Nabataea – Progress Report – 1 – 31 March 2006


Thames Valley University
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Project Nabataea Progress Report
Overview of Project:Grant Statement
We confirm that the project is proceeding under the terms agreed with JISC.

2. Aims and Objectives
Although our original bid was submitted on time, the confirmation process took longer than we anticipated. Furthermore we did not anticipate the delay in receiving funding confirmation. Therefore we have had to review our plan, whose original start date was October 2005. The process officially started in February 2006. Following our meeting with John Paschoud at the LSE, see below, and the announcement about Athens by JISC, we are looking at using the Shibboleth iDP rather than the Athens IM, although we will be evaluating both. At this point there are no other changes to the original submission.

3. Overall Approach
So far, no change to the overall approach, however, the timescale has shifted from the original projection/plan (please see above). It is still early days and we are still going through a learning process as well as putting together the operation/project.

4/5. Project Outputs & Outcomes
As stated we are still in the early and initial stages of set up and implementation of the hardware and software. • • A H/W specification was put together and 2 servers have been purchased A proposal was put forward to the core exec to include the budget for the IT requirements into this year’s budget. This was accepted and the money was allocated (fund matching) In anticipation of the money from JISC, TVU has made a budget available

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Three of the project team visited John Paschoud at the LSE on10th Feb for an overview and question session at the LSE (Thank you John). It is expected that the servers will be live by end of April.3 IdP and SP on 14th December 2005 Knowledge gained from the above courses has been disseminated to other staff involved in the project.Nabataea – Progress Report – 1 – 31 March 2006 st Objective: Build up the knowledge base • Key personnel attended MATU courses: . This is an ongoing process. At this point we feel that we have the required technical skills and resources to proceed with the next phase of the project.MATU Introduction to Shibboleth: v1. Objective: Set up of test environment • Servers are in the process of being set-up and configured.3c on 25th and 26th January 2006 . Next steps • Finalise H/W set-up • Install Shibboleth IDP • Evaluate installation and test • Evaluate whether to install Athens IM • Project website to be set up Page 2 of 6 . Two 4-day training courses have been booked for a key member of the project team ‘Building XML Web Services with Java’ and ‘Developing Java Web Applications’ • • • Objective: Assess technical and resource requirements • • An assessment of the system and other technical requirements has been carried out An assessment of the in-house expertise and training requirements has been carried out.MATU two day practical residential workshop on Installing Shibboleth IdP v1.

6. We are currently in the process of identifying a potential target group to help us test all aspects of the project. Standards Adoption of Shibboleth iDP as per reasons mentioned earlier. What lessons have been learned that could be passed on to other projects or applied elsewhere? We would have benefited from a preparation time before commencement of the project in order to maximise progress in the period funded by JISC. and discussions with departments outside the Learning and Information Services department. Action: Building upon in-house knowledge Better knowledge of the product prior to bidding – this would have saved time and resources Action: To bring MATU or equivalent in earlier to give overview and answer questions. although at a high level there has been a lot of interest shown by. 7. Stakeholder Analysis This early phase of the project did not include an engagement with stakeholders at a low level. Action: Set all future meetings as fixed and a priority. Risk Analysis • Synchronising meetings of key members of the project team. We are reviewing whether we need to appoint a consultant. early indications are that we may be able to do the work within TVU. including more frequent meetings and reviews between the IT and library support team. 9.Nabataea – Progress Report – 1 – 31 March 2006 st Now that we have the hardware in place we shall be stepping up the rate of progress on the project. Page 3 of 6 . Technical Development As above. Finding suitable and relevant expertise to draw upon. • • 8. For example the e-learning unit has approached us to find out more about the project.

14. Project Management No changes as yet. We have been assessing the required expertise and building up in-house knowledge. but we believe that we will be able to use our own staff. We have arranged a site visit by Richard Annett from MATU on 9th May 2006. we have not used any money on staffing as yet as we at first thought.Nabataea – Progress Report – 1 – 31 March 2006 st 10. we had to wait for TVU internal processes to give approval for funding for hardware purchase and this has delayed the start of the project. not only verbal guidance but also on the website with a set linear progression of stages and timescales. However we will share and draw on technical knowledge and experience from other colleagues and participants of the scheme along the way. thus ensuring that the knowledge remains within the university. Under-spend is less than we predicted as we said that it would be front-loaded. Intellectual Property Rights None Project Resources 11. As it was. More focused help for new projects and participants. however. We initially intended to appoint suitable staff as highlighted in the bid. We would have been able to get started more quickly if we had received an earlier release of the JISC funding. 12. Budget No overspend. 13. We have arranged a site visit by Richard Annett from MATU on 9th May 2006. Project Partners None to date. Page 4 of 6 . Programme Support Three of the project team visited John Paschoud at the LSE on10th Feb for an overview and question session at the LSE.

Workpackages N/A 16. Evaluation Plan We plan to carry out an evaluation. 19.Nabataea – Progress Report – 1 – 31 March 2006 st Detailed Project Planning 15. A project website will be set up shortly. IT issues and benefits to TVU once the following stages have been carried out: • Set-up of test environment • Integration with user directories • Set-up test attribute store • Integration with information systems 17. Exit/Sustainability Plan Page 5 of 6 . including benefits to the user. Dissemination Plan To date the project has only been publicised internally within TVU. Quality Assurance Plan N/A 18.

000 Training £2.402.58 £50.45 Travel & Subsistence Equipment (specify individual items over £10k) Dissemination activities Evaluation activities Other (please specify) e.000 Time from project team + technical staff Total £8.402.000 Page 6 of 6 .3c Trip to LSE for three project staff £3039.5 MATU two day practical residential workshop on Installing Shibboleth IdP v1.60 = x 2 staff Introduction to Shibboleth £ 112.g.75 courses very relevant and needed in relation to project: Java web application & Building XML web services with java.643. Small equipment £60 £12.. Consumables e.13 £12. Project Budget JISC Contribution Requested Month 3 Staff (list all staff with FTEs and salary scale range) Institution Contribution Month 3 £8.13 2 x Poweredge 2800 servers Total Total requested from JISC £23501. £141.g.Nabataea – Progress Report – 1 – 31 March 2006 st Appendixes Appendix A.

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