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The Most Beautiful Face of Martyrdom

“Viva Christo Rey! Viva Christo Rey! Viva Christo Rey!” - blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio

The invigorating movie, “For Greater Glory”, is a masterpiece of true martyrdom. This is an exhilarating action epic that is based on the true story of the Cristero War (1926–29). A Cristeros were the rebellion which arose out of the Mexican government's persecution of the Catholic Church. They were the impassioned group of men and women who were fighting for their freedom in executing their religion, the Roman Catholic. After watching the movie, my heart was full of emotion. I felt so blessed because I had the opportunity to know the story of true-blooded Roman Catholic. I also observed the different faces of martyrdom which executed the different casts of the stories. These were the following faces.

The Face of Humility
There was an old priest (played by Peter O’ Toole) who was so simple and religious. He adopted Jose and taught him to be a good boy. When the persecution had begun, he was killed by the firing squad. He was humbly accept the situation and lifted all the things to the Lord. This priest has the virtue of humility. He was a martyr of Roman Catholic with modesty and meekness.

The Face of Sacrifice
A major plot element involved a young boy, Jose (played by Mauricio Kuri), who when first seen was mischievously throwing fruit at an aged priest. As time went by he

Jose sacrificed his youth to fight for his right of having Catholic religion. or to die. The Cristeros fought for their right in adoring and worshipping God. Their hope was compressed. But above all. the most beautiful face of martyrdom is the face of glory. these are the faces of martyrdom in this wonderful movie. Castillo Sophomore . the boy joined the revolution. After few days. They never gave up in combating against the soldiers. The soldier gave him choices. The Face of Bravery This was the face of martyrdom that was really obvious in the movie. to remove his Christianity and live. Raymon Gerald P. They put glorious love and devotion for the greater glory of God. Well. I was not shocked when I heard that he was beatified. sacrifice and bravery. Their faith was firmed. He chose to be Christian until he was killed by the firing squad. When the priest was killed by a firing squad.ultimately formed a close bond to the priest. the faces of humility. he was caught with his friend. He was one-of-a-kind religious little boy. This was the face of sacrificial martyrdom. Their love was overflowed. Sem.