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Mega Matching Bonuses 5. Fast Start Bonuses 2. There are 6 Ways to earn income with Talk Fusion: 1.At Talk Fusion. Leadership Pool . we are proud to reward them with the most dynamic compensation plan in the industry. Advancement Bonus 6. If you can achieve this simple step. our Associates are our most important asset. The first step is simple: achieve the rank of Bronze and help others become Bronze. success can be yours. And. Team Commissions 4. Executive Bronze Maker Bonuses 3.

. you will earn $10. Each time an Associate or Customer that you enroll purchases a Starter or Executive Package. For every Starter (100 SV) you sell.FAST START BONUSES Fast Start Bonuses are a great way to earn income quickly. For every Executive (200 SV) you sell. There is no limit to the number of Fast Start Bonuses you can earn. you will earn a Fast Start Bonus. you will earn $50.

you become an Executive Bronze Maker and will earn a $150 Bonus. Please note that new Associates will have 60 days from date of registration to achieve Executive status in order to be eligible to receive this bonus. .EXECUTIVE BRONZE MAKER BONUS $150 Active and Qualified Executive Associates will participate in our Executive Bronze Maker Bonus. Personally sponsor one Executive Associate on your right and one Executive Associate on your left and you become Bronze. When you help two personally sponsored Executive Associates. one on your left and one on your right become Bronze.

In order to qualify for Team Commissions. Qatar.TEAM COMMISSIONS Team Commissions are the fundamental block of the Talk Fusion Compensation Plan. the Philippines. you have 100 SV on the left and 100 SV on the right. the Ukraine and U. 100 PSV. Bahrain. you will earn a commission cycle of $25. you only need to build 2 sales teams.. you would earn based upon 1 cycle or $25. So. Nepal. who pay a non-commissionable Annual Renewal Fee of $25 USD (INR 1. onetime.125). except for the following countries: India. Please Note: All countries pay a basic monthly Product subscription fee of $20 USD (10 SV). You can do this over and over again each day. and get Qualified by personally sponsoring one Active Associate on the left team and one on the right team. Oman. In this example. Saudi Arabia. Bangladesh.E. You must become Active by personally generating a minimum. Each time your team generates Sales Volume (SV) of 100 in both your left and right legs. Kuwait.000 per week. up to $50.A. .

This allows you to earn an additional 10% on the Team Commissions paid to Associates you personally sponsor. For example. would earn an extra $30. as his sponsor. you. There is no limit to the amount of Mega Matching Bonuses you can earn.MEGA MATCHING BONUSES To further reward our Associates. . Talk Fusion has created the Mega Matching Bonus program. if you sponsored John and his Team Commissions were $300.

which require hard work. Your success will depend on how effectively you exercise these qualities. .000 Income Disclaimer: The earnings portrayed in this literature are not necessarily representative of the income. ADVANCEMENT Diamond.000 Diamond Elite. Advancement Bonuses are a onetime bonus that is paid when you reach a specified rank for the first time and maintain that rank for two consecutive weeks. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. diligence and leadership. that a Talk Fusion Associate can or will earn through his or her participation in the Talk Fusion Compensation Plan.BONUS Be rewarded for your personal achievements as you progress through the Talk Fusion ranks.000 Double Diamond.000 Triple Diamond.$3. Any representation or guarantee of earnings would be misleading. Success with Talk Fusion results only from successful sales efforts.$1. if any.$2.$5.

not to exceed 25%. Qualified Associates share in 1% of the total Sales Volume that is generated through Talk Fusion. .LEADERSHIP POOL The Leadership Pool is a revenue sharing bonus pool that is earned by qualified Blue Diamonds and above.

RANkS Rank Bronze Silver Gold 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star Diamond Double Diamond Triple Diamond Diamond Elite Blue Diamond Weekly Cycles TALk FUSION 1 5 10 20 30 50 100 150 200 250 500 .

one time. Cycle: Sales Volume (SV) of 100 in both your left and right legs will earn a commission cycle. Group Sales Volume: Group Sales Volume (GSV) is the accumulation of Sales Volume on each product purchased in your downline. Active: You personally generate a minimum. Business Center: Your Business Center is where you are personally placed within the Talk Fusion organization.IMPORTANT TERMS Sales Volume: Each product is assigned a point value called Sales Volume (SV) and the Compensation Plan is based on the accumulation of these points. Qualified: You have at least one personally sponsored and Active Associate on both your left and right legs. and pay the monthly subcription or annual renewal fee. and so forth. those they have personally sponsored. Personal Enrollment Tree: Those you have personally sponsored. . Personal Sales Volume: Personal Sales Volume (PSV) is Sales Volume that you personally generate via personal product purchases or retail sales to Customers. 100 PSV.

