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Hyper thesis Title:

Harsh's Hyper-Thesis of Non-Linearity

Harsh V. Goel ( Version 1.00 Dated 30 Oct 2010

Statement No process or system exist in universe which continues linearly (propagate linearly or produce linear output) forever for all the input values.

What is linearity - In simplest way, for any function that can be expressed as f(y) = mx+b is linear function where f(y) is a function (output) whose value is directly proportional (changes linearly) with x (input), m and b are constants (may exist) where m is termed as gradient and b gives the value of F(y) where x = 0 This linearity equation can be expressed and modeled in various ways like a line

What is non-linearity A nonlinear function or system is one whose output is not directly proportional to its input or in simple words f(y) mx+b, Some of the examples in graphics for non-linearity

Harsh's Hyper-Thesis - For any existing or real system the output doesn't follow the input linearly for all the values of inputs. This may exist in theory but practically for any real system it doesn't, there could be N number of reasons and reason may vary from case to case but the net resultant is that a non-linear output when input varies from end to end, Also, for some values of inputs, say for a subset of values of inputs, the output could follow the input linearly but same is not true for all values of inputs (superset).

Physical significance - having said that, a real system will not follow the output Extrapolation of inputs to a greater extent (beyond the subset where output follow input), the extrapolation will not give the true outcome, This thesis provide us to precisely state the output rather limit the outcome for specified subset of input values and help to explorer the world beyond it. Change is only truth, non linearity represent change

Proof for thesis - I left it to my fellow scientist to dig it out and prove it wrong or right but behavior of all systems as I see is quite non-linear and the linear behavior is only a matter of pure academic interest. As nothing in truly independent or just dependent on one variable as the values keeps on changing other factors influencing the out-come and when we start factor-in all the factors it is nothing but whole universe included into it and not simply just two variables which are initially thought of dependant on each others.

Nonlinearity is of great interest to engineers, physicists and mathematicians because all physical systems are inherently nonlinear in nature and once understand it help us to understand chaos, progression and so on, may be another dimensions.....

Question and Answers Q: What made me to arrive this conclusion? A: we see that changes in everything over a period of time even the hard facts also changed since change is only truth , non linearity represent change so change in inevitable and it has to happen with every process and system. Q: Can you prove it. A: Good question, thanks