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Our New Unhappy Lords

By Ian R Thorpe

Part 1 - Ground Beneath The Palsied Heel Of Mummers

R Thorpe Part 1 - Ground Beneath The Palsied Heel Of Mummers Every year in January

Every year in January The World Economic Forum meets to congratulate each other and plan to to manage the world economy to the advantage of their elitist confederates and the disadvantage of us ordinary punters. Some say it is bilderberg lite, others that it is just another jolly for the rich, paid for as usual by us ordinary punters in our roles as taxpayers, savings account investors and pension fund holders. Davos is the most expensive and exclusive of the Alpine Ski Resorts and the World Economic Forum members stay in the most expensive and exclusive hotels. no rubbing shoulders with your hoi polloi for them. Away from the Chateau Petrus and Kobe beef however, the real action taking place. The bankers and businessmen summon prime ministers and presidents with a snap of their fingers to secret meetings in tiny rooms, where they order the lives of the teeming masses and so make themselves even richer and their grop on power even tighter.

More than 2,500 business executives and bankers converge on Davos for the annual World Economic Forum. For the five days, Davos will boasts more millionaires per square foot than Monaco or the executive little boiys room at Microsoft HQ. A guest list leaked on to the web in advance of the 2013 WEF included 680 company chief executives, and a plethora of bankers: seven from Citigroup alone, six each from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank. David Cameron was on the list, along with 36 other sitting prime ministers. Naturally, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are both popping in (the WEF organisers subsequently issued an updated list, which was leaked to The Guardian newspaper and published online). It is interesting to note that Barack Hussein Obama was not invited this year, not even as coffee waiter. The summit's notional purpose is to allow heads of businesses and of state to conspire assess the state of the global economy and chart a course for the future. The theme of this year's conference was "Resilient dynamism" which, true to Davos form, is a title that would make equal sense, or nonsense, the other way round (other classics of the genre include 2011's "Shared norms for the new reality"). All the thought-leadership expected of them might make executives feel a weeny bit overawed, but the sessions on "de-risking Africa" aren't what justify the £45,000 price tag for basic membership and entrance (figures from a New York Times article BING found for me). As participants acknowledge, the real business lies in private sessions with industry peers and amenable politicians, and access to those starts at around £98,500. At those prices to purchase access for our hirelings we have to wonder how much of the revenue goes to causes beneficial to us taxpayers. Just sayin'.

Davos: fairty tale setting for dubious deals? What makes Davos so fascinating is as a

Davos: fairty tale setting for dubious deals?

What makes Davos so fascinating is as a case study of how the champions and practitioners of free-market, globalised capitalism and unregulated banking give the public one explanation for what they are doing and why, while privately agreeing to do the absolute opposite. On the one hand there is an event attended by Sharon Stone, Bono and a slew of tame academics including 14 Nobel laureates, the message being "we're open to anyone (with $50,000 plus food and accommodation costs to spare)". But forget Sharon Stone for a minute, she's not as hot as she used to be, what goes on in those secret meetings, off limits to anyone not in the £100k club. It is both a reputation-laundry service for failing politicians and a shadowy backroom - dealing house where the most oleaginous of smooth faced fixers do dubious deals. From the start the whole point of Davos has been to hype the gospel of free-market fundamentalism while ensuring markets are anything but free. In his brilliant book, The Agony of Mammon, Lewis Lapham describes how business-school academic Klaus Schwab convened the original summit in 1971 for top European managers interested in the secrets of American entrepreneurship and "freeing commercial

enterprise from the bondage of government regulation". A grand, globalist ideology, the plan for a New World Order has since been wrapped around that piece of elitist class interest. The New World Order was first mooted before the 20th century began but the fist Davos session lookes very much like the point at which the players decided it was time to make their move.

at which the players decided it was time to make their move. Grasp that and you

Grasp that and you grasp what's wrong with the argument the Terry Leahys, Phillip Greens, Bob Diamonds, Bill Gates' Mark Zukerbergs and the evil twins of Google make for their extreme wealth. Look, the line runs, we work hard for our wealth, we create jobs, we're worth it. And up to a point it's true:

though they actually destroy more jobs than they create, unlike previous generations of the ultra-wealthy, many of the modern super-rich work very hard in running major businesses or in finance to get richer although they are motivated more by obsessive compulsive disorder than a strong work ethic. We should not get carried away with the egalitarianism fostered by the digital revolution however, the Davos guest list still includes plenty of sheikhs and royals and people whose ancestors managed to drive the peasants from and claim as their own land under which lay vast deposits of oil, iron, copper and tin ore, rare earth metals and other money spinners. But that doesn't mean they truly earn the millions they claim, oppressing peasants is a job not many of us could take on. Take a look at who's in the Davos set. Last spring, two American academics, Jon Bakija and Brad Helm, and a US Treasury official, Adam Cole, published the most comprehensive analysis yet of the richest 0.1% earners, based on tax returns (Jobs

