pts and .sm is produced by the givingf of precepts. matricide. and many moralists practicnlly advocate. 104 Crimea aie calh^l hy many nftmes. but by not feeling the in Divinity withthe crime each and all. and the like. 105 Moral pauperi.

109 Your soul by nature. does not simply mean abstaining from conjugal sins. N^ever! Never!! Never !!! 107 Sometimes moral weakness passes hy the name of purity just as attach- ment assumes the name 108 Purity of heart of love. rules will cure matters. . the it is not impure and sinful has not fallen through sin of one man. and of does not depend upon the virtue another man to save it. it means that but it means a great deal more.68 HEART OF FAMA.

their threats and promises. so that may become as impossible for you to think evil as for the pure fresh spring to poisou those it.RELIGION AND MORALS. 69 110 Let people dilTer from you. let them revile you. corners and all Try to throw dust into the . water. but despite their favours and frowns. from the lake of jonr mind there should divine. who drink from Ill Here is a divine law which should all be pioclaimed on bazars. let them subject jou to all sorts of difliculties. Nectar should flow out it of you. infinitely flow nothiDg but fresh pure.

this is You cannot is This a a law. the very trees have tongues. All your falls. take your steps cautiously and you will have no falls. all your anxie- . Providence. cheat Nature. all your hurts. truth. you will in time see the very walls." 113 Eight not with Gravity. and speak. 112 In the most solitary Cdves a sin and you will in no time commit be asto- nished to see that the very grass under your feet stands up and bears testi- mony that against you. all your in- juries.70 eyes of HEART OP RAMA. God aud you will be blinded yourself.

" 116 You begin to is feel something. ties 7l and troubles are due to some that. just have attended particular to bring as you would of this to the wounds body. What is 115 your duty towards others? fall sick. when the other people them up to you. your neighbour touched immediate- . if attend those wounds as they were yours. 114 Remove The more jour heart beats with the feel best in Nature.RELIOrON AND MORALS. the more you of that it is throughout the whole Nature you that is breathing. weakness within yon.

72 HEART OF RAMA. 117 He who hates his fellow is just as much a murderer as man commits aotnal murder. 118 as The most sacred truth is violated it were when you consider yourself not one with your fellow-man. .



1 Any philosophy which explain all does not is the facts in nature no philosophy. the Sun need not revolve Let the whole world turn round the Sun. round the world. 4 Truth is is nobody's property . truth i not the property of Jesus we .PHILOSOPHY. 2 What Love is Truth ? Tattvamasi or itself. 3 Truth need not compromise.

74 HEART OF RAMA. body's property. 6 To realize the Truth is to become the master of the Universe. to ought not of Jesus preach It is not it in the name every- the property of It is Krishna. 5 Confound not Truth which fined as *' is de- the same yesterday. to-day ever " and for with a particular occurrence. . that yoii ty. may realize Divini- your dearest wants and desires •will be pricked through and through. or anybody. 7 In order that you may reach the Truth.

your property. last the This is the attachment broken. your house. give last. up. your everything. 75 your wants and dearest attachments will have to be served. 8 If for the sake of Truth you it have This to give is up the body. . let the God or Truth be to you your wife. to off be torn aside — torn from your body. the Truth or Truth be to you your grandfather. all your to favourite superstitious will have be wiped out. your teacher. 9 God become God become your mother.PHILOSOPHY. let God or Let the Truth let or your father.

the Universe. repulsion and attrac- .erii entering heaven is not the whole truth. 11 After death your going to hell or . get rid of this tion. 10 The dual ripiht spirit of Truth of is to assert the supremacy the indiviall against all the world. 12 How inspired seldom it is that we meet is is a whole man. make and yourself whole. get rid of desires rid of attachments.76 HEART OF RA-MA. A man. a man whole man whole an the Truth.

the child dear for .PHILOSOPHY. 15 Not for the sake of the is child is the child dear. The very our fice interests are at moment that stake. You aie the Truth now. is in reality are. we sacri- everything. nothing besides the you can not consistently say that yon are a part. There is no division truth. 77 13 There Self it. 14 People and things are dear to us as lonpf as they serve our interests. our porpopes. follow that you are But Self it must the in entire. is only the one besides which we notbingf and since there Self.

16 Why practical should not people have any faith in death. there is the real which everlasting. dear for the is of the self the husband self. not for husband is husband sake dear for is dear . immortal.78 the HEART OF R&MA. although of : they have intellectual it P knowledge it Vedanta explains this way " In man is there is the real is Self. which Self. Not is for the sake of the wife the sake of -the wife dear. for ever in man there is something . the same yesterday. to-day and . the sake of the This the Truth. the wife . sake of the is self. unchang- ing.

or to call yourself a poor crawling creature. the eyes and other organs of senses. none but your own has sweet Self (Law Divine) an ex- clusive rule over the universe. you restless None. etc . speed to their work." 17 It is falsehood and atheism to say " I am a man or woman 18 ". is BrHliman. Why intidel Y fret 19 and worry. but make the mind. the eyes.pniLOSOPUY. That which cannot be perceived by the mind. . 79 which knows no death. which knows no change.

is Self.80 HEART OF RAMA. 22 God is the phenomena is Reality. is simply the shadow. itcis immortal Self your Self. are you ? Infinite of and all. 23 The body and the real the Reality. real Atraa. 21 Have you Divine Self in ? a doubt as to your own You had better a bullet your heart than a doubt there. the . the world or illusion. 20 What maculate.

is beyond the reach of words and mind. or Absolute Cons- ciousness. is the Divinity. is your Real Absolute Will. 27 There is is something in that is in you which Self. . the true mai). 26 Brahman cannot perceptiori be the object of or thought. God. real lumi.PHILOSOPHY. 81 24 The God. that awake even That deep sleep-con- dition. it Mind and in speech turn back from dismay. nothing else but 25 The real Atma. the true God.

82 HEART OF RAMA. in 29 Dou you believe in God ? A. are jou a part of No. understands no- . do you I know He. " I To believe in God. Where one hears nothing else." We believe do not know. and a thing we Q which is simply forced on us. . 28 People ask. *' I know God. no God cannot be diviGod cannot be rent asander. infinite. You are no part of God if God is ? God ded. not a part of God. then you must be the whole God. I him ? know am am 30 sees He. what does that mean? of What God. ." nothing else.

because 80 longf as somethino' else is beside you. thinf^ else. within is is the real happi- you the mighty-ocean . 33 Within you ness. is you are there happiness for you. the Infinite The is only 32 Whoever comes liim as to you. and at the same time do not look down upon yourself.PHILOSOPHT. receive God. is So long as no Bliss. finite. no Infinite bliss. There is no anything finite. If you are in jail to-day. 31 The Bliss in Infinite is Bliss. fied you may be glori- to-morrow. 83 there is Infinity. Bliss. you are limited and finite.

the intelit is .84 HEAET OF RAMA. All these are simply manifestations. will outrun you. the smiling flower. It feel it. as Ye appear in the as the twinkling stars. feel is it. not the body. What can is there world which ':' make you desire anything The 34 moment you matters turn towards to these outside and want grasp them and keep them. the Self. it is here. the brain . not the desires or the desiring of it is not the objects these desire . above all ye are. of nectar divine. The very moment you turn your back . they will elude jour grasp. Seek it within you. lect. the mind.

whenever a object for tries pejson begins its love an own sake. the mighty dollar. whenever a man in to seek \»ill happiness that object. very moment favourable circumatancea is will seek you. he the simply dupe the senses. the Law. 85 upon them and face lights. he will find himself of be deceived.I'HlLOSol'ilY. This the Law. the Light that of your iinier Self. Trust not in this or . 35 Whenever to a man attaches himself any worldly to object. 86 Trust not in trust in God. You can That is not find happiness by at- taching yourselves to worldly objects.

you Self. your real Atma's. 38 Rise realize above the that body. your it is God's. . God. the the supreme and how can you ? be affected by passion or greed 39 Live in your Godhead and you are free. your own master.86 that object. Ruler of the Universe. Trust in your Atma or 37 Be not feel little vain. are Feel and Infinite. belonsfs Never to that anything self . HEART OF R^MA. trust in Self. be not proud.

