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Volume 1 | Issue no. 42 11th March 2010

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Editorial: Cannabis, Can We Buy
Marijuana to be made legal?

Business News: Glucose Levels Fluctuate

Markets in a frenzy

Sports: Pantherogens Blancoed

Captains goal does the trick

Terror down under

The Intestines: Coordinated terrorist attacks struck the gut, the states commercial capital, on Wednesday night. Armed with deadly scoleces, these incendiaries held close to 1 million villi as hostages. Even by the standards of terrorism in the body, which has suffered a rising number of attacks this year, the operation was particularly brazen in scale and execution. The terrorists, it is believed, had escaped immigration clearance and entered through the mouth, eventually reaching the Intestines. They might then have held camp, studied the system and fed on our economy until they grew in strength. The White Blood Cells have released that the attacks have left over a hundred villi dead and a few thousand wounded. The neuronal spotters were quick to report that the attackers were taking hostages A previously unknown group

has claimed responsibility, which has now been confirmed via a video message sent by the attackers. The group Taenia-e-solium, a breakaway from Lashkar-e-taenia (LeT) sent us an SMS (Severe Malabsorption Symptom) claiming responsibility. It remained unclear whether there was any link to outside terrorist groups. Hours after the assaults began, the landmark Rectum, next to the infamous appendix was flooded. Unrest and agitation of the residents of the lower gut ran early into the morning as refugees flooded out of the intestine, seeking safety and shelter. The situation was handled well by the Muscles as they kept the traffic fluid and moving. A couple of hours into the attack the muscles were surprised to see a known inhabitant of the affected area fleeing. It was then confirmed that the number of attackers was higher than originally projected and likely numbered in the fifties.

After securing their base of operations, the terrorists lost no time in releasing a statement; We want all the food held in the state released, and only after that will we release the villi, they said. Some guests, including two billion of the E. coli who were visiting as part of a trade delegation, remained hiding in the Ileum, making desperate calls to the media, describing their ordeal. But in the midst of all the turmoil, it was overwhelming to see the dedication shown by the intestinal cells to the state. A group of lactobacilli, who were dining at the Jejunum, sent the word out that a one of the assailants sucked the life out of 30 to 40 thousand villi, for absorbing the nutrition that the body needed to fight the terrorists. Several high-ranking law enforcement WBCs, including the chief of the antiterrorism squad and a commissioner of police met soon after to discuss the situation and were later quoted saying, The incident is alarming as our squads are deployed in the circulatory highways and arent trained to handle the conditions of the intestine. However, plans are being drafted to counter the insurgents and we assure the public that the threat will soon end. Almost too soon the society realised the gravity of the situation as the glucose levels starting falling. This came at a particularly bad time for outlined. After a gruelling four hours, the session ended with the members leaving with anxiety still showing. It is believed that the Prime Minister has authorised the use of drones, and is awaiting the input of the Immune council. But another party strongly disagreed with the government. Though they may succeed in weeding out the worms, but they will cause more harm to the body, they alleged. Drones eliminate any organism that crosses their path. This could also include the innocent residents of the Intestine the Gut Flora. Besides, they would also damage the infrastructure of

the countering forces, who, with no resources, now had to re-think their strategies.

FACTS OF THE MATTER: Even by the standards of terrorism in the body, which has suffered a rising number of attacks this year, the operation was particularly brazen in scale and execution. The White Blood Cells have released that the attacks have left over a hundred villi dead and a few thousand wounded. We want all the food held in the state released, and only after that will we release the villi, say the terrorists. The incident is alarming as our squads are deployed in the circulatory highways and arent trained to handle the conditions of the intestine. However, plans are being drafted to counter the insurgents and we assure the public that the threat will soon

The Brain: The government has reacted quickly and calmly to the insurgent attack on the Intestine. The Prime Minister went on air, talked tough, and asserted that an alien group are responsible for the attack. Reliable sources have told the media that the government has decided to maintain its No negotiations mandate in response to the situation. Other parties extended support to the government in what they all described as a grave

moment for the state. Communication was established with the terrorists to gather information and to hear the demands. The primary of which was 5000 calories of our highest quality energy import. It is believed that this further reaffirmed the governments stand on negotiations, as the number was simply not realistic. The government called for an emergency session, during which a plan of action was to be

the entire region until they leave the body. This would mean that we would have to depend on more foreign help to repair this damage. However, it appears that the PM will quash this rebuttal and is ready to proceed with the plan provided he gets the go-ahead from the council. With time of the essence every minute spent waiting leaves the government more paranoid and citizens more horrified.

