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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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1/1/2013 4:45 PM

and Raphis. When a plant wilts or its leaves begin to yellow. So avoid plants such as cacti. Dendrobium. There are many available species and cultivars. Palms have graceful coconut-like shaped foliage. in the kitchen near the sink or in the bathroom. though others have white. Aglaonema. like the Rattan. They can tolerate shade and are easy to grow.ph/node/251311/10-plant 10 plants you must have in the house By JUSTIN MORELOS April 6. Philodendrons are ideally placed in corners.mb. Plants such as Candle tops (Spathiphyllum). All it takes for them to thrive is to provide them with sufficient water. and dragon trees (Dracaena). They are not to be placed inside the bedroom or bathroom as their foliage has spines. palms. Miniature plants are less than a foot tall but they bloom with lots of flowers. it means it’s in the wrong spot. and yuccas. light and fertilizers. both mentally and physically. Stems that exceed the length of the pole are cut off. Red Palm. They can be placed inside a terrarium in the living room. Plants are dynamic and they create a better effect when their looks or colors contrast. http://www.. Potted orchids like the Phalaenopsis serve as living room accents. offices and kitchens) should contain spiky or spiny plants such as snake plants. Boston Ferns and Baby’s Breath.. They have large.. They can grow as high as 2. They also provide a wholesome background and aesthetic beauty to any place. One of the basic principles of using plants in Feng Shui is to soften the effects of corners in rooms. A plant shouldn’t be exposed to too much heat from appliances or cold air from air-conditioners. replace dying and sickly plants. go for soft and rounded-leafed plants like Ficus. dining table. they are still living creatures sharing our space and they should be treated as such. Plant Feng Shui Plants are said to energize the room and clear the air. Manila Palm. cacti. and peperomias are believed to absorb EMF emissions from computers. The Rubber tree (Ficus or Balete) are grown in a pot like a small woody shrub or small tree inside the house. oval-shaped leaves and can live well inside the home. televisions and other electronic devices. 2010. They clean the air inside the home by sequestering carbon dioxide and replace it with vital oxygen. be certain they share the same light and watering requirements. Instead. Here’s a list of plants that can help make your home more pleasant to live in. The vines can creep up the pole as they grow taller. It has bright red. This group includes the Guzmania and Crypthantu. This way. aloe. mang-laag ta! Jessie Rosa Darrene John Mary Find us on Facebook MANILA BULLETIN Like 57. They have large colorful and sometimes fragrant flowers. they avoid getting bruised or accidentally knocked down. Ferns need to be watered regularly or misted with water every day to prevent the foliage from drying. pink and yellow leaves. There are many cultivars with different shapes of foliage. Potted orchids like Cattleya.. 2:29pm Plants provide a sense of life and distinct character in the home and office. Most house plants would probably be healthier if they were thought of in these terms. As much as possible. though there are also foliage types. They are often used as backdrop or corner plants. Rooms used for mental stimulation (living and family rooms. table tops and shelves.5 feet.029 people like MANILA BULLETIN. Although plants don't require as much love. and attention as house pets. Philodendrons. Bird’s Nest Fern. Three to five plants can be grown in a pot with a moss-coated pole measuring two feet tall. Bedrooms and other rooms used for resting (including the bathroom) should not be outfitted with spiky or spiny plants. Ferns such as the Boston fern. Plants shouldn’t block pathways and they shouldn’t be in areas where physical activities happen. on the piano or on shelves. House plants can be placed n a pot or as a group in a dish garden or terrarium. and the Maiden Hair Fernhave delicate foliage and require a humid environment.com. They bloom with unique and long-lasting flowers and are used as accents in the living rooms only. Plants are also an organic presence in the environment. When grouping plants together. replace with plants with fresh flowers. Quick Links Follow @manila_bulletin Tweet Like 0 1 285K followers Print Recommend this on Google Email Recommended articles The royal treatment Designer lights from Italy The architecture of happiness There’s an easier way to create an indoor garden A primer on measles O(h)mega-3 fight the Big C Lanao del Norte: The Land of Beauty and Bounty Four Shows: A narrative of humanity A woman’s rebirth in art Of Decks and Brushes Imelda CajipeEndaya: A Filipina’s Social Engagement Albay sets Magayon Festival A zoo-per kind of love Tana. They have attractive reddish or pinkish centers in the leaf rosette.10 plants you must have in the house | The Manila Bulletin Newspape. They have to blend with the look of the room though the first concern should be finding a spot that offers enough sunlight. The Poinsettia is the Christmas plant. They are best placed as a centerpiece of the coffee table. Anthuriums are herbaceous plants with heart-shaped leaves and red heart-shaped flowers with a yellow spathe. They can tolerate semi-shaded conditions. modified leaves as flowers. Medical Notes PNOY: I’ll Mind My Health Angel Thoughts more columns 2 of 3 1/1/2013 4:45 PM . care.5 feet. Oncidium and Vanda are placed in the living room as accent plants. After a week or two. They bring vitality to what otherwise might be barren corners. Danilo Jeffy KhAiye Becgel Facebook social plugin _________________ Comics Horoscope Board Passers Lotto Results Recent Columns Where there is smoke. Philodendrons are trailing or creeping vine plants with beautifully-shaped green or yellow-green leaves. bromeliad. Bromeliads are pineapple-like plants with rosette foliage and with a flower pike in the middle. The Aglaonema and Dieffenbachia are colorful or spotted foliage plants that grow as high as 2. It’s important to find the ideal spot for plants. Trailing and hanging plants are used for this specific purpose. Artificial lighting is recommended if the house has little windows or doesn’t allow enough sunlight to enter. Phalaenopsis.

They are group-planted in a pot. among others.mb. HOME NEWS | Main News | World | Regional | Motoring | Opinion | Education | Environment BUSINESS | Main Business | Agriculture | Infotech | Property | Shipping LIFESTYLE | Arts & Living | Fashion | Well-Being | Food | Travel | Technology | Picture Perfect ENTERTAINMENT | Showbiz | Comics SPORTS BULLETIN BOARD Manila Bulletin Websites and Publications Subscribe | Advertise | About Us | Contact Us | User Privacy Policy | Site Map | RSS Feeds Copyright 2013. Lantana and Marigold. Dianthus..com. and later on placed indoors when they bloom. Manila Bulletin | All Rights Reserved 3 of 3 1/1/2013 4:45 PM . Cosmos.ph/node/251311/10-plant Flowering Annuals are colorful. http://www.10 plants you must have in the house | The Manila Bulletin Newspape. Begonias. Coleus. Impatiens. flowering plants that are first grown outdoors from seeds. Flowering Annuals include Chrysanthemums..

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