41 Hunger and and are felt thirst are of the body by the mind. That is the Law. not pained realizes his or disturbed. hunger or thirst of the body 42 Cultivate peace of mind. till your mind with pure thoughts. 87 40 The whole as his CJniverse serves one feels body.PHILOS"PUY. is not disturbed by the fatigue. when he the Utiveisal Soul as his very Self. the true Self. . He who is own Divinity which pained or God. but he is himself. and nobody can set himself against you.

the Atma. 44 Let us fling aside the vainer able little " 1 " which alone makes "sin " iu ouiselves and others. uudisturbed. but by mis- . is that a man should be at peace. Self always at That the Law Be free. and the body should always be iu motion. the body at work and the internal rest. Laws to and the body'subjected of the Laws Dynamics is . 45 Sinlessness belongs^ in reality to the real Self.88 HEART OF RAMA 48 The Law at rest. the mind to be subjected to the of Statics.

the World is No AVorld . You o. 46 Words is like the followinn^ sound like a : hissing: serpent to the peo- ple Ye are Divinity Itself. .tn are the All in All. no 1 Power which no words body or mind. 47 When When What shall 1 be free ? "l" shall cease to be. the Holy of Holies. 48 is God ? God is a Mystery. ye are am " . the Supreme Power.PHILOaOPHT. the the pure " describe. that you are. 89 praotice to take it is attributed in the body.





is it

that faces you,



that looks you straight in the face

when you look God within.

a person

It is


potentiality, the


power latent
and the

in the finite

form or





seed, is the infinite

within and


outside or




51 The millionth deFcendant of the original seed has got the same infinite

and potentiality which the

original seed had.



The lofinKy within, the infinite capability or power is unchangeable,





That never

Through ignorance you
self the


body; the

body you are not.


are the infinite power; the divithe constant,

immutable, un-








that and you find

yourself in-

habiting the whole
the whole universe.

world, inhabiting

It is the





being reflected





people come like
Please turn the


in this



world like

the master of the house, of the looking-glass
into the



world not as d-o-g but as

and you
of the

be the master of


mirror-house, you will be the


whole universe.

Man's true nature



God were


man's own


could there be

the advent of


prophet or saint in this world.

The whole world is a heaven, and God will never be deceived.









"I am


evident truth

Vedanta, the
but God


that you are already

God, nothing

it is



not to be effected,

simply to be known and

realised or

Vedanta wants you
the truth that

to recognise



giving, and not in asking or begging.




possession of any individual property


a most sacreligioiis deed




or inner Self.







Pushing, marching Labour and

no stagnant Indolence





as against

tedious drudgery;

Peace of mind and no canker of


and no disaggre-

Appropriate reform and no conservative custom

Solid real




flowery talk;

placed on printed to in books and shelves do.PHrLOSOPHT. does not cast kick it your burdens. won't If You must 63 Vedanta does not remove your does not chill. . 95 as agaiasfc . 62 Vedanta. tlien aside. if it if it make you happy of? . be eaten up by live it. worms. The poetry of facts speculative fiction The logic of events as againot the authority of departed authors Living Realisation and no mere dead quotations . Constitute Practical Ved*nta.

64 Accoi<3iug to Yedemtd.96 HEART OF RAMA. appeals it to the masses simply because is it the teachings of and appeals to is the educated Hindu because there not philosophy worth the name under the sun which does not support the Yedantic Monism. of spreadis Philosophy to there is no other royal road. and no science which does not uphold and advance the cause of Yedanta or Truth. . all fit y is weakness 65 Vedanta their Bible. 66 The very best method ing the Vedantic live it.

. 97 07 It is only in a strange. you objects of love. tind This is what Vedanta you. Touch your you. that own head this Go within will see Realize tlie and you your all stars are that handiwoik. you want to get anything. us.of^oPHY. do not hunt after the shadow.pniT. that which you tells is higher than both of me. 68 If if you want to realize an object. when you cast yourself indescribable sentiment. will all see the bewitching and fascinating things are simply your own reflection or shadow.

the Heaven within you. unless you are prepared to lecture yourself. . of the senses. the paradise. 69 You have in you. searching for that objects thing outside.98 HEART OF TIAMA. in the How strange I 70 You cannot be a slave of the flesh and at the same time be the master of the universe. the home of bliss with- and yet you are searching for pleasures in the objects in the streets. outside. Let all . 71 the great lecturers of the let age come Christ or God Himself : come and lecture but lectures from others will be of no avail.

h Intense is accordiug to Ve- rest. 00 72 Veduuta wauts you the little self.riiiLubuiiiT. 75 What dauta. is All (rue woi k icst. 73 Vedauta its reijuires you to work fof owu sake. through iiiteiise work. to rise above the small ego. . 74 Work \u Vedauta always lueaiia harmouy with the Real Self and atonement with the universe. is work woik.



Keeping tbe body
ia active stLUg-

and the mind

in rest




salvation from


and sorrow

right here in this

Let the inner

be at rest and



continually at work.

The body,


the laws of

dynamics, being in action, and the
inner self always at statical rest.

Let your work be impersonal


your work be free from the taint of


your work be

just like

the work

the stars and
like that

the sun


your work be

of the



Then alone can your

work be


Let the body and
tinuously ab


mind be conwoikto such a degree labour may not be felt at

in the






performance of your work, and


must be yours.


can not be






die in your

work before achiev81

ing success.


in the spirit of

an unaffeceutaugle-

witness, free from all


Remain immune.



Wherever you may
the position of a



giver and never in

the position of a beggar, so that your

work may be universal work, and not

the least.

Incessant work, incessant labour

the greatest yoga for a


of the



are the greatest worker


world when



are no worker*

In order that you
cess, in

order that you

may have sucmay prosper,

you must through your

by your

own everyday


burn your own



body and muscles, cremate them

of use.

in a

mustt use


you mudt consume your body
mind, put them
crucify your


burning state

body and mind




and then

through you.


wants you

to be at rest

your inner


O happy
seek you





when you

cease to

It is

our selfish



spoils all our work.





objects of

you need




desire will be
to you.

brought to you, will come

you make yourself worthy, help must


to you.

The very moment
above the
that you

desire, the object of desire

and the very


that you assume the craving, seeking,
.asking, begging attitude,

you will be





not have,


cannot have the

object of


Rise above the thing,

stand above



will seek you.





pat an end 91 Acts speak louder than words.rniLosopUY. 92 Let sake. all is the misery and suffering to. rise above peace. your work be for work's 98 Renounce your desires. them and you find double immediate rest and eventual fruition of desires. 105 90 Realise the Heaven the witlilo you. will be Remember that your desires realized only when you riae . are and all at once all desires fulfilled.

reality. failure and success are nothing: to me. above them into the supreme When you consciously or unconsciousDivinity. the consequence and the result are nothing to me. means end. you the end. I must work . and let the end be brought together. should not mind you should not care for the Let the consequences or the result. then will the ly lose yourself in the and then only time be ripe for the fulfilment of desires.106 HEART OF RAMA. 94 In order that your work should be successful. the ver}^ work be your 95 No.

must work.-oruv. in To work is is my aim. 107 because for its 1 love work: I must woik is own keep sake.». favourable reviews severe criticism your work or thereoD. never throw your heart in a begging attitude. nothing not about from the people. 97 Be always a and expecting giver. energy itself. a free worker. . 96 Worry expect bother of not about the consequences.1 iUL'. I ray real Atma. ^ly to activity my life. Get rid of (he monopolizing habit. soul.

other party it it is it only when you let go that penetrates the soul of the party concerned. 98 It is only when you let go the desire that it fructifies. of the it wishing. 99 Thought Thought fate is another name for 100 are The world and your surroundings exactly what you think them to be. . willing. and the bosom will not reach .108 BEART OF RAMA. So long as or you keep your desire stretched. yearning. go on desiring.

103 As an eagle in cannot outsoar the atmosphere which he floats.PHILOSOPHY. become fool a sinner call yourself a fool. a sinner and you must . . 109 101 Just as you Call yourself think. Feel that omnipotence and are. so thought cannot transcend the sphere of limitation. omnipotent you 102 Change the and his feeling in an individual whole method of thinkiugr will be revolutionised. call and you mucst become a yourself in weak and there world that is no power this can make you strong. you become.

110 HEART OF RiMA 104 Thought aud language are same. The infant child knows no language a!:d has no thought. the You caunot think without language. as were. delusion and and though he may appear hollow as a piece of wise and learned. yet his wisdom and learning are as timber eaten out by white ants 106 True education begins only when a man it turns from Infinity all external aids to the within and becomes. a natural source of origi- . 105 Whoever dwells among thoughts. dwells in the region of disease.

not merely indastrious but to love industry. .PHILOSOPUY. use not 108 The tion is entire to object of true educa- make people not merely bat eujoy the do the right things right things. Ill or a bpiiuj^' of giaud new 107 The texts to oapabilitj of quoting big long show off our leaiuing. ual kiiuwletlge ideas. the study to which is we never have education. nonto torture tlie sensical hair-splitting sense of tures. passages and of ancient scripsubjects in life.

