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Eating the Right Stuff
Most fast food is not healthy and can make you fat. If you eat at a fast food place, don’t order only sandwiches and French fries. Include a salad or some frozen yogurt. Watch how much soda you drink. It’s full of sugar and has no calcium or vitamins. How a out some milk or fruit !uice" #our ody needs many kinds of food to help you stay healthy and feel well. $hat’s why it’s a good idea to have several servings a day from each of the main food groups.
The thing the professor forgot. US Department of Agriculture. Home and garden bulletin number 229. (Adapted)


- According to the text, to stay healthy is necessary a) ( ) don’t order only sandwiches and French fries. b) ( ) to change soda for milk or j ice. c) ( ) to eat many kinds of food. d) ( ) to ha!e good ideas.

The Earth
$he surface of the %arth is covered y land and water. &nly a out one third '()*+ of the surface of the %arth is covered y land. $here are si, ig areas of areas of land called continents. $hey are- .merica, %urope, .sia, .frica, &ceania and .ntarctica. Water 'rivers, seas, oceans, lakes, etc.+ covers a out two thirds '/)*+ of our planet. $here are five oceans on %arth- the 0acific, the .tlantic, the Indian, the .rtic and the 1outhern &cean.
Apostila Anglo

" # $rite

%r e (%) or False (F)&

( ) %here are nine big areas of land called continents in the 'arth. ( ) %he s rface of the 'arth is co!ered by salt and water. ( ) %he Atlantic, the Artic and the (acific are three of the fi!e oceans on 'arth. Elaine Maria Geremias Fonseca – PIP/CBC – SRE Caxambu

%he correct se) ence is a) ( ) %, F, %. b) ( ) F, %, F. c) ( ) F, F, %. d) ( ) F, %, %

* # +n the text abo!e, the word 'arth can be s ,,ly for a) ( ) (lanet. b) ( ) -and. c) ( ) ' ro,e. d) ( ) .cean. -ook at the stri,&


0 - +n the first ,art of the stri,, the ex,ression 234445 shows s that

a+ ( ) 1onica is ha,,y. + ( ) 1onica is sick. c+ ( ) 1onica is h ngry. d+ ( ) 1onica is f rio s.

26elson Mandela, the first lack president of 1outh .frica, was orn in 7unu, a small village in 1outh .frica. His father was an important man in the village, ut he died when 6elson was still young.5
Headwa !"A 3 - %he word in bold indicates

a) ( ) age b) ( ) time c) ( ) manner d) ( ) d ration

Elaine Maria Geremias Fonseca – PIP/CBC – SRE Caxambu

4 # $hich 5,ecial 6ate is showing by the ,ict re7 a) ( ) %hanksgi!ing 6ay. b) ( ) 8alloween. c) ( ) +nde,endence 6ay. d) ( ) 5aint (atrick’s 6ay.

9- :ead the text, choose the correct form for the !erbs in ,arenthesis and then mark the o,tion that best com,lete the sentences. My name is 8e orah, ut my friends 'call)calls+ me 8e ie. I 'live)lives+ in Manchester and I 'speak)speaks+ %nglish and 1panish. My hus and’s name is Miguel. He 'work)works+ for a multinational company and also 'speak)speaks+ %nglish and 1panish. His parents are from 1pain.

a) ( ) call-li!e-s,eak-works-s,eaks. b) ( ) call-li!es-s,eaks-work-s,eaks. c) ( ) calls-li!e-s,eaks-work-s,eak. d) ( ) calls-li!es-s,eak-works-s,eak.

Elaine Maria Geremias Fonseca – PIP/CBC – SRE Caxambu

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