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iStrategyLabs is...

A digital word of mouth agency

A social technology builder

A social media marketing practitioner

An experiential marketing producer

A content creation machine

An idea foundry

Buzzwords aside, we provide one thing -

great ideas + execution that sells your products
and services or advances your cause.
We Connect Brands to Customers by
focusing on three discipline areas

Interactive Experiential Content

Strategy Marketing Creation

Connect Connect Connect

Online Physically with Content
Clients hire us because we’re really
good at the following
Interactive Strategy
Buzz Monitoring
Influencer Identification and Outreach
Social Media Marketing
Social Application Development
Social Analytics and ROI Planning
Conversation/Competitor/Brand Monitoring
Community Development and Management
Content Distribution & Viral Seeding
Web Design & Development in all Platforms

Experiential Marketing
Buzz, Stunt and Guerilla Marketing Tactics
Brand Ambassador Programs
Concert and Other Physical Event Production

Content Creation
Photography, videography, video editing, animation, illustration, copy
writing, blogging and user generated content sourcing
Zero to Brand in 48 Hours
was built with you in mind

It’s for entrepreneurs

It works for any size business

It’s fast and good...

...and worth about $75k if you pay a big

ad agency to do this for you



Listen to peoples’ problems.

What’s the demand?
Can you capture value?

State the problem you’ll solve.


How will you solve the problem?

3 bullets max.

Of all the ways to solve this

problem why is yours a better way?

Leave out the jargon; use language

that human beings can connect
with (i.e. doesn’t make them want
to puke).
Don’t think of them as “targets”
Think of them as individuals

Primary: 21-35, 60/40 male skew,

busy entrepreneurs & consultants

Secondary: 35-60 year olds, heavy

male skew. Established execs

Primary: Healthcare, Government

Secondary: Financial

80%: XYZ Co., ABC Inc.

20%: 1 and 2 person shops

Quick tip: Scrape their Meta Tags
Word Game
You need raw material

Dump all words on paper

Create category buckets
Create anti-word list

Work Productivity Technology What We’re Not

Aggregation Productivity API Synch
Events Efficiency Contextual Search Email
Meetings Empowering Customizable Insular
Metrics & ROI Filtering Quantifiable Ugly
Time To Do Tag Clouds Protectionist
Word Combos
Find the important combos

Aggregated Efficiency
Customizable Events
Event Filtering

Be wary of jargon land

Concepts & Emotions
“On Top of My Game”

Coffee Stains

Wild West

BE your target customer

Initial Personality

Would your brand be the valedictorian?

The QB? Prom Queen?

The pick-up artist at the bar?

Put your brand into a character.

Are you as founders able to live/express that


Your company’s values should be a

reflection of your targets’ values.

What will you stand for?

What will you believe in?

Define your values and find a mission

that you can champion.
Master Idea

What would the world miss without you?

What is your purpose?

If you’re a fad you will fade.

If you’re in it for money you’ll make bad choices.

Brand Promise
If we use your product what will happen?

Peak Experiences
Psychological Needs
Safety Needs
Basic Needs

What part of the pyramid are you serving?

Reasons to Believe

And how can we believe that will happen?

Trust is not a sufficient reason.

Your brand hasn’t built trust yet.

YOU may have, but that’s a 1-to-1 sale.

Brand Story
Hopefully you can come up with a missionary
tale of how you sought to make life easier and
richer for all humans beings, and so you sold
everything you had to make it or break it etc.

Get people invested in your story.

They’ll retell it.
It will sell for you.

Don’t Lie.
Brand Identity

Color Palette
Brand Identity
Naming Hacks
Brand Identity
Tagline Hacks
Brand Identity
Messaging Hacks

Write the draft.

Get a writer-friend to juice it up.
Give them your beta-brand-DNA.
Brand Identity
Color Palette Hacks
Brand Identity
Typography Hacks
Brand Identity
Logo Hacks
LaunchBox Dates and Deadlines
Group Call with the LaunchBox Partners and 08 Founders
on February 23rd @ 7:30pm
Call-in #: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 39211

Early admission deadline for LaunchBox09 is February 27

Application deadline for LaunchBox09 is March 16

LaunchBox09 begins May 18

Our Lab is in Dupont Circle in Washington
DC, with team members around the world.

You can always reach us here:

Or connect with Peter directly:

Peter Corbett, CEO

iStrategyLabs @corbett3000
Cell: 917-748-3595