To into carry out is skilfully an idea practice its one thing. away with education it I do not want If keeps me bound. Ill The great animal lies in difference this. the child will or .112 HRART OF RAMA. I have no use for 110 it. it. but to is grasp fundamental meaning quite another thing. that in man and the whereas the law puppy or polly has by all it of heredity got almost requires for its perfection. 109 If education does not bring me freedom and independence (moksha). fie upon it.

but not to one who lives as life (love). active yet it one of the most beings on the Earth. 114 What tions. 113 so cau by cducttion aud adaplation develop and evolve his inherited poicers as to bring the whole world under his sway.I'liiLuouriiY. is life? A is series of interrup- Yes. 113 The is child has no motives. it so to the people who live on the surface of life. 112 Man is supposed to be higher feel- than animals. . inasmuch as his ings are controlled by reason.

not that a circle? This ot" establishes illusory nature state. 117 All the philosoplij is of Europe and Ameiica based on the ex- . What existence? brought the aensea iuto The elements. of these elements? Is How do you know the in Through reasoning the in the senses. there. prison-walls of maya are rising and the there can be no above Appearances.Hi' HtAKT OF 115 RAilA. the world wakeful 116 As long as the questioner and the the object questioned about remain.

the knowledge of those objects also on which the pride is doctors and professors superiority. and take airs of nothing more than liypnotism. dreaming or deep The with Hindu imperfect sajs: data.PHILOSOPHY. Ijoiieucu of 115 btutc of the or wakeful do aud the takes little notice experience of the sleep state. . "You start How can your solution of the problem of the universe be correct?" 118 All the objects in the world are simply like the lakes created by a hypnotised man on dry floor. and being of such nature.

and the next world. 120 Spiritual development does not in germinate in the seed sown pleasures. the soil of earthly 121 Believe always in the spiritual powers. . whom you come con- Give up judging. never form any particular opinion. never condemn. will take care thatwoildof dreams. which concern your busiLCss and bosom first. 119 It is more advisable to attend to the matters which ccme next to your heart.lin HEART OF PAMA. in the infinite capacity of in those with tact. of itself.

which is very . native glory. establish order and life through the whole race. 117 122 The King's very presence on royal his throne the establishes order so throughout Durbar. source. catch almost it anything but how can turn back and grasp the very fingers which hold in it? So the mind or intellect to can the no wise be expected know its great Unknowable.PHiLOsornv. 123 A pair of tongs can else. doth man's resting on his Godhead.

our bodily weakness makes Hurried are instant we from taste of Heaven the the tree of we distinction and difference. 124 The Gnana of the or Knowledge portion that to as Vedas is the real Veda. 125 ! We fall from Eden the moment itself felt. .lis HEART OF RAMA. alone has been referred Shruti (Inspired Revelation) by the writers on the six orthodox systems of Hindu Philosophy as well as the Jain and Buddhist writers. the But we Lost by can regain Paradise suffering the flesh to be crucified.

Sacrifice therefore. tinphiloso- that is declaring your ignorance. IVJ 126 Imbibe. 128 Regard acts all if tliose deeds and yon which performed by would be harmful or sinful as worst .riiiLOsoruv. reflect the spirit of all aod unto others that you receive. His work. that no answer. 127 If you explain it it (the is is I>avv of Karma) by saying that that it is God's will. is evading the question phical. to selfish Have no recourse and you must absorption be white. is simply evading the question.

found in the only. that is all : bappiness .1 20 HEART OF RAMA. despise and loathe sucb acts of sius. "but find it impossible to anywbere else. good is 180 " It is difficult to find bappiness in oneself." says it is Sebopenbauer. 129 no rose without a thorn. You have no There is right to misjudge tbem. The the self Supreme. the world but hate not and despise of those not the doers acts or deeds.' 131 Iron and gold are good for buying iron and gold. not to be all Unmixed good is tbis world.

chased.sacrifice. ia 121 aa not of the same kind it these material objects.PHILOSOPHY. must gravitate towards 184 Very happy whoee life is is he and blessed is he a coutinuons . Have God in you right here and the joy of success you. . cannot be pur- 132 Those who believe their happiness depends upon particular conditions^ will find the day of enjoyment ever recede from them and run away constantly like will-o-the-wisp. 183 Like comes joy of to the like.

you want to to keep up your vitahealth. . 136 If lity.122 HEART OP RAMA. preserve your life to the weight of be borne easily by The horse of nervous system. 137 Be true to yourself and never min(l anything else in the world. by of the same impersonal breath of Life in the throngs men and women as inspires in the rose gardens and oak-groves. you ought to make the burden of egoistic t^btight lighter. 135 Happy seeing is he who turns the whole world into a Heavenly Garden.



138 The

cause of sufTerinf^ in the


"we do

not look within,

we do not form onr own opinionH, we take matters too much on trust, we rely on outside forces to do our

139 The
or foes

painful criticism from friends




make yon



your true


Oh, Heaven







objects of




within yourself,







within you,


source of


within you.

This being the
it is

how unreasonHappiness








master of his


All the world being but your
creation, your



own why think




miserable sinner


not think yourself into a







llama says that success comes

you as a result of your uuisou
the All.




always the leault
tbo result









always the


The man
beauty on




he whose

inner illumination

halo of

around him and from






nature pays homage
is free,



man who


whole universe



bows duwa before him you are






to-day or

remains a

stern reality,


must be realized

sooner or later by



You have
anybody but




to yourself. to


are a

heinous criminal




sacred- law

Cheerfulness and Peace.

In the

148 Mantram




stern Reality, your Self, ag underly-

ing and




material world of the





the last











chaotic state
as all the

and manifesting








against the truth connected
efficacy of the

with the

Sacred Syllable Aam.







moves and

has his being in Audi.


come by these treasures within, or
order that


kinsdora of



be unlocked, this


be used.

1 I^ove menus praeticnlly reu\b\r\^ your oneness and identify r. To love Is to live trne to yonr- . ia love. Fire of Love.LOVE AND DEVOTION. Oneness-feelinof. 3 The only lawfnl law live in 9elf. ia an art as well as a Scientific discoveriea arp only the spaiks and scintillationR from or grand Sun.eighbours. 2 TiOve science. with all with your thn^e who cnm^ In contact with yon.

expauds like Attachment (Aloha) the host coijgoatrf aiiJ «ouI. it is own It ig JSeli iu wheie your eyes.ible oF ctjualily. 12^ 4 Tiae tho Self. with attach- 6 lihakti j^'ing.sc an iiidojsoi ib. coutiactb the 5 Confound nul luvu ment. begfIt is negative couditoc. like the suii.swoetucb^s li ia aud liiviue icckledsnejj:*. love. the aoeing uf iieeiug youi' All m all we bee. ttill . beaming . (love) id no crying.LOVL 1«U I'bVuTlUN. sou.

7 Love diveated ul" all caiuality is spiritual illuminatioD. Tat Tvam Aai or That Thou Art. that All is realize Beauty aud am that. .130 to I HEA&T Of HAMA. 8 Love brought persons. Love means perception of beauty. or into oneness play feeling. when two between dispels the illusion of Divi- 9 What existence ? wins in the struggle for Love. sion.

liead expounds. . and stupidity. is misunderstood to such of that the very mention suggest. break Other laws are organised robbery. Love ulouu law. ba:i the ri-^'ht to 12 Love a degree. as the body precedes clothes.s to the word iiove" the the dear people. flnme. idea of cupidity diviup. Feeling always precedes thinking.U Love is tho only Divine Law. instead of the 13 Love inspires.

all miracles become possible. 14 All desire is love. and love is God. and that God you are. 15 There is no great and no small is . that a fact. ? Else how could love conquer fear . 18 Fear ia onl^ congeBted love. 17 A man who has never loved can is nevor realise God. no low and no high where Love 16 When you are ceatred in love.132 HEiRT OF RiMA.

ialae feeliuga unci is assumed sentimentaliKm to an insult 20 Deprived ilis-ease of case. be tlie WlwJo and the 21 What due to is disease':" Coutractiou lack of love .Vf)TTON. I.F. 133 10 leigued God. love. shuddering at .I. . the flatter of shadows crying^ at the dny drenms of dnnger. You are perfect and whole to when you realize yoniself All. afflicted l)y you are when you stagnate slouf^h of in the separation and division.OVR ANT.

