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Abu Bakr

Who was he?

A Muslim

A leader
A ruler

Companion of Prophet Muhammad

A senior companion.

Revered by many.

The first Muslim Caliph.

He became ruler after Prophet
Muhammad (s).

Do you want to know more about

Can you handle the truth?

It is reported in none other than …

Sahih al Bukhari

The most authentic hadith book

according to the Sunni school of

Supposedly 100% authentic.

Sahih al Bukhari Volume 5, Book 57, Hadith 61

“Allah's Apostle said, "Fatima is a

part of me, and he who makes her
angry, makes me angry."”
The prophet of Islam said, Fatimah
(a) is:

“The leader of all the women in


And …

“The leader of all believing women”

Reported in Sahih al Bukhari.

Volume 4, Book 56, Hadith 819

So that is the status of

Fatimah (a).

You would think people would

respect her, treat her well and not
hurt her….
However ……………

The same book states:

“Fatima, the daughter of Allah's

Apostle got angry and stopped
speaking to Abu Bakr, and continued
assuming that attitude till she died.”

Reported by Aisha, Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book

53, Hadith 325

So for six months Fatimah (a) was

angry with Abu Bakr and stopped
speaking to him!

Whoever angers Fatimah (a) angers

the Prophet (s).

Whoever angers the Prophet (s)

angers ALLAH.
What great crime brought on the
anger of the daughter of the Prophet
of Allah?

A woman of virtue and patience.

She repeatedly asked Abu Bakr to

give back Fadak. A piece of land that
was gifted to her by her father.

Abu Bakr had usurped it!

He refused to give it back to her.

He claimed that Prophets (a) don’t

leave inheritance!

If he was speaking the truth, then

why didn’t the DAUGHTER of the
Prophet (s) know that she would
have no inheritance?
Didn’t the Prophet (s) of Islam speak
to her about inheritance?

In reality the Prophets (s) do leave


The Quran says:

{27:16} “And Sulaiman was

Dawood's heir,”

Sulaiman was a king, he inherited

the kingdom and wealth of his father.

Both were Prophets!

So who was speaking the truth?

Fatimah (a) or Abu Bakr?

Even the wives of Prophet
Muhammad (s) inherited his
possessions, including land.

How did Imam Ali (a) react?

It is written in Sahih Muslim…

“So Abu Bakr refused to hand over

anything from it to Fatima who got
angry with Abu Bakr for this reason.
She forsook him and did not talk to
him until the end of her life. She
lived for six months after the death
of the Messenger of Allah.


When she died, her husband. 'Ali b.

Abu Talib, buried her at night. He
did not inform Abu Bakr about her
death and offered the funeral prayer
over her himself.”

In the same Hadith Aisha goes on to


“He (Ali) had not yet given

allegiance to him (Abu Bakr) as
Caliph during these months.”

Sahih Muslim Book 019, Hadith 4352:

Imam Ali (a) did not give the pledge

of allegiance to Abu Bakr for six

Don’t the Sunni scholars say that

Abu Bakr was elected and all the
companions accepted him?

The truth has been hidden.

Do you want to know more?

Again, can you handle the truth?

The greatest sunni historian ever,
writes about the event when Imam
Ali (a) refused to give his allegiance
to Abu Bakr ………

“Umar Ibn al-Khattab came to the

house of Ali. Talha and Zubair and
some of the immigrants were also in
the house. Umar cried out: "By God,
either you come out to render the
oath of allegiance, or I will set the
house on fire."”

History of Tabari volume 9 page 187

The great Sunni scholar ibn
Qutaybah writes:
“When news reached Abu Bakr that
the people had gathered in the house
of 'Ali and were refusing to give
bayya, he sent Hadhrath Umar in
their direction.”

Umar said:

“I swear by He who controls the life

of Umar, if you people do not come
out of the house I shall set fire to it,
and everyone inside shall perish.”

The people said “Abu'l Hafs (Umar),

Fatima (daughter of Rasulullah (s))
is also in this house”.

Umar replied:
“'I do not care about this, people
should leave the house of 'Ali and
give bayya'”

Shocking isn’t it?

But there is more ……

Ibn qutaybah continues to write:

Sayyida Fatima then said: “I testify

before Allah (swt) and his Angels
that you (Abu Bakr and Umar) have
upset me, you did not keep me happy
and I shall complain to Rasulullah
(s) about this when I see him.”

Abu Bakr then said “I seek

protection from Allah's anger and
your anger”.

At that moment tears filled Abu

Bakr's eyes and Sayyida Fatima

“I shall curse you in every prayer.”

The door of her house was set on fire

and she was physically attacked. She
died of her injuries six months later
carrying the grandson of the Prophet
(s) in her womb.

These Narrations are sahih.

Is that all?

Many other crimes were committed.

Imam Malik writes in his Muwatta:

The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.)

said regarding the Martyrs of Uhud:

"They are the ones for whom I


Abu Bakr said:

"Are we not their brothers, O
Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.)? We
accepted Islam like they did and
participated in Jihad like them?"

The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.)


"Yes! But I do not know what you

(will) do after me."
Al Muwatta Book 21, Hadith 21.14.32 Kitabul Jihad

Before the Prophet (s) passed away,

he said in a speech to thousands:

"Do I not have more right over the

believers than what they have over

People cried out:

"Yes, O' Messenger of God."

Then the Prophet (s) said: "O

People! Surely God is my Master,
and I am the Master of all believers."

Then Prophet (s) held up the hand of

Imam Ali (a) and said:
"For whoever I am his Mawla
(master), Ali is his Mawla (master)”

Reported in hundreds of Sunni books


Sunan Tirmidhi,
Sunan ibn Maajah,
Al Bidayah wal Nihayah (ibn Kathir)

This Hadith is Mutawaatir.

Many Sunni scholars claim that the

word “Mawla” in this Hadith means
“friend”. Undoubtedly it doesn’t
mean “friend”. The context makes it

It means Master / Guardian.

This Hadith and many other
narrations from Sunni books prove
that Imam Ali (a) was the true
successor of the Prophet (s).

So Imam Ali (a) was supposed to be

the immediate successor of Prophet
Muhammed (s).

Followed by Twelve other


The Prophet (s) said:

“The religion will continue until the

Hour (day of resurrection), having
Twelve Caliphs (Khulafa) for you,
all of them will be from Quraysh.”
Sahih Muslim, Volume 3, Page 1453, Hadith 10

The word Khulafa implies

consecutive successors.

Thus the religion of Islam has

Twelve rightly guided Khulafa.

No fewer, no more …... not four.

Only one group of Muslims adheres

to the sayings of Prophet
Muhammed (s) and believes in
Twelve consecutive Khulafa.

Dear Muslim,

Accept the truth even if it hurts you.

Dedicated to Sayyidah Fatimah (a)
and her oppressed children.

-The End -