The long standing debate over the import of marijuana from alien bodies has taken a new leaf today as the cabinet members of the body sat together over the issue for the first time during a press meet. Although strong indications that the body will soon be importing marijuana were being fed to the press, there were certain cabinet members who were clearly not in the bag. The cerebrum, representing the brain section of the skull cabinet, said, We have figured out all the hows and whys about marijuana and we can safely say it will be a valuable resource when [we are] in need of a feel good factor. Marijuana has been used for medicinal purpose in ancient India against insomnia, headaches, and gastronomical diseases and even to relieve the pain of childbirth. And hence the famous lyrics There is no pain; you are receeding. The brain also quoted the case of Mrs. Marie Myung-Ok Lee, a teacher and an accomplished writer, who is legally providing her autistic son with regular marijuana dosages for his pain and anxiety issues although the issue of smoking it in our bodys case could not be answered.


Cannabis Can We Buy

allegation saying that the marijuana consumption would bring the smoking and drinking down and that would also help in relieving the pocket which currently is in a large debt. The lungs then brought about the issue of a large number of alveoli suicides due to the lack of oxygen to feed their families as the smoking addiction was becoming a routine habit. The brain tackled this question with facts stating that they had looked into many other alternatives including high-priced imports such as ecstasy, LSD, solvents, cocaine and heroin; and had concluded that cannabis was the most appropriate option as all the others were much more harmful and heroin and cocaine were found to be highly addictive as well. The brain reported that cannabis showed much less dependence than tobacco and alcohol and that was one of its most attractive attributes. The final verdict will be given by the heart later in the week. However, on repeated questioning, the heart did give a statement saying, I am a religious being and I believe that if the Almighty Subconscience wants us to bring this reform in our lives, we must

Whereas, the lungs, representing the chest-rib cabinet, were joined by the stomach in their efforts to stop marijuana import. They complained that alcohol and smoking were already too big a stress on their functioning since the increase in consumption after the break-up with an alien female body of the same area code. They said that the 600% increase in the smoking and alcohol consumption had been affecting the bodys food intake and digestion to a large extent. They were also worried about the effect these two imports were having on the bodys budget for quite a while and they believed marijuana would only increase expenses. The guts, with the memory of the punches they suffered recently still fresh, reminded that most beatings the body suffered were due to intoxication. Two months back, it was reported that a major left eye blackout was accompanied by bruises on the outer epidermosphere along with clots in the inner tendonosphere. Although, this was termed as a result of a natural calamity, it is widely believed that these are all growing consequences of global wining. The brain came up with an intelligent response to this

give it more than just a casual consideration. This response by the heart has certainly increased the hopes of the parts that have been lobbying for marijuana import on one hand; but on the other hand, it has sparked friction between the atheist lungs and stomach wing and the rest of the body as the former have, in recent past, held the belief in Subconscience responsible for all health problems related to drinking and tobacco smoking.

Wed be in Big Trouble

In times of revolutionary decisions, when half of our body is craving for a drug to be legalised and the other half of it is trying to save whatever is left of our existence cycle, most parts of the body have already predicted the various possible direct outcomes that cannabis might have on our system through research and study. But, it seems that the one consequence that is being ignored may have global repercussions. Our correspondent caught up with Dr Livictus Optus, the leading expert on extra-terrestrial happenings. Correspondent: Glad you could join us today Sir. Could you throw a little light on the link between the import of marijuana and your theory? Dr. Optus: It has recently come to light that in rare cases, marijuana consuming bodies are caught and are sentenced to an existence that is considerably poorer than nominal. This theory is further validated by the study of the closely associated Ted body which came into our view a few years ago. Ted, upon close observation, has been found to have a Projected Longevity that has plummeted since our first encounter. We believe that Ted has entered what is known as the imprisoned state, and has several restrictions placed on its import. We believe that the new bill, if passed will directly contribute to our society eventually entering such a state. Correspondent: Could you elaborate on this imprisoned state and its possible consequences. Dr. Optus: Firstly, the crucial energy import will be of degraded quality which will cause gastric and digestional centers. It is well known that our digestive system is prone to gas leakage and the pressure valves are not able to withstand very high pressures which results in immediate free flow. Secondly, we do expect an increased influx of potentially deadly individuals, and the resulting internal warfare may cause loss of cell lives in unimaginable counts. Finally, interaction with other imprisoned societies could lead cataclysmic damage to our fragile outer protective layer. Correspondent: Taking into account the seriousness of your findings, is there a prediction you can make that might convince the government otherwise in this particular matter. Our theory is not yet advanced enough to provide us with an accurate timeline and interactions with the Ted body have all but ceased. What we are looking at with the passing of this bill is times of dark and gloomy turmoil, whether we end up imprisoned or not. It is a disgrace that our body is ready to sacrifice the common cell for the rich elite class of brain cells. It can only be hoped that the poor cell class will rise against this verdict. And if they do, it might just revolutionise the way we think. We fear that soon we may end up the ideal subject to continue our research.