" but where Love encamps. to quarrel with ot barroundiug. no impertinent tramps can loaf around. 22 When going aiiythiijg is apparently tbe wrong. breaking the Telephone receiver for hearing the bad news from the friends at the invisible end. right with instead the setting is us like Law of Love. shameless shameful "resthe Lord pectability. . 23 It is true that as there is nothing of so poisonous the in company gossips.134 HEART or RAVA. believers slaves of appearances.

upou the in and then you fall love with it.. Love might hope where despair.lake The wind froju the coat the traveller did. reason could would uot . theu appeal to reasou. 25 Time is bouud to keep pace willi love iustiucts.LOVK A. Lookiug you yourself shed your subject. in the Fable. 26 First wiu the heart . lustre all attractive at it looks. 1^6 24 O mun objects ! you yourself make by your with those eyes. but the 'leal .NP I'KVullO:-.

provided by such means he is brought in direct touch with the all Love.'' (The word "Lord" does not sitting in this poem cold in All. 28 "Take my life and let it be Censecrated.166 ULIRI OS KAMA. mean the invisible bugbear in heaven. - 27 How is blessed is he wlioie piopeity is stolen away I Thrice blessed he whose wife runs away. catching the clouds. to Thee. "Lord" means the your fellow peopled Love. — "I'm all 29 the urigiu and end Of the chanceful universe . Lord.

beyond Foi all is stiuug on Ouu aiuuo.LOVE AND Tliulo is."' .N lo7 uauj^'ht Ob maukiud. L'LViJllU. . tliu As aio the beads upou iLiead.



till tbe final concession in the form of . 1 Work minus ship. remove we to must every particle of attachment foims and personalities.RENUNCIATION. the ties must snap. desire is a synonym wor- for the highest Ttenunciation or 2 Slowly cleans it and resolutely as in a fly its legs of the honey so which had been caught. 3 One must be after another the connections cut.

lides the will against sets up his (i. renunciation ard are one and tlie 6 The knowl-'d^e which is synonyis moas with renunciation the .'e thini^. is which means same* knowlede^e. Pie who GofVs will lives the Law.REM'NCIATION. 139 deuih ciuwuH tioii. acd suffer Promethean 5 This renunciation the Hiudus as is described by Jnann. that knowledf. e the Law) must be crushed tortures. He who Law. all uQwilliog t«uuuci» 4 Mercilessly rolls on the wheel of Law.

has nothing do with that.I'tO HKAHT OK (lie 1^\MA. 8 Renunciation at 3^our best. it or your to work. 9 Renunciation simply enhances your powers. to do your place. This knowledge is renunciation. the know- ledge of the real Atma. . simply places places you your you on vantage ground. Get that knowledge and }'ou are a man 7 of renunciation. Renunciation with bodily has nothing position. knowledge of of Truth. the knowledge what you are. multiplies your energies.

a God of It takes your auxiety aud fearless feur. Heuuuciatiou asceticism. force. moment you your work is is assert spoiled. Renuuciatiou meaus getting selfish rid of this little personal. 10 Work lid id doue ouly when wo ^et little of the selfish Kgo. the The best work the work that is doue imper- sonally. blieujj'theuij Ul auJ make:i your you. away all You become aud happy. ego.RtOUiNClAlION. does uot mean . getting rid of this false idea of 11 self. selfish The ego.

to be god. 15 Keuouucc the seltibh. grandson. j)ei:>u'na.I lie^. 14 Realizing the Divinity in each and all. ^ee the gudliuebs in each and all. sue the Divinity in each and . llenunciatiou rueaus makiug every thing holy.. this is Renuinciatiou accord- ing to Vedauta. 13 KenouDcing lueau giviug up the all child does uoi couuectiou with the the child but thinking the child. all.11- HEAKI UF KAMA.

That the Vedantic Renun- 18 I'-very thing you are. jou have you are bonnd to none. worry. ciation. Rr. The ghosts angela. nobody. are responsible to to pay.S 16 Pi'ftcffcjil ill renunciation means rowing off and casting ovprbonrd nil anxipty. the gods and tbi . against all assert your society individuality all nations is and and every thing. your inpntnl vision and AlJne. hurry. fear.d spirit?.RFNl-NflATIOV. trouble of mind by continnftlly keeping before hnUtiPnn nf fhp irnrhl real self. 14.=:s of your 17 You no debt liave no duties to discharge.

of This the path Rennnoia- tioD. in losing everlasting life lies the oongo. is realize that. 19 Renunciation life. verily. : giving up egoistic life Verily.]ii rfFART uF RAMA.saints. Know ye are feel that. free.'ited of personality. all sinners and that. alone leads to 21 Yedantic renunciation. . ye are. 20 Renunciation immortality.^riving yourself -up entirely- . you have to keep yourself all the time upon the rock of renunciation: and taking your stand firmly upon that vantage ofcenndi .

yua to will not be tired. 24 There is no necessity of your retiring into the forests and pursuing . 22 Keuunciution ought to be^in thiugs willi It is nearest and I deiireat. you will be ec[ual any duty. this.tN'*^IAriON. " the idea in which engenders me this false personality. 23 Retiring to the a forests it is is simply means to an end. like going to the University.Rl >." 1 am doing " I "I the the agent." aud am enjoyer. that false v^n which the idea that urn *' must give up. 145 to any Work thai pi'ebeulb itbelf.

nor should it be confounded It is with haughty asceticism. 25 Renunciation does not require you to go into the deepest forests of the renunciation Himalayas.I CF t. renunciation does not require you to walk barefoot and bareheaded. 26 Renunciation identified should not be with passive helplessness and resigning weakness.146 HEIF. does not of demand all of you to strip yourself clothing. no renunciation to . when you are lost in activity merged in or work.lMi. Vedautie You are the father of Shiva himself. to realize abnormal practice yosra.

. let thtt 14? Bttcibd ttjruple of God.HEKLKClAnON. yoai body. 29 There is no real enjoyment except there is in ronnDcIation. tion. 27 To dilieieut keej) thyttlf as somethiug and separate from Truth and then begin to renouuce in the name of religioL. it is embezzlement. be devouied up by cruel caiuivoioub wolvea without leaistauce. implies appropiiatiug i.s what not yours. no inspira- there is no prayer except in renunciation. without is 28 The civilised man nunciation re- through love only a more experienced and wiser savage.

31 Beauty is Renunciation. 32 Off you go. 33 Parity of heart means yourself free of all making cHngings to objects of the world.14S HEiRl OF BAltk 30 Godhead synonymous. are its oufcNvard aud Reuuociatiuu are Culture and character manifestations. theological debates I aud philosophical discussions: it. giving up of egoistic life. know Beauty is love and love is beauty. And both are renunciation. it Renunciation nothing short of .


150 EEIET OF RAMA. "I am he. rise above them and come out victorious. just chant Om. put your whole heart into put all your energies into it. before all your mind all your weaknesses and your temptations. . crush them oiit. if possible. be conjuring up. Trample them under your feet. it." "The Same am Om. 4 Just sing. chanting it. Om." He are one. and while it." "I and I. put yoar whole soul into strength in realizing put all your 5 The meaning is of this syllable Om Om. 6 While chanting. it.

9 In this state of mind. begin Om. with such a pure soul begin to chant the sing the sacred syllable mantram Om. rise above 8 Yearning for the truth. thine. to . all up all selfish connections. in this peace of heart. craving after a taste of the Self. divine applying the flute to the lips. supreme reality of putting yourself in that state of is mind.Meditition. all thonghts of mine and it. 151 7 Give up give all claim upon the bodyselfishness.

Chant Om.152 HEART OF RAMA. snake with heads. 10 This is putting the flute. Search out the poisonous its many tongues. Make your a body a and flute Make your whole Empty it of selfishness 11 fill it with divine breath. overcome them^ . the worldly tendencies. and while doing begin that search it. the breath of music whole into life flute. Crush them one by one. trample them under your feet. within the lake of your mind. These of tongues. and fangs the poisonous snake are the innumerable wants. and the selfish propensities. single them out.

its above the mind and motives. ^v •.Meditation. above causation. above thought of Buccess or 13 Feel yourself to be the all perva- ding power supreme. 12 Feel yourself above the body and its environments. 153 singlag the and destroy them while sjllable Om. Chant Om 14 and sing Om • to any tune or tunes that naturally or spontaniously occur to you. and one with the all bliss. fear. the free Rama. the sun of suns. above phenomena. all the mighty worlds.'•' .