and Income growth of top earners - Bakija, Helm, Cole). Of these top dogs, nearly two in three were top corporate executives and bankers. And the story in both those professions has not been of brilliant returns to shareholders or vast improvements for society, but of wealth extraction and lobbying politicians, Davos-style. In particular, the tale of modern high-finance is of generating transactions, whether in corporate mergers or sub-prime mortgages and then skimming off some of the cash. Earlier generations would have known what to call this Davos set of wealth extractors and rip-off merchants. Andrew Sayer, a Lancaster professor working on a book to be called Why We Can't Afford The Rich tots up the terms: Ruskin referred to such wealth as illth (opposite of 'wellth?'), the liberal JA Hobson as "improperty". British social reformer William Cobbett called them tax - eaters, stock - jobbers, risk - sharpers, loan - hucksters and skimmers. Their trades, on which the success of London's financiasl industry was built, was secretive and sleazy. Now the top 0.1% are able to conceal what dodgy dealing they are up to in plain sight. As I am going to be posting this on respectable websites that do not like colourful language I will call them Mummers because Mummers (see top picture) were masked players in medieval mime plays, their faces were concealed and they only communicated by gesture and though our Mummers are the big players in the game for total control of our lives, they are seldom seen or heard in public and we hardly know most of them exist. If you do not know who the Mummers this article discusses are, we're not talking about ancient preistly orders, alien shape shifting lizard men, secret cults within the Vatican or the Freemasons, they are ordinary people like us, not in any way endowed with mystical powers but wealthy globalists who control society from behind the scenes and pull the strings of politicians. Many of the Mummers are high level bankers, not the brash, shouty boys in shirtsleeves you see in movies about Wall Street and The City (London) but the real bosses who shun publicity. I'm trying to avoid giving the impression we are talking about secret societies here, we're not. If you are one of those not-as-clever-as-you-think-you-are people who does not believe in secret societies or conspiracies then you do not believe

organized crime exists. Groups that operate in secret, whether they are fixing the price of pork – belly futures or shifting industrial quantities of recreational drugs from the mountains of The hindu Kush to the streets of Manhattan, do not publish annual accounts, minutes of their meetings or press releases announcing planned activities. You can trust me on that. Or you can read the revelatory books written by Dr. David E. Martin who was a US Congressional and EU Parliamentary policy adviser in global finance and ethics. Dr. Martin's books are described as fiction but he says hey are thinly disguised accounts of his experiences as a political adviser. Where might you find the Mummers?

as a political adviser. Where might you find the Mummers? Are they in The Capitol or

Are they in The Capitol or the UN



you find the Mummers? Are they in The Capitol or the UN Building ? The houses

The houses of Parlkiament or the E U headquarters?

Are they in The Capitol or the UN Building ? The houses of Parlkiament or

Are they in The Capitol or the UN



Are they in The Capitol or the UN Building ? The houses of Parlkiament or the

The houses of Parlkiament or the E U headquarters?

No. Their reach and influence extends into all those places but their real centre of operations is …

The Bank For International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland. It is the activities of The Mummers and their useful idiots, the new political, academic and professional elite that created the economic mess the world plunged into in 2008 (in truth we began plunging long before then but the decay was masked by printng money and making virtually unlimited credit available. How did the financiers, politicians and academics get it so wrong? you might well ask. But did they get it wrong? They are hardly likely to disclose the real agenda to people whose interests will be harmed by it are they. Perhaps things are working out just the way they were intended to. Followers of The Obamessiah cult talk of how we can have peace and harmony if everybody will change their consciousness, abandon seolf interest and start living for each other. It's the kind of claptrap that should be left to superannuated hippies of course, we are not going to change into The Borg, human nature has changed little in

twenty thousand years. Such a global ant - hill society would suit the Mummers perfectly. What they want is total control of a compliant and infantilized society. Aldous Huxley envisaged such a system in Brave New World . To experience true freedom and world peace, we need to learn and understand how the Controllers think and study their systems of control so we can find ways to counter them. Otherwise, the Mummers will steal our freedom and turn the planet into a prison society. If this happens, our children and future generations be slaves without a self determined future to look forward to. So much for saving the planet for our children.If we are to be able to effectively resist The Mummers and their systems

of control it is necessary to understand why this elite group is so obsessed with gaining total control of the world economy and it's varied societies. After reading this article, you should understand why we cannot rely on our national parliaments and assemblies and our elected representatives to safeguard our individual liberties and why we need to embrace personal responsibility and extend that to collaboration with groups of people whose cultural values and interests are similar to our own. Anybody who has been paying attention to coverage of recent G20 meetings and climate confrences will have heard political leaders and academics talk of the need to create a global culture. In such a culture, under a paternalistic, totalitarian government presumably, ancient traditions would be obliterated and a set of synthetic morals and values created by the elite would replace them. We (or our descendants) would live in unthinking dependency, slaves to the central authority. Taking responsibility for our own actions would be unthinkable.

History should have taught us

that when we become irresponsible and take

freedom for granted, we always get tyranny! But history is excluded from the school curriculum now, having been replaced by a colourless, flavourless, politically correct

propaganda that serves not the truth but the agenda of The Mummers Subsequent parts of The Mummers will examine their control systems, manipulation of news and information, rewriting of history, engineering of economic boom and bust, deliberate provokation to war, and systematic undermining of cultural values, traditions and institutions. In part two the control of religion will be

examined. For the present however you may like to pondr the wisom of these words written in the first decade of the twentieth century by G. K. Chesteron in his poem The Secret People:

from The Secret People by G.K. Chesterton stanza 6

They have given us into the hand of new unhappy lords, Lords without anger or honour, who dare not carry their swords. They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes; They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies. And the load of their loveless pity is worse than the ancient wrongs, Their doors are shut in the evening; and they know no songs.

We hear men speaking for us of new laws strong and sweet, Yet is there no man speaketh as we speak in the street


<a href=""> The Secret People by G K Chesterton available in full here</a>To fully understand all the metaphor of Chesterton's poem some understanding of British history from the Anglo Saxon era is an advantage. Even without that however it's a good poem and worth reading. "Ground beneath the palsied heel of mummers" is a line from W H Auden.