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8  theSun | WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 18 2009

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Nizar to vacate residence

before Feb 27
by Humayun Kabir Tronoh assemblyman V. Sivakumar, who had declared that he is still the Perak state
assembly speaker, is still using his official
IPOH: Former Pakatan Rakyat mentri besar, car.
Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin Former exco members, Jamaluddin
will vacate his official residence much Mohd Razi (Behrang) and Mohd Osman
earlier than the deadline of Feb 27, set by Mohd Jaitu (Changkat Jering), who had an-
the state secretary. nounced that they had become independ-
Nizar told theSun yesterday, he had re- ents, could not be reached for information
ceived a written order from State Secretary about their official cars.
Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Hasim on Saturday On the by-election for the Bukit Gantang
to vacate the residence by Feb 27. parliamentary seat fixed for April 7, Nizar
However, he said, he will vacate the said, the PAS Bukit Gantang division is pre-
premises much earlier than that. paring the list of potential candidates.


“Actually, I did not bring much of my This list will be forwarded to the state
family’s belongings when I took office as PAS headquarters, which will shortlist the
the mentri besar. I have moved most of the candidates, and forward it to their party
items out and only some personal belong- headquarters for the final decision.
ings remain to be cleared.” The Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat
Nizar intends to rent a house in Sungai fell vacant, following the death of Roslan
Rokam, where four of his eight children are Shaharum (PAS), of a heart attack on Feb
attending a religious school. 9. There are 55,562 registered voters in the
He said he will hold a ceramah before he constituency.
moves out of the official residence but did Nizar said that out of the three state
not specify the date. constituencies in this parliamentary seat, Mukhriz,

3 young Turks battle

He said, he will continue to use his official PAS has strong support in Changat Jer- Khairy and
car “as I am still legally the mentri besar of ing and Kuala Sepatang, which are PAS Khir share
Perak” but said, six of the 11 members of the strongholds. The problem area is Trong, a light
Pakatan Rakyat state executive committee, where PAS’s influence will be tested in the moment
had left their official cars at his residence by-election. before the
for the state secretary to collect. He said the support from the Chinese debate at
The six are Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham and Indians for the Pakatan Rakyat is very Dewan

it out in talk show

(Sitiawan), Nga Kor Ming (Pantai Remis), good. However, the same cannot be said Bahasa
A. Sivanesan (Sungkai), Seah Leong Peng of the Malay support, because PR has no dan
(Pasir Bedamar), Chen Fook Chye ( Keranji) source of media coverage to reach out to Pustaka
and Thomas Su Keong Siong (Pasir Pinji). them “as the media is fully controlled by the auditorium.
Kuala Sepetang assemblyman, Tai Sing Barisan Nasional government”.
Ng, said that he and Lubok Merbau assem- That is why Nizar will be launching a
blyman, Mohd Zainudin Mohd Yusof, had series of ceramah in the Malay areas to
left their official cars at the state secretariat inform the Malays of the recent political by Tim Leonard the Opposition.
about a week ago and are using their own crisis that brought down the PR state gov- Khir replied: “Even Tun Dr Mahathir,
cars. ernment. Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had
KUALA LUMPUR: Temperatures rose at the suffered defeats in their political career ... I
Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka during the live was fortunate that I learnt (of failure) at a
television talk show Hujah featuring Umno relatively young age.
Youth chief aspirants Datuk Seri Dr Moha- “I have gone through the cycle ... from the
mad Khir Toyo, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir and son of a farmer to a mentri besar to being
Khairy Jamaluddin yesterday. ousted by the Opposition after the elections
The one-hour show broadcasted live on ... but I thank God I learnt a lot from my
TV9 was hosted by hard-talking political failure,” replied Khir.
analyst Associate Prof Dr Mohammad Agus All three politicians agreed to a question
Yusoff and provided a glimpse on how the by Mohammad Agus that the NEP must be
three politicians viewed various issues given a new package to be more relevant, fair
Come discover the International Baccalaureate affecting the country and their way of think-
ing in general.
and competitive in today’s world.
Muhkriz also reiterated a stand he made
Diploma Programme (Pre-U) @ Sri KDU®! Mohammad Agus started off by asking the
question on why Umno took a severe beating
months earlier that students must learn to
integrate among one another at a young age
The IB Diploma Programme is a 2-year pre-university programme recognised in the 2008 general election and moved on in a singular school and not learn to mix with
to serious issues such as the New Economic other races only at higher learning institu-
by the world’s leading universities. Policy (NEP) , the Social Contract, the Internal tions.
Security Act, the sovereignty of Malay Rulers, “For the sake of national unity and inte-
the price of oil, and the teaching of Science gration, we must have singular schools,” he
and Mathematics in English. said.
The professor, who lectures on history, Mukhriz, Khir and Khairy also expressed
politics and strategic studies at Universiti that the Social Contract must look into the
Kebangsaan Malaysia, also took occasional interest of all races in the country in a fair
swipes at Khairy, Khir and Mukhriz, much to and just manner.
the amazement of the packed auditorium. Before he ended the show, Mohammad
On one occasion, he asked Khir and Khairy Agus asked Mukhriz what differentiates him
how they perceived being seen by the public from his illustrious father Tun Dr Mahathir
as “liabilities” for Umno while on other occa- Mohamad.
sions, he asked them for their frank opinion Mukhriz replied: “I am very proud of my
on issues affecting the Malays. father and I aspire to be a continuous exam-
He asked Khir what he felt about being ple of him ... and bring about changes to the
the person responsible for losing Selangor to country.

Penang wants bridge expansion completed earlier

by Opalyn Mok traffic congestion problems. “They have completed the piling works and
the sub-structure works.
GEORGE TOWN: The state government wants “All that is left is work on the deck, which
At Sri KDU®, you will have the Penang Bridge expansion project, to be com- could progress very fast if they put in more work-
the best IB Diploma
IB Diploma Programme pleted before its scheduled date of August. ers,” he said.
Programme experience with Info Days 2009 Public works, utilities and transport commit-
tee chairman, Lim Hock Seng, said yesterday, he
However, he was disappointed that the ex-
pansion project did not provide for a separate
the support of a team of local motorcycle lane.
Date : 14 & 21 February 2009 (Saturdays) has written to the Malaysian Highway Author-
and international academic ity to increase the number of workers for the A line would be drawn to indicate a lane for
Time : 9:30 am – 11:30 am (Special Preview @ 10:00 am)
staff complemented by an project. motorcyclists, but it would not be exclusively for
excellent learning Venue : Sekolah Sri KDU® “The project is on schedule as 1.2km of the motorcycles.
environment. • Call us today to reserve your seat Prai-bound and Penang-bound third lanes are The RM585 million bridge expansion project
already open to traffic,” he said. started in 2005 and was delayed by a year be- cause of piling problems.
Another 1km on the Penang-bound side will
be opened soon. Upon completion by August, the bridge may
No. 5 & 7, Jalan Teknologi 2/1, Seksyen 2, Kota Damansara, 47810 Daerah Petaling,
KDU Smart School Sdn Bhd Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia “But we want them to complete the whole be upgraded from Class F to Class C or D, mean-
(556354-A) Tel: 03-6157 8123 / 03-6145 3888 project earlier. So I have asked them to put in ing there will be traffic congestion only if there
A Corporation Company
Fax: 03-6156 9011 / 03-6145 3838 Email: more machines and workers to speed it up.” is a major accident or breakdown.
Lim said, an earlier completion of the expan- Class F means, that even a minor breakdown
D r i v i n g D r e a m s TM
sion project would relieve the bridge of its daily or accident could cause a jam.