What do I have to do to be eligible to receive Team Commissions and bonuses? The following must happen first: A.00 USD (INR 1. you will be an Executive Bronze Maker and earn a $150 Bonus. When you help both of them also “Go Bronze”. except for India. 6. Then. The Starter Package equals 100 PSV and the Executive Package equals 200 PSV. Any Sales Volume generated from Sunday. 8. What do I have to do in order to earn my $25. The same credit card you selected to originally sign up will be used for Annual Renewal or monthly subscription fees. which ends Saturday at 11:59 pm Eastern. The Annual Renewal fee (in select countries only) is paid on the Anniversary of your sign up date. You must be ACTIVE . Or if you are currently a Starter Associate. one on your left and one on your right. and you earn the $25.00 USD Cycle Bonus? Each time your sales team generates 100 SV on the left and 100 SV on the right. a cycle is complete. 3. Which countries pay a monthly fee? All countries pay a basic monthly Product subscription fee of $20 USD (10 SV). Continued on next page: .Saturday at 11:59 pm Eastern will be paid one week from the following Monday by end of business.125). while the Executive is $50. 100 PSV. the Ukraine and the Philippines who pay a non-commissionable Annual Renewal Fee of $25 USD (INR 1. 7.125) Cycle Bonus. UAE. 12:01am Eastern . onetime. How do I earn an Executive Bronze Maker Bonus? You must become an Executive Associate within 60 days of joining Talk Fusion. Kuwait.00 USD.00 USD (INR 1. Associates in India who did not initially pay by Credit Card will need to submit a Demand Draft or supply their Credit Card information. You must meet a onetime QUALIFICATION You have at least one personally sponsored and Active Associate on both your left and right legs. You must be current with your monthly subscription fee or your Annual Renewal fee of $25. 5. The number of bonuses you can earn is unlimited. 4.125). B. you must become Active and Qualified (“Go Bronze”) by personally sponsoring two new Executive Associates. How do I earn a Mega Matching Bonus? You must remain Active and Qualified in order to earn a 10% Matching Bonus on all of your personals’ binary commissions. When are commissions calculated? Commissions are calculated at the end of the commission cycle. you must upgrade to Executive by 8/21/10.By personally generating a minimum.00 USD.COMPENSATION PLAN Q&A 1. How much is the Fast Start Bonus per package? The Fast Start Bonus for a Starter Package is $10. 2. Does Sales Volume ever flush? Volume is maintained as long as you remain Active and your Qualifiers continue to be met.

INR 7.00 USD Executive Fast Start Bonus. If I personally sponsor a Starter Associate and they upgrade to an Executive Associate. Therefore. You will also earn the 100 Sales Volume difference. one week after the cycle in which they were earned. 11.00 USD difference between the $10.00 USD = $175. your Global Cash Card will be mailed to you by the United States Postal Service first class mail. team commissions are paid when your Center Cycles.All commissions will be paid by check and mailed on Mondays. will I earn the difference in Fast Start Bonuses and the Sales Volume? Yes. you will earn the $40. The upgrade process is easily accomplished in the Video Communication Center in your Back Office. what would my team commissions be? Remember. and we will provide you with cost estimates and delivery times. Do I have a Cap on my weekly earning potential? Yes. Associates who provide a copy of their PAN Card by the end of a commission cycle will have the benefit of TDS being withheld at the lower rate of 10%. How are commissions paid? Commissions will be paid via Global Cash Card where commissions can be withdrawn from nearly one million Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) worldwide. Continued on next page: .COMPENSATION PLAN Q&A 9. in this example. There is no max on Matching Bonuses and the Leadership Pool.00 USD. you would start the next commission period with 0 SV left and 300 SV right. India Associates . you would earn on 7 Cycles (7 cycles x $25. Please note that TDS will be withheld at the government required rate of 20% for Associates who do not supply a copy of their PAN Card. If I am Active and Qualified. please contact support@talkfusion. Once you have earned a commission. You would then subtract 700 SV from the left and 700 SV from the right.00 USD Fast Start Bonus and the $50.000 USD per week. You may earn a maximum team commission of $50. Associates are eligible to receive commissions after their Payment has been received and processed. So. if they upgrade to the Executive Package. and at the end of a commission cycle my volume count was 7 Starter Sales (700 SV) left and 10 Starter Sales (1000 SV) right.875). A Cycle is 100 SV left and 100 SV right. 10. If you would like to pay for expedited delivery via United Parcel Service (UPS). Expected delivery time will be approximately 14 days.

a complimentary new Business Center will be placed above your original business center. if the total Leadership Pool is $10.500 USD. When are the Advancement Bonuses earned? The Bonuses are earned when you achieve the specified rank for the first time and maintain that rank for two consecutive weeks. for all conversions of pricing and commissions. 17. For example. they cannot be moved! Therefore. you would receive a cash bonus of $1. Since commissions are immediately credited to you and your entire Upline. India only. Which countries are included in the 1% Leadership pool? All countries with Active Associates in the Talk Fusion and Talk Fusion Global downlines. Once you place someone into your organization. they cannot be reversed. can I move them to the correct one? No. 16. In other words.COMPENSATION PLAN Q&A 13. 18. 15. If there are four (4) or more Qualified Associates. 10 Qualified Associates would each earn $1. Can I have more than one Business Center? Once you reach the rank of Blue Diamond. How many shares of the Leadership Pool can one Associate earn? One individual Associate can earn a maximum of 25% of the Leadership Pool. . Shares will be paid in the second cycle of the following month. For example.000 USD. If I accidentally place someone in the wrong position in my downline. that Associate is eligible for a total of $2. be sure you train on how to place people correctly! 14. What Conversion Rate is being used for Rupees to United States Dollars? INR 45 equals $1 USD. they would equally share the total Leadership Pool amount. if you advance from 3 Star to Diamond and maintain the Diamond rank for two consecutive weeks.000.000 USD and there is only one Qualified Associate.