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Introduction Uncle Bugs Inventor Academy (UBIA) We are proud to announce the opening of the first inventor academy in the country. This academy is the brain child of Uncle Bugs, an award winning inventor. Being a full time inventor himself, Mr Bugs Tan has many years of real live experiences in this field. Children ages 9 to 15 years old are eligible to take part in this special course, where Uncle Bugs himself will take lead in teaching the children creative thinking skills. By the end of the 2 months course, the children will be confident in exploring various possibilities to solve problems that they observed. The children will also learn basic 3D computer modeling. Having learnt this skill, the children can draw almost anything they wished to using a computer. They will also learn how to use a 3D printer that makes the prototypes. Children whom are enrolled into this academy will acquire new knowledge and learn new skills which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Objective The main objective of this academy is to provide a learning centre for children to learn and excel in the area of creativity and innovation. The academy will put emphasis on the following areas:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Identifying problems – problem solving Creative thinking skills – developing new ideas Sketching – transforming imagination into sketches Writing abstract – simplify the ideas into words Computer 3D drawing skills – Using Sketch up Usage of a 3D printer – making of prototype Making poster – getting ready for competition Presentation skills – Expressing oneself and his ideas

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Methodology There will be a total of 8 classes per course. Each class is 2 hours long. There is classroom teaching (theory) as well and hands-on sketches and making of prototype. The syllabus is as follows:Lesson 1 90mins Developing new ideas Lesson 2 60mins Dev new ideas and sketches Lesson 3 30mins Sketches and abstract Lesson 4 30mins Develop more ideas Lesson 5 30mins Develop more ideas Lesson 6 30mins Refine your idea Lesson 7 30mins Refine your idea Lesson 8 120min Live presentation by student 30mins Introduction to Sketch-up 60mins Manipulation 90mins simple parts modeling 90mins schematic drawings 90mins Assembled parts modeling 90mins Project assignments 90mins Design leaflet and posters -ditto-

Tools that we will use are as follows:1 1a 1b Tools developed by Uncle Bugs Creations Sdn Bhd iSketch form - to give birth to new ideas I’ve an idea – Invention workbook to practice creativity

2 2a 2b 3 3a 3b

Tools used but is developed by others Sketch-Up 3D computer software – 3d drawings Up Plus 3D prototype printer – making of prototype Tools that we will develop in the near future Tips for Inventor – weekly tips to motivate students via mobile apps Problems need solving – weekly task for students to practice problem solving

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Proposed school term for 2013

We planned to conduct 4 sessions (4 batches) in 2013. UBIA School term for 2013 Sessions Months (Batches) No 1 No 2 No 3 No 4 March and April June and July November December Nos of lesson per day one lesson per day one lesson per day Two lesson per day Two lesson per day Day of class Total nos of class day

2pm to 4pm Sat afternoon 2pm to 4pm Sat afternoon 10am to 3pm Saturday 10am to 3pm Saturday

8 lessons over 8 Saturdays (2 months) 8 lessons over 8 Saturdays (2 months) 8 lessons over 4 Saturday (1 month) 8 lessons over 4 Saturday (1 month)

We planned to have 30 students in each class.

Project benefit Children are born creative. But they are not taught the right way to harness those talents. The education system in Malaysia does not provide such platform for children to excel in this area. To meet this demand, we have taken effort in setting up this humble academy. Here we hope to nurture children to think creatively. We also want to teach them new skills on how to turn an idea into an invention. By establishing this academy we hope to build the next generation of creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. New ideas, new inventions, new innovations, new enterprises and new business will become the main engine growth for the country. We hope the students graduated from our academy will form part of a strong community who are creative and enterprising that serves this purpose When the country is able to develop new innovations in the near future, it’ll bring along many benefit such as lifting our country from a middle income economy to a high income economy. Malaysia can rely on a strong and sustainable economy which is fundamentally driven by home grown innovations. This will also allow the country to be less dependent on oil production.