_ . 16 Purify the heart. cast over-board desires chant Om . Rid yourself of the disease of attachment or clinging. being all is Light per- Banish Cast worldly motives exorcise of work.1:54 HEART 09 RAMA. a beautiful character.. Attachment you from the to one object detaches All. pick out all points of weakness and eradicate them. no attach- ment. . Make all your work sacred. Come out vic- having formed . off. sing the syllable Om. no repulsion. torious. and there your whole sonified. the demons of desires. perfect poise. 15 For one all moment .

criticisms. renouaca ity . Feel and you are the . regulations. and re. Infinite. 18 Rise above the realize that body. custom. you of desire worshipping^ you just as the wives of the dragon under the river paid homage unto Krishna after he had killed the snake. rules. laws.Meditation. the supreme Salf and how can you b» affected by passion or greed ? 19 Society. views can never touch your real Self Feel that. throw it off. 155 17 When the dragon of will find passion i» the objects destroyed. convention.

happiness. to Give this meauiug Om and chaat Om on 20 all occasions of fatigue. goes into your mouth.IS6 HEA^RT OF RAMi. all happiness. Feel that you are happiness. you have contemplate xaoriel ia on the idea that this a repreRentation of the out- . that you are not. 21 Every day and night meditate upon the truth that all the opinions and society of the world is simply your own idea and that you are the real power whose breath or mere shadow the whole world is. 22 ^v/With every morsel of food that to.

.Before eyes falling to asleep — when the begin close— every night or firm noon make a resolve in your mind to find yonrself an embodiment of Vedantic If Truth on waking up. 25 Early in the morning when yon' firm it. it. make resolutions to live and strong^ it. do not think of feel that you are health is perfect health yours. Feel that. 23 . is sick. ei^e earth i5t incorporat- aud here am I ing into me the whole universe. of ita The body will become healthy own accord immediately.MEDlfAllON. chant Om. aside. to practifle In . 24 that body which leave it you call mine itself.

Breathe.. In deep breathing the air the lower part of the stomach and wfll also pass through the entire canal within. and your energies will be advantage. This way you will be at .15S HEIRT OF R4M'l. before begin- ning to do it. 26 Inhale the air fully through the mouth and exhale trils . every act you undertake. put to the beat . it through the nossee this process should be practised rigorously. tlie 27 Rama breathe will fill suggests to you most natural Pranayama. breathe. and you will it how wonderfully will cheer you up.9npe released of depression. be on your guard.



REALIZATION. It makes you stand by 2 The only way sins. 3 You will never be able to with- stand animal passions. bewitches that . 1 Realization frees you from outside influences. realize the true Self. nil this splendour and yon. to is to to escapa from all all stand above temptations. yourself. unless you do away with glory that attracts you.

do any thing to gain God you have simply to undo what you have already done in the way of forming dark cocoons of desires around you. as if it had never existed. finds itself the ivhole . fling into ntter oblivion the little self. free. is not a thing to be to you have not vision. you stand passions and at the same time are perfectly of bliss. 6 Assert your Godhead. it When the little bubbli bursts. 4 When above all you realize that. perfectly full is and that heaven. 5 Realization achieved.160 EEAET OF RIKA.

Yon are the Whole. the Infinite. For is O perfect One ! there no . all realize it even in the midst of Sorts of noise. 8 If human or rather animal feelings are washed out. duty. In this \vorId you can . the All. no action. 9 If you want to realize Vedanta. 161 ocean. Divine feelings begin to overflow instead. nothing to be done all nature waits on you with bated breath. even in the heat of all sorts of troubles. 7 Shine in your pristine glory.Realization-. you.

the stronger are the meu who come and out of those circumstances. . 10 In fact the harder the circum- stances. you will see that the surround ings and circumstances will succumb to you.162 never. Live Vedanta even in these surroundings. will yield to you. the more trying the environ- ments. you will become their master. and when you live Vedant. HEART OF RAMA. they will become subservient to you. never get yourself iu a state will where there be no noise or no botheration from without. all So welcome these outside troubles anxieties.

Realization 11 163 Staud on -your feefc wliether you are great or small. others within your own will Your own always tell you that you are the greatest Self iu all the world. care not a Btraw for tliat. face. self Look any thing in the shrink not. 13 Divinity! respect your eclf. . your Godat head. Look not of at your but self with the eyes self. and everybody will respect you. 12 Realize your divinity. whether you are highly placed or very low.

it. you see nothing but God. 15 Rise above the body. then. 14 When you rise to fchat height of Divine love.164 HEIRT OF ElMA. indeed you do become God. in everybody. then. burn up this personality of yours. but the beloved one. in your mother. in the wife no wife. singe it. indeed are yon in the presence of God. "Deny yourself. when you rise to such a degree that in your father. God. then and then only will fulfilled." . when you see. consume In other burn it up. you see your desires words.

Realization. the same which appears to you in the body of a beloved one. Realize this. puts on a different dress in trees. Realize jour divinity and every^ thing is done. is This use use of- the way make spiritual to worldly desires and make of them for their own 17 sake. rise for this how you can to above all worldly passions and desires. in mountains and is hills. . 165 16 All the attractiveness you this world is see in nothing else but the trae Divinity.

eliminate differentiation. the the Self. 18 Rama Be free. . to satisfy the man}'. the One without a real husband. live on your own account. the head be not distinguished from the foot. fear four winds and let hope. the the majority. not for the opinions of others. You will not in any case be able public. second. Try to please the one Lord. obligations and to you are under the no satisfy hydra- Leaded mob.ir>fi HIART OF RAMA. 19 Set on cast to the fire the meum all and tuura. says. your own inner God. master.

|{it'Ar. . ir>7 20 Keepirg the body and the in active struggle mind in rest nin and love.j/ATfON'. it. balanc- 22 Purity of heait all means making the youi self fiee of objects of clinginga to the world. means salvation from here in this life- and sorrow 21 Active realization of Ahone-nient life of with the All allows uh a ed reoklessnesg. BOibirg short of Fuiity of heart meani that. Renunciation.

at the gain realization of this Get rid attachment and off all same time shake hatred and jealousy. it is because we are else. what is hatred? It is inverted attachment. When we hate somebody. 25 What is jealousy. attached to something 26 Have all your attachments severed object. Gain this purity and you see God. for they shall see God. 24 You may moment.168 HEART OF RAMA. from every and concentrate . 23 Blessed are the pure in heart.

Realizaiiox. enjoy work is work. come ener- out. take up your duty or your your is work with no notice or desire on Do your work. the one fact. ''Be not afraid. because itself the other Dame of realization. Do not take work on any other ground. says. work to to Work leads you to realization. 29 Rama says. yourself on 169 one thing. your divinity. 27 Rama part. 28 Take you have to your work because do. because your work by pleasure. one truth. rally all your strengtli and . Immediately on the spot you gain realization.

afraid. cry fearlessly top of your voice "I am God. Realize your oneness with that and you stand . am That is j'our birthright.1^0 gies BEARI OF RAMA. and boldly take possession I of your birthright. 31 All desire is love. 80 Why fears and in depress your brains through why raise up your energies Represent not the supplications? nature. crush your trnth. at the I inner come out God." boldly. is God. and that God you above everything. tremble am He." Be not not. and love are.

33 Thus truth. worldly ties. desires. This is the price. worldly all desires. worldly needs are melted into God. into Truth. you must bid farewell to all the ties and bonds enslaving and clinging. relations. price you cannot . worldly coDnections. in order to get the rid whole worldly you must get of you must rise above worldly attachments and hatred. you must rise above all thii. 171 82 those The moments of realization are when all thoughts of worldly worldly property.Realizaa'iox. and unless you pay the realize the Truth.

will have to pay at the cost your head and your lower vou cannot pay the price. this goal. and at the same time lay claim to Divine Realization. nature. worldly. if become a prophet. . desires to become but everybody wants to realise the Truth. are ready to pay the 36 Here you of If is the jewellery shop. 85 Everybody Christ. carnal. very few. price. and for this jewel. you petty. cannot enter into sordid. low. sensuous desires. this heaven. any. 84 You cannot enjoy the world.172 HEART OF EAlfA. go away.

look at every thing as as God. 38 Let the body become as existed. so pay the price and that moment you realize that bliss. the Divinity. 173 37 If you cannot enjoy that perfect is consciousness. Your the relation |to world of should to become world.RiALIZATIO^f. if it never 39 Let your stand point be entirely changed. the sole reason that you do not pay the price. the relation God an entire change. .

Beyond. 40 Be aud yourself.\7=^ HEART OF RiMi. 41 All the noble and of life desirable ends the are reached only it when into intellect of and alon^ with world the whole the objective melt unknowable It is Infinity. feeling all. . and as my all. realizing the all landscapes. oivn. realize that Kings your Presidents are simply servants. 42 through realization of One's conquering all sense of difference. and through love owning tions lose their that tempta- power over us. our oneness with stars. rivers.

