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Jesus Christ paid a debt He did not owe because we have a debt we can not pay.

The Father saw the travail of His soul and was satisfied. The eternal God manifest in the flesh, took our sin and flesh problem upon Himself and nailed it to the cross at the hand of those He came to save. Wounded by words in the house of His friends, He was also betrayed, beaten and slaughtered. The God of glory set His glory aside and was humbled and shamed so that we may be redeemed and restored unto Him.

This Jesus Christ who was crucified and bled out the only blood that can atone for our sin, cleanse us of all sin, was buried in a tomb and on the third day rose by the Spirit of all power and after having been seen and handled by the Apostles was seen of over 500 men, then, was lifted up into heaven and seated at the right hand of God the Father from where He now rises and prepares for His return.

Jesus Christ is at the door. He is about to appear again and this time in power and in glory bringing vengeance upon His enemies. Are you His? Are you ready for His appearing?

All your life you have sinned. You have both loved and hated your sin and your sinfulness, yet you have been powerless against it. You may have tamed it. You may have settled it down, but it reigns and reigns and always surfaces again to remind you, that it is more powerful than you are.

That same Spirit of all power, that Spirit of the Living God which raised Christ from the dead is being offered to you right now. Confess your sins. Confess your sinfulness. Confess your powerlessness against your sin and call out to God asking forgiveness. He freely forgives those who humble themselves in sincerity; those who realize their desperate need to be freed from the power of sin and bondage to it. The blood of Jesus Christ has made you free.

Turning away from your sin, turning away from the ways of this world and all it's attraction and turning to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Father of all Creation you can be made alive to God and dead to this world. It's called being "Born Again". Born of the Spirit, the Spirit of God. In this is eternal life. In Christ and in Christ alone is eternal life. Jesus Christ made a way for us, The Way; and the only way to the Father.

No longer do you need to remain under the guilt of sin. No longer do you need to remain under the

power of sin. No longer do you need to remain under the penalty for sin which is death; eternal death in an eternal hell and lake of burning fire. No longer. No more.

Get alone with God right now. Say Father is it true? Is this man telling me the truth? Oh Lord I don't want to perish, I don't want to spend eternity in hell, I don't want to refuse the unfathomable love you showed for me by dying on the cross and shedding your blood for the forgiveness of my sins. Oh God, do forgive me. Set me free from my sin and from all the shame and guilt of all I have done and of whom I have been. Forgive me and Make me alive. I want to know you, the eternal God. Please save me Lord and make me yours. I submit myself to you, I give myself to you right now, please have me. Please take over and show me your will for me this day and never let me go.

Get yourself a bible and read it. Read it from front to back over and over again. It will keep you in these last days. We are in the very last days. All things are coming to a close. Jesus Christ is about to return and you want to be His when He appears. Now is the time; tomorrow will be too late. Choose Christ now and serve Him from whom you have been running all your life.

Pray, pray and pray. Learn about the communion and take it daily. Not to please God nor to win acceptance, but to strengthen yourself in these last days. Take it daily and remember Christ taking your sin and the wrath of God upon Himself on the cross and remember the cleansing blood He shed for the remission of your sins. In this you are clean and accepted of God. In the faith of the work of Jesus Christ. Faith In Jesus Christ and in Him alone. In what He did, In what He will continue to do by His Spirit which He gives to those who believe in Him and give themselves to Him. That same Spirit by which Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

This is your day to receive eternal life if in Jesus Christ. He has spoken to you this day. Receive Him as He receives you. Do it now.