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After attempting to sell A Rising Fall to literary agents in the states, London and Dublin and receiving countless returns of polite and apathetic automated responses and after dealing with inept and corrupted literary agents here in So Paulo, I thought it best to do something different with my writing. I have experienced the worst of the music business and was and am very wary about ruing my art by stripping it for the sake of industry. The market is flooded with bad writers all vying for their shot, their chance to be the next bestseller and I refuse to dance with mediocrity. ** a note on my work. What you read is what was written, no edits, no drafts, no outside assistance, no fine tuning, no re-writing, no time to make it look pretty. What you read is a story that is told off the cuff with no planning and absolutely no editing whatsoever, hence why my work is laden with grammar technicalities and even some missing words here or there** The FREE ART COLLECTION is a compilation of free art in the form of novels, short stories, poetry and now musical pieces thanks to my dear friend in Adelaide Australia. The idea is to spread art for free. I am not fond of digital technology. I dont believe in separating the person from the experience, making the tangible obsolete. Music succumbed and now we are in the revolution of the literary world where the technology and the device is of more importance than the story itself. Just because I dont believe in this technology does not mean I cannot help to improve it. My idea is to provide all of my art in digital format for free. As I have said before, tis better a story be a thousand times told than a single time sold and this has been the case to date with A Rising Fall, Utopian Circus, Heaven is Full of Arseholes, the DeDMeN Musical and the Hypercenter Discography, with over 10,000 downloads since December 25, 2012 via my main channel and supporter, The Pirate Bay, hundreds via Smashwords, barnes & noble, ibookstore and over 2000 via Rapidgator and Rapidshare, let alone the reads, downloads and accesses via Scribd since I started uploading the material.

Like any writer or artist, I would very much love an agent to wake up and offer their services to me but I am greatly unwilling to parade around like the town slut, dirtying my knees and heavying my already unmaintainable emotional dysfunction. It is very difficult pretending to be a sane teacher so I would like one day to make a career from my art but I am not counting on this whatsoever or lighting any candles and so, making my work available for free has become my sole avenue and vice and I have to say, receiving simple thanks and a few kind words jingles a lot louder in my mind than the sound of a few coins in my pockets. I will continue to write in the pace that I do which equates to a new novel of 80-90,000 words every 3-4 months and between every novel, an intriguing and head bending short story of 9-10,000 words. If my work is one day signed and industrialised, I will continue under a pseudonym to continue releasing in this fashion, providing new stories through file sharing channels.

Who is CSM Publishing?

- Me and my laptop

Whats Next for the Collection?

Coffee and Sugar in progresss. Release Mid March / April The Anti-Man (or what would Nietzsche do?) Short story. Release April Oh Culto ! - Release Unknown this will be a special project apart from a very personal story, I will be teaming up with my dear friend, Australian musician Adam J Keane to create an ultimate art experience. Adam will be providing a musical journey to accompany the novel by myself, providing his own visionary take on the guidelines set through the philosophical themes we will express. Adam wrote the music for A Rising Fall and utopian Circus that is currently packaged as a torrent on The Pirate Bay as rt of the latest FREE ART COLLECTION release. Short Story Release Unkown iCannibal (book3) the final chapter in the CITY trilogy. Release Unknown.

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Take Risk and Take Care, C. Sean McGee CSM Publishing THE FREE ART COLLECTIVE

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