175 43 Let God wjik throuj^h you. Realize theTruth. It . Let Let God God show Himself. Live God.Rkalization. and the other things will care of themselves. Eat God. the 45 You cannot enjoy also realize Truth. 44 The whole world work with one who with tlio is bound to Coone feels himself whole world. and there will be do more duty. world and 46 Realization cannot be obtained at one jump. shine forth. Breathe God. Driuk take God. Time is necessary.

to took millions of years baild this of body up to its present stage evolution 47 According can realize being is to Yedanta. unless his nobody whole God converted into Universal Love. 48 A child can never reach youth boyhood. except he passes through A person^can never realise his unity All. . except with God. the when unity throbs in with every the whole nation fibre of his frame.176 HEART OF BAMA. unless he looks upon the whole Universe as his body.

God- 50 What It is is the weakness within of ? the dark pitch ignorance which discard makes you look upon Get rid itself the of it. 177 49 If you find yourself led astray by the flesh and caught in the quagmire of carnality. it.'" . the senses as you. there is the occasion to assert and exert atrennously your giant will to secure and retain consciousness. Be not astonished your heart: "/ avi or afraid of the truth and speak from the depth of God. body. and then power 51 you become.Realization.

ridden. 54 Salvation results always a from Gnana.178 HEART OK RAMI. Nor can of the present-day duty. thei'e is no other way ta inspiration.(Mukti). little ego.J -53 the The path realization.atioii. 52 Any Kai'ma Kauda. - . to salvation. and nothing crucifixion and nothing else. roatad iathe Final even in the old Vedic days^ to was not calculated bring Emancip.'J iih-^-i . Karma Kanda hurrying civilised slave of selfishness save him from sin and sorrow. that else. . is way to apparent death.

. the Christ stage. But Heaven. is reached by knowledge. ineffable Self. 179 55 They say salvation by acta is pre- scribed in the Old Testament.'. that through which is this the state of feeling the Self as one with the whole that into world.. yoii jump the indestructible. and salvation by faith in the New Testa- ment.G-^aU According: to Vedanfca the material as well as the astral -worlds: are . 58 The saying "Through Christ we realise state.: :. God" means. -57. stage.REALIZATION. by passing through. the true state of bliss.

59 Body-respect is the opposite pole of virtue. happiness because true peace. write .ISO unreal. 60 If man and woman each other's downfall. are to cause the why did same God. You must rest. KIAAT or RAMA. — is — behind the 58 scenes The tellect refining of creed or thinning inis of curtain comes chiefly through veil and the lifting of the effected through feeling. who wrote the Bible. rise above both. can be had only when the reality the hard cash realized. shortest cut to perdition.

you are nearer the approaching Love. oh. leads family life in 62 If by marriage relation. are not nearer the Universal Love and Light. marriage ties are a . then curse to you. if by marriage approaching relation. they are sinful. 181 such a Bible in the hearts of seek man to woman? 61 An easily unmarried realise as man cannot so one who is. R1ALI2ATI0H. then marriage ties are good you for you . then they are poison to you.. and the right way. the Universal Universal Light which permeates the world.

every of wife is the Judas Iscariot her husband. were. she should be. the mirror through which the husbaud should see God. 63 Instead of the wife beiDg a wide gapinpf door to as it hell.182 IllKT OP KAMA. no trace and object. but as is it going on. and the wife the Christ of her husband. his 65 In true realization there is no raeum and tuum. 64« Tn this life the husband should be the Christ of his wife. of subject . and every of husband the Judas Isoariot wife.

it is it is not a thing done already. 183 66 Realization means setting your to the new tune you must all old songs. 68 "When one be the all. tbem to an entirely new tune. his. but simply enioyg everythins: as . is not a a thing to be accomplished. realization of Divinity. to be done. The but old songs will remain the set all of same. 67 Your realization of God-conscioua- ness. realizes his own Self to he cannot desire.RIALIZATIOIf. is not thing to be achieved.

No body will ever deceive him. God- one who lives in Divinity. criticisms philo- of the doctors. fall flat sophers and professors upon a no man of God Realization. 71 The frowns and and suggestions favours. will ever No pain or trouble come to him. . have meaning to him. 79 He who is one with Brahma has all his desires fulfilled. 70 A man is of liberation.18i KEAKT dr RAMA. a free man. in head. in such a way that body was never born.

. even the sinners and the low.TIOK. 74 Blessed is he who is dead drunk in divine madness. . 75 None compasseth Its joy who is not wholly ceased from sin.RIALIZA. IS5 72 Happy is he who is drowned ia heavenly intoxication. 73 A great soul ia he whose broad sympathies and the motherlike heart embraces in a wide sweep.

and that they have to create the God-head in them.JS6 BEARt Of RAMA. . 76 Vedantic realization is hard to achieve. self- Who Lord centred calm of hiaiself ! It is not gotten else. because the vast majority of people in Europe and America think that they have to change themselves into God. dwells uot self-controlled.



was. To whom shall I turn and look up When bliss absolute.RAMA. Or the soft hair of the grass. Before ever the sea. . and thy soul was in me. 1 am. Or the fair limbs of the tree. Or the fresh -colored fruit of I my branches. 3 To whom shall I give thanks. When Light immeasurable Is manifest even in Me. 2 Before ever land was. 1 Before God was.

wine. I will not suffer suicide for the sake o£ having the form (body) exalted.BT OF KIHA. 6 All the universe is but my idea. OmI Oml! Om!!! 5 I am the Truth. And sparkling light . 4 There Reality is is but one Reality and that Myself.186 HIi. air and my dress and shoes. 7 The universe earth are is my hody . 8 My my cup is the the Hemisphere of Heavens.

is 10 The world can say the is free my body and he who whole universe is my body is from transmigration. being aa embodiSelf is my own sweetness I incarnate. 11 Q. The . shall I criticise? Joy'.RAMA. Do you play That the part of an apostle or Prophet? A. am God Itself and body is my vehicle. are you. No. ^^^ 9 The ment of Qniverse. What shall blame? it What all I. I is below so my dignity.

I simply live the truth. no expectation. body. . 12 I desire nothing. I have no needs. no fear. no responsi- bility. Christ and other prophets or incarnations but to produce. Trample over the Rama's mission. evoke. 14 Not like to produce millions of followers Buddha. Mohammed. eat up this personality. grind. Rama himwoman and child. or express self in is every man. 13 I do not waat to produce any convertg and ojather any followerfl.IdO HE4RT OF R4M4.

"Self-Reliance. yau are Rama's of self to You are the Self him. self. digest. the '*knowledge of . a Hindu. be you a Buddhist. or a Mohammedan." Self." would say. 15 Be you an Englishman. 16 ^[y system it is not for promulgation. then and thea alone you do justice to Rama. 191 and assimilate me. "to live by'\ is to serve me 17 If anybody orders me I to give my philosophy in one word. or whatever you may be. be you an American.RAMA.

18 * The wide world is my home and to do grood my relgion. my 'T was I raised the sun from out the sea.192 SEAR! OF riAM4. 19 The essential and fundamental doctrines of my religion can be put in the words of Goethe: " I tell you what's man's supreme vocation. Before me was who no world. . . 'Tis creation. The moon began her changeful course with me.

tho of the step. in all is distance. and bringing down 21 Iq reality there afraid of. the upward and downward motion raising the wheel. these phenomena are simply of harmonic vibrations. is nothing to be All around. 193 20 I am simply the witness of in the phenomena. tliere existent. receive friend and . but one self supreme is and that I my own Self. in all futiire. never entan^^led always above them. All them.UAitA. Of whom shall be afraid? 22 I fret I not when it fever would pay as a a visit.

ocean of Ecstasy! and level you down the Earth and Heavens. ye desires which concern the transient. evanescent fame or riches of this world.194 spiritual HBAST Of RAMA. to what have I do with these? 24 Away. truths flash which could never otherwise be disclosed. 25 I am determined to thunder out in your bosom my Godhead. your God- . 23 Rage wild and surge and storm. concerns Me not. all bodies are mine. Whatever be the it state of this body. ye thoughts. Drown deep and shatter and ! scatter all thoughts and care.

no kings. Jerusalem and Mecca. 26 I is your own hearts. when I tauofht at in the KaruI kshetra. My voice is your voice. . devils. I raise my voice again. Inevitable is Truth's order. No power can prevent it. whoso throne When I preached Vedas. was Asi) misunderstood. Faint not.RAMA head." Thou art all thou seest. (Tat T wam "Thoa Art That. am Emperor Rama. or gods can withstand it. and proclaim it 19ft throngh every deed and movement. cut it if you plea-«e but a t^l0u^^and others will grow in its place. My head is your head.