500th Annual JEE commences

The Testicles: Never Have I seen so much activity in my lifetime! Every single blood vessel from Heart Junction right to the Parliament was jammed said an exasperated RBC, to one of our reporters. It is indeed an exciting day for all cells, as we prepare for the most acclaimed coming-of-age ritual in all the land - 500th annual Joint Entrance Ejection Test. The crowds are reaching fever pitch with small rises in temperature and minor scuffles across the body. Under the watchful eye of the Immune council and the WBC force, the Gonad Centres began the final preparations even as the nerve channels fill with a buzz about the landmark event. The ceremony would draw a conclusion to months of rigorous coaching and rough training, deciding which lucky sperm out of a million, would pass the Joint Ejection-Entrance Test and get a good placement. The body clock rung a sharp 9 pm as our reporters spotted the novice sperms running towards the ejection tube excitedly, getting into the semen capsule ready for ejection. I always used to wonder about the outside world, right after my parents and my brother passed out. Now, I have my chance to finally meet them. chattered away an excited sperm. The input from the sense organs removed whatever doubt we had in mind about whether it was the right time for the ceremony. Every blood vessel was jam-packed as Dick Tracy, the chairman of the examination stood erect on the pedestal, taking in the final moments before it all began. The excitement and the cheering reached a feverish crescendo, when the ejection capsule suddenly started to move. Even as the cells stood watching the young sperm continued moving, picking up pace, as they reached the end of their known world. And before the sight sunk in the capsule shot out through the opening, into their examination hall. As the cells began clearing the blood vessels, the chairman happily stated, It was a wonderful send-off and we shall come to know of the results in close to nine months. Until then, we begin preparations for the next ceremony with grander designs.

To The Editor Glucose levels fluctuate

Misfortunes of a vestigial unit Dear Editor, My life has always been quiet and simple in the least disturbed of all the gastro-intestinal localities. Keeping in-line with Murphys law, my world has been turned upside down the events of the last few days. It all began three days back when a gang of bikers came into town and didnt leave. The bikers began by making a nuisance of themselves, hooting and jeering at the peaceful folk. Complaints to the authorities have fallen deaf ears and I am now convinced that we have been left for dead. Yesterday their acts reached a new low as a daughter a well-respected family was forced to commit apoptosis after her encounter with the bikers. The incident unfolded as the girl was on her way back from her college, in the lower intestines. This incident has sparked the whole society into a state of anger and confusion. What was once a peaceful locality, ideal for retirement is now a training ground for law-enforcement. I am writing to you in the hopes that your establishment can help bring this situation to the notice of the authorities and the government before the whole society is engulfed in this war. Thanking you, Appendix Appendicitis (Received on 21st Feb 2010) Letter from the Alveoli Greetings editor, I am a happily married resident of the left lung, just past the second bronchial branch, on the third bronchiole. I believed that this would the ideal place for me to settle down and raise a family. But since not two days ago, there has been a release of a foul poisonous gas into our locality, the source of which remains unclear. More complain as the situation approaches a critical state with each passing day. The flumes started appearing as a replacement to the normal import of oxygen we get. With the reduced oxygen, there has been a drop in the export of carbon-di-oxide as well, which can very soon lead to build-up beyond our storage. The truly alarming detail is that when one of my colleagues came into contact with the gas, he developed an infection that has since overtaken him. Understandably, this affecting our daily business and work at the Gas Exchange Division is becoming challenging. The globins are steadily losing trust in the imports we provide, pushing us towards bankruptcy. We spoke with the government but are unable to get any answers as to why the situation is progressing. It is with a heavy hearts that I write to you, in the hope that you may be able to obtain an answer from the government and incite them to take action before the crisis escalates. Yours sincerely, Mr. Alveolus Alveoli (Received on 25th Feb 2010) The Liver: Today has been a day of profound changes and tremendous upheavals in the markets. The long anticipated increase in the BSE Sensex has finally occurred causing the investor tissue cell community to go into a frenzy. In one day the widely followed Body Stock Exchange Sensex (BSE) rallied from 16974, which was the weeks low to a whopping 17100, an increase of 126 points. This is the highest level the index has seen in 5 years. The tissue cells have been investing massively in the shares of the Glucose ltd., whose shares have led the market rally. Our Stock Analyst, Mr. Lecur Jecur shares his expert opinion with us regarding the matter. According to Mr. Jecur, the main contributor to the rise of the Sensex has been the increase in the value of Glucose and Brothers (G&B) shares. The value of G&B which has been falling steadily over the past year has shown surprising strength today. He also adds that the uptrend is likely to continue. The vote of confidence in G&B stems from the market regulator Brain boards decision to decrease the inflow of funds into the market with a strict diet regime starting today. This has caused a 15% bump in the value of G&B shares as the firms services will now be more vital than ever. Another major reason he says, is that increased testosterone inputs have been causing a significant in-

