The first lesson of the e-class begins at the very beginning.

Remember, my goal here is to take you from "Opening" to having a complete System for almost effortlessly bringing hot women in your life and starting sexual relationships with them. I'm going to show you how to get women into your life through multiple sources so you are always surrounded by women (if you choose.) I'll be including some of my latest tactics regarding internet dating and MySpace. The majority of my success has come through a combination of my mindset, HOW I go about improving my Game Plan and by paying attention to the 20% of activities which generate 80% of the results. I'm going to teach you all 3 in the ecourse. When you faithfully do the assignments and THEN write to me for specific feedback I have no doubt that we can make huge improvements in your Game in the next few weeks. Most of the value from this eCourse will come from the specific feedback. Now, let's begin at the beginning. I'm not talking about the beginning of time or even "Opening" (we'll get to that a little later). I'm talking about YOU. Your beliefs. Your attitudes. Your thoughts. Which all lead to your behaviors. You'll find that "reality" consistently conforms to your functional beliefs. So if you believe that "all the hot girls have boyfriends" - that's ALL that you will run into! Like a Gigantic Magnet your beliefs SUCK confirming experiences towards you. MOST of the benefit in the e-Course will NOT come from the tips, tactics or techniques that I share (although those are important). 99% of the benefit comes from the "shift in viewpoint" that I will give you. *** Let the shifting begin: The Secret of PUA Venue Domination ***

. to anyone walking by or watching it looks like I am being gamed by the girls. This is not the best way to think about it. I have them laughing. Most of the PU world is organized around the concept of running sets. all in rapid succession. "Who IS THAT GUY?" I will do this several times with different groups of girls.. while I am doing that I make a mental note of the AI's I get and "tag" them for future reference. Each set is treated (in most models and almost ALL PRACTICE) as a distinct and separate entity. With all of these maneveurs I am creating an AURA. I have them screaming. If I see a really hot girl that I want to sarge I will take the girls I am parading and "lock in" next to my new Target's group so SHE can see the girls gaming me. etc.And. That line of thinking is too limited. And. (I'll tell you how to accomplish that later). But. You hit the club/bar and "open a 3set" then you regroup with your buddies and you "open that mixed 4 set over there". the ENTIRE VENUE is one Giant Mixed Set. Because. The NEXT THING I do is TAKE the girls and do a lap around the bar (slowly) to make sure that almost EVERYONE sees me parading at least one girl (preferably two or more at one time) around. (I am going to continue talking about sets as if they are distinct. etc unless I am explaining or writing a FR/LR). That is just for communication purposes and ease of speech. And the entire place looks at me and thinks. I don't worry that much about raising my value in "the set" I am in. here is one such shift. At the end of each night you and your wings "debrief" and talk about each Set as if it were a distinct entity. We are hugging each other. I raise my VALUE IN THE ENTIRE VENUE. I AM the guy who is talking to girls. 3Set.. That is why one of the FIRST things I do when I hit a bar is to get in a Set and get "locked in" which means to make it APPEAR to EVERYONE ELSE that the girls I am talking to are gaming me. That may or may not be true. etc. I DO NOT view things as a 2Set. I am the guy who is parading girls around.

"Dude! I thought I was the only guy in the bar with a 12 inch penis! High Five!" So. his penis IS 12 inches! We had the most amazing sexathon ever and he almost punctured one of my lungs with that thing!" I MIGHT believe it. Captain Jack. I am NOT WAITING for her. This creates sexual frustration inside them. she is REACTING to me. If you do this twice in a night. you will (most likely) get laid by at least one of the girls that you number close. this sexual frustration can work FOR you. She is FORCED into responding to me. If you do this once in a night. *** Another shift: Female Sexuality *** It is EXTREMELY important that you understand female sexuality. Every group of girls are PAWNS in my quest to build my PU AURA inside the club. They have wild fantasies that most of society condemns. every Set will open for you throughout the night. everyone in the bar pauses and in unison says. Think about it this way: If you come to me and say. Lead. Women are still sexually repressed. . Lead. unless I think she is just screwing with me. In the third lesson I'm going to discuss Sexual Framing in-depth including several core pieces I use to frame our interaction sexually. "Dude. But. Furthermore. If you do this three times in a night.I am SARGING THE ENTIRE VENUE. my penis is 12 inches!" I probably won't believe you If a girl comes to me and says. But. "Captain Jack. Lead. Lead. if the music stops. the bartenders stop pouring drinks. "Captain Jack his penis is 12 inches WE SAW IT and measured it while you were in the bathroom!" I'll probably say. it is important that you have no judgmental ideas about someone's sexual preferences. This takes less than an hour to accomplish. girls will start opening you. If you know how to take advantage of it. if you build the PU AURA in a club/bar what choice does the girl have when you open her set? Very little.

