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Introduction to the Turnkey Project Implementation Process

Engineering Implementation Center 28th Dec 2010

内部公开▲ Learning Objectives  From this course. you will learn:  The Definition of Turnkey Projects The Main Features of Turnkey Projects   The Process Framework of Turnkey Projects The Organizational Structure of Turnkey Projects  2012/4/17 2 .

Content  The Definition and Basic Business Model of Turnkey Projects  The Business Process Framework of Turnkey Projects  The Organizational Structure for Turnkey Project Implementation .

内部公开▲ The Definition and Basic Business Model of Turnkey Projects .

That is the origin of TK projects.  In TK projects. . ZTE is not only an equipment provider.内部公开▲ Origin of TK Project Domestic telecommunication project Network building request by the operator On-site Survey by Telecom Design Institute Designing by Telecom Design Institute Civil work by Telecom Engineering Institute Equipment bidding Organized by Telecom Office Acceptance of civil work by the operator ZTE’s winning bid and TE implementation Acceptance of TE by the operator  The role of ZTE: a TE provider Overseas TK telecommunication project Network building request by the operator ZTE is responsible for providing integrated solution and implementing engineering after winning the bid. but also the full turnkey services and solutions provider for the operators. Acceptance of network by the operator  The role of ZTE: a solution provider  Most overseas telecom operators demand complete network solutions rather than the single service provided by one provider.

. optimization implementation and network performance reporting. installation. etc. cluster/network optimization plan. and commissioning. commissioning.  Civil work/outside plant engineering: Refers to fiber and cable laying.  Network optimization service: Refers to the optimization of the overall network for the improvement of network performance and quality.  Auxiliary facility engineering: Refers to the auxiliary facility installation on the site and station. It includes auxiliary facility designing. It includes indoor/drive testing. etc. etc. Planning design service: Refers to the comprehensive planning and designing of the overall wireless network including wireless network planning. etc. network integration. site/station construction engineering. It includes access roads/site acquisition. equipment production and transportation. outside plant/civil work construction. core network planning and site planning. etc. microwave/transmission planning. outside plant/civil work design.  Project management service: Refers to the entire wireless TK project management provided by ZTE to ensure the successful delivery of a wireless network to the operator with high quality and within budget. transportation. equipment installation.内部公开▲ TK Project Engineering Services and Network Services Engineering Services  Network Services  Telecommunication equipment engineering: Includes product and network designing. purchasing.

内部公开▲ Features of Turnkey Projects  Network planning is complicated and challenging. There are numerous sites connected with microwave.      . due to the local environment. site acquisition and civil work construction are two main factors affecting the engineering rollout schedule. The projects can be of large scale involving multiple products and services. There are a lot of uncertainties influencing site locations which result in site changes. with large coverage areas and long durations. both wireless coverage and line of sight are important. There is a high requirement for project management due to the large project organizational structure involving multiple subcontractors and suppliers . The new green field sites are usually in a coherent plan. In most projects. therefore.

内部公开▲ The Business Process Framework of Turnkey Projects .

内部公开▲ Turnkey Project Implementation Process Project Management DR0 TK Project management Site delivery Support business Initiating process RFTS Site survey DR1 Planning process RFSD RFST DR2 Monitoring process RFTI DR3 Closing process RFNO RFPA DR4 RFNP Network planning RFSA RFPA RFDE Site Site acquisition design Candidate site search negotiation with owner Price negotiation construction permission Site Civil distribution work TE Site Network installation integrationoptimization PAT Documentation acceptance Troubleshooting Wireless Survey network training/ coverage/capa preparation city planning Transmission/ Technical microwave site survey Determine site design model Distribution application Civil work preparation Site environment check Power on Drive test commissioning Cluster Software commissioning optimization /verification Signal site verification Design/submit Transportation Civil work TE engineering preparation construction/ installation drawing outbound acceptance Material arrival Auxiliary facility installation/ acceptance Hardware completion/ acceptance planning Finish /submit Engineering Core network/busi site survey Sign/submit design ness/data purchase order clarification report planning Finish/submit Site/network network PAC optimization report Logistics delivery Quality /safety management Outsourcing Management Finance/cost HR and administration .