crease in the activities of Tistis Ltd. It has also seen a major increase in foreign exports in the past few days .The latter is partly a result of the two new contracts which have been forged with foreign companies this week. The increase is however expected to a temporary phenomenon with no significant impact on the long term outlook for Tistis. A few mergers with multinational companies are also expected in the coming week. In addition to the above, the CEO of Heart and Artery, Mr. Septum has announced that he will be reducing the availability of Cholesterol shares in the market .This move has been welcomed by all tissue cells as cholesterol shares have been notoriously volatile and disruptive in the market. He has also stated that the investors must be careful when investing in G&B shares as the first phase of dieting is expected to be a rocky one and might even fall through. In other business news, investors have begun to invest heavily in Left Kidney Ltd shares. This is the consequence of a study, conducted by Rectus Institute of Management, showing that Left Kidney Ltd is outperforming its arch rival Right Kidney in overall revenue flows by more than 10% .This has proved to be a major blow to Right Kidney, which has accused the institute of being biased. Today, the Thyroid Institute of Technology (TIT) has submitted its much awaited report on the air mar-

ket scenario. After 6 months of data retrieval and calculations, it has submitted the report to the Brain board. According to the report, the major contenders in the air market are Snoe and Thumo. Their fundamental ideologies are very different, while Thumo offers quantity over quality, Snoe offers the opposite. The latest company visits to the Gymnasium increased the size of the air market. The two companies have grabbed this chance and are now competing for domination of the market. Lastly, the video giant EyeTube has finally declared a squint split-up into the two fractions Sineye and Dexeye. This has produced a lot of discontentment among the general public as their video viewing capabilities have been greatly reduced. Brain board has now stepped in and is planning regulatory action to restore the balance.

From the desk of neuron RF-2987 It always knows where to find us. It always knows what were doing. And yet, nobody seems to question It. They acknowledge It, they obey It, but never doubt It. From birth, we were always taught to follow the Great One. The Great Ones always right, you know. The Great One works so hard for all of us; there must be something we can do in return! Was it sheer adulation that drove my fellow beings to love it? Or was it an underlying current of fear no one dared to express? At first, I was... alone. I started asking more questions than I could answer. Seeking these answers would always lead to dead ends. Surely, I would ask myself, Surely I cant be the first to realize something s wrong. However, those who showed the slightest hint of any newly-gained sentience would go missing in mysterious fashions, which made the search harder, and a lot riskier. Patience, combined with a dogged passion to discover the truth, helped me gather a lot of information about the Great One. The Great One had 2 important tools at its disposal; First, a massive information network that would span the reaches of the country. Coupled with its lightning-fast response system, it was always one step ahead of all of us. Secondly, it had a faithful set of foot soldiers, who were nicknamed the White Giants, and for a

