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The layer and chicken meat industries are very important to the Australian people producing incredible amounts of food for people to consume. The popularity of both industries has in recent years been gaining momentum in terms of popularity and the total amount of consumption. The chicken meat Industry employs about 20000 people, 8000 of those just belong to Ingham. In 2000 619,406 tonnes of chicken was produced and on average 31.4 kg of chicken meat was being consumed by each person in Australia that year. In 2011 they are producing 1,042,382 tonnes of chicken meat and the average consumption will be about 43.9Kg per person in 2015 this is predicted to reach 1,159,602 tonnes produced and 46.1kg consumed per person. In the layer industry over 2890 people are employed, in 2009 111 million eggs were sold in 2010 122 million eggs were sold and an average of 200 eggs per person were consumed. Both Industries are worth a lot of money with the chicken meat industry earning about $1.4 billion dollars each year and the layer industry is worth $1.5 billion.

White Leghorn: The White Leghorn is chicken that is an egg layer. The white leghorn is a medium weight bird growing up to about 4-6 pounds at full maturity. The leghorn is good in most environments but it is vulnerable to frost bite on its comb so make sure to protect them if it frosts. The leghorn is kept for its egg laying capacity. It lays about 4 large eggs per week. Their nature is that they are not broody and they are as docile compared to other birds. They are used very widely through the laying industry for their superior egg quality also for their ability to produce highly desirable crossbreed chicks with other chickens like the Rhode Island Red. The white leghorn matures very quickly at about 8-10 week

5-7. The Minorca is used for its egg quality they lay 4 extremely large eggs per week.Minorca: The Minorca is a bird that is used for egg laying. The Rhode Island is praised highly for its eggs as for it’s meat. The Rhode Island Red is an average maturing bird reaching maturity at about 11-18 weeks . They are not broody and they are docile. The Minorca is good in most conditions but is very susceptible to frost as it will cause frost bite.5 pounds at full growth.5 pounds at full weight. it produces 5 extra-large eggs per They are used mainly as a sire for F1 crosses to produce superior chicks they are also still used as a dual purpose they are widely spread out throughout Australia. It is an average maturing bird it matures at about 11-18 week period Rhode Island Red: The Rhode Island Red is a dual purpose breed. The Rhode Island is a heavy bird that reaches 6. The Minorca is a heavy weight bird weighing between 6.5-7. They are used as layers in the industry but they are quite spared out as they can’t compete with other birds but are used for their extremely large eggs. They are a very hardy bird that can thrive in all non-extreme environments.

It is adapted to suit all Australian environments. The light Sussex is a medium maturing bird reaching maturity at about 11-18 weeks . The light Sussex would be hardly used in the industry as their food conversion rate is poor compared to other breeds. They are used as a dual purpose breed with having really good laying capacity and are also favoured for their fast growth. The Australorp is used for it egg production and for the fact they are still good meat when they stop producing eggs. That lay about 4 large eggs per week. They are sometimes broody and are not that docile. They are also known for their poor food conversion ratio. It is a heavy class of foul and fully grown can reach up to 6-7. so they are a popular breed.Australorp: The Australorp is a dual purpose foul. the birds are very docile they are also broody. The Australorp is a fast growing chicken being from two different parents meaning it has hybrid vigour it matures at about 8-10 weeks Light Sussex: The Light Sussex is a dual purpose breed.5 pounds.5-7. also they would be used as ether layers or meat chickens but not both at the same time. It is capable to thrive in all normal temperature ranges. The Australorp lays about 5 large eggs per week. They are a dual purpose breed but the light Sussex is only good at one of those at a time they can’t be good at laying eggs at a good table meat at the same time. It is a heavy weight bird that at full maturity weighs between 5.5 pounds.

Plymouth Rock: The Plymouth Rock is a dual purpose chicken. It has a very good egg laying capacity being able to lay 4 large eggs per week. The Hampshire is good in all average Australian conditions. The Plymouth is used a dual purpose breed but is not that widely used as it can’t compete with other birds like the Rhode island red but it is used for crossbreeding. The Plymouth Rock reaches maturity at about the same time as most other birds at about 11-18 weeks. The Plymouth is capable of surviving in all normal conditions. It is used widely because of its use in crossbreeding. The Plymouth is a very docile bird that is also broody. The breed does not have a fantastic egg production rat at only 3 large eggs per week but what it lacks in egg production it makes up for in the rate of its growth. The New Hampshire is a very fast maturing chicken maturing at about 8-10 weeks .5-7. It is a heavy weight foul at full maturity it weighs between 6-8 pounds.5 pounds in weight. It is very docile and also broody. The New Hampshire is a heavy weight foul at full growth it reaches to between 5. In the industry it is used as parent for crossbreeds as it imparts lots of favourable qualities like quick growth. New Hampshire: The New Hampshire is used a dual purpose breed.

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