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SIDDHARTH KHANDELWAL | CE09B048 Indian Institute of Technology Madras

ROOM NO. 228, ALAKANANDA HOSTEL +91 8939401445

Program B Tech in Civil Engineering Minor in Development Policy XII X Institution Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Raipur Bhonsala Military School, Nagpur %/CGPA Major : 7.54; Minor : 8 Overall :7.44 70.20% 85.60% Year 2012 2008 2006

All India Rank 2018 in IITJEE 2009 ( Top 0.5 % ) All India Rank 2895 in AIEEE 2009 ( Top 0.25 % ) Construction Economics and Finance Estimation and Construction Management Development Planning and Project Appraisal C, C++, Well versed with windows and linux environments. Techno- Economic Analysis of Flooring Solutions for academics buildings of IITM ( Aug2012- Present) Assisting the Executive Engineer of the Engineering Unit (service unit responsible for the infrastructure facilities in the institute) to develop a model which selects the best flooring for a given building with assigned purposes. A complete cost analysis to identify a low cost scheme which optimizes the initial and maintenance costs of the flooring. Coordinator, Productions, Shaastra 2010 (Aug'2010-Oct'2010) Led the team responsible for the entire printing requirements of the festival. Restructured the 'Production Policy' in accordance with the vision of Shaastra 2010 emphasizing on sustainability, which was implemented across all verticals of the team. For example, paper usage was drastically reduced by shifting from A4 size paper to A5 size paper wherever possible. Department budget reduced by 40% due to the reforms. A total of INR 30,000 was saved this way. Won the CAD design competition at CEA 2011,Annual Technical Festival of Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras. (March 2011) Member, student committee executing the new night canteen project in the institute. (Apr2012-present) First of its kind student initiative where the students plan and design a student facilities center and also tender the construction without the support of administration. Selected for one of its kind Piano program in India offered by the Russian Studio of K M Music Conservatory (Music Director A R Rahman's Music School). (Mar'2010-Apr'2011) Performed in the annual concert Dr. Rahman as the chief guest. The program was also intended towards deepening of human values, character building and the technique to live a full life. Airport Authority of India, New integrated Terminal Building ,Raipur (May 2011- July 2011) Led a safety awareness campaign to empower labours with best practices in the construction industry.