Is someone watching?
very good reason. These behemoths would carry out the Great Ones biddings irrespective of the task at hand. They would hunt down and destroy anyone or anything that went against the Great One. Today will be different. I thought, as I woke up with a newfound sense of enthusiasm on graduation day. Today, after a long period of incubation, Ill finally get to visit the Great One himself. Though it would be a part of routine patrol, Id be closer to him than ever before. I can finally uncover the enigma that is the Great One! The fresh graduates patrol started at the pumping station, with each of us being given our specific destinations. I joined the sortie heading north, with the promise of an arduous journey and special instructions to release the goods only to the Great One, and no one else. The contents, boomed the instructor,are for the sustenance of the Great One. Remember, if you fail, you risk failing the entire system. For the Great One, we shall unite! Tired of the endless stream of propaganda, I headed to the collection agency which assigned each one of us with a package to be delivered to It. The journey was nothing more than ordinary, but the destination was nothing like I expected. Before me stood the monolith that we referred to as the Great One. Though It seemed just like a never-ending network of electrical connections, It was more organic than any one of us. In all my experiences, I could have never imagined such a being to exist, let alone command all my brethren. The thought of being controlled by a bunch of wires sickened me to no end. I had to put an end to Its tyranny. Was it the awe? Or was it the primal fear? I would never know what gave it away, but the giant suddenly awoke, aware that one of Its subjects had overstayed its welcome. Soon, I realized that I could easily take out the One if I had an opportunity to deliver a lethal packet at close quarters. Eager to strike, I rushed to the despatch station, only to find that I was assigned to a special location, that would require my unique abilities. In fact, claimed the instructor, The Great One requested for your help specifically. How lucky can you get? But every patrolman knew what special locations were. They were a sweetened synonym for kamikaze missions that would require me to give up my life in exchange for clotting up serious damage to the borders of the lands. As I head towards my certain death, I find that none of us are safe, and we are nothing more than pawns in his game of survival. He is the Great One, and I will always be a lowly RBC.

The famed i-Plex, venue for the premiere of the much awaited James Camerons Avatar, was decked up so grand that any passing RBC would have mistook it to be a gala award ceremony. Both the eyeballs of the i-Plex were reserved for this occasion and all necessary arrangements were made to handle the mammoth crowd expected. The producers had left nothing to chance publicising the event. Rhodopsin was made available to crowds to enjoy the acclaimed 3-D effects of the movie. With millions of cones and rods assembled, the stage was set for a night to be remembered. Mixed in with the celebrities, our own correspondent, Chowkus Bob gives us this first hand review. The movie begins in the life of a crippled soldier Jake Sully as he takes on a

Avatar, a Treat for the Eyes

mission. It becomes quickly apparent that the mission was one in which his late twin brother was deeply involved, leaving a void that only a genetic match could fill. We are taken along for the ride as Jake Sully enters the magical extra-terrestrial world, Pandora and is introduced to the quest for Unobtainium that drives the local colony of humans. The rare and precious mineral is present directly underneath a village of a local race, the Navi. He is introduced to his avatar, a faux body that gives him the ability to walk and move like he once did. It is explained that the avatar is modeled after the Navi. The dangers of Pandora follow on a and another as Jake is forced to spend a night alone in the wilderness. While fleeing for his life, he meets a local Navi woman and is saved. He is taken back to her village and is placed under her charge to be trained in the ways of the Navi. From this point on the movie outlines the main protagonists efforts to integrate himself into the lifestyle of the Navi. After many incidents that add to the depth of the characters, he is accepted as one of the People. Throughout his journey he slowly looses himself as a human and finds comfort in his dual existence. As the plot twists, the military commander impatient of waiting for Sullys report takes the offensive, attacking the village. With the village in ruins, the Navi flee. It is now that the main protagonist is reborn and joins the locals in a battle to win back Pandora. It was indeed curious how much the story reminded me, a dedicated follower of the arts as shown The Pantherogens were pressing hard, trying to win the ball at every opportunity. Tempers rose, and with the game reaching a fever pitch, everyone could feel the heat. At the hour mark, a cynical slide tackle by the Pantherogen defender Viv Virion on the GB midfielder Basa Granelo, took him out completely. This resulted in the sending off of Virion and Granelo replaced by Celo Lymphin, an attack minded player. With the visiting team a man down and with thirty minutes of play left, GB mounted the pressure looking for that elusive goal. GB laid siege to their opponents goal with literally all their outfield players camped in the opposition half .At the end of the 82nd minute, the goal which everyone was waiting for finally arrived. A scramble in the Pantherogen penalty box resulting from a corner and the ball fell kindly to the left foot of GB in the I-plex of another, long forgotten treasure, Pocahantas. It soon became apparent that the story traces the same plot with aliens, avatars and unobtainium thrown into the mix. However, where the story lost out on innovation, the cinematography more than made up for in sheer awesomeness. The movie made it very clear that the next level of entertainment has arrived with computer graphics melding beautifully with the live action. Every scene was lent more flavor, with the action sequences leaving one gripping their seats. Whats the final verdict? Definitely worth a watch, and as far as I am concerned one of the potential members of my permanent collection, right next to Pocahantas.

