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REVISION Level GREEN Name: ______________________________________ Date: ________

Part 1- Past simple
1. Put in the verbs in brackets into the correct places. Use the Simple Past. Watch the punctuation and form sentences or questions. Example: she the Internet? (to surf) Answer: Did she surf the Internet? I my Maths homework yesterday. (to do) Susan to England by plane? (to go) They a farm two weeks ago. (to visit) Jenny and Peggy their brother. (not/to help) The children at home last weekend. (not/to be) When you this wonderful skirt? (to design) My mother into the van. (not/to crash) The boys the mudguards of their bicycles. (to take off) you your aunt last week? (to phone) He milk at school. (not/to drink)

a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j.

2. Place the verbs in the correct column. Worked Talked Stopped Died cleaned moved finished started /t/ Worked decided wanted walked played received earned liked cried /d/ cleaned lived opened enjoyed recorded /id/ decided watched stayed traveled

3. Circle the correct past time expression: a. I went to the cinema last night / last evening. b. I had an English lesson yesterday afternoon / last afternoon.

c. My sister got married the last year / last year. d. I worked very hard last week / in last week.

___________ come . g. I went to Italy for last September / last September.___________ k. Stephanie ___________ (give) her sister a CD for her birthday. m. The dog ___________ (dig) a hole in the yard. f. a. I got up late yesterday morning / last morning.___________ speak . British Columbia's most famous artist. her flip-flop ___________ (stick) to it. she ___________ (take) trips into the forests of British Columbia. A mosquito ___________ (bite) me! Grandpa ___________ (catch) eight fish on our fishing trip.___________ write . do . c. Emily Carr also __________ (write) several books. n.___________ let . she __________ (begin) painting again. h. d. i.___________ mistake . . she __________ (keep) a house called "The House of All Sorts". f. t. and she often ____________ (meet) with the First Nations people and ___________ (paint) them too. but when she ____________ (come) back to Victoria. We ___________ (fly) from New York to Atlanta for the conference last month. e. Many years later.___________ keep .___________ do . a.___________ freeze . They ___________ (wake) up at 4:30 a.___________ forget . b. Her parents ___________ (die) when she was still a teenager. 5. b.___________ feed . g. begin . Read the text.___________ 6. s.___________ buy .___________ swear . When Whitney stepped in the gum. Put the irregular verbs (in brackets) into the Past Simple: Emily Carr. 4. where she __________ (be) the landlady. To find subjects for her paintings. i. Some friends came round yesterday evening / last evening. d. and she ____________ (win) the Governor General's Award for one of them.e. e. _________ (be) born in 1871. p.___________ tell . She _________ (study) art in San Francisco and Paris. g.___________ steal .___________ hurt . I stepped in the hole and ___________ (break) my ankle. to catch their 7:00 flight. Write the past simple form of each verb. Fill in the blanks with the past simple form of the verb in parentheses.___________ find . f. c.___________ hear . r. h. Ben and Matt ___________ (make) a movie about a really smart janitor at Harvard. o. j.m.___________ think . j. My stomach ___________ (feel) strange for hours after I ate that old bread. l. q.

eat. be. Dear Mom. she ___________ out the candles on her cake. I’ve ___________ some cool crafts. drink. That ___________ fun until Joey ___________ off of the rope swing and ___________ his head. swim. make. Alicia’s birthday party ___________ a lot of fun. see. Adam . eat. Sorry! I miss you and Dad. ___________ kayaking. She ___________ lots of great presents. Some verbs may be used more than once. After that. be. Fill in the blanks with the past participle of one of the following verbs: see. and we ___________ cake. We ___________ all so happy to be together. hit. and I paid Nathan 5 dollars to eat a spider. have. Camp has ___________ a blast! This week. 8. and Alicia opened her gifts. throw. fall. Then we decided to stop swimming. so I haven’t ___________ using the bug spray you sent.7. ___________ soda and played games until dark. ride. ___________ a horse. get. It’s sort of a contest. and ___________ about 30 hot dogs! We’ve ___________ all kinds of snakes and bugs. See you soon! Love. He’s ___________ up 4 times since then! I think I’ve ___________ the most mosquito bites of all the kids in my cabin. Fill in the blanks with the past simple form of one of the following verbs: go. go. but I’ve ___________ so much fun. blow. get. We ___________ for a walk on the nature trail. where we ___________ a snake! Then we ___________ in the lake. Some verbs may be used more than once.

REVISION Level GREEN Name: ______________________________________ Date: ________ .