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Teaching techniques deployed at UBIA At our academy we have taken the following steps to make the teaching effective. Most important is to deliver a course that the children will enjoy learning. Hence, we have specially designed the course by using the following methods :1 1a Technique developed by us a specially designed the course to suit our Malaysian children. The syllabus and teaching technique designed to suit the creative level of our kids a specially design creativity audit to gauge the creativity level of our students. The audit is taken once before and once after the children has completed the course. An analysis will be carried out on each and every kid whom has attended our class. This will provide vital information for the academy to examine the overall performance of the students as well and the effectiveness of the course implemented. 1c O a specially designed method to give birth to new idea ; OSNAC. That is :Observation The inventor need to understand what is the common problem faced by the users who are using the traditional products or services. Here he records a problem statement After understanding the problem, he begins to think of some possible ideas that he thinks is likely to solve that particular problem. He will begin to picture-out (imagine) a new gadget or a new process to solve them. After the inventor has given that new idea a good thought in his mind, he then begins to sketch that imagination onto the iSketch form. It is only through such visual sketches, it enables other people to understand and appreciate his new idea. N New features The inventor then describes in detail the special features found in this new idea. This is where he explains how his new idea is different from other existing products and services out there The inventor also describes in detail the advantages that this new idea (invention) can bring to a user






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The inventor also describe in detail what are the potential commercial and environmental value it can bring


a specially designed iSketch form to harvest new ideas. The forms looked like this:-

By using this iSketch form, children learn a few things. They are :i) ii) iii) iv) Children learn how to identify a problem and then think of a few ways to solve them They learn how to translate their imagination into sketches They learn how to sketch the way that are acceptable in the inventor’s industry They learn to write abstract so that other people can understand what they have in mind. They learn how not to fall into the “syok sendiri” category They learn how to “check their idea” to see the strength of a new idea They learn how to bench mark against other products in the market They learn how to look at the commercial (rough) value of a new idea. They learn about some aspect of the IP protection of a new idea They learn how to do patent search

v) vi) vii) viii) ix) x)

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a few specially designed Invention workbooks ; I’ve got an idea.

By using these invention books, the child gets to practice creative thinking skills. The more they practice the better they become.


lastly we shall teach children skills on how to make a presentation. Some coaching is required to nurture these children to express themselves confidently, so that people will be impressed with them and their work (project). The last class (that is lesson eight) is specially allocated for all students to make a live presentation in front of parents and Judges.


we are also running a competition for the students. We hope by doing so, the students will be motivated. In fact some corporate has come forward to sponsor the prizes. They are :-

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Air Asia X has sponsored 4 tickets for the winners. I-City has sponsored 5 complimentary tickets to the theme park in Shah Alam. And Boboyboi has sponsored merchandize.

2 2a

Using technology that are readily available to in-corporate into our course we use open source computer software that is Sketch-Up to teach children how to draw on computer. A bulk of the classes is put on this emphasis to make sure all children are able to acquire this skill.

We have chosen to use Sketch-Up as the software to teach the children because it comes with a few advantages. They are :o This software is free and thus does not burden the parents financially. o The Sketch-up is one of the friendliest 3D software to use. o Google Malaysia has been notified about our intention to start this academy. And thus there is a likely chance that they will support us. o We want to accredited with Sketch-Up so that it will allow the academy to issue attendance certificates. o The lecturers and engineering students at UM CPDM do not have problem guiding the students in class 2b we shall teach children to use a 3D prototype printer to make the invention that they have designed. It is vital for the children to see their first invention taking shape. Some invention may not turn up as planned. But it is the learning curve of making an invention that is important. It is the objective of the academy to educate the children how to be creative and create their first invention. Any this 3D printer has now made it possible. 2c off course we will teach children to design simple posters and make slides presentation. This can be easily done by using Photoshop and MS power point

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Project partners

Collaborators / sponsors / supporters University Malaya CPDM Technology Park Malaysia Malaysian Society of Engineering and Technology (MySET) Air Asia X i-City Theme Park Animonster (Boboiboy) 3D Printer Malaysia Sdn Bhd National Association of Gifted Children, Malaysia (NAGCM) Creative Maths Wizard – Teoh Poh Yew

Roles at UBIA Co- facilitator Venue sponsor Judges Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Supporter Supporter Supporter

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Pls contact to us

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If you wish to enrol your kid for class. If you wish to adopt (sponsor) a kid to attend class If you wish to be one of our facilitator If you wish to sponsor some prizes If you want to open-up an academy like this one in your area If your company wish be a corporate sponsor If you wish to explore business co-operation with us Or have a teh tarik just to get to know us better.

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