Parsis. burn and honours. throbbing thy pulse. throw overboard the alienating is titles one with you. Arya- Samajists. you poor. Whoever sinner. darling! be. self. smiling in the flowers. laughing in the lightning. Rama your own 29 Christians. Rama up Swamiship. 28 Fling aside Brahmanhood. and the in mountains is Rama. Siklif?. Hindus. Mohammedans. rich or or man is woman. learned or ignorant.196 HEIST Of KiSlk. saint or Christ or Judas. seeing in in thy eyes. Krishna or Gopi. and . 27 Beating in thy breast. silent roaring in the rivers.

I embrace exclude none. the Bharat Bhunii. Never shall ye send waters impregnaleil wifli dualism (o Iho pl. 30 Himalayan snows.iii. and with verily.fvAilA. nothing I but flood of glory of love all equally. all. splendours I \'erily. Love all like light robes everything of light. am love.s . Tell I them am theirs. 197 all those whose muscles. am love. nay I my I very self. bouea and brain are made by eatinj^ the grain and salt of my beloved Islita Devi. your Master orders you to keep fast to your purity and faithfnlness to Truth (Light).. are my brothera.

no highest with fall. I roar in the thunder. I am the highest. in the world I The am. In Mohammad and the nious. the foes am. . 1 hiss in winds . There no lowest. 82 Oh. I roll in the surging seas. Me. appeared. I am the All. how beautiful I flutter in I am ! I shine in the lightning. ignomi- the most fallen I am. the All. I The friends I am. most famous people most disreputable.i^ am is SUIT Of RA1I1« 81 I the lowest. I Wherever human eyes In Jesus I I there am. leaves. revealed myself.

the is the Infinite itself in One that manifesting the greatest the bodies of orators. in it is all the I. in the bodies of the greatest men. 199 88 Oh. in the bodies of the most joy! wretched creaturesi Oh.RAMA. Infinite One and not this 84 There is not a diamond. Oh. To . apparent the I. there is not a sun or star which shines. figures. in all personalities. but to me is due its lustre. what wonder that it is of wonders one infinite power that shows the apparent itself in all bodies. wliat lam the body. To me is due the fflory of all the heavenly bodies.

to go begging at the door of flesh and animal desires to receive pleasures. Xo never go begging at their doors. me all is due all the attractive nature. dignity. happiness. to lend and charm these objects. the charms of the things desired. and then go about seeking them.200 HEAH'i or RAMA. it part. 35 It would be beneath on glory would be degrading to my my dignity. to go begging at the door of worldly riches. first. 36 O Giave Death I ^here where is is thy vitory ? ' fhy stin§r ? . I I It is below my can never stoop can to that level.

limit. it is Everywhere my will that is being done. 201 37 I Hill the ^loiiarch of all Tuonarchs. soul is is one. Free. move and have its being. free is every one to me No bondage. . fault I see. witness. apphuider. 88 la me does the whole woild live. It is I that ill appear as the kings this world. am the worker. The snarling critic.RAMA. That soul supreme none but I. 39 The bodies I are numerous. judge.

or fear. that I am. am and you and he. God. 41 I cannot death. and holy of holies. die. fraud I am the One.. No debt.202 HEART Of Free. the Master of the Universe. free KAMA. same yesterday. God I am I and others free. and pure. today. no duty. the Now. for the ever. 40 me Where is the sword that can kill ? Where is the weapon that can wound me ? Where is the calamity that can mar my cheerfulness ? Where is the sorrow that can tamper with happiness r my Everlasting. though for ever . that I am. the Here.

no grief. my Are as many as waves sleepless se». 48 IMy self to me my kingdom is Such perfect joy therein I find. my doubts are slain. Safe in my happy self. yet of breath. . no pain. on the 42 No sin. 203 frO in the Weave back and of me':' I warp births was never born. No worldly wave my mind can toss.KAMA. day of triumph come. My My fears are fled.

slanderer. don't you Myself Yes. bit by bit. Take off the body. quick ! Oh. Yes. never mind. take away these Things yoa think are mine. Kill this body at one blow. I me uo I fear loss. welcome. thine. if is fear. if you think it fit. please you. and what you may ! . To me no I fear gain. cr slay it. 44 Oh. no end. to foe. no scorn no friend I dread no death. Robber dear I! Come.. thine is mine.t HEART OF EAMA. thief I Oh.

I I have the enough those of bodies to use. can \vear divine of silver threads. Good day I Oh. please. I and mountain in can dance the waves . you look. ! Away Take Yet.flAMA. if away. Tis I aloue. Translation from Urdu. dear Good day. can roam as divine putting on the guise of hilly streams brooks. jusfc turning round. am 45 safe ! and sound. ^05 Be off with li niie aud fame. and minstrel. (Rama's last addrkss to death) *'0 if Death! Take away this body. off. I you care not. I beams moon. live.

shapes are T My all these wander- ing forms of change. awakened the fair the faces of sleeping. came down the from yonder hills. raised dead. I doff I my hat and I go. I keep nothing with me. of unveiled some and few wiped the tears a weeping ones. walks and am the breeze that proudly I am the wind inebriated. I IIAKT Of RillA. I am. The Bulbul both I (nightingale) and the rose I saw and this. touched I touched that.206 of sea." . I off comforted them. Here go and there none can find me.


n .

it keaps you iu a state of suspense. 4 Raraa brings tion to your special atten: two important points 1. 2.DRIZZLING. 2 Never do a thing with the object of c. 3 Desire is a disease. He is brave who ef say No.tu pleasing others. Your strengfth cliaracter and bravery are manifested by your capacity of saying No. it is associations or con- the business of each and every one to be strong within himself. Positive assertion of Real Self. — Denial of little self. 1 Depend not on gregations. .

in making gold and eall it "doing good. ^ hich should be God's.208 ITIHT Of Bi¥i."? . mind always buoyant and borne down by any anxiety. and sink like a dead of appearances weight in the well in the and be caught pond of possession and spend the time. never worried. 5 The Secret of perfect lies in health and vigorous activity keeping your cheerful. fear. never hurried. never thought or 6 Is it not laziness to keep flounder- ing in the quagmire of conventionality and let oneself flow down the current of custom and fashion.

fih in his heart of heart any thing whatsoever as object of trust. e. 8 Let any body believe in real. outpouring of bliss. God.DHIZZLIKG. for they shall see Nature and through Nature. i. the whole world becoraea an expression an effusion of joy. . stern than the This is a law more Law of Gravitation. of beauty. and inevit- ably he must be forsaken or betrayed by that object. 209 7 When viewed from the standpoint of God-self. 9 Blessed are those who do not read newspapers..

to up your threw aside your book. 12 When sion. . you feel in a state of is depresgive Rama's advice laziness. the open air and walk rapidly. 11 Life is hut the fluttering of the eagle's wings.2l0 HEART OF KAMA. for all men did shall epeak well of so their fathers to the false prophets. The friendships where hearts do not unite (combine) prove worse than detonating mixtures. 10 Woe unto you when yoii. resulting in loud disruption. walk out 13 in be on your feet. encaged in this body.

16 The taking in of knowledge which practice. foif^et if you know anythe person. thing tell it.DRIZZLING. 17 True education means learning look at to things through the eyes of God. is we cannot spiritual give out in constipaticn. of a friend. 211 14 If jou know anything unworthy it. or mental dyspepsia. pleasant about 15 God nor is is no respecter of persons. . fortune geographical.

of criticism. in your own eye. you are courting the very yourself. just retrospect what pass- ing within you. or thoughts smacking of jealousy and hatred. . beautiful. 18 Criticism of is the pruning process to Providence. of fault fiadiDg. game thoughts brother's eye.212 HEART OF RAMi. helping ua grow more 19 Remember it always that when sending out thoughts of jealousy and envy. Whenever in you are discovering the mote your you are putting the beam . 20 When visited by the scissors of is criticism.

damned . oh to I what a sweep oft ! • trong tendency have we all regard for his good traits 23 The energy we waste others is in judging to just what is needed ideals. to best ciiricisra is to make people feel from within what you make them realize frcui with- 22 Observing in in a friend tiny flaws a particular line. DiaZZLLNG. 213 21 The wish out. •ayings of the dead.. make ns live up to our own 24f If your reasoning does not slavish- ly glorify the freaks and fancies and are you.

27 People have lost their real self under the weight of rules and orders. 26 The habit of looking at ourselves is through the eyes of others called Tanitj.2!4 eyerjbody yon. self. we become deformers of the world. . Trill turn right against 25 The moment we stand up as reformera of the world. self-aggrandisement. HEAP.T OF RAMA. be merest and fancy themselves to names and forms 28 Wander not ontside your Keep your own centre.