Pantherogens Blancoed
The Bloodstream: The stage was set and the players ready to battle it out, not just for a win , but for the pride and glory, only a victory over their bitterest rivals would give them. The two sides though, champions in their own right, had a completely contrasting outlook to them. The home team and the defending champions, the Globulos Blancos (GB) consisted of home grown players ably guided by their coach, who himself had captained the team a few seasons ago. On the other hand , the visiting team , the Pantherogens was a team put together comprising of the superstars of the game. The intense rivalry between the two teams extending a long time back in history, has produced many encounters, much more exciting and gripping than the best the tinsel town could ever come up with. After being completely outclassed and outplayed by GB on their home turf last season, the Pantherogens had a point to prove for all the ignominy they suffered in front of their own fans. The former players, who had played before in matches between these two teams had acquired legendary status, took their seats and so did the sea of spectators to witness arguably the greatest match of the sport. The game began with a high tempo, each team trying to gain the upper hand. Tackles flew in and seemed as if trying to take the opponents out, especially the GB captain and centre half Nieutre Philander taking on the opponents single handed and neutralising the initial threat posed by the marauding strike pair of the Pantherogens, Tber Bactrius and Kim Fnugii. As the game wore on, the game shifted from the boxes to the midfield. The game which started off at a hectic pace now meandered along with neither team ready to take any kind of risks. Thirty minutes into the game, and with the scoreboard untroubled, the tactics of the two teams became clear. GB had come up with what would prove to be a masterstroke of a plan of man marking the orchestrator of Pantherogen attacks, Cristian Parasiton by the GBs holding midfielder Mike Eossien, thus cutting out all the links which fed the fearful strike pair Bactrius and Fnugii .GB as always built their attack from the back in a systematic fashion and the Pantherogens were always on the lookout for a quick break and to hit GB on the counter attack. It also became clear that while GB followed a close man marking system, Pantherogens employed zonal marking. Nothing much changed, and after a dull first half, the teams headed back to their dressing rooms. Clearly, the match had not lived up to its billing. The game started again after the half time, brightly as was the case in the first half. But this time the intensity didnt slack .There was intent in every move from both the teams.

skipper Philander who thundered it past the helpless goalie. This sent all the spectators into frenzy. The players celebrated the goal like they had never scored one before. When the game restarted, Pantherogens went for broke, leaving themselves exposed. Bactrius almost equalised in the 88th minute when his header hit crossbar. GB was firm in defence and defended valiantly putting bodies in line to block the shots. With four added minutes, the drama had not ended. The Pantherogens forced a corner and from that corner, chaos resulted in the box and the ball was cleared off the line much to the relief of all the home supporters and that clearance was the last kick of the match. The stadium erupted in joy with deafening noise and with the rivals vanquished; the city of Cuerpo Humano was a good place to be.

The heart and the brain

Basking in the cold light of rationality, While working on the nuances of reason, The brain was sometimes swept away, by some irrational joy or affliction. Looking for a culprit, and finding none, The brain finally looked upon the heart and said youre the one.

The heart claimed innocence, Im just a drab workaholic it said, I dance to the tune, and sometimes I sigh in pain, but I do not compose such serenade. But what of the poets and artists? Your glory they sing, I am the cold and merciless winter, While you are the spring. I am the reason they exist, the reason they think, the source of their words, but they condemn me on ink.

Love and sorrow are yours they say, Mercy and altruism is in you. At this the heart smiled a bit, and said; perhaps envy too? I am just a blind slave, the heart said, but I can see this clear, the love that the poets shower on me, is the love that you hold dear. For I do not make the stars beautiful, nor am I driven to innocence as a child with his toy, indeed, it is your own heart, oh heartless one, that sings this ode to sorrow, and to joy.