They spit a routine and its as if they expect the girls to fall down and spread their legs right then and there. you are great at keeping secrets. If you want to know EXACTLY how I achieve this effect sit tight for the third lesson. "was that an IOI or did her nose just itch?" "aww man. after reading the books and incorporating sexual framing in my sarges they are doing and willing to do the craziest sexual things. So. sexual fantasies or preferences. There is no such thing. But. And. I had those suckers cataloged. I can catch even the SLIGHTEST IOI imaginable. If you haven't read "Sperm Wars" or "My Secret Garden" by Nancy Friday you MUST read them ASAP. I had an advantage! Through my advanced NLP training I have HIGH calibration skills. And. After reading those books and integrating them I noticed women treated me differently. *** Another shift: One of the Most Defective Ideas to Ever Hit PUADom *** One of the biggest mistakes I see PUAs make in the field is being too reactionary. too.The gist of it is this: You are not judgmental regarding sex. Also. 10 minutes in this set and no IOIs" I got caught up in that. Acknowledging "freaky" sex or fetishes as something you can handle will cause her to direct her sexually pent up frustrations TOWARDS you. There are a MILLION other things they could be doing. Before females seemed only to want normal sex. She will see YOU as her sexual liberator. I want you to know that most of the women who go out to night clubs and bars WANT to be picked up. this is my best routine! no IOI's? C'mon cold-hearted bitches!" "these girls must be lesbians. The whole community got caught up with the idea of the IOI (Indicator of Interest). there we are in field with this internal dialog. . This is a good thing! Remove "slut" and "whore" from your vocabulary.

You DO NOT have to respond to each and every statement. IGNORE anything that does not take you to the next step.screw the answer... getting her to Bounce to another club. She was a cute blonde with wonderful breasts.. You know how I know? I've had IOI's out the ASS and came up with ZILCH. Near the end of the night I STILL got her number and SHE CALLED ME as KinoMaster and I were driving home and invited me over. my question is. While positive responses were chosen (by me) to reinforce my Frame. It is reactionary. so what? How does that correlate to getting a number. at one point she got pissed and LEFT me sitting there. It is a SHIFT. "What are you going to do differently now that you've got X-number of IOIs from your Target?" Think about that. I IGNORE anything and everything that DOESN'T fit the Frame I am setting. Here's the only IOIs you need: If she is talking to you... And. then she is interested. *** The Power of Statements to Kill Reactionism *** . It is a GOOD SIGN if she is laughing. in my "LR: Captain Jack Offends her then F*cks her!" with HBCalifornia I don't think she laughed.same night lay.. smiled or touched me at all. Any response that did not fit my goal of getting them INTRIGUED and HOT enough to join me at our table was IGNORED. I rolled into a 2-set and dominated.But. The answer should be. Within 10-15 minutes she and I were making out. It's the wrong question. restaurant or your place? It doesn't. smiling and touching you. We turned around and he dropped me off at her place. the girls will be so dominated that they CAN NOT manage to get much input in the first place. Within about 5 minutes I paraded them to the other side of the bar and we were sitting at the table. In fact. A few of the PUAs at the last bootcamp saw me demo this. From the time I roll in they are sucked into REACTION MODE because I am doing my thing. In most cases. But. but where were those precious IOIs? Another area where this defect of "reactionism" screws you up is in believing that what they are saying actually means anything.

however." ---. here is your homework. I can FEEL an interaction dying as more questions are asked. So. My favorite? (With thanks to Juggler) "I like back rubs!" turning my back and bending knees a bit. There are many on ASF with complete back stories. A PUA who asks.magicbulletsbook. rocks!) And almost any interaction can be livened up with a statement tossed out that relates to NOTHING.One of the biggest indicators of a reactive mindset is asking permission. "Lemme see your hands. Take what I've said above and re-think your game. redesign your game to REMOVE these fallacies. I ask almost NO questions until I am in comfort (and even then I ask few). * Are you too reactionary? Dependent on IOIs? Take the HBs comments too seriously? * Are you running individual sets or building the PUA AURA? * Asking questions instead of making statements with good response potential? Then. "Magic Bullets" http://www. for those of you who have NO GAME PLAN to speak of you need to design one. "Can I see your hands?" is more reactive than a PUA who says. *** A Quick Primer on Creating a Game Plan *** Pick 3 openers. And.I created this one when I was experimenting with "Forcing IOIs" which I will discuss another time (even though I don't depend on IOIs anymore it is an interesting topic that teaches you HOW to elicit desired responses and resulted in my ability to get girls . Take your current game plan and notice where those fallacies exist." and puts out his hands." and "Email break-up" (For more great information on Openers read Savoy's new book. "Who lies ) Others are: "Tattoos on girls" "Elvis Opener" "Dental Floss" Here are some simple ones that I like to use: * "I'm thinking of dying my hair blonde. (The Question Game. I use "David Bowie". "Spells".