. were o:athered up by the skies. The eternal years of God are hers. al! will make you in fall. 81 Christ spoke those words to but eleven. remain in your centre. and are being read by millions of people. nothing will shake you. but were stored up by the tocbiy atmosphere. 215 29 Do Place not place your centre out>Ide this yonrfielf. 30 Truth crushed to earth shall rise again.DRIZZLING. your confidence yourself.

and are things of the darkness. is only excuse of 34 The child is father to the father. own 36 A poet is inspired little when he self of *' is above the idea of or ego. 33 Worldly wisdom ignorance. are thiugs conceroiDg the false body and the false mind. 35 There than your is no master more masterly experience." am .216 HEAia OF R^MA 32 Evil thoughts. worldlj desires. I when he has no thought writing poetry.

all is lif^bt all . well. 38 Life and Death are like inhaling and exhaiinn. 39 When Huxlty Huxley and then is is is not the historian's All. 217 37 Live in God. saved rebel agaiuit it. you will be .DKIZZLINli. he the Scientist Huxley. 49 Everything world should you be a meet in thiz stepping stone . the as it were. and shall Believe this truth.. you will be troubled. make be others live in God.

43 *' Heart" is the entrance to the \s . instead of a stumbling block. is him the world Eden.^18 HEART OF RAMA. Convert your stumbling block into a stepping stone.Tubilee Hall of Inspiration. a Garden of it is a loaradise lout. Rise above Nothing can set a price on you. prices and rising. 42 Man ing is talked of just as they fallit. To all else. . "Head" the exit. speak of corn and wheat. 41 He who to suffers willing Crucifixion.

Not But of others of themselves. Age But victory over the local self. III Liberty Liberty Cm 45 :!i WANTED. Rfcformers. Apply sharp With DO begging solicitations . Who have won Not University distinctions. the youth of Divine joy. : : Salary Godhead.44 Shake ! shake I olf Delusion. I Wake wake Liberty ! up :: Be free.

grand exquisite sweet notes. and send forth vibrations. Your Own Self. OM! When to a state OM!I OM!!! 46 a thinker. and Vedant is practically realized. symphonies out of him. then and then only does God. scientist. philosopher. or worker attunes himself abstraction and rises to to of the heights of resignation such a is degree that no irace of personality left in him. the blaster Musician. take up in his own hands. . But commanding decision To the Director of the Universe. poet. of his the organ or instrument body and mind.220 HEART Of RIMJL.

7.T)RT7. . the breeze of Law. Drizzle I! Drizzle! Diizzle!'.! ^ly clouds of glory.LINO. 221 47 Peace immortal falls as rain-drops. they march so gaily! The worlds as diamonds drop from them Drizzle | Drizzle I! Drizzle !I! My balmy breath. Blows beautiful ! beautiful Some And objects swing and sway like twigs others like the dewdiops fall. Nectar is pouring in musical rain.

. softly.222 Drizzle HEAKT OF RAMA. shower forth the I stars as spray. And I then it beats out \\orlds of spray. softly. Drizzle Diizzle II Diizzle III 48 Are you afraid Of God ? ? ? Afraid of what? . . a sea of ^bite^ ocean of milk. softly. it undulates. Of the elements Dare them Thyself . I Diizzle II Diizzk III Mj An graceful Light. Of yourself Say. Non-sense Of man Cowardice ? . 1 ? Know am God. It ripples.


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J^« L-ftjf iSJUv^ J.^ Uul^^-CCU .j#XC* jj.

— ^1 A Js-'^t (--^i ^> >JUs 5)1 — i:)^ ^^*^ r^)^ i-Uxiu^ ^ ^f. .

^^^'^^ L^> )'^ J-*^'' t.=-*5Jb .


»m ?!H cfl^T ^^T ) ^n^ ( Sets % % % ^THT % ^^T^ l^ m^ .

qn^ ^T iij sni3^ 5^c q^ .

(^)9rRTT- ^r^ fTHTT ( The Sun of Life on the wall of mind).ness within. (^)![^^5c( ^%. ( The real Self ( {\) ^^ cTt^. (i() S^T^^IK^ ( \s ) %^T?cT.) {\) ^^m^ a ) ^RTl^T^ yrr^: I l^n ^ftsr. ^ i ) ri^T. % ) w^iT^ . (^) -{i) ^\^^^ ^^qr^r m^ ^ ^5T?cr ( The ^ «T5r Infinite in the finite). m^\ (maya) <frH^:r¥nn . y ) ^fJ^-^t.~(0?:TfT irft^^. (^) ^T^cTi%^ ^Irwr ).) ( r ) zf\^^'\^^m (Expansion of ( self. (y) ( 51^^^.

{u) ^w^ ^^ (Sumeru-scene Ko ). { '^ifer^f (Indian ( ) 55rp5r jttcTT I) ¥?RcT^^ womanhood).{\) TTT % ^^RJ W^ T%T?T ( Prognosis & Diagnosis of Sin ). (Sin Its relation to the or real Self Atman ). ( About wife\ hood ). ill) ^^^^[^\ ^mi ^ft:~ (0 5jm^ (Preface by mr. Puran in Voh I ). r. ^ . ( ^ y ) (%^^H m lm^.«1 ^hm^ nw^^ff^TW (The (vs) pre- Bent Deeds of Icdia). f^m- WJ (Himalaya). ( y ) 5f^ VT&.

- . {\) ^^. ^ ) tET^ %^%[^x €t ^'^ ^\ m^ ( The way to the fulfilment of all desires).(r) Lala late the chand.(:() ^rR-^^ I ^^T^m:— ( ( ? ) "ri^^T ^T ^^^5^ (Nature of Inspiration).delivered in America ).kit. ( ^ ) ^^TFT^RTT %t y^r (Lecture on Secret of ^^cTcq duction by ( A brief of intro- Amir Success. delivered in Japan). ( « ) j^^r^ ^rm^ w^ «n5^r ^rnr? . ( W ) W^m^\ ^T ^^q- (Lecture on Secret of Succe5S. Published in the fourth volume).

^R mir ?tt firrrn (The (i() Problem of India). «FT ).^»Tr. vrJr :jTr#PT ) i (The National Dharma ^^^ffijT^ ^ (The Spiritual . sT^Ji m^ ( ^w Km ^^ w*^ ( nr^'^'^gr^ <fR fr^^^ I) i ^T t^T ( ( The Rod of Moses. ^ ) g^^TTc. (^) ( \i ) ^n^r% ^rc-cf ^c^.

to god . {R) f^^^^ T%^ (Balanced mind ). {%) ^im ( ^ ) ^R?5.power that wins). ( ^ ) 3fTI%cT I ^m I- ( ^ « ) ^TiT ^T f%>srR ( The Law of Life Eternal ). «rtcr. ( ( ^ ) 'CTJT ^\k^^ I *n%^^. ( ^ ) 5:^ ip^^ (Out of raiserj.

within). ^T^mjq^'^?T?cT^ \k^K life (Vedantic idea of eating meat). ^ ^^^m^JT ^r^ ^TTrmj^T^ ) Married (w) m^ & Realization ).(:<) q^i ^^s^ I ^ cHT^ «rR^JT^ to ( ( (^5PT^). («)^tv:tr^ ^t^ ^cT (Informal Talks). ( ^ ) wr ^n: %^ ^?rT^^ I (How make your liomes happy ). . ft irr^ ir^^ srf^ ^t %^ 1^.

^ ^^ ^^ ^«T VTT ^oo ^> 5^: ^^^ ^f^ ^TcT >^?^T^TJT ^^ qr^ ( «T^Kjr5=^T€r^'i vrm ^^ ^i ^^ ^rf gjt ^m 5(r^Tw^'T % ?T^ 'ail ^tr ?t^^ ¥.qT ^^^T I 3Tt| ^Tf jt.^^ f^^f ^ g^n^iT^i .

<x> TPR ^qr


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T^ qr .sT^T ^^ sHT ^H^ ^ ^ ^r.

(r) 5r?TcT ^^^ ^. €t f^ I ^ ^T ^i%rr Jj^ 5n% ^i'^-) . ^^.

o:— . ^?rf ^mr % ^ ?^ m^m 55iT^iT ^^ tr^T W5ri> — . ^'^o.% 1%^ ^^ ^r T%^^ JT^FT fr^ ^^rif ^ I sraVriT ^fnT% Tq^rnl l^t <s " I: i iin«5R: ^^.


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