documentations.  Project management staff monitors on-site delivery by auditing  RFTI TE installation KCP. but the KCPs are always to be used.  The Subcontractor is responsible for full deliverables of KCP. .  Deliverables in KCP should be confirmed in outsourcing back-to- back contract and by the client.  Some processes may not be necessary depending on the real Ten control points for site delivery project situation.  Combine outsourcing teams based on KCP and it is recommended that the KCP can not be split.  KCP should clearly define deliverables such as materials. etc.  RFSI Site integration  RFNO Network optimization  RFPA Preliminary acceptance  The site engineer is responsible for on-site management of deliverables for the 10 key control points.Settings of Site Delivery Process and Key Control Points RFNP RFTS RFSA RFSD RFST RFPA RFTI RFDE RFNO 内部公开▲ RFPA Network Planning Site Site Site survey acquisition design Site Civil distribution work TE Site Network installation integrationoptimization PAT  RFNP Network planning  RFTS Technical survey  RFSA Site acquisition  RFSD Site design  RFST Site delivery  RFCW Civil work  The 10 key control points (KCP) are determined based on the site delivery process.  The quality of deliverables in the KCPs is the core basis of outsourcing management.

内部公开▲ The Organizational Structure of Turnkey Projects .

0 发布日期:2010年11月1日 指委会 项目指导委员会 铁三角 市场商务负责人 (项目经理) 图 例 管理线 / 考核线 合同交付负责人 (执行项目经理) 业务线 / 支撑线 技术方案负责人 项目总部 工程经理 规划设计经理 技术总监 质量经理 物流经理 外包经理 财务经理 客户经理 PSO 经理 货运清关员 计划&控制 经理 无线网络 规划经理 光传输网络 设计经理 微波网络 设计经理 核心网网络 设计经理 数据网络 设计经理 业务方案 设计经理 配套方案 设计经理 动力方案 设计经理 XX方案 设计经理 无线网络 优化经理 无线产品 技术经理 光传输产品 技术经理 微波产品 技术经理 核心网产品 技术经理 数据产品 技术经理 业务产品 技术经理 配套产品 技术经理 动力产品 技术经理 XX产品 技术经理 行政经理 人事经理 站点获取经理 市电引入经理 土建施工经理 设备安装经理 工程勘察经理 工程设计经理 网管经理 本地采购员 培训经理 合同经理 核心网网络 设计工程师 业务方案 设计工程师 核心网产品 技术工程师 业务产品 技术工程师 XX网管工程师 流程经理 文档经理 信息经理 项目顾问 区域 A 区域经理 A 区域计划 &控制经理 站点工程师 1 站点工程师 2 站点工程师 3 区域规划设计 经理 区域技术经理 站点获取 工程师 市电引入 工程师 土建&配套 督导 设备安装督导 无线网络 规划工程师 站点勘察 工程师 土建设计 工程师 站点设计 工程师 光传输网络 设计工程师 微波网络 设计工程师 数据网络 设计工程师 配套方案 设计工程师 动力方案 设计工程师 XX方案 设计工程师 无线网络 优化工程师 路测工程师 无线产品 技术工程师 光传输产品 技术工程师 微波产品 技术工程师 数据产品 技术工程师 配套产品 技术工程师 动力产品 技术工程师 XX产品 技术工程师 质量工程师 仓储管理员 区域 B 区域经理 B 区域 C 区域经理 C Technical Solution Principal Executive Project Manager Engineering Manager Outsourcing Manager Quality Manager Logistics Manager Design Manager Account Manager Technical Director Financial Manager PSO Manager Planning control Site acquisition Power access TE CW Planning/survey construction installation /design team Technical support team PSO team Regional Project Manager Regional planning control staff Regional outsourcing management staff Regional quality Management staff Site engineer team Regional technical Support team Regional warehouse staff .内部公开▲ The Organizational Structure of Turnkey Projects Project Steering Committee Marketing & Commercial Principal Detailed organizational structure chart in Visio 国际工程无线全TK项目 合同交付团队参考组织架构图 编制人:刘长远、刘海彬、唐简、王俊雄、蒋琪、范彬彬、李吉新、赵雁光、柴文晔 审核人:于嘉骏 批准人:陈官清 版本号:V1.

Organizational Structure at Regional Site Delivery Level Regional Project Manager Planning Control staff Quality Outsourcing Management Management staff staff Warehouse staff Technical Support staff 内部公开▲ Site Engineer Outsourcing survey team Outsourcing Site acquisition team Outsourcing Design team Outsourcing Site distribution team Outsourcing Outsourcing Outsourcing Outsourcing Civil work Software Network TE installation construction Commissioning Optimization team team team team .TK Project Site Delivery.

内部公开▲ Review 1. The organizational structure of TK projects. The settings of KCP in the site delivery process. The definition of TK projects and the main features of TK projects. 3. 2. TK project implementation process and it’s position in integrated project management. 4. 事后追溯 .