the rest of the group WILL laugh and they will be laughing WITH YOU about HER. "Magic Bullets" Step 2) Pick 3 "playful teases" you can use QUICKLY once you open. * "Oh my god! Alllllriiiight! Who brought their little sister to the bar?" * "Is she always like this? You can dress her up but you can't take her anywhere!" (credit Mystery) * "Oh geez. I always smile and shake my head." (while exhaling and shaking my head) These have NO VENOM and CAN NOT be taken for meanness. let's go talk over there for a sec.) "Success in the context of opening means getting into a normal conversation with a woman. You WOULD say that.) Step 4) MEMORIZE some isolation statements: * "Hey.saw Mystery use this one at the Bootcamp. (often called negs): The key is that they are PLAYFUL and are said with a smile. You should come along." * (to the group) "I'm going to borrow her for just a suggest things so I didn't have too) * "Does this shirt make me look tall?" (credit Mystery) ---. Many openers come with back stories that provide natural transitions. (In a future lesson I'm going to show you how to fabricate social situations in a way where these types of openers are no longer necessary. We'll be right over there (pointing)" Step 5) MEMORIZE the Bounce Invite: * "Hey." . too * "Did you guys see that girl fight outside?" Step 1) Pick 3 openers that you can get comfortable with and 3 stories you can use." . The girls laughed and he immediately launched into his "mommy wanted me to date tall girls" routine ---. I am conveying that the girl is somewhat of a DORK and I just can't believe it.this is funny if you are short.Savoy. but what else do you have going for you?" (In a future lesson I'll show you how to do away with explicit qualification and use pure framing instead. But. I'm going to get something to eat. Mission Accomplished. Step 3) MEMORIZE a qualification statement: * "What can you do besides stand around and look cute?" * "You're good looking.

will that with you'll want to construct this in a linear fashion (some of you already have this type of PLAN in place.I also want to know what your ULTIMATE goal is.. blah PUA: (to Target smiling and shaking head) "You would say that. blah PUA: " get married. blah. blah.. I'll also cover the easiest way imaginable to get Pawns and the first steps to Social Proof Venue Domination.. so I am going to end it here. blah PUA (pointing to Target but looking at group and smiling): "Is she ALWAYS like this? (shaking head and smiling) You can dress her up but you can't take her get a girlfriend. I need to know this because when you send me homework or ask questions I'll pull up all the info I have about you so I can give you the best answer possible. we are not even CLOSE to shifting your thinking. blah PUA: (reward Target and act like she is winning you over) PUA: "What else?" Target: blah.we've just started... re-work your Game Plan (being sure to REMOVE the fallacies discussed earlier) and send me the template so I can discuss/critique with you.. We haven't gotten into the core beliefs that are holding ." (Isolation statement) PUA: *** PARADE HER AROUND and then Isolate *** Total elapsed time 5-10 minutes So. The next lesson will introduce my Game Improvement Plan and how I used it (and still use it) to engineer massive leaps in my Game. blah.. And.. I'm thinking of dying my hair blonde" HBs: blah. PUA: "Hey guys. blah.(qualification statement) Target: blah. After designing your new Game Plan do as many sets as possible and email me for feedback. become master of cold approach same night lays (like me) or whatever else." PUA: (story) HBs: blah.S. this is for the PUAs don't have a plan) so that you can run an almost identical set each group you open. I just realized this lesson is incredibly long.Easy enough right? Now..." PUA: (to Target): "Gimme your hands" *** PUA locks in *** *** It now appears to everyone in the VENUE that the target is gaming the PUA *** PUA: (story) HBs: blah. blah. ~ Captain Jack ~ P... blah PUA: (to Target) .

html CJ's Sticking Point Analysis: CJ's Same Night Lay Guidelines: http://captainjackpua. Here are 3 great blog posts to read for this lesson and the next lesson: Sinn Reviews "Sperm Wars" http://sinnsofattraction.and I promise it will be a SHOCKER! P..blogspot.html .S. That'